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Gael Briar and Gaea

The Wild Girl and The Chosen Earth Dragon.

0 · 464 views · located in Elendia

a character in “Dragon Legacy: Dawn of the Dragon War”, as played by TnevdaNai



Wild hair, despite the spiky look though, it’s actually quite soft. She has a stone pendant with a green jade on it, given to her by Ancient Bears. And, of course, she wears rags instead of civilized clothing. A piece of large armour protects her left shoulder, and her Mark.

Gael Nuts Briar



Mark Location
Left Shoulder

Enhanced Senses: Over the years, Gael has developed improved sensations in all 5 senses. Nothing is par to animals or the supernatural though.
Human Chimp: She has the capability to climbing trees and making her way through the forest with quick agile grace. She is also able to scale her way up mountains or any climbable surface.
Natural Born Rider: Gael is able to ride any kind of animal, creature without much difficulty.
Earthed Embrace: Gael is welcomed by all creatures of the Earth, and able to befriend those deemed wild, brutal or elusive with ease after years of trying.
Art of War: The docile and pacifist Gael can transform into a dangerous fighter when provoked. Despite her stature, her capabilities are somewhat beyond normal human limits. Her capability to wield incredible heavy objects with less difficulty than normal people as weapons is quite a statement already. Any object within reach can be turned into a weapon by the wild girl as well.

Basically anything she can get her hands on. But she does somewhat adore some weapons:
Sramfosera: Two primitive looking pickaxes made by an orc from the incredibly hard, sharp horns and bones of a Minotaur.
Ekin: A pair of incredibly well crafted blades made by the Ancient Bears, presented to Gael, which she treasures a lot and hardly uses.

Wild & Nuts- Gael’s way of fighting is… pure instinct. Like an animal bent on survival, her drive for victory is quite astounding and admirable. For a person who has never wielded a proper blade in battle, she has an unorthodox yet solid stance, great strength, natural reflexes and better reaction time. But what’s incredible in how she seems to have boundless energy despite her wild, but effective manoeuvres. Trying to counteract her moves is useless, as Gael does not fight with a proper style, nor does she have a basic set of moves like the well-trained people do. This is what makes her attacks so effective.

Gael is a very pacifistic individual and has a great respect for any living thing. Her kind and innocent nature has also earned herself acceptance from many of the elusive creatures in Elendia. Gael can be said to be quite uncivilized, although she is a fast learner and quite knowledgeable, especially in the ways of the Ancient Bears. She is also rather protective and will not tolerate bullies or people who harm innocents, at which she will lash out at the offender in anger. She can also be rather curious about things that she hasn’t known of before. Gael enjoys friendship and treasures her bonds very preciously, however, making friends with people is harder, since she is shy and people, unlike animals, are unable to sense her feelings. Living far away from civilization has made her quite blunt when she is speaking, and she is oblivious to people’s feelings of anger and corruption, as she has yet to learn how to communicate properly with them.

