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Eleanor Cross

Its alright I can handle it (I hope)

0 · 343 views · located in Forlorn

a character in “Dragon war”, as played by HiddenNymph


Nation Fire nation
Name: Eleanor Cross
Nickname: Elle
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Personality: Eleanor is hard working, she strives to achieve the best possible in everything, however she can be argumentative at times and easy to get annoyed or upset, this doesn't help when she is extremely clumsy.
She doesn't like to admitt it openly but she is actually very protective of the people around her, including her enemies, her motto is normally "you can't hurt them before I do" to cover up the fact that she actually hates seeing people hurt.
She has a very stubburn nature but she can be easy to get along with and after a while most arguing with her just turns into laughter.

Helping out on the farm
Sweet food

Being clumsy
Awkward moments
Thunderstorms - Afraid of them

Favorite weapon: Eleanor's favourite weapon changes depending on where she is, if she is riding in the sky with her dragon it is her automatic crossbow which shoots multiple steel poles with arow tips at her targets.
Since Breen doesn't always listen to her though she often fights her opponents of the ground which is when her favourite weapon is two broad swords which cling to her back.

History: Eleanor was raised in an average house made of wood and on a farm, her family weren't rich but they weren't poor either, when her nation was in the lowest rank for the year they would scrape by on the little food they could manage, luckily owning a farm helped them survive. She has two older brothers and one younger, they are all protective of her especially since her dad died a few years back from illness, her mother is frail now and often needs help looking after the farm which is where her brothers come in. She is praised by the towns people for being a rider yet she her family still treat her the same and are protective of her.

Dragon name: Breen
Dragon breed: FireFace
Gender: Male

Dragons personality: Breen likes things done his way, because of this he didn't get along well with Eleanor at first as she is the same. He is often infuriated by Eleanor and doesn't do what she says half the time, however he can't find it in himself to let her get hurt by someone other than him as he sometimes blows fire at her.
He despises it when Eleanor is insulted and won't hesitate to burn a human if they ever make her cry since that is something he cannot handle and it annoys him that he can't deal with it.
He hates most humans but puts up with them, he thinks there are ignorant beings and too weak to command a dragon, this is why Breen is hard fast with Eleanor though he is similiar to her in that he hates seeing her hurt unless its by him.

Fire breathing
Getting his own way

Eleanor being hurt or whining
Cockroaches - hates them for no apparant reason

Dragons favorite fight move: Breen has a specific move he loves to use as it rarely fails.
He will blow a mightly roar of fire at his oppenent mainly to blind them of anything infront of them, he would then dive into the fire and appear at his enemy surprising them only to bite down on their necks using his large teeth normally killing or seriously endangering their lives.
However he can only use this move once every so often as catching the enemy offguard is key to its success.

History with dragon: When Eleanor and Breen came together neither one shared the same views on anything so they would always bicker, Breen didn't listen to her whatsoever and blew fire at her hair, it was clear Breen hated her just as much as she did him.
However after an accident with a horse and cart, which Eleanor took since Breen wouldn't let her ride him, she ended up breaking her leg and fracturing two ribs.
When Breen learned of this he felt furiated for allowing her to be hurt realising that he didn't hate Eleanor as much as he thought. After that he wouldn't let her travel anyother way again and Eleanor felt touched as he became protective of her.
Their bickering ended while she was healing but soon started again once she was healed, however there wasn't any malice behind it anymore, they both knew that they cared for each other.

So begins...

Eleanor Cross's Story