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An albino faerie dragon, this youngling is possessive and territorial over her small parcel of alpine land, known as the Dreamlands.

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a character in “Dragon Wars”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Discipline


Breath Weapon: Laeniqua can spit a glob of corrosive acid, produced internally by venomous glands above her salivary glands. This acid helps to digest food before it comes into Laeniqua's system, as she has a thinner stomach due to her slimness.

Description: She's an albino faerie dragon -- her wings are made of long scalets bound to the middle bone at the center of each wing. The wings are translucent and fragile. She has two trailing rudder-like organs near her long, whip-like, fin-tail that act to help stabilise her in flight -- right above them is another, much smaller set of wings, set up the same way as the front ones. Her tail is made up of the same material as the wings, except there are large, visible blood vessels running through them. If one looked closely, they could be seen to pulse. Her body is covered with clear scales that hang loosely onto her skin, looking somewhat like fur, and reflect all the colours of the rainbow.

Laeniqua's wings are smaller in wingspan than the normal dragon's, but seeing as she has no arms, legs, nor a heavy body, she has no need for especially powerful wings.

Oh, and she has a horn.

Picture - Her!

Laeniqua is a normally amiable character, but cautious, and a little bit paranoid. Her personality is quite complex, really, because she is a sentient being, and generally sentient beings tend to be unpredictable.

Territory: Laeniqua reigns over a small alpine forest called the Dreamlands. It's a place of great natural beauty, with tall pine trees and cold, clear streams that sometimes turn into magnificent waterfalls. She thinks of herself as the 'chosen' defender of the forest, and many attempts at colonising it have been met with her primal rage.

So begins...

Laeniqua's Story