Dragon Tale

Dragon Tale


In this thrilling tale, YOUR own Personal character goes on a hunt for the 3 crystal necklaces with the power to summon or slay a magical beast. Join us and choose your side, To Summon the beast and have your wish come true or slay the beast

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10 main characters
The mage- Jessie Winchester(Oreo)
The Alien-
The Sayin-
The Swordmaster-Eric(Stryker)
The Ice Demon-
The Fruit Demon-
The Fire Demon- Mundus the Fallen(Storm)
The Giant-
The Knight-
The Fairy-Din Sou Talia(jack)

You begin in a tavern in Walraven. A new Quest is posted, It askes for everyone to help gather the 3 crystal Necklaces to summon a magical beast that can grant 1 wish. (Some people want to destroy the beast and claim its power. Only half can join this side.) The team first faces and massive Giant who was sent by the KNIGHT to destroy the ones who come for his Crystal necklaces placed across the world. Everyone must work together to gather the necklaces, But each with there own wish. They must learn to find a common cause... Or the world will be destroyed.

Toggle Rules

1. No sexual activity
2. No OP
3. Use common sense.
4. Have fun and be creative

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Yokoshore, ValRaven

Yokoshore, ValRaven by Unknownstryker

Welcome, Please come to the bar and try our soup!

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Character Portrait: Mundus the Fallen
Character Portrait: Din Sou Talia
Character Portrait: Jessy Winchester
Character Portrait: Eric


Character Portrait: Eric


Character Portrait: Din Sou Talia
Din Sou Talia

"From the ashes, beauty will come forth."

Character Portrait: Mundus the Fallen
Mundus the Fallen

Was once a well respected warrior, but abandoned by the people he once called brothers, he falls deeper into a pit of never ending insanity

Character Portrait: Jessy Winchester
Jessy Winchester

is a mage


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