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Dragonball: Legacies

Dragonball Universe


a part of Dragonball: Legacies, by Tesla.


Tesla holds sovereignty over Dragonball Universe, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Dragonball Universe is a part of Dragonball: Legacies.

5 Characters Here

Shiek Tie / Midna [0] The shape shifting teen.
Arus [0] "Prepare to be broken."
Bardock [0] "I'm not wise. I don't need to be. I know how to fight. That is all."
Kristine "Kristie" Swift [0] "No, you may NOT touch my tail!
Gosai [0] A super warrior, a warrior who has ventured every edge of the universe. He will oversee all other characters, and watch them grown as they train, battle, and adventure.

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#, as written by Tesla
The universe has been pure, fueled by the power of light. Many, many years have passed. Gosai, the mystical saiyan who overcame his evil ways and challenged every dark being who ever threatend the universe, had become strong, unlocked limitless amounts of power, he became...a Super Saiyan 4, he was the only saiyan to unlock such power...he eventually gathered so much power, that the gods themselves, Shenron, Porunga, etc, wanted Gosai to join thier ranks. Now though, he has left the universe, and joined the gods in the other world, leaving the planets to fend for themselves. Chaos and Disarray have come into play, without anyone to protect the universe, it has fallen to shambles, the universe is in need of warriors, and Gosai can't return to protect the universe permanently, he is handing it down to a select few. He chanted a mystical universe changing prayer, one that is very difficult, even for a god to perform. The chant went like such...


The chant echoed throughout the heavens, like the most monstrous clap of thunder. Gosai would get his wish, heroes will rise again, but with heroes, there will be villains who rise up as well. A new legacy has begun, an era, where heroes and villains will fight for supremacy once again. The universe is in distress, the rival of Gosai, only known as King Abofura, has been mysteriously resurrected at work causing destruction, and its spreading. He and his henchmen, not to mention the continuous rise of villains, will challenge even the strongest hero. Wars will be waged. Battles will be fought. Tournaments will be held. Warriors will die. Heroes will fight for the power of light. Villains will fight for the force of the dark. A NEW LEGACY WILL COME FORTH.

"From here, they will grow, become stronger, learn mystical techniques, and unlock incredible transformations. Both heroes and villains, which side will win? Only time will tell...Saiyans, Humans, Namekians, and other Aliens, all acting as a team force, or fighting against one another? The details, are unknown, but thier legacy has begun, and I will watch over them until the very end..."



A new dawn has begun for the universe, a dawn of mystery, potential, and incredible power. What lyes head is unknown, but the universe is shrouded in darkness. A darkness, that is seemingly unbreakable. Heroes, you have a powerful force to battle against, you will have to train, for you will be gathered from each of your seperate planets and put into one arena, to battle scads of fellow heroes, villains, and rogues. Villains, you will have to train as well, but you have no specific force to go up against, other than the heroes of the light. The heroes, after progressing through the small intergalactic tournament, will battle Lord Jeelala, a powerful and legendary beast warrior, and servant to King Abofura. Only after his defeat, will you return to your own specific planets...until the tournament and concluding battle, you can all train, adventure, and live your life, but be careful, darkness is always lurking...the choice is yours now.

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Shiek laid on the sofa as he gazed at the pictures on his wall. Pictures of Namek and Vegeta land with vast landscapes with views epic proportions. He remembered buying these pictures and wondering what these planets would be like. The room was quiet until a howl pierced the air. Shiek jumped to his feet a shock, as soon as he heard the noise.

As he ran through the door and onto the street, he threw his jacket onto the table. His head darted to his right as he saw a woman being harassed. He ran towards the gang of men as he yelled. "Leave her alone!"

As he ran into the crowd of people he tripped over a foot. Seemingly instantly he began to take several kicks to the head. In his pain Shiek began to flail his arms around pulling the legs of some of the group.

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Damn this training to hell! a furious "girl" screams silently in her mind. Why can I get this damn technique down? Hell, if I can't get this simple move to work, then how am to create my own special moves? DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!

The "girl" sighs, sits on the ground suddenly, and gives a desperate attempt to calm down. There was no need to be cursing all those Earth curses. No, just calm down. Getting worked up was a waste of energy and a waste of brain space. Just concentrate....

Getting up, the "girl" brushes some dirt off of her and resumes her previous position, standing straight, her two violet fox tails behind her, completely still. She takes a deep breath, squeezes her dark violet eyes shut, and try's to concentrate and channel her electrical energy into her fingertips. When she was positive that she was in total control, she strikes out at the large, grey boulder,her semi-claw like hands swiping at the air, releasing a powerful shock wave, completely obliterating the rock into dust.

The Nogitsune smirks. It was perfect by far, but at least she was getting there. Looking up at the sky, momentarily watching the slow-moving clouds, the female kitsune murmurs softly to herself in a language that no one but her race could understand, "What do you think Try-yane? Is little Kristie-yina making you proud?"

((OOC: phew! That actually took a while, for I like to at least make my first post fantastico! (no, I'm not Hispanic, I just like that word.) Anyway, I hope y'all liked it! Here's some insight real quick:

name-yane: brother
name-yina: sister

I have always liked the little Japanese nicknames, so I kinda did the same thing, but with different words.))