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Ryker's 'Right Hand', but doesn't follow orders. Tell me, how does that work out?

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a character in “Dragon Tales”, as played by Fredalice


Gender: Male
Age: Looks 24, is 71
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Role: Younger brother to the Rebellion leader and his right hand
Species: Gryphon
Rebel, Rebel - Raise Your Glass - Devil's Dance Floor - Immortals - Counting Stars - You're the Voice



As a human; Jethro is built like a fighter, years of running, pub brawls, caged fights, and working in the rebellion has made him strong. Though it can be hard to tell because he likes wearing worn and baggy clothes; he's found that the baggier clothes are easier to fight in, less restriction in his movements. This also comes with his slight of hand ability, if people think he's more lanky than he really is than they have set themselves up for a fast defeat and Jethro can be left to gloat above them. Though he isn't very tall, standing at five feet and nine inches.

His skin is tanned and calloused, the skin of a worker. This has come from his life living outside and hard work to survive, not to mention his constant need to show off and push his limits with everything. He also seems to live in a fine layer of dirt, yes he does wash when he can, but no matter what he always seems to have dirt on him. Jethro's dark brown hair, though always kept long, his hair never seems to be unkempt or shaggy, instead it flows in waves that get in his face and are perfect to flip about. Like his hair, he hardly trims his beard either, meaning the hair on his face comes out scraggly and adds a lovely shading on his visage. Most describe his smile as being the cheekiest they have ever seen. It spreads widely across his face, crinkling his eyes. It's a mischievous smirk, a proud beam, smart-ass crack, and a puppy dog grin all rolled into one. His whole face shows every expression he's ever made. When he's happy, his whole face smiles; when he's sad, his whole face withers; when he's made, his whole face darkens and snarls. Like most things with Jethro, he doesn't do subtle.

Jethro's voice is husky, loud, and warm. He talks at a very loud volume all the time, not necessarily on purpose, his excitement just seems to show up in the volume of his voice, even his whisper is more of a stage whisper and because of this he has been told to communicate through hand gestures while in dangerous or sneaky situations. His laugh is a hearty, belly laugh; he can chuckle, but even then still shows a great amusement. Instead of walking, Jethro kind of struts more, a strut mixed with a swagger; completely at ease, demanding attention, and coy. He holds himself with his shoulder back and head slightly leaned back, not necessarily in the nose-rising of pomp of someone who believes themselves the king, but just a relaxed lean, so that he can better see the world. Even while fighting or if he is caught in a dangerous situation, Jethro seems to always still be beaming and exuding an attitude of "couldn't care less".

As a gryphon; Jethro is what you would typically expect, head of a hawk and body of a lion. Though, unlike his brother, while in his gryphon form, Jethro is a bit smaller. From head to ground, he stands at closer to nine feet tall and with a wingspan of fourteen feet long. As he is smaller in size, Jethro is also smaller than his brother in stature, he is the lanky gryphon. Like his mother, his appearance imitates that of a Red Kite; he has a white head and orange-ish/brown body, his wings gradually change from that orange-ish/brown to the white of his head. His front feet resemble that of a hawks talons and are still big enough to completely engulf a human's head, while his back paws resemble that of a lion's paws. While the lion side is often the focus as it seems the more feared part of a gryphon, with Jethro, he proves the dangers of the hawk (talons and beak) can should be what strikes fear.

As expected, Jethro is covered in a complete myriad of scars, but the ones that stand out the most are long slashes on his back from being whipped and blistery looking scars on the inside of thighs both were from when he had been captured and tortured by hunters. Though he has no problem with others seeing his scars, he doesn't want to see them nor does he want his brother to see because it reminds them both of a time they would rather forget.


