Full blooded saiyan, daughter of Raditz

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a character in “Dragonball: Saiyan Might”, as played by Displacer


Name: Displacer
Character Name: Klene
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Tail color: Brown
Highest Transformation: Super Saiyan



Alignment: Neutral

Likes: Fighting, training, and sleeping in.

Dislikes: Losing fights, bulky clothing, and being called cutie.


Saiyan Armour, which can reflect bullets and blades to some extent. Minor protection from physical and energy attacks.(Similar in design to Bardock's)

Green lens scouter


Blaster Shell- Klene fires a massive, high powered, ball of green energy at her foe, hitting with devastating power.

ki barrier- Klene focuses her energy, creating a circular field around her, shielding her from incoming energy attacks. Unfortunately this technique can only block energy attacks.


Klene is a saiyan warrior and the offspring of Raditz and Onin. Her father died on Earth, fighting her uncle "Kakarot", leaving her mother to raise her alone. Born with a power level of 6,000 Klene took to fighting like a fish takes to swimming and quickly became "Mommy's little planet destroyer". She first ascended to super saiyan at age 14.

Klene recently took Serett under her wing, after the girl was orphaned by the destruction of her home planet.

Currently she has a low power level, for a super saiyan, of 100,782.

So begins...

Klene's Story