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One act of passion can save the world... One foretold love deserves a chance... One kiss can change the course of destiny... One kiss can change the course of destiny...

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In the world of Earth there are humans and there are shifting dragon/humans though unknown to exist by the humans a battle is going on to protect them. The humans would not know that the dragons exist ofcorse. They would just think such a thing is impossible. The dragons are at war with there own kind. The bad guys are called the slayers and the good guys are the Pyr. The war broke out because the Pyr believe that there job is to protect the humans because they are apart of nature. But the Slayers believe that there job is to kill humans because there slowly but surely killing the land. So the battle wages on and the Pyr are badly outnumbered and loosing more of there own. There fates seem all but bleak until one of the prophesied 7 dragons of virtue finds his firestorm((basically he finds his Destined mate itz basically imprinting lol)) The 7 Dragons Of Virtue are known through out Dragon History as the savior of the Pyr. When they find there fire storm the battle will turn to there favor and the Slayers will all but disappear from the land which only anger the Slayers and thus will try to stop this action by any means necessary. Soon the other 6 will find there firestorms which bring new hope to the others. Maybe a new era was possible. Maybe this war could end and pyr and humans can live side by side in peace with there brothern.[/b]



the firestorm picks you you dont picks the female when you touch or see your destined mate it is sparked and when your firestorm is sparked it does not go away. And when you touch her your mate's skin and whatever part of your body you touched her with will spark. Like electricity oh and the firestorm will basically make your body temp. will rise.


Charrs needed:-

3 Pyr or good human male dragon shapeshifter left:-

The Pyr or good human male dragon shapeshifter's taken:-

Itachi Kazahana played by DarknessUndying(Sara's mate)
Pyr name unknown played by: Saikua
Tokuno Koki played by Shadetree76

4:- human female mates left

The human female's that are taken:-

Sarate Keegan played By: Nightmaric_Angel
Ai Luna Hitomi played by: ZaBanpaiaNeko
Arianna Reese played by ArcticFox

6:- Slayers male dragon shape dragons left:-

The Slayers that are taken:-

Riddick played by tornadofan2


Only way to kill a dragon shifter:- Chop it's limbs off and breathe onto it.


Only way to save protect your mate without her knowledge:- Weave your smoke around her house place of work. It is a time consuming process and No dragon can pass through the smoke without great harm being caused upon them and no human can see the smoke.


Character Sheet:-

right[color=#YOUR HEX CODE size=200(add in []'s )FULL NAME HERE[/color [/size [/right

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE [b Race[/b [/color
[size=100]Put your race here. ( Human,Dragon Shifter-[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE [b Age [/b][/color
[size=100]Put the age of your character(20's)[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE [b Height[/b [/color
[size=100]Put your characters height here.[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE [b Unique Ability[/b [/color]
[size=100]Put unique ability here. (Thought projections, healing, elements)[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE [b Gender[/b [/color
[size=100]Put your gender here. Males are Dragons Females are humans[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE[b]Bio/History[/b [/color]
[size=100]Put your characters bio and/or history here.[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE[b =Personality[/b [/color

[size=100]Put your characters personality here.[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE[b Type [/b[/color
[size=100]Put your charrs type here(optional)[/size

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE [b Mate [/b[/color
[size=100] Put who your charr is to be with [/size


Toggle Rules


((NO you dont have to know the books to be in this rp))

1.) Be Respectful. Don't be that guy who criticizes everything. No one likes that guy.

2.) T1 fighting style!/ No god modding! T1 it is the Fairest Role play fighting Style ever made. You Say your attacks. You write if taken. then you put what will happen if they hit. Your only aloud to dodge / black three attacks in one turn. but if the whole attack relies on the first hitting then the whole thing is avoided. and if you dodge their attack your dodge is alloud to included a non fatel counter attack that instant hits.
For Example:

Akira roars out in anger. rushing forth at Zeus and swinging a powerful left hook at him {If Taken} Zeus would be struck to the ground with great power. As Zeus is on the ground Akira charges up a a hand full of lightning and fires a massive bolt toward Zeus {If Taken} Zeus is filled with 100 volts of pure lightning to the heart. forcing the lightning god to pass out.