Obnoxious - Impulsive - Charming - Carefree - Mothering - Goofy

Jethro definitely fits the description of a rowdy, younger brother. He likes to starts fights more than he does taking a more peaceful route, he finds action to be more exciting and fun and will often be seen laughing and genuinely enjoying himself while in a brawl or running away from one. He doesn't listen to rules or directions very often; either getting distracted from them or just outright ignoring them and coming up with his own plan on the fly. Jethro seems to know the best ways to annoy someone and likes pushing those buttons and getting those loud frustrated noises out of people or having things thrown at him because he then knows that it's working. However, as much as he loves to push the limits on things and even cross them with others, he does know when it's too far to do that; when doing so will cost him someone his loves either by them walking away for good or getting killed. He does know when to take things seriously, it just so happens that he prefers to have fun over taking everything seriously. He does get into a lot of trouble, some of it life or death, but he knows when he goes too far and accepts consequences that come to him and tries to fix what he broke. He takes responsibility for all his actions, even the ones that he's ashamed of because he knows that he was the one who made the decision, it just turned out that not all of them were good decisions, and he can accept that.

One thing needs to be clear when interacting with Jethro, yes he's charming and loves to make people smile and yes, he is bisexual and has had an active romantic life, however he is not what most would call a flirt. He doesn't flirt with someone just to get them into bed or because he thinks it's a game and he doesn't find every man or woman attractive. He'll unashamedly flirt with someone he is genuinely attracted to because he completely does want to get to know them. Though, that being said, it isn't out of the ordinary for people to mistaken his charm and need to make others smile as flirting. When this happens, he becomes quite the heart-breaker because in order to take responsibility for his actions and clear the air he has to make them understand that it was indeed not flirting, which pisses a lot of people off; let's be honest, usually they're the ones who want to be flattered, but still let him down, not the other way around. Partly because of this, he has learned to act goofy as well in order to make others smile instead of just relying on his charm. He doesn't mind making a fool of himself for good laughs and often enjoys it as much as others do. He immensely enjoys telling jokes, making stupid mistakes that makes everyone laugh (such as tripping, running into things, or having food thrown at him in jest) because he knows his audience and knows that while his friends may heckle, they enjoy his company as much as he enjoys theirs. Jethro is usually the one to get soldiers and others in the rebellion to relax and enjoy themselves. He knows how hard they work and thinks they deserve a good laugh around the campfire with friends every now and then.

Jethro cares deeply for the ones that he loves and goes beyond protecting them and going into battle for them, but takes care of them as well. He loves cooking for his pride, making sure they have enough strength to keep themselves alive; by the time one of them thinks about starting to make a meal, Jethro is already halfway finished cooking it for everyone. He'll fuss over their armor to make sure it's on correctly and that no weapon will pierce through. It is his belief that if he treats them this way, making sure that they will have their best chance, that no one else will be killed, that no one else he loves will be taken from him. He knows that he can't always be there to protect them, so while he himself can be reckless, he makes sure that everyone else is highly prepared. He has seen tragedy in his life more than once, had someone he cares for very deeply taken from him in front of his eyes, so now he clings to them, and mothers them in the hopes that no more tragedy will happen.

