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Dragon Riders of Valdonia



a part of Dragon Riders of Valdonia, by LadyLibby.


LadyLibby holds sovereignty over Valdonia, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Valdonia is a part of Dragon Riders of Valdonia.

16 Characters Here

Grant Treis [34] An adventurous young man who wishes to be a dragon rider.
Amber Flynn [29] A fiery girl with a need for speed.
Almira Glenn [18] A witty young girl who trusts no one but her dragon and dislikes, well, everyone actually.
Cameron Jayle [12] A transporter of goods, people, and other things.
Henry Uilbert [12] A rough man seasoned by hard work, though gentle at heart.
Kira Hales [11] A bossy and tough young woman, who will tell you what is what.
Ashur / Andreios Zirith [7] Valdonia, I shall protect you until my dying breath...
shirasu [6] "great im surrounded by idiots"
Talon Shaw [5] An adventurous guy with a good heart and mostly good intentions.
Ariana (Ri) Davis [5] and Zahar.

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Connor woke with the sun, greeted by the last vestiges of morning's chill. He looked around, rubbing his eyes, Kieran had gone out, he wasn't in his bed. However, someone who hadn't started the night in his bed now was. Connor wasn't at all surprised to find Zephyr in his own bed, snoring quietly. She always ended up there anyway. As for Kieran, Connor wasn't that worried, Kieran could never sleep the night before a race. He was probably out hunting for breakfast or something like that, just the way dad taught them. Finally throwing the sheets off of himself and putting on his robe, Connor got out of bed and walked over to their kitchen and started up breakfast.

Connor pulled out a container of mixed flour, sugar, and baking powder from the cupboard, some eggs, milk, bacon, and butter from the cellar, and a skillet. Connor then walked over to the wood burning stove and tossed some more wood into the dying embers of last nights fire. The Cliffs were notorious for their cold nights, and the wood stove was perfect for keeping their house warm through the night. Connor snapped his fingers and a spark arced from his hand to the embers and wood, igniting the fire instantly. Connor then pulled out a bowl and tossed the eggs, milk, and powder from the tub into the bowl and mixed it with a spoon until the lumps were gone and the resulting paste was smooth. By then the fire had heated to optimum temperature and was ready for cooking "pancakes" just like their mum used to make. Before he started the pancakes, Connor cooked the bacon. The grease from the bacon would ensure that the pancakes didn't stick to the oven. Then Connor cooked four eggs to absorb the majority of the grease and then went the pancakes. Just as Connor had finished their breakfast, he heard the door open and Kieran walked in.

"Got some rabbits for Zephyr!" Kieran called to Connor.

"She's still on my bed sleeping, you know how she is." Connor responded. That silly dragon could sleep all day, but the second you wake her up she's as alert and intelligent as any of them.

Kieran drops the rabbits on the floor next to the bed and attempts to shake Zephyr awake. She is resistant, an immovable sleeping dragon, until he waves a rabbit in front of her nose, the delicious aroma of fresh meat tempting her until she wakes up and snaps it up.

"Thank you Kieran, I do love a good breakfast." She said sleepily, her neck snaking down from her spot on Connor’s bed and snapping up another rabbit. Kieran headed into the kitchen, where Connor’s breakfast was just getting finished. Connor slid Kieran’s plate across the table to him. It was piled high with pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Connor knew Kieran always loved a huge breakfast before a race.