Zeus dodges the original punch. Grabbing Akira's fist and with his free hand sensing a 1000 volt lightning bolt into Akira's Stomach sending him flying into the wall behind him.

3.) Your posts cant be more then 3 paragraphs long. I'm going to be completely honest. No1 reads your post if it is long. We skim it and try to get the gest of it and many times we miss alot of stuff but it us how it goes. ( is acceptable to break to a extent if you have more then 2 charrs)

3.) YOU CANNOT JUST PICK ONE PERSON TO TALK TOO! Thats not a role play that is just annoying. If you join my group you will talk to everyone.

8.) If you want to talk to someone outside the group put parenthesis. aka "()" I cant really always go to the OCC so if something is important jus put () and whats up.

4.) Have fun with it. Use your imagination to the fullest and just go all out.

5.)If no one wants to be bad dragons then we all will take turns being him.

6.) Post DINOSAUR in the OCC so I know you read the rules. :)



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Character Portrait: Sara Weaver
0 sightings Sara Weaver played by Nightmaric_Angel
You give me numbers and equations and I can solve them. You give me love and emotions and I'm lost...
Character Portrait: Tokuno Koki
0 sightings Tokuno Koki played by Shadetree76
"We have to learn sometime."

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Character Portrait: Arianna Reese
Character Portrait: Itachi Kazahana


Character Portrait: Itachi Kazahana
Itachi Kazahana

"Get out of my way, Child. I have no time for games."

Character Portrait: Arianna Reese
Arianna Reese

Where am I going you ask? Well I don't know, wherever the wind takes me I guess. It's a big world out there and I want to see everything that I can before I go.


Character Portrait: Arianna Reese
Arianna Reese

Where am I going you ask? Well I don't know, wherever the wind takes me I guess. It's a big world out there and I want to see everything that I can before I go.

Character Portrait: Itachi Kazahana
Itachi Kazahana

"Get out of my way, Child. I have no time for games."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Arianna Reese
Arianna Reese

Where am I going you ask? Well I don't know, wherever the wind takes me I guess. It's a big world out there and I want to see everything that I can before I go.

Character Portrait: Itachi Kazahana
Itachi Kazahana

"Get out of my way, Child. I have no time for games."

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Re: DragonFire

When will we start this?

Re: [OOC] DragonFire


Excuse me for not having posted it right away. I'm sorry.

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Lol I will Sakiua and I am a dinosaur I live in Pangea. ^^ lmao

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Mhh DINOSAUR. i'd say Yay!

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

can you reserve a pyr for me?

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Try to get the word out for this group k?
We still need for sure:
4 more girls
6 more pyr
and if we cant get the Slayers we will just take turns being them.

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Okay I want you all to know something that I forgot to make a point of saying. Basically the firestorm picks you you dont pick the female you see her and your firestorm is sparked. And when you touch her your mate's skin and whatever part of your body you touched her with will spark. Like electricity oh and the firestorm will basically make your body temp. will rise.

For example: You hold her hand little sparks will fly off your hand .

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Hurr. I like Dinosaurs.

Okay, back to making a character.

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

I know who Van Diesel is lol he is a amzing actor and I love all his movies. He is one of my top favs tbh

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

tornadofan2 wrote:
Vin Diesel


Who's gonna save you when you are in a situation impossible to get out to?
-Vin Diesel||Richards B. Riddick||Riddick

Who's gonna watch your children and make sure they are save?
-Vin Diesel

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Thanks! I used the picture of Riddick (My very first Hero and inspiration) for the man and the dragon.. Well, it was just scarry and scarry fits me quite well.

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Itz cool
and Tornado I like it. It is clever well though through and the dragon is scarier then a mother lol. ^^ Good Job!

Re: [OOC] DragonFire

Dinosaur, sorry if I spelled it bad xD Making bad dragon now!

[OOC] DragonFire

Hope you enjoy Dragon fire! ^^ If you have any questions don't be afraid to message me! Thanks you!

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