Slight of hand - Jethro has this sneaky ability of distracting and taking, much like how slight of hand works, others hardly even see his move coming until it's too late; this goes for stealing; cheating; manipulating; and of course, starting fights
Swordsmanship - though he is a gryphon, Jethro had decided long ago that it would be best to learn how to fight within his human form, so he took up the ability of fighting with a sword. He has become quite proficient and even possesses the ability to fight with two swords at once, this strategy while fighting with a sword is much like that of a gryphon's; the first strike is well aimed aimed and fast and then after that nothing but intensely quick and vicious movements that hardly pause
Cooking - having grown up the way he did, Jethro has learned to cook from an early age, and thought his food may not be that of a gourmet chef, his talents lie in making a decent and edible meal out of almost anything
Hand to hand combat - much like it sounds, he has a talent in pub brawls; starting them, fighting in them, finishing them, etc. However, his skills with this ability exceed even that, Jethro can hold his own in the most intense fighting even if pit fight to the death
Charismatic - in this respect his tongue seems to follow his hand; Jethro can talk in circles to confuse, he can easily stroke the pride of many, throw a witty comeback, trash talk with the best of them, persuade others to trust him just with his words. In short, he has a silver tongue, but one that seems to go off on its own and can be the cause of more trouble than it is in fixing that
Flight - Like most creatures with wings, flying is something as natural as walking and hardly seems to be anything to boast about, but like with most things with Jethro, he throws his own finesse into the mixture. Not only is he good at flying, but he's good at making it look good; doing cool and potentially dangerous tricks just to show off.
Impulsive - Jethro runs on the first thought that enters his mind, it seems at times that he has no filter while talking which can get him into trouble quite often, it also means that he isn't very good at following through on plans. He makes the plans up as he goes, if he sees an opening he is going to take it and figure out how to deal with the consequences when they come.
Distracted - He can't focus, at all. If he tries, it can take the wind moving a leaf in the corner of his eye to lead that focus astray; if he hears a cry in the night he will follow it. When he gets bored, which is often, he will find adventure in any way he can, causing trouble, looking for trouble, or just obnoxiously smacking his lips together until something happens.
His ego - This doesn't seem to be so much of a problem when his ego is bruised, it's more of an issue when someone strokes his ego. If someone compliments him or makes him think fuller of himself in anyway, he will become so wrapped up in how awesome he is that he will forget the task at hand.
"Fight me" attitude - Or in other words; fight first, ask questions later. On several occasions this is how Jethro resolves problems. He will initiate more fights than he does just "happening to be in one". It is guaranteed that if Jethro is in a fight, he started it and started it over a minor thing that could have easily been resolved with a simple apology or explanation.
Bright lights - This has nothing to do with distracting, it's more to do with the fact that bright lights (especially while he is in his gryphon form) hurt his eyes so much that it can cause him to crash to the ground, while flying or just standing on the ground.
Likes: Staring fights ~ Impressing others ~ Making people smile ~ Ale ~ Pushing limits ~ Poking fun at others ~ Causing a little mayhem ~ Flying ~ Rain ~ Strong winds ~ Adventures ~ Starry nights ~ Fish-eating, fishing ~ Sword duels ~ Fireflies ~ Pub brawls ~ Stealing ~ Floating on water ~ The smell of good food cooking ~ Women and men ~ Breaking rules ~ Crying out "Brother!" when he sees Ryker ~ Lazy days ~ Telling stories ~ Singing and dancing ~ Seeing that he and his brother aren't alone ~ Being understood ~ Sneaking around ~ Jewels (his brand of treasure) ~ Honey
Dislikes: Being forced into something ~ Enforced Rules ~ Grabbing his tail ~ Being caged ~ Missing a meal ~ Being rejected ~ Genuine cruelty ~ Harsh punishments that don't fit the crime ~ Not being heard ~ "You're Ryker's younger brother!" ~ When the ale stops ~ Following the leader ~ Being helpless ~ Seeing others in pain ~ The Kerrigan family ~ The royal families-though the others less than the Kerrigans ~ Bright light ~ Losing ~ Menial chores ~ Being ignored ~ Being forgotten ~ When someone touches his treasure ~ Dusty and dry areas ~ 'Sweltering' (the word and being in this kind of heat) ~ Mushrooms
Fears: His scars - if he sees them, he can feel everything; the despair at seeing Sebastian killed, the whips on his back, the scalding metal on his skin,
thinking he would never see his brother again
Losing the Rebellion - for Jethro it's past being a sore losing and knowing that so much is on the line, so if they fail any creature who isn't killed, will be taken as pets and treated worse than they possibly are now. He knows that if they fail, there won't be just mass death, but the humans will be worse than before they started the rebellion.
Being separated from his brother - Jethro has relied so heavily on knowing that Ryker will always have his back, that he fears the day when Ryker won't come for him.
Caves - this is a much more mild fear; he can still be in one if he has to, but it makes him very uncomfortable an uncertain, he prefers being outside, under the sky much more


Jethro is the second born son to the leader of a pride of gryphons. He was still very young when his father was taken away and so he didn't know what was going on at the time, just that he wasn't there and Ryker was. When he was older, however, he found out the truth. Their father made a deal with Lord Kerrigan, to split the land between the two; their pride wouldn't hunt humans when not on their land and Lord Kerrigan wouldn't capture any gryphon's that weren't in the royals' area. The deal, Ryker has said, was forged with great peace and was easily settled. However, Lord Kerrigan pushed his limits one too many times and their father wanted out of the deal. When he was taken away, all Jethro remembers is a generally quiet night around the fire, he was sitting in his mother's lap, Ryker was poking at their dinner which was cooking, and their father was telling stories of the hunt that afternoon. Then they heard drums in the distance; they all knew who was coming. Their mother had scooped her boys up and took them to hide inside the cave. Ryker had managed to find a spot to secretly watch, but their mother held onto Jethro tightly and kept kissing the top of his head whispering that everything was going to be fine.