Connor finished cooking his own breakfast and set the dirty dishes in a bucket to be washed later. He walked over to the table with his own plate as well as two large cups of milk, and sat down to begin eating, ignoring Kieran’s greedy and uncivilized manner of eating. Connor picked up his knife and fork and began eating the way his mother taught him, small bites, chewed thoroughly. Watching the two, you could easily see who spent the most time with which parent. Connor was almost a perfect personification of their mother. He was cultured, intelligent, and very proper, though whimsical and childish when excited, which was often. Kieran on the other hand was like their father. He was blunt, reasonably intelligent, very excitable, and without a single spec of table manners. However, the two didn’t care about their distinctions. They were brothers till the end and they loved each other. Connor finished eating after a while and sat back in his chair, patting his full stomach,

“Delicious if I do say so myself, I’m so happy Mum taught me how to do that. Anywho, we should clean up before we leave for the race, dishes and all that, I don’t want the house to smell when we get back. We’ve got plenty of time to finish up, they moved our race back till after the qualifier, so we don’t need to be there till about noon-ish. Shall we?” Connor asked his brother.

Blegh, chores already?” Kieran asked. “Jeez, you’re turning more into mom everyday.

“Well, we can do them now so we don’t have to when we get home tired from the races, or we can wait till we’re exhausted and try to do them when all we really want is to go take a bath and sleep. Your choice.” Connor said, smirking as he trounced his brother’s complaints with cold inescapable logic.

I suppose you’re right, jeez, no need to get so serious, I was just joking.” Kieran said, feigning hurt feelings. The two smirked at each other and started laughing before getting to work, cleaning up the dishes and washing the stovetop before getting their races supplies all ready to go.

Finally, they were all done, they’d dressed up, washed up, and were ready to head over to Cadence City, they had a big race today. After that, they planned on visiting their mom and dad who still lived in the city limits. Walking outside and saddling Zephyr with her lighter racing saddle, Connor took to the sky. There was nothing like the raw joy of flying, feeling the wind blow through your hair, accompanied by the low buzz of Zephyr’s wings. After doing a few loops and taking a lap or two around the house, Connor shouted over to Kieran, his trademark mischievous grin lighting up his whole face, “Hey, whadd’ya say we race to the City? First one there gets to win the actual race!”

Come now Connor, we don’t want to make them feel too badly before their race, you know how they are, one loss and Kieran falls apart!” Zephyr interjected. “It’ll be fine,” Connor assuaged his partner, “if it looks like we’re too far ahead, we’ll just ease up and let them win.

That’s all well and good, but I want to win!” Zephyr told Connor, letting loose a battle cry that sounded like a mixture between a wolf’s howl and a bird call.

Just then, Connor’s decision was made for him. “Oh you are so on little brother!” Kieran replied to Connor’s challenge, a huge smile showing on his face. At that, the brothers took off, making a beeline to Cadence City as fast as they could go, a five minute trip usually, and a good warm up for their dragons. It’s always best to stretch your wings before an actual race. The brothers didn’t stop at just racing straight there. They wove through trees and preformed aerial combat maneuvers around each other, using their drafts to their advantage. The pair looked like poetry in flight as they raced to Cadence City, eyes set on taking the cup.


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Although Henry told the human delivery boy, Cameron, that he would be sleeping in, Henry had no intention of actually doing so. He woke up like he always did, just an hour before dawn, and made his way into his shop. Careful not to disturb Ryu, he carefully opened the door that connects his small home to his shop. Once he was inside he navigated his way towards his box of metal shavings and clippings that sat under a table at the far end of the shop. It was still dark and as a result, Henry had to feel his way through the shop until he reached the blasting furnace, which marked the center of the large room. At this point he had things set up so that way there was a clear path directly to that wall he was walking towards. Up until then he was making his way through the storage area, feeling and stumbling his way through the piles of metal and other supplies for the trade. But now that he was at the blasting furnace he could just walk straight on ahead towards the opposite wall without worry of mis-stepping. Henry continued to walk, this time in a straight line so as not to veer off the path. Being confident as he was about the path, he was surprised when he suddenly tripped over something that was indeed in his path. Not only did he stub his toes on the object but it also sent him sprawling to the floor.