Gael Briar had always been curious and a lover of nature, not a good combination. From a young age, she would always be out and about, trying to learn more about the world around her. She was more in tune with the farm animals than with humans. A toddler, she participated in the graze with cows, only to realize that grass was horrible to chew on. She dug up dirt and tried to swallow it, only to find it disgusting. Yet, she still continued like this, finding joy in being with animals. Ever since Gael was born, the farmland they lived on was visited often by creatures of the nearby forest, connected with multiple other forests into a large green sea which was part of the Terra Mountain Range.
At 4, corruption of people had caused the rise of bandits, who killed for profit, and bandits raided through their remote farmland. Gael, agile even as a toddler, dashed for the forest and weaved through the trees as if she had always lived there. Creatures of the forest aided her, as unwelcomed guests ravaged through their home. Out of the two most knowledgeable of creatures, the Ancient Bears and Centaurs, the Ancient Bears sought to raise her up, while the Centaurs were more reserved and wanted nothing to do with her. The Bears were as civilized as they were kind, these intelligent beings saw a potential in the young girl, some think she is Ekin, their Goddess of Justice, personified. Ancient Bear shamans foretold that she had a great future. Gael was raised up healthy and strong, brought up in Ancient Bear cultures. They came to nickname her ‘Nuts’, after seeing her one time trying to stuff walnuts into her mouth in an attempt to mimic a feeding squirrel. It was a name decided on the walnuts, as well as her crazy, daring nature.
Gael made friends with many other creatures of the forest, even the Centaurs that once found her repulsive came to befriend her. Orcs, one of the more smaller tribes found their way to the forest, however, the Orcs were unwelcomed by the creatures of the forest and were forced to leave. Gael, instead, appealed for them to stay and it was granted. This group of Orcs were astonished by a young girl willing to assist them despite their less than admired reputation, soon befriended her and came to adore her. To this day, those Orcs live in harmony in that forest and they call themselves the Jungle Orc Tribe, distinguishing themselves from their more brutal brethren.
Eventually, a larger Orc tribe, a tribe already tainted by corruption, arrived and began to attack the forest. Without much choice, the entire population shifted their location deeper into the jungle, they lost many valuable friends during the attack. Gael herself, lost a great Orc friend by the name of Ungrask, who made her the Sramfosera after killing a corrupted Minotaur with his bare-hands. It was this moment, when Gael’s rude awakening took place. There was rage, sadness and a will to get rid of corruption from the world forever.

Younger Version: Less rocky exterior, no mane, and shorter ear-horns as well as nubs where the spikes near the wings are. And of course, mini-sized~


Human: 20
Dragon: 200


Earth Dragon Tribe

Terra-forming: A trait that is completely common in the Earth Dragon Tribe. Any youngling should be able to terra-form as soon as it can begin to stand without stumbling. The strength of terra-forming grows with age, the older the dragon, the greater the things it can do. However, mastery of terra-forming only comes with practice and knowledge. If terra-forming is mastered properly with enough knowledge of the earth, even metal or gems can be shaped by will.
Forest Frenzy: Manipulation of plants is also a completely common trait shared by the Earth Dragon Tribe. However, for this, any baby dragon is capable of manipulating the grass right after their birth. As with terra-forming, the strength of the manipulation will increase as the dragon grows. Unlike terra-forming, manipulation of plants is like another sense for the dragons, by thought alone, they can do it. However, practice is required to be able to control multiple plants with great efficiency.
Blast Growth: Wherever an Earth Tribe Dragon goes, its aura will induce growth of nearby plants by an incredible amount for as long as the dragon in within vicinity. It shrinks back to its original status once the dragon leaves. This will cease to work in places without plant.
Earth’s Call: The entire pacifistic Earth Dragon Tribe are the only dragons who are unable to produce flames or projectiles from their mouths as a form of attack. Instead, their ‘true’ breath has the ability to bring life to any fallen plant or creature. It is said that even humans were able to be brought back, only within a certain time after their death. This rare breath was only as strong as the dragon who managed to utilize it, a weaker dragon would only be able to bring back a plant to life, while a stronger one could bring an animal back. Legend speaks of a dragon who once brought back a human to life… at the cost of its own life. A breath that cannot be called forth as easily as the rest of the flames, even the greatest dragons were said to be unable to bring it out at will.

Gaea can be called benevolent. Despite his (originally)giant size, towering over many of the other dragons older than he was, he was gentle and caring towards others, especially the younglings. Despite that fact, he can also become the greatest threat one has come across. Those who take lives without a second thought will feel his wrath full force, without mercy. A gentle giant that no doubt will protect those that require protection. Gaea has a create distaste for corruption and is willing to use his powers to mete it out of existence. He is also quite knowledgeable and will be rather pleased to share this knowledge with others. Teaching and nurturing are also a few of his strong points. Gaea is also a team player, willing to cooperate with his allies, even if they are strangers to each other. His weaker points of personality, however, is that he is always deep in thought and that causes a rather slow-paced attitude. He doesn’t enjoy rushing things and prefers to go slow and steady. This makes everything seem unimportant to him, when in reality, he does find it important.