After that night, Jethro had been denial for years, believing every morning and every night that their father would return to them. It was when he was twelve, five years after their father was taken, that he finally accepted that their father was dead and not only dead, but had been killed by Lord Kerrigan. This was also when Ryker proved to be more than just a big brother; when their father had gone, their mother took the spot leading the pride, but didn't have enough time to take care of her boys, so Ryker took that job. It was when Jethro came to terms with this knowledge that he and Ryker started building the rebellion. Of course, when they first started it was no more than just four members who talked a big a talk. To be honest, when Jethro heard these big plans, he would get so excited that he would go into a nearby village and cause a little mayhem of his own, mayhem that would usually get the town's folk riled enough that his older brother would have to intervene and get his brother to the safety of his pride. Thankfully, the town's folk never knew he was a gryphon as Jethro would remain in his human form the whole time, "for stealth".

This set up went on for years, and their rebellion grew from those inside the pride to including other creatures as well; one being a selkie called Ash, she was key strategist of the rebellion and took the young gryphon's fancy almost immediately. Jethro was in his early twenties when he first met Ash; she was beautiful, with dark skin, curly brown hair, and a soft face, though underneath that softness was a mind sharp as a tack. She seemed unimpressed by Jethro at first, treating him like as the kid brother of Ryker, however the more the two spent time together, the more she seemed to laugh at his jokes and go to him when she needed help. It wasn't long before the two of them started to show affection to one another; long, shy glances, wanting to spend time alone together, that sort of thing. Having Ash around seemed to reign Jethro in some, he didn't leave the pride as often to cause mischief that needed Ryker's attention and he started to follow orders more often, in a very noticeable change. Ash was dedicated to the rebellion and Ryker's cause, so to impress her it meant that Jethro had to play the part of a good Second in Command and right hand to Ryker. The two stayed together like this for ten years and Jethro honestly thought he was in love for the first time, but then, inexplicably, Ash no longer felt the same way. She gave Jethro no explanation, gave Ryker no excuse, she just said she wanted out, and left. Left Jethro heartbroken and left the rebellion.

While Jethro was indeed heartbroken, he didn't lose himself in his grief and bounced back rather quickly. Of course, without the need to impress Ash, this meant that Jethro went back to his old self of causing more trouble than was necessary for the humans and not listening to any orders that Ryker gave to him. It was during his daily mischief that Ryker didn't show up to help one day, so Jethro was forced to hide inside a nearby barn, but inside was a boy scooping hay for the horses. Jethro, not really caring about boundaries, grabbed the boy and quickly hid them both, mouthing for him to be quiet. This boy's name was Sebastian. He was tall, lanky, and with kind of a long face and big ears; he was a very common looking human. After the angry villagers passes, Jethro was forced to explain that he had kind of, not really, accidentally set the tavern on fire. To which Sebastian replied, "A good thing you did, honestly, those men are getting to lazy to care for." The first words that he had spoken to Jethro and something that the gryphon will never forget. They parted ways on generally friendly terms, with Sebastian getting back to the work he had been doing. Jethro certainly hadn't planned on ever seeing that boy again, but his snide comment had Jethro wanting to talk to him again. So the next day he went back to the barn, all the while dodging still angry town's folk. This time the boy was in the fields.

