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Red Ribbon Army android

0 · 275 views · located in DBZ-Verse

a character in “Dragonball Transcendence”, as played by forgotten



BP: 1500
Rating Points: 0

I. – General
Name: 66
Age: 2 (19 visibly)
Race: Android
Planet/Location:  RR Base Earth
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Marital Status: Single

II. – Physical Attributes
Height: 5'5
Weight: 123lbs
Hair Color: Charcoal
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Tan
Physical Build: Lean


Beginning Abilities 

Fly: The ability to fly using the manipulation of Ki.
Ki Blast: The generic ball of Ki that is manifested from the essence of energy within the physical body.
Charged Beam: A charged beam of Ki.

Tier 1 Attacks: i. 
---o Tier 1: Energy Absorption: Some androids have the ability to absorb energy with their hands, be it a Ki Blast or Ki directly from the person’s body. Only Tier 1 attacks may be absorbed; whatever damage it was meant to do, take that damage and restore half of that to your BP. Using it to draw Ki from someone's body (Touch them to do it) takes 8% BP from the opponent and restores 3% of your BP. Can only be used in both scenerio's once.

ii. ---o Tier 1: Eye Beams: Ki-beams launched from the eyes.

iii. ---o Tier 1: Energy Blitz: Energy stored from the Energy Absorption can be released in a powerful, yet compact blast of Ki. Only becomes available when absorbing one attack; Energy Blitz is not limited to its uses like Absorption. (Does 14% damage; takes away 7% BP)

Special Ability: The Androids do not have to prep for some attacks. Since they lack Ki of their own, their power rises while they're fighting. So any one of their turns count as a prep turn, which allows them to fire a Tier 1 Ki attack automatically on the next turn. Tier 2 attacks delve into the limits of the androids, allowing them to power up for Tier 2 - Tier X attacks.

A.I. - Battle Info
Androids, on DBT, have a unique way of 'transforming', which is by the data that their Artificial Intelligence picks up during their fighting. Literally, they gain 'transformations' like everyone else (getting a certain power level). But when they gain the power level, they must go to the lab/place they were created and instantly compress the fighting data they picked up from their enemies, which teaches them how to react better; improves their internal mechanics; that sort of thing.

o A.I. Upgrade 1: An android's first upgrade, in which their A.I. fortifies every bit of their being with th analyzed data they received while watching other fighters. 120,000 BP Needed (BP x 5)
o A.I. Upgrade 2: Further examination and battle experience will boost ther skills even further. 350,000 BP Needed (BP x 10)
o A.I. Upgrade 3: By now, amost every race has been seen and nearly every art of fighting watched closely, which will increase their skills once again. 600,000 BP Needed (BP x 15)
o Perfect Upgrade: When all three A.I. upgrades have been gained, that data is, overtime, all applied perfectly to the Android's form. They learn to apply everything they've learned to mold them into the perfect fighting machines. 1,000,000 BP Needed (An automatically gained Transformation). (BP x 20)

Disadvantages: Androids cannot use rejuvenation tanks, nor can they make use of sensu beans.


Red Ribbon Starter Pack

--Red Ribbon Fiber Armor
4000 Zenny
Repair: 125 Zenny
Limit 1

A capsule corps break-through in defense, design stolen by Red Ribbon. Stronger than their vests. (decreases damage taken by 2%)

-- Weapon Capsule
2,000 Zenny
Limit 1

Once buying basic weapon parts (The Weapon Capsule), you choose what kind of weapon you want to wield; that’s the weapon that’ll be given to you. Keep it simple: Sword, Lance, Pole, Axe, and all subcategories of said weapons

So begins...

66's Story