The moment Gaea was born, flowers began to bloom everywhere. To the elders, this was a great sign. The sign of a strong youngling with a great life. And strong he was. Gaea usually never failed to meet expectations, except for those few occasions. He was strong, strongest among his age, stronger than a few who were older than he was. The elders were afraid that Gaea would let the power taint his mind and make him susceptible to the jaws of corruption, but Gaea was modest of his strength, always seeking to refine his skills to a higher degree rather than be satisfied with what he had.
And this strength soon proved its usefulness when one of the strongest and oldest dragons fell to the corruption and went on a rampage. Without a second thought, Gaea volunteered to fight the dragon in order to protect the Tribe. His adversary bigger than he was, Gaea proved that his constant pursuit of strength had not failed him or his Tribe, defeating the dragon in a close battle.
That was the beginning of the corruption in their domain. Slowly, even the pacifistic Earth Dragons succumbed to the corruption and soon, there was so many corrupted dragons that even Gaea did not have a chance against them. The few remaining Elders decided on one choice… and that was for Gaea to traverse into the human domain and find a way to stop the corruption.
Gaea barely managed to make his way to the gateways, having being chased and attacked by a small majestic(well… why not invent my own for dragons? There’s a pride of lions after all) of corrupted Earth Dragons. The surge of energy required to enter the gateway and emerge out of the other end striped Gaea of the strength that was the reason he was here the first place. Without his strength… Gaea was nothing, he wouldn’t even be able to find help this way.

So begins...

Gael Briar and Gaea's Story


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Terra Mountain Range

A blur pile of glowing green hurtled out from a cave of the Terra Mountain Range and crashed into an unceremonious landing on the ground.


A young girl with light brown hair was sitting on the branch of a tree, her cheeks bulging as she continually stuffed leaves into her mouth and chewed. She was dirty, covered in dust and matted with dirt, not a trace of her soft, white skin underneath was visible and she wore rags. Somewhere nearby, was a large clearing filled with different creatures of the forest, all together, two of the races intelligent and capable of speech and one just barely, the Ancient Bears, Centaurs and the Jungle Orcs. The youth grabbed one last fistful of leaves and, after a brief struggle to stuff the leaves into her nearly exploding mouth, she hopped onto her feet and leaped onto the nearest tree, the momentum gradually building up as she swung from small, springy branches and jumped from hard strong ones. After a few last hops, she teetered over the edge of a branch right in the vicinity of the clearing. There were several creatures injured and being tended by either the Ancient Bears or the Centaurs, even some of the Orcs were helping, despite their lack of medicinal knowledge. One of the Ancient Bears caught sight of her and called out.

"NUTS! What do you think you're doing!! " it yelled at her. Gael easily maintained her balance and bounced on the balls of her feet, as if giddy with delight. She waved towards the Ancient Bear, causing it to pat it's forehead twice and dip it's head down in exasperation before turning it's attention on the other Ancient Bear that has a wound on it's shoulder. Gael jumped down and made a soft landing from just a great height. She moved over towards the Ancient Bears, with her bulging mouth and all. As soon as she was near, she scooped some of the chewed up leaves from her mouth and spread it all over the wound before bounding off, repeating the process on the other injured creatures. The Ancient Bear proceeded to bandage the wound with a pile of large leaves.

"That cub...I told her not to chew so many of those leaves..." muttered the Ancient Bear, while the other merely pulled it's lips back into a bear-y smile.

"Indeed Sire Jujin, but I'd still think it's better to thank her."

"I know Yu, I know..."


When she was done emptying her mouth of the leafy poultice, she sat down moving her mouth opening and closing, trying to get some feeling into them. A finely decorated and armored Ancient Bear sat down next to her. Gael looked up and it was evident of the happiness that was crinkling up in her eyes.

