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a character in “Dragonfly: The Hunters”, as played by Finneline


⌈Ilua "Panther" Hunter • 18 years old • MaleMedic • FC: Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke⌋



"Aren't you able to see for yourself? Sigh. I have blue eyes and black hair, as you probably might be able to see. I won't tell you all my measures, only that I reached 6 feet the last physical examination. That's all you need to know... and have to know. Are you some kind of a pervert?,"

6'1 ft
148 lbs
Raven black hair
Sky blue eyes
Dragonfly tattoo

His whole appearance might scare people away, having his expression to be not the nicest one around. Only showing a slightly grumpy face, his surroundings feel an intimidating presence which was uncomfortable -- as if pressure itself lingers in the air, attacking anyone who tries to gaze into his eyes. Aside of his facial expression, his height plays a big role for this first impression. To be that well-built and tall for someone in his young age is definitely uncommon and of course, it doesn't only bring admires. Most of the people have to look above for meeting Ilua's eyes and it wasn't unusual that his tall and muscular self influenced their opinion about him so much, that his face is found frightening. Rarely is it noticeable that his sturdy build is not so extreme as it firstly may look like. Actually, he is fairly slim for someone with a well trained body. Yet, only few people are aware of it -- probably has also do to with his rather dark skin complexion. That's everything for the ignorant observer, who has no guts in whatsoever. To grasp Ilua's person, you need more than slightly look at him.

His face is actually very sculptured and firm in a quite attractive way. There is a fresh after taste to it, even though his facial expressions make him look fairly older than eighteen. He owns black natural short hair which is quite the crew cut, having him to not care about his appearance at all. Well -- yeah, it's bed hair, even though it looks exceptionally unique in it's own way. However, because of his regular training sessions, he often showers and automatically wash his hair with it, making it silky and soft to touch. His rather indifferent heavy-lidded eyes emphasized the beauty within is slanted eyes, caused an enigma formed deeply inside. Nonetheless, the exceptional mystery which is caused by his eyes is destroyed by his sharp tongue, letting his charm be unseen.


Image "My powers? They are useless. I am not able to protect, only playing the guy on the back who heals. Freaking pathetic ability -- and annoying,"

He is the medic in the team, so yeah, he owns healing powers which can only heal others, not himself. He can heal in two ways:

  • Through physical touch
    Ilua simply hates this ability. Why? Because it's no ordinary 'physical touch'; in his case, he can only heal someone through a kiss which has to maintain through the healing process. Even though he can kiss wherever he wants, it's still embarassing for him and hell, if he has to heal a guy, what would it like for the party who doesn't understood what he is doing? And then again, if it's a girl, wouldn't that make her uncomfortable? That's why he rarely uses this power.
  • Through wound transferal
    He often uses this power to heal people, the weakness of it though is, that he has to suffer from the wound in place of someone. It's quite a burden, but he still prefers to use wound transferal then to freaking kiss people. Wound transferal can be used when he touches the wound which is why he can't get rid of poison likewise. Poison can only get rid by his 'physical touch' -- on the lips of the sufferer. Therefore, he thouroughly studied chemistry.

Hard training from the day he turned eleven was not something you can take lightly. Although he might lose to those, who are naturaly gifted by abilities which help them in a combat, but with his trained agility and strength, and his observation skills, he is able to fight even without a special power.


⌈Sarcastic • Distant • Dishonest • Secretive • Moody • Selfish⌋

Ilua is simply uncomfortable within the presence of others. Whether it is because he hates to mingle or is just too lazy to be social enough -- no one really knows, in fact, no one really wants to know even do not care. Many are even scared of him, always looked at him with wary eyes as if he was someone to be feared. It was not his fault right, to be this big? It was not his mistake either, that his skin is different than most of the people. So why is he being judged by something he doesn't have any influence on? That's why he is distant towards people and fairly sarcastic to mock at somebody. As if trying to tell people that they should hate him because of his attitude, not his outer appearance. That's why he is being dishonest; for keeping his urge to have a normal conversation for himself. He is scared not being accepted as he is, probably being made fun of then. Being secretive is the consequence from that fear, and his change of mood is the bitter after taste. Then again, there is only one thing he is being honest about; it's his volition to recklessly join the fight, without caring that his position as the medic is needed behind. He wants to fight along. And he will stubbornly do it without regard of anyones opinion, even his team members.

⌈Direct • Empathic • Sharp • Stubborn • (secretly) Caring⌋

Coming to his positive traits, he is actually quite caring and has an incredible empathy towards people he understood. And he understood quite a bunch of other people. Ilua lives quite seperate from the big community, and so a secret hobby to fight his boredom is created: Observing people. It develops a quite sharp mind of his, having him to understand most of the character traits of a person. He starts to help people -- in secret. Even though he is quite direct about things which had to be said, he is men enough to shut his mouth when it's needed to be shut. Well, though that doesn't count in people who is being disliked by him by a specific reason. You might say he is kind -- he is just unable to be nice openly to people. What the hell, you ask? Well, being Ilua is quite contradictory, I suppose.

"My sexual preference? I am not fond of guys, if that's it," Straight

☒ His 'useless' ability
☒ To get people frightened
☒ Lousy teamwork
☒ Persistence
☒ Waiting
☒ Discrimination due skin
☒ Hot Milk
☑ Silence
☑ Training (Sports)
☑ Acceptance/ Tolerance
☑ Darkness (To calm)
☑ All kinds of books (Studying)
☑ The colour blue
☑ Cold Milk

"No one is perfect, so I do have things that I fear. Hmpf, you irritate me, get lost will ya?," To act embarassing and nice -- not being accepted as he is. Well, seeing it like that, he is quite the timid guy, eh?

"Since I can remember, I was in the Camp and then I went out, working. End of story. Do you really think there would be any interesting events happening? That's ridiculously unreasonable," He doesn't know who his parents are. He even stuck with the believe of owning the name he has now. Another thing is, that he isn't able to remember, how his powers were used continuously. Like as he was the medicine for many and how much he had to take injuries from people, which are neither his family nor his friends. He was used as a container for everyones wounds -- he was a mere tool. However, that didn't last long. