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Itachi Kazahana

"Get out of my way, Child. I have no time for games."

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a character in “DragonFire”, as played by DarknessUndying


Itachi Kazahana

Dragon Shifter

Twenty Nine Years of Age


Unique Ability
He can summon his Dragon and a Fire Demon to fight for him. Sadly, the demon endangers his very life and if it is killed, so is he.


Itachi was a normal child, an was brought up to be a Shinobi like everyone else. He was different, however. HE HOUSED A DRAGON. And as such, was exiled for it. He has spent years defending cities and countries against other Dragons, but he was ready to give up.

Then he met Riddick, and his fuel to keep fighting was rejuvinated. Now Itachi has one goal, to destroy Riddick at all costs.

He is quiet, dark and suprisingly Evil for a good guy. He knows what is good and what is wrong, but he chooses not to act if it leads to pointless death. He is calm and collected, and understands most situations better than others. He is completely Neutral, but will fight for justice if required.

Itachi likes the calm girls, the ones who are level headed. He used to know one, Konan, but he hasn't seen her in years.

Sara Weaver


So begins...

Itachi Kazahana's Story