"Child, we told you not to chew so many of those leaves at once. You know that chewing a few already stings our tongue. " the Ancient Bear reprimanded her gently.

"Ah dath waden da haf..." she managed to say with her numb tongue. The Ancient Bear prodded her with it's snout with affection.

"Yes, I know child. Now rest and drink water. "


"Father! I'm off to scout around! " she called out, already climbing a tree gleefully. The decorated Ancient Bear, now without it's armor looked at her, the edges of it's lips peeling back to reveal it's sharp teeth in a bear smile.

"Be careful child. Now off with you. " it yelled back. And soon the wild girl was gone, the forest was her playground and she knew her tree maneuvering skills very well.

"Are you sure it is wise Great Sire Sassacus? Those vile Orcs-" the Ancient Bear that had addressed the Sassacus looked towards the Jungle Orcs, they merely waved away the comment with a hearty round of laughing, "-are still out there. What if they find-"

"Genja, I am confident with my daughter's abilities. Gael will not be caught by an Orc, you all know what the child is like. Do I make my words clear? " Sassacus said with authority. Genja beat his right paw on the left side of his chest twice before making a claw and moving it diagonally downwards from there, a sign of respect.

"Yes Great Sire."

Despite that, Sassacus's eyes clearly spelt worry.


Gael was being an absolute chimp out there, leaping from tree to tree with ease and great agility, eventually she stopped and plucked a fruit from the tree she was on, eating it. She rested while eating, sitting down on the tree branch and swinging her feet around, clearly pleased. She was really deep into the forest now. Biting the fruit to free her hand, she climbed higher up and was in awe at what she saw. The Terra Mountain Range. She slowly took the fruit from her mouth and started to eat it again, but this time, she was eating it while looking stunned. The beauty of the mountainous area before her... There was a faint sound, as if something had burst, and a light surge of energy was there, before disappearing quickly. All the nearby trees seemed to have grown a few extra branches, gained height and their leaves seemed to glow even greener.

"What..." Gael wondered out loud, staring at the trees. She made her way deeper into the forest, eventually coming to a clearing right in the vicinity of the Terra Mountain Range, it was spacious, a meeting between the forest's greens and the mountain's dirt and rock, and a cave was nearby. And a small glowing green thing hurtled out from the cave and crashed onto the ground in front. As the dust settled, the glow subsided, what Gael saw was...strange to her. She had never seen anything like it. She jumped down and approached it. Green, winged, with what seemed like rock over certain parts of it's body, a tail...What was the being before her? As she reached down to touch it, an eye opened and Gael stepped back.

"Greetings young one. " the being sat upright, flapping it's wings to get rid of the dust.

"" she struggled to find a way to call it. The being snorted with amusement.

"Name's Gael, an Earth Dragon. "

"D-Dragon?" Gael found the word very, very foreign. After all, she hadn't grown up in society enough to hear about their stories or history, and Ancient Bears prefered to avoid talking about any other race's history to avoid confusion.

"My, the young one doesn't know about Dragons? Odd, have we really disappeared from the minds of humans? " Gaea sounded surprised, looking around him while talking.

" I haven't been living with humans for almost ten years now. " Gael answered. Gaea turned to look at her with new interest.

"Oh? Then where have you been living? Surely not here? " Gaea asked.

"I do live here. " she answered while nodding. Gaea snorted with surprise.

"With all the creatures of the forest? I find it hard to believe. " the dragon replied.

"They're my family. I'm going back to see them, so if you feel like coming along, I'll introduce you to them. " said Gael, before climbing a tree.

"I would like that, how kind of you. " Gaea began to walk but collasped immediately.

"Hey! Gaea! " Gael leapt down immediately and went to the green dragon.

"Hmm...I do think I broke some bones on my right arm. " he chuckled good-naturedly, a very eccentric sound for a dragon to make, something like a cross between a high and low tone of gutterals and hisses. Gael knelt down, her back to the dragon.