"Bloody...!" Stopping himself short so he didn't wake Ryu, Henry stood up slowly, rubbing his nose where it had smashed the floor. Cursing under his breath, Henry made his way around the object in the path and continued in the direction he was heading, this time slowly and carefully. After navigating around the object he finally made it to the table. Feeling around on the table he knocked over several things in his search for the candle. After finding the candle he grabbed the striker and lit the candle so that he could see his surroundings. Sure enough in his search for the candle he had knocked over several items, one being a bottle of ink left open that was now spilled all over the table. "Bloody morning." Grabbing some towels he mopped up the spill of ink and picked up the items he tipped over, cleaning off his table. Grabbing his candle from the table he turned back towards the middle of the room and walked down the path to see what was in his path. "That bloody no good human! Bah!" As it turned out, a few boxes from the shipment he received the previous day were set down in the cleared path and it was these that he had tripped over. In his frustration, Henry kicked a box only to hurt his foot more. Reaching down he lifted one of the lids and pulled out a piece of the contents about the size of a small pebble. Taking it to the desk he set it and the candle down next to each other on the table. The light from the candle reflected off of several specks within the object giving off an eery blue light in small rays originating from those specks. After marveling at the sight for a short minute, Henry grabbed the small strange material and wrapped it in a scrap piece of silk and tucked it into his pocket, for later.

Henry moved on to his daily morning routine. He reached under the table and grabbed the box of left over metal scraps and set it on the table with a heavy thud. Although each piece was just a small shaving, the box of metal was still rather heavy, being filled to the brim with them. These left overs are what remains of the previous day's work. Lifting the lid and leaning it against the box, he levitated a bunch of the shavings out and had them rest on the table. Concentrating only slightly he made the slivers and pieces mold themselves together to create one big lump of iron. From this point he had to focus a bit more, no longer paying attention to his dark surroundings. As he focused the lump of iron slowly shaped itself into a smooth and shiny ingot. Satisfied with the result he floated the ingot from the table and into another box that sat at the end of the table to his left, adding to the existing stack within. He repeated this process, this time creating smaller ingots roughly a fifth of the size of the first one. These smaller ingots he stacked in front of himself against the wall the table sat next to. He planned to use the large ingot later in future jobs, but the small ones he intended to use this morning. After he completed this small task he left the last of the small ingots resting on table directly in front of him.

It was time he began on his true objective for the morning. Henry liked to form these small ingots into sculptures. He spent every morning in a similar fashion. The one ingot left in front of him began to move and shape itself to match the patterns in Henry's mind. First it stood up on end, and then it began to elongate causing the width to decrease. For the moment it was just a long and thin rod, roughly the same width as a standard arrow but only standing about six inches in height. Setting this to the side, Henry repeated the process with another of the small ingots. Once he was done the two rods floated up from the table and split apart into several rods of varying lengths that molded back together to create the basic skeleton of a human being. Another small ingot floated over to sit in front of Henry, this one though instead of forming into a rod, a small piece flew off of it and formed into a small ball, about the size of a marble, and went to rest on top of the small figure, creating the head. This humanoid figurine rotated in the air for a minute as Henry thought deeply about the outcome. The rest of the small ingot lifted off the table and splitting off into several parts attached itself to the figure. Without hesitation another ingot lifted from the stack and started adding itself to the object in the form of tiny details.

Henry was so intently focused on this project he never registered the fact that rays of sunlight were beaming through the slits between the boards that make up the walls. Hey paused with his little project, letting it rotate in the air, observing his recreation of Elinor. She always was a pretty young girl, she stunned all those around her when she smiled. Shaking his head, Henry snapped out of his trance like state. Slowly the figurine floated over to a nearby shelf full of similar figurines and set itself down in an empty spot.

Oi! Ryu! Wake up it's mornin'.

Oi to you...

Blowing out the candle, Henry stood up and walked towards the large door in the back, where he let Cameron in previously to unload the shipment, and flung open the wide doors letting the sunlight spill into the workshop.

"Alright Ryu, lets get goin', it's time to go to these blasted races."

