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The selfish ambitions and destructive intents of one man, immortalized.

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a character in “Dragonball Transcendence”, as played by Exodyus


BP: 1500
Rating Points:

I. – General
Alias: R4-V3N
Age: 2 months
Race: Cellular Android
Planet/Location: Undisclosed
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Marital Status: N/A

II. – Physical Attributes
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 245 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Tone: Caramel
Physical Build: Behemoth

Zenny: 0



Fly: The ability to fly using the manipulation of Ki.
Ki Blast: The generic ball of Ki that is manifested from the essence of energy within the physical body.
Charged Beam: A charged beam of Ki.

o Starting Abilities:

  1. Tier 1: Energy Absorption: Some androids have the ability to absorb energy with their hands, be it a Ki Blast or Ki directly from the person’s body. Only Tier 1 attacks may be absorbed; whatever damage it was meant to do, take that damage and restore half of that to your BP. Using it to draw Ki from someone's body (Touch them to do it) takes 8% BP from the opponent and restores 3% of your BP. Can only be used in both scenerio's once.
  2. Tier 1: Eye Beams: Ki-beams launched from the eyes.
  3. Tier 1: Energy Blitz: Energy stored from the Energy Absorption can be released in a powerful, yet compact blast of Ki. Only becomes available when absorbing one attack; Energy Blitz is not limited to its uses like Absorption. (Does 14% damage; takes away 7% BP)

Special Ability: The Androids do not have to prep for some attacks. Since they lack Ki of their own, their power rises while they're fighting. So any one of their turns count as a prep turn, which allows them to fire a Tier 1 Ki attack automatically on the next turn. Tier 2 attacks delve into the limits of the androids, allowing them to power up for Tier 2 - Tier X attacks.

A.I. - Battle Info
Androids, on DBT, have a unique way of 'transforming', which is by the data that their Artificial Intelligence picks up during their fighting. Literally, they gain 'transformations' like everyone else (getting a certain power level). But when they gain the power level, they must go to the lab/place they were created and instantly compress the fighting data they picked up from their enemies, which teaches them how to react better; improves their internal mechanics; that sort of thing.

  • A.I. Upgrade 1: An android's first upgrade, in which their A.I. fortifies every bit of their being with th analyzed data they received while watching other fighters. 120,000 BP Needed (BP x 5)
  • A.I. Upgrade 2: Further examination and battle experience will boost ther skills even further. 350,000 BP Needed (BP x 10)
  • A.I. Upgrade 3: By now, amost every race has been seen and nearly every art of fighting watched closely, which will increase their skills once again. 600,000 BP Needed (BP x 15)
  • Perfect Upgrade: When all three A.I. upgrades have been gained, that data is, overtime, all applied perfectly to the Android's form. They learn to apply everything they've learned to mold them into the perfect fighting machines. 1,000,000 BP Needed (An automatically gained Transformation). (BP x 20)

Disadvantages: Androids cannot use rejuvenation tanks, nor can they make use of sensu beans.


Only clothing:
Black gi.



Recently created and now being put to the test to see exactly how his master's work, blood, sweat, and tears have paid off.

So begins...

R4-V3N's Story


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Character Portrait: R4-V3N
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Exodyus
Undisclosed Location - One month ago.

"Ha! You are finished! I can't believe how long it took me to gather all of that DNA and those videos, but I have and you look marvelous! The fighters that I have found in these videos are from tournaments all across the galaxy and each of them has been programmed into your brain to give you the fighting advantage."

The room was a lot less of a secret layer and more of a massive laboratory in which several birthing tanks lined the walls, cutting and manufacturing tables were about, arc and torch welding for specific jobs, and several computer nerds huddled around a large desk completely covered with electronics. Microchips, motherboards, circuit boards of all types and varieties and the static zapping of soldering irons going to work while the mad scientist rambled on and on, pacing to and fro on the far side of the lab.


Throwing back a set of beautiful white-blond locks, the man gave a roguish smirk to his creation with tearing eyes. He pressed his fingers to the glass tube, wantonly staring at the nude figure before him like an obsessed stalker eyeing his prey. He kissed the glass with a chuckle, which eerily rolled from his lips and he spun around and marched over to the table full of nerds, huffing softly and watching them with with a rather annoying presence of sighs and leans and gasps.

"Are you fools finished loading the information up into him? I want to let him out and see my child move and walk and be!"

One of them looked up and a humming, buzzing noise escaped a vocal restraint and the scientist sighed irritatingly, shaking his head. "I don't CARE if you're working as fast and as accurately as possible. You had all fucking day! Finish the JOB!" He slammed his hands onto the table. Sadly, none of his droids flinched. They were all perfectly designed for specific positions, reasons, and tasks. The good doctor made them all, one by one, and each was set with a flawless task. They sucked and were stupid at plenty of things, but one thing -- they excelled even he at. That task, they used on the next droid, and the next, until he had a small working shop. Ten years later, his research for the Planet Trade Organization had finally taken noticed effect and a series of work drones were put out for the Organization. They were nothing to the doctor, measly worthless projects, but the advancements to the Organization put him and funding on the map.

His jacket swished as he turned to face the tank again, walking back up to it and crossing his arms over his chest, staring into the bubbling liquid. Moments passed like this and it seemed like he'd been out to lunch, or off in la-la land, but within five minutes, he chuckled and seemed to revive. One of the androids blipped a thanks to the doctor who nodded. He was wireless connected to the mainframe of this place, and saw fit to help them out to get things finished. Suddenly the tank gurgled and began to drain. The cords, like serpents, hissed and unattached themselves from the man's head, neck, and arms as the water level lowered.

Within a minute's time, the case cracked open with a hydraulic hum and there it was, for all to bear, the newest android creation. He was a leviathan of a man. Muscles packed onto his muscles. Skin wrapped like polyester over sinew and thick tendons. Built for not just show, but go -- the beast took a single step toward his maker and loomed over the man by easily a head and some change. Soulless eyes turned downward and narrowed, reading the man's face and levels immediately.

"I am L3s Dextrin, Ph.D. I am your creator, your master, your owner, and your father. Your code is R4-V3N, but Raven will do nicely. How are your perception sensors working?"

The figure turned to survey the room carefully, taking in all of his surroundings and then nodded silently. He'd picked up the power levels, or what little puny examples of levels were sitting at the table and even the bosses fighting power was puny, at best. He could feel the Artificial Intelligence repeating things inside of his head that didn't make very much sense in the current tense, against what his mind was saying to him. Conflicting interest brought up a frown.

"What is it, Raven?"

"A programming flaw. I have been encoded with living DNA from various creatures or beings, and yet my processor is also talking to me, causing for a dual-voice lay-over that is somewhat robotic and irritating."

The doctor stared in astonishment and clasped his hands to the nude man's arms and laughed. "My son, you ARE a robot!"

"Understood, father. But you must understand, that when you bred me from life, I have life. I am life. The robot within me wishes to know Directive."

"You're more beautiful than I ever could have hoped for! You exercise and utilize common sense. You understand your creation, except it, but still communicate well with your other half. This is truly interesting and amazing. As for your directive ...
The Planet Trade Organization has funded you, the first of your type, to be tested out for City Clearing for profit, but Planet Clearing in the long run. Destruction, my boy."