"I'll carry you there Gaea. " she said, looked back at him and smiled. Gaea widened his eyes, but slowly limped and crawled up onto Gael's back, "Alright, hold on Dragon!"

She climbed up the tree with surprising speed despite the extra load on her back, then made her way through the forest again, back to the other creatures... her friends and family. By the time they reached, it was almost time for sun down.

"We made it back in time. " she said to Gaea, then continued after seeing his reaction, "Father doesn't like me far away when it's almost time for sun down. "

'Father?' Gaea thought, but made no comment about it.

"Guys~I'm back! And look who I found? A Dragon! " she called out, causing the creatures to look up at them. She leapt down and walked toward Sassacus.

"What's this about child? A Dragon? Where? " he approached her and they rubbed snouts, or snout and nose in this case, as a greeting.

"Father, meet Gaea. " she introduced, Gaea popped his head up from behind her. Instantly, every creature in vicinity, the Centaurs, Orcs, Ancient Bears included, knelt down. Gael looked around in surprise while Gaea chuckled again, but in embarassment.

"Father of all on Earth! " Sassacus called out, pressing his paw to his chest twice and moving it downwards.

"Stand, I am nothing but a young dragon. I was greater in size, but upon passing from my realm to your world, I have used up most of my power, and I am here, as small as the younglings you give birth to. Stand, I am not worthy of such worship. " Gaea said in a gentle tone, then softly to Gael. "That is your father?" To which she nodded with pride. Gaea was a little surprised, but said no more. The creatures stood.

"Now, I think it's time we have a talk. " Gaea said.


"-and that is pretty much everything." finished Gaea. They had a feast before the fire, while Gaea had told them his story.

"You come long ways, Earth Tooth, Forest Wing. " an Orc said. Gaea chuckled.

"Aye, I am happy to see that the Orcs have made peace. "

"Earth Tooth, my Tribe is the only one peaceful with the forest. Other tribes are not. " said the Orc Chief with surprising intelligence, differentiated with his golden bracers. The Orc looked fondly at Gael, then said, "We owe it to this Fair Skinned Folk, she has touched out hearts when we first came here. " At this, the young girl blushed and bit into her roasted deer.

"Oh? Please, do tell me more-"


"Father! I'm off to accompany Gaea to Dragon Ruins!" Gael called out, Gaea on her back, which his right arm bandaged, with bones from yesterday's deer as splints. Sassacus raised for his arms.

"Be careful my child, may Ekin bless both of you in your journey! " he yelled back. The Orc Chief stood next to him and beat his chests with his fists.

"Earth Tooth, Fair Skinned Folk! May Sera, our great God, bless both of you along with Ekin, Goddess of Justice of the Ancient Bears! " the Orc yelled, and the other Orcs cheered with their deep gutturals. Both leaders clasped hand to paw in respect for each other.

"My, my... Gael, you have really done a great job joining the tribe together. " Gaea said cheerfully, his tail dancing around.

"It was nothing. I just treat them all the same, my family and friends. " she told him, before she leapt from tree to tree, making way for the Dragon Ruins.

Unknown to her though, as she made her way above the forest, on the forest floor, corrupted Orcs had managed to track the creatures down and were now marching for complete obliteration.


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Dragon Ruins

Even with Gaea's weight, even after straying away from the route, even after getting lost, Gael's seemingly unending supply of energy managed to still bring them to the place where Gaea wanted to be, Dragon Ruins. It was remarkable to the Earth dragon, that the young girl had so much energy in her. They hardly stopped to rest, other than to eat, all the while she had to carry him. And she hardly complained about it, but actually seemed cheerful, and with that, Gaea enjoyed her company. Throughout the journey, he learned from their journey that Gael was in most ways, almost similar to himself. She could not bear to harm any creature that she considered a friend, yet she would strike out at any that were hostile enough to pose a threat. They were so similar, in fact, that Gaea thought that she was his twin in human form. In his deep mulling, Gael's voice brought him back to earth.