Hey that's bright. Although she complained Ryu still got up and headed out the door. Once outside, Henry closed the door. The two of them walked around the building and up the wide alley that lead to the street out front. Once there it looked like someone was already waiting for them, getting ready to knock on the front door with a shovel slung over her shoulder.

"Oi! What can I do ya fer?"


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Tia had spent from dawn to mid-morning searching for Lizard's Tail and had found a good deal of it, luckily enough. She and Alioth had to hurry back to the city-- She needed to open up shop for the morning. Alioth held her in his shell and floated along and she changed out of her baggy, dirty clothes to her normal, expensive ones.

Phecda, I believe we're at the gate.

"Perfect." Tia said, straightening out her clothes. "How do I look?"

Is that a joke?


...I guess... beautiful? Alioth responded, turning his head to face her. He seemed to be thinking about something else, though Tia couldn't blame him since she asked him a question he couldn't actually answer. But we do need to meet with the guard.

Tia hopped out of the shell, dusting herself off. "Roger." She said, smiling lightly. Alioth's shell rotated a few times until the opening was facing forward. Tia always though he was cute when he peered out from inside--all anyone could see were his teeny yellow eyes.

"Ah. It's just you, Miss Alcor." The young man said, smiling at her. She scowled slightly. She wasn't sure if she liked the guards. Some of them ignored her except to tell her she couldn't do things. The others knew her name. She assumed they bought from her store when she was open, but all the same she didn't like the guards much. "How was your search this morning?"

She tipped her head to one side and then the other as she thought of a response. "...Fine." She said, finally.

The guard chuckled. "Alright. Go on in." He said.

What's with Chuckles over here? Alioth asked. Tia almost smiled.

"I dunno. Should I like the guards?" She responded to Alioth without speaking. Aloud, she said, "Thank you."

"Enjoy your time in the city," He said, like they all did. Tia rolled her eyes, which made him laugh, and passed him.

...Anyway, should I be manning the store front while you work? Alioth asked.

"Might as well." She said. "I'll just use a voice throwing potion to make my voice come from nearby you. You just relay their words to me if you need me. Then I think this'll be all set."

That potion came in handy, didn't it? Alioth marveled.

"...Yeah, for such a huge failure in the beautiful voice draught..." She sighed. "...Well, that's how failing is."

...right. Alioth responded. He seemed to be thinking. Finally he said, Odd that it came from a draught, though.

"I guess you can't permanently change your voice to come from far away." She said with a shrug. "But permanently changing your voice to sounding beautiful? Possible, maybe." Tia sighed. "Considering how much work going into draughts, though..." She shook her head. "In any case, I'm happy that potions are temporary because that means my ability failures won't give me side effects for life."

Maybe if they were draughts...?

"I can't test most draughts on the Rune Dolls." She reminded Alioth. "I have tons of untested draughts... but no prisoners to test them on. Lost cause." Tia sighed. She'd learned to make Rune Dolls in school. They were just giant dolls charmed to work like humans did. She always carried one on her, just in case. The only thing that she could test on them were potions, though. "...It's hard to make people buy untested things."

We're close. Alioth's shell rotated wildly. Tia sighed. Alioth liked dealing anything but dragons and the closer they got to society, the more Alioth would rotate his shell. He did it to block against any attacks towards him. Tia used him as a centrifuge because of that, but right now rotating was a bad idea.

"Calm down, Alioth." She said, which made the rotating slow. "I'm here, right? None of the dragons will bother you. If they do, we just won't sell their partners anything."

You don't get business that way.

"Screw business." Tia said resolutely, heading past a bunch of small stores that were already bugging her to buy things from them. She hated that a lot-- she usually just let people wander towards her store. Alioth had said she wouldn't get business that way either. It made her think she ought to give up on a store, but how else was she going to pay for her life's work?