Day after day, Jethro would sneak out of camp to go and talk to Sebastian; the human boy would work, while Jethro would lounge about nearby, but the conversation always remained generally friendly. Jethro had started to consider this boy his friend, which he knew was problematic, considering how his older brother felt about humans, so he kept everything a secret. He didn't want Ryker finding out he was starting to trust a human, and he wasn't sure how Sebastian, slowly coming to be called "Bassy" by Jethro out of affection, would react to him being a gryphon. The only thing that Bassy knew about who Jethro was, was that he always left, heading into the forest. Which is exactly where he went when one day his family's farm was being attacked by robbers. Bassy shouted into the forest, repeating Jethro's name over and over. Jethro, heard this and came running to his friend, unfortunately, Jethro didn't think about his brother hearing as well. Jethro to help save his friend's farm had to reveal his biggest secret; he turned into his true form and was able to drive the robbers away, leaving the farm in just mild damage. Jethro turned back into his human form and couldn't stare Bassy in the eyes, and without words, Bassy pulled his friend into a hug showing that he accepted his friend being a creature. Ryker came following soon after that, seeing his brother trust this human. It was safe to say that that was not a good night for the brothers and Jethro ended up sleeping far from his pride, but not alone, Bassy found him and kept him company. They talked most of the night and Bassy admited, "You're the only friend I've got." To which Jethro ruffled his hair and responded, "I'm not surprised." Jethro didn't give up on his friend even with his brother knowing the situation and trying his best to talk his younger brother out of it. The more Jethro and Bassy spent time together, the closer they became until neither realized that they were in fact, in love with one another. Bassy had slowly started to make visits to the rebellion's camp, and the members of the rebellion slowly let it happen, seeing that this human was docile and made Jethro smile and laugh in a way they hadn't seen before. They were a funny mixture of love and sarcastic comments.

Sebastian, truly was Jethro's first love and those in the rebellion weren't the only ones who saw this either. Hunters watched the pride closely.

The human and the gryphon were together for four years before the incident. The incident that Jethro never talks about. Sebastian had left the camp to head back to the farm for a time, ultimately to tell his dad that he was leaving for good, however all night passed and Sebastian didn't return. Worried, Jethro left the camp, at the farm he didn't Sebastian at all, so he went back and followed Sebastian's path, tracking him to hidden hunter's camp about three day's journey from the pride. Jethro had found Bassy, but only in time to see his human executed by slit throat in front of him. In a flurry of rage, anguish, fear, and desperation; Jethro ran to Bassy's body and fight all the hunters off. Jethro, was soon captured, but he wasn't the target. He was the bait, to ultimately capture Ryker, so they kept him alive, but only just. For four days, the hunters tortured Jethro; by whips, by forcing scalding metal against his thighs, by throwing him in a cage to fight to the death with another creature, by hanging him and only cutting him down when he was no more than an inch from death. Finally on the fourth day, they strung him up in the middle of camp as a bait on a hook for Ryker. Jethro was blacked out when his brother came and doesn't remember anything except waking up back in a cave with his brother by his side once more. Ryker doesn't talk about it, so the younger gryphon has no idea how his older brother managed to pull him out. Even after Jethro physically healed completely, he wasn't the same. He didn't laugh or smile anymore, he only ever stayed in or near the rebellion's camp, he didn't really talk and hardly at or slept for five years. The darkest five years that he had to live through, and even though he was getting better after that, it was a slow process. It started that anything could send him two steps back, especially catching a glimpse of his scars; it was around when Jethro was fifty that he seemed to be acting more like his old self; though possibly more laid back then before; instead of causing as much mischief in towns, he took to lounging around pools of water in the shade.
Things seemed to be back to normal once more, with Jethro not listening to Ryker's orders. Only the rebellion seemed to be picking up more strength, or at least now was the first time that Jethro had noticed just how big it had gotten and how much it seemed to be moving forward. Jethro had gone on several excursions to help free the "pets" of the royals, some had gone well, while others needed Ryker's help to fix what Jethro had impulsively done. The rebellion had gathered many new creatures along the way. One of them, Dennis a dragon who was proving to be a great soldier and joined when Jethro was 69, became good friends with Jethro and pulled him further to being himself again. Because of Dennis Jethro is now joining in on meals around the fire once more and enthusiastically telling stories and jokes; then joining Dennis in his tent at night. For Jethro, Dennis is nothing more than a great friend, who he sometimes has sex with. With a new friendship that keep his thoughts from wandering back to seeing Sebastian die, and which gives him a new fire inside to fight for; Jethro is ready to take on just about anything that the rebellion's enemies have to throw at them.

Face Claim: Eoin Macken

So begins...

Jethro's Story