"Well, we're here Gaea." she turned back to look at him. "What do you want to do here? It looks rather deserted."

"Let's go further inside. Maybe I can get some idea on how to end this corruption and prevent an all out war between our different dragon tribes. " he told her. Without further ado, the girl started moving forwards again.

"There's other dragon tribes? " Gael asked Gaea, she actually sounded curious.

"Indeed little one. Six in total, and I've heard rumors about an elusive seventh tribe. " he replied. Well... elusive enough to avoid detection from the eyes of the other tribes, but not elusive enough to not be recorded in history. Gaea was a junkie for knowledge, that was certain.

"Oh, I see." she nodded vigorously. But somehow, Gaea knew that she didn't even understand a single thing he said. And he found that funny, in fact, so funny that he had to laugh. Oh, a human who didn't know anything about dragons. How amusing.


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As the days went by during the search through out the Dragon Ruins, they were unable to find anything new after so many days. While Sikes and Shade stood at the center plaza of the ruins, they both looked back at the gateways that were meant to go to the Dark and Light Dragon Tribes.

"Something doesn't seem right.", muttered Sikes as Shade looked up from where he sat.

"What do you mean, human?", replied Shade as Sikes gave him an annoyed look.

"First of all, it's Sikes, remember? Secondly, you said this place was once the home of the Dragons, different tribes living together like a sort of capital right?"

"Yes, that's what this place once was until the tribes left Elendia." Shade nodded, wondering where Sikes was going with this.

"Then why are only the Light and Dark Tribes gateways here? What reason would they have to not have them here as well?"

Shade realizes what Sikes was talking about and looked back at the gateways. Thinking for a bit, the small dragon stood up and started to walk toward gateways to get a better look. Sikes watched until his gaze looked back down to where Shade was sitting, noticing something strange marked on the floor. Curiously, he knelt down to get a better look, dusting off some of the dirt that had collected over the ground. There was a strange marking on the floor that he could have sworn he saw somewhere before.

"For only two tribes to be mentioned in the center of the place does seem rather strange." Shade speaks while looking at the gateways, getting Sikes attention as he looks up from his spot. Suddenly spotting what the symbol was as he saw the same one on the gateway to the Dark Dragon Tribe. Looking back at the symbol on the ground, then at the gateway, he realized they were the same markings as he tries to clear more of the ground off. Only able to uncover slight portions of other markings that seem to go in a circle having one seventh marking in the center of them.

"Hey! I think I found something!" Sikes called out to Shade as he walked back, looking down at what he had found. "See? Right here. Six different symbols all around a seventh. One of them is the same on the Dark Tribe's gateway." Pointing them out to Shade, the small dragon examines them intently before giving a slight hissing chuckle.

"Not bad, human! I mean Sikes..sorry. This is what we need, there must be more writing on this ground. Could hold just the information we need." Shade replies back, excited to have finally found a possible clue to what they needed to know as the two of them begin to clean off more of the ground. But then the sudden sound of voices stopped them as the looked off in the direction it came from.

"Might be Stella and Cerena."

"No, there's more of them. We have some uninvited guests it seems.", replies Shade as he sniffed the air, catching the scent of others beside Stella and Cerena in the area. In a slightly other direction, they also caught the sound of movements over the roof tops of the collapsed buildings, giving them two points of attention.

"..ok...I'll go and check out what that sound was, you go and see if Stella and Cerena are alright." Sikes says with a slight whisper as he stood up, walking carefully in the direction of the noise as his hand near the hilt of his blade. Shade, nodding to the plan, moves in the direction that the voices were coming from.

Walking over to a small clearing in the rubble, he could hear the voices of conversations coming from where he detected Stella and Cerena were at, carefully going around a corner to see what it was. To his amazing surprise, he saw the two of them talking to four others, two dragons and two humans. Not noticing any form of threat, he walked up from around the corner and toward where Stella and Cerena stood.

