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Dragon Quest: Heirs of The Legendary Weapons

Dragon Quest: Heirs of The Legendary Weapons


As apprentices of the legendary masters who sealed away the demon kings, you are entrusted with carrying out their mission after they disappear. You must wield the legendary weapons to slay the great evil. Based on the popular video game series.

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"Believed to have been forged by the creator himself, the legendary weapons are thought to be only weapons capable of felling Great Demons. They are known as: The Sword of Kings, Godhand, Metal King Spear, The Dragon Staff, Falcon Blade, The Sword of Miracles, Odin's Bow and the Gringham Whip. Only those who are thought to be true heirs are capable of wielding such glorious weapons"

Dragon quest is property of Square-Enix, I do not own.

+Legendary Masters+

Master Loto-"The Hero"


Loto's Apprentice: [open]

Legendary Weapon: Sword of Kings

Master Lee-"The Champion" (looks like Vegeta)

Master Lee's Apprentice: [Reserved]
Legendary Weapon: Godhand

Mistress Helena- "The Holy Knight"

Mistress Helena's Apprentice: [open]
Legendary Weapon: Metal King Spear

Mistress Alera- "The Sage"

Mistress Alera's Apprentice: [open]
Legendary Weapon: Dragon Staff

Master Ace- "The Royal"

Master Ace's Apprentice: [open]
Legendary Weapon: Odin's Bow

Master Shin- "Magic Knight"

Master Shin's Apprentice: [open]
Legendary Weapon: Sword of Miracles

Mistress Red- "The Rogue"

Master Red's Apprentice: [open]
Legendary Weapon: Falcon blade

Master Joker- "Master Tamer"

Master Joker's Apprentice: [open]
Legendary Weapon: Gringham Whip

Character Sheet
Appearance: (Can be pictoral or description)
Height &Weight:(optional)
Whose Apprentice do you wish to be:
Equipment: You're allowed one side arm in addition to the legendary weapon your character will inherit.
Hometown:(can be made up)

+Races and Personalities+

The Dragovians are an intelligent race of half-human, half-dragons in the world of Dragon Quest VIII. While they resemble closely to humans, they possess mystic dragon powers , some even can transform into fearsome dragons. They are thought to be near extinct.

Zenithians are a recurring race in the Dragon Quest series. Specifically, they appeared in the "Zenithia Trilology," to which they indirectly lend their name.They live in the sky in Zenithia with the Master Dragon, whom they serve. Zenithians are quite insular and prefer to avoid contact with outsiders if they can help it. However, there have been instances of Zenithians falling out of the clouds or otherwise descending to earth. Zenithians have been known to associate with elves and keep dragons as pets. Being great scholars and in such close contact with the Master Dragon, Zenithians naturally understand a great deal about the world and its affairs, history, and cosmic mechanics.

Physically, Zenithians greatly resemble angels, each having a set of swan-like wings on their backs. It can also be gathered that they are fairly powerful magicians.

A demon, generally speaking, is a being who comes from Hell (known as the Underworld or the Dark World in some games). Most demons despise humanity and would like to see them wiped out, and some go great lengths to bring this about. That said, some are sympathetic to humans and wish to strive for peaceful coexistence, but the general consensus is still that humans have monopolized the world, which should be for everyone, and forced the far fewer demons into Hell with their prejudice and outright violence.
Unlike with other races, the morphology of demons varies widely from species to species. The word demon means fallen angel that fell from heaven by grace and lust.

White Wolves
The white wolves are the protectors of Orph. The town doesn't know for how long they have done this but it is a significant amount of time that they incorporate it into their mythology.

The white wolves are powerful fighters. They have all of the regular abilities of wolves, including enhanced senses, particularly smell. They are quick and agile, making them hard to hit. Like wolves, they attack in packs. They also known how to sense evil. Whether this is due to instinct or some reasoning ability is not digressed upon.What makes them different from regular wolves is their bite. One bite from a white wolf causes paralysis in monsters, even one as powerful as Deathpal.

Humans are a recurring race throughout the Dragon Quest series. In almost every Dragon Quest game, the hero is human or at least partially human, and in many cases the entire party is composed of humans. The only non-human heroes are the Hero from Dragon Quest IV, who is half-Zenithian, and the Hero from Dragon Quest VIII, who is half-Dragovian and the Hero from Dragon Quest IX who is a Celestrian. The party is exclusively human in the original Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, Dragon Quest III. Although generally considered the weakest race, some humans have show an invaluable ability that all other races seemingly lack. The power of "Will" which enables even the weakest person to rise up against and even overtake the Gods themselves.

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Re: [OOC] Dragon Quest: Heirs of The Legendary Weapons.

The sword of kings grants the wielder sight beyond sight and the ability to mirror any attack.

Godhand amplifies all your innate abilities, making you a super version of yourself. Sort of like kaoi-ken

Metal King Spear rains down powerful bolts of thunder that can pierce anything

The dragoon's staff can create deadly pyres of flame that can burn through anything

Odin's Bow can fire multiple arrows from a single draw that can turn anything to ice.

Sword of Miracles is the sword of life and restoration, the sword can harm foes while restoring its user.

The falcon blade moves faster than the eye can perceive, it also cloaks the user in invisibility

The Gringham whip harnesses the power of the moon, it creates illusions and can glow and cut like a laser.

Re: [OOC] Dragon Quest: Heirs of The Legendary Weapons.

projectdarkeden wrote:hey i like the idea and i might be able to get some others to join can you just give me a idea on how everything will work in this one PM me its easier then me checking the forums...

Well, I'll try to explain the function of the rp as simply as I can. The legendary weapons are immensely powerful artifacts that can only wielded by those with of worthy credentials, they are the only known weapons in existence capable of slaying great arch demons, because of this, the masters are entrusted with the duty of taking on an heir if something were to happen to them . The masters are more or less the previous heroes who saved the world a long time ago by harnessing the power of the legendary weapons to defeat the previous demon lords, they were taught to harness the power of the legendary weapons from their previous masters before them and their masters before them taught them, so on and so forth.

The way this rp works is that for some reason the masters are unable to carry out their duty of sealing away the new demon lords and because of that, our characters(the new heroes) have taken up the charge in their place. Depending on what master you chose to study under will affect the legendary artifact you will inherit. Also, each weapon has a special innate ability

These are the following legendary weapons and their co-responding masters.

Sword of Kings-Master Roto

Godhand-Master Lee(my master)

Metal King Spear-Mistress Helena

Dragon's Staff-Mistress Alera

Odin's Bow-Master Ace

Falcon Blade- Mistress Red

Sword of Miracles- Master Shin

Gringham Whip - Master Joker

Re: [OOC] Dragon Quest: Heirs of The Legendary Weapons.

hey i like the idea and i might be able to get some others to join can you just give me a idea on how everything will work in this one PM me its easier then me checking the forums...

Re: [OOC] Dragon Quest: Heirs of The Legendary Weapons.

Re-try, let's see how things go from here.

[OOC] Dragon Quest: Heirs of The Legendary Weapons.

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