She passed by a stand where a man was lounging around, seeming to be people watching. Her defenses had gone up the moment she saw his ears-- an elf. It was diluted-- he was an elf and something else, but an elf alone made her defensive. She didn't realize she'd stopped moving and was glaring at the man until Alioth pointed this out.

You know you can just move if you're upset with the fact that elves exist. Or are you just thinking you can take him if he decides to start teasing you about your height?

"Sort of. He doesn't have a partner here."

Sure, but maybe his partner's too big. Maybe he's a racer and his partner's resting up. Maybe his partner is teeny and is in his pocket? Maybe his partner can bend light to be invisible? Maybe his partner is actually a threstral? Maybe--

"Whatever." She said aloud, tossing her hair over her shoulder. She wasn't planning on fighting him, he'd just surprised her...not that Tia was able to fight in the first place. She marched off to where she normally set up shop. Alioth's shell landed lightly and he floated out, landing on the top of the shell.

Phecda. He said as she crawled into the shell. Make sure you drink the voice throwing potion.

Tia looked around inside the shell-- her ingredients and creations sat in pockets she'd molded into the walls, so she only had to search for a few seconds before she found what she needed. Swallowing the potion and grimacing at the bitter taste, she said to Alioth, "Done. I don't mind if you interrupt me, but I'll be in the middle of work. But make sure you ask the dragons you run across about flying us somewhere to get Mandragoras or we'll have to go to the races today and ask a bunch of losers to do it." She picked up a lab coat that she always kept tucked into a pocket in the shell and put that on, depositing her jewelry into the pocket at the same time.

Pleasant as always, Phecda. Understood. Alioth responded with a chuckle. With that, Tia blocked out the rest of the world and began her work for the day.


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waking up late was not something Shirasu liked to do nor used to. she had been hunting for about an hour and hadn't found much. hearing the bushes rustle she instantly turned and threw a knife which connected with something as she heard a slick thud. walking over towards the bushes she parted its branches to reveal a large rabbit. "oh good food" picking it up she began to skin the rabbit; after finishing she walked back towards the small clearing where she knew Suna awaited her return.

"hey I got some food though its not much" showing the large sand colored dragon her catch.

'that's all you could find I thought you were better than that my dear'

"I am better than this and I'm hungry since your not satisfied why don't you hunt for your own food" glaring at him. Shirasu started a fire and began to cook the meat until it was well done. Suna had left and Shirasu after finishing her meal decide to look for a place to bathe, and came upon a large stream its flow rather lazy. 'well better get started'

undressing to her bare skin she waded into the stream and began to wash off the dirt that had accumulated over the past few days off her clothes then left them to hang dry on a rock and began to wash her body. she got out of the water, feeling that the majority of her clothes were wet she wrapped her shawl which was the driest clothing at the moment around her body and sat on the rock pulling her knees to her chest, waiting for Suna to come back.

she was soon alerted by his presence when a strong gust of wind buffeted her causing her shawl to loosen and nearly fly off her naked body. clutching the cloth to her body she slid off the rock and headed towards Suna. 'oh dear id didn't realize your were bathing Shirasu should I leave?' "no your alright but do you think you could dry the rest of my clothes" 'ahh sure though you should step back so your shawl doesn't fall off any further.

and with powerful thrust of his wings he sent gust of wind at her clothes resulting in them to fly up into the air and Shirasu to scurry about catching her now drier clothes. she quickly slipped into her clothing and watched as Suna ate his catch, a large deer. "say Suna should we head off now, now that your done?" ' I believe we should so if you could' he knelt to one knee giving her an opening to climb up his arm and onto his back. and soon they were in the air heading in the direction of Candence City.


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Ashur awoke some time later, the sun still rising in the sky.  He had to smile upon seeing himself and Aurora floating over the endless desert of the west.  This amused him as the strong, warm updrafts and winds of the desert are some of the only ones in Valdonia that could keep a dragon as large as Aurora aloft whilst she slept.  He righted himself on Aurora's back and crept closer to her head.  With a gigantic grin on his face his spoke to Aurora using his rarely utilized voice.  In a deep, jovial tone Ashur said, "Good morning, Lady Aurora!". He patted her head lightly to accent his words.