"What's going on here? Who are you four?", the small black dragon called out in a demanding voice. Even though they weren't much of a threat at the moment, the fact that they were other dragons could always be trouble with the war situation that was going on. Giving the new dragons and humans a stern look, he made sure to keep them in his sights as he walked in front of Stella and Cerena in an almost defensive matter.


Carefully and quietly moving in the direction that he heard the noise, he steadily held his hand by his blade, in case the noise was a threat in any way. His attention was then brought upward by the sound of flapping as he spotted a glimpse of a figure that flew onto a roof top. Moving up to the nearby building, he climbed up along a collapsed wall as he got a bit closer to where the figure came from.

"Hey! I know your up there! Show yourself!" He called out at the two story building as he stood on a small collapsed building behind it. His hand carefully near his blade, ready for any possible attack.


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Dragon Ruins - Gael and Gaea

"Why are you laughing?" asked Gael, oblivious and innocent. This made Gaea laugh even more. Oh, the innocence of a human and at her age!

"Nothing!" he managed to breath out between his laughs. Gael's lips thinned into a small grimace as she felt a little unsatisfied with the answer. As they continued walking into the ruins of the city, it wasn't long before Gael's ears picked up the voices of some people talking. Gaea heard it too. As if through a silent agreement, Gael slowly crept her way closer to the inner ruins and Gaea immediately silenced his laughter. It wasn't long later when they heard light steps moving away from them.

"I heard something about symbols...and a Dark Dragon...then a gateway. Or was it a Dark Dragon Gateway?" Gael asked. "Do you know anything about this Gaea?"

"To be honest young one?" Gaea made amused gutturals. "I know what it is, but it would be better to go see for yourself."

At this, Gael moved forward and as soon as she stepped forward to the clearing of where there were 6 circles surrounding a middle 7th well as a young man standing on a nearby rubble.

"Hey! I know your up there! Show yourself!" he yelled out, looking up at the taller building, poised to strike as quick as possible.

Gael, on the other hand, stood gaping at the man.


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#, as written by ZenMon
Xensa and Zephyr

"Hey! I know you're up there! Show yourself!"

Zephyr froze like a startled cat next to Xensa. "Blood and ashes! They caught me! What do I do?!", the small dragon hissed to his human companion. They were both barely concealed by the edge of the building and the shadows made them difficult to spot. Xensa's mind still raced, trying to find a way to back out or confront this challenging man. For a few moments, he pondered. He carries himself like a swordsman. I have no doubt that he knows how to use that weapon. Chances are I could probably fare well against him, but fate has funny ways of working in combat between men. Do I try to talk my way out of it? If only I had better time to prepare... He crossed his arms. Maybe if I...

"Xensa! We have to make a choice now! We don't know what he'll do! Do something, human!", cried Zephyr as he butted his way into Xensa's thoughts. The little dragon was circling him at a quick pace, clearly perturbed. Behind his silver mask, he scowled in irritation. "I was trying to think of a plan, you little lizard. Now I have no idea what to do. I'm going to try to talk it out with him. Don't reveal yourself unless you absolutely have to." He paused for a moment, then flicked the dragon on the head. "Don't interrupt me when I'm thinking about something like this again. Or you might serve as a distraction." Zephyr opened his mouth to retort but was silenced by Xensa's upraised hand. Xensa stood, spreading his arms wide as he revealed himself to Sikes.

"Pardon my intrusion, sir! I didn't mean to pry. When I heard voices, I couldn't help but investigate! Curiosity and all that. I mean you no harm, really. I had traveled to these ruins at the behest of a friend, he has strange notions that there might be some hidden secret left in these ruins by the dragons. I told him it was ridiculous, but he's paying good gold for me to find out what I can. What, may I ask, are you up to sir...." Xensa trailed off, waiting for the man below to reply.