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a character in “Dragonball Reborn”, as played by darknesspawn


Name: Zanda
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Race: Majin
Appearance: Image
Bio: Not in the far distant past the original Majin buu split up into many parts causing a whole new form of being to appear on the planet. Zanda has spent most of her life simply helping out the sick or the needy. Majins have the awesome ability to heal people regardless of what has happened to them and finds joy in simply doing that. Majins are also born with the will to fight and even kill so lately shes been struggling with who she is and what she will become
Personality: Zanda is a very outgoing person she likes to help poor people on the street by giving them candy produced by her candy creating abilities. Though she is outgoing more often then not you will find her by herself surrounded by her own thoughts or in occasion you will find her with no thoughts in minds at all. Though she she is 8 years old majins mature much faster than regualr people so you really wouldn't be able to tell. Though Zanda is giving and helpful on most occasions she has a type of split personality where she can turn from nice and helpful to just plain evil depending on the situation. That just comes from being a Majin
Power Level: 15 (I don't really think power levels are all that good of a thing but yea)
Moves Known: Chocolate beam, absorbtion, healing, body manipulation
Anything Else You Want To Add

So begins...

Zanda's Story

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“Kill, fight, Kill” These thoughts flowed in and out of Zandas mind. At this stage in here life Zanda dismissed this as something Majins have to go through. Zanda has tried her best to surpress these unsavory thoughts and emotions she has been feeling but lately she has had problems in doing so. She had known that there was once a Majin who threatened the universe… all majins knew, however Zanda also knew she did not want to become that. Thouugh somewhere during her deep thinking a playful realization had come to mind ‘Zanda destroyer of worlds’ had a nice ring to it. She smiled during her meditation and appreciated that even with these evil thoughts in her head she could stay positive with it. Image
Zanda usually stayed in the outskirts of the city when she decided to retreat into her thoughts. This time she took refuge in one of the greener wastelands. She was sitting atop a small rock pillar with her legs crossed. The sun was high in the sky causing her face to become much warmer than what was comfortable. She opened her eyes and instinctively swayed her head in a futile attempt to get the sun off her face. She decided to put her Antennae which she had formed into something that looks more like hair in-between her face and the sun. She was content with what she had done and began to close her eyes before she was rudely interrupted by something flying overhead. She quickly turned her head all the way around without getting up as the people in the sky flew by. She recognized them as human, as was quite surprised to see humans flying about, the only people she had seen fly before were other Majins, she wasn’t sure any other creature could fly, she just knew she and every other Majins were born with it
Zanda spun her head back around to its regular position before getting up. And looking as the figures slowly got smaller and smaller in the distance. She was stricken by a great curiosity, and began to fly behind. She didn’t know what she would do if she were to catch up with them, or what she accepted would happen out of following she just had the urge to follow. She followed the two by air until eventually they began to slow down in the more dry part of the wasteland; she quickly dropped to the floor in response. They seemed to be looking at something…

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Date: Wednesday January 1st, 2398
Time: 1:20 PM

"More of your games, huh?" A well dressed man, with jet black hair said. He was standing, an observer of another well dressed man, holding a much more ordinary looking fellow in a headlock. "First you're wearing a wire, and now you've got backup. What part of 'come alone', and 'no funny stuff' didn't you understand?" The darked hair man shouted, annoyed at the headlocked man. He proceeded to produce a revolver from his blazer pocket. "I tried to give you chances. But you let me down. Letting Eddie down is a big mistake."
"I don't know them. I swear." The headlocked man said, terrified.
"Oh, they just wandered out here, in the middle of nowhere on their own? I'm not buying it. Pretty lousy backup if you ask me. What are they going to do to help you?" Eddie said, turning to face Bento and her grandfather. "But broken rules are broken rules."

Not far behind, Zanda's curiosity had been captured by the sight of Bento and her grandfather in flight. Now that they had landed, Zanda observed the confrontation from the air, before deciding what to do.