Aurora responded by performing a quick barrel roll, shaking Ashur right off of her back.  He fell until he was only five feet from the sands below, as Aurora caught him in her claws as gingerly as a dragon could.  Pushing his luck, Ashur continued tormenting his dragon.     (( See, now?  I knew you would never think of dropping me in that sand! ))

Aurora simply let go of Ashur so that he fell the last five feet into the sand.  He rolled upon impact, and got sand into every crevice of his armor.  He simply smiled while he dusted himself and shook out most of the sand.  His dragon flew overhead and gave a small snort, the closest thing that she would do to show emotion.  { Master Ashur, you do forget who the dragon is?  I am quite capable of leaving you here to fend for yourself. }

Again, Ashur just chuckled as he climbed to the top of a ten foot tall sand dune.  He jumped at a necessary time to mount Aurora, as she flew beside the dune.  They gained altitude quickly, catching an updraft of warm air.  (( Lady Aurora, let us begin today's patrol around the floating islands over Cadence.  Afterward, I'd like to take a stroll of the streets of Cadence personally.  I don't mean to throw you to the sky, but your presence may make the knights do something they regret again. )) 

Aurora snorted, obviously displeased with Ashur's decision.  Yet, she respected his reasoning, as the knights around Cadence still were not comfortable with a dragon of her background living within the city limits.  She could handle them easily herself, if they didn't use cheap tricks nor outnumber her seven to one.  With only a moment of reluctance, Aurora took off at full speed toward Cadence city's floating islands, making sure to show Ashur her displeasure with a particularly bumpy ride.

At that speed, they made their way to the islands in only a few minutes.  They circled around some floating land masses, searching for one specific earth mote.  Soon enough, Ashur found that one island.  This island was different from the others in which it was very small and completely uninhibited by people.  This land mass was overgrown with lush and colorful plants filled with all varieties of fruits.  Ashur dismounted Aurora upon arrival and pulled out a burlap sack.  He began wandering around the earth mote, finding some of the most delicious and unique fruits that he could find.  One in particular was his favorite. This fruit, one he had come to call the "Spike Berry", is softball sized and a grand, deep blue hue. This fruit has large, pointy spikes all around itself holding in some sort of blue goo that has a very sweet taste.  This was usually enough to satisfy Ashur's hunger in a single fruit.  He filled his sack and walked farther into the deep foliage.

He kept his eyes open for a bright red fruit.  This one, Ashur had come to call "Big Red", as it was nearly the size of Ashur himself.  It wasn't very hard to find the gigantic berry, but harvesting it was much more problematic.  Ashur sized up the fruit, red with stray streaks of bright white, and a human-arm thick stem holding the berry aloft.  In one movement, Ashur pulled his sword from its sheath, cut the branch, and replaced his blade.  The fruit made a thud as it hit the ground.  Ashur slowly rolled this behemoth to the edge of the island where Aurora had left him.  Immediately, Aurora flew nearby, grabbed it in her claws, tossed it up to her mouth, and chomped down on the mouth sized morsel.  This specific fruit had the strange quality that it provided the same nutrients as a piece of meat of the same size, including the taste, without all of the work of hunting something.

Ashur finished his blue fruit and pulled some plain white robes from his backpack.  He covered his armor completely with the robes and pulled the hood up over his head.  Slinging the sack back over his shoulder, he remounted Aurora and she gingerly dropped him off on the outskirts of Cadence City.  At this, Ashur gave a slight bow to Aurora as she flew off to be obscured by the clouds over Cadence.  Ashur then walked into the marketplace district, looking at the different stalls, glancing at the wares and keeping an eye on the various faces wandering the market.  He kept his eye out for anything unusual, or anything that happened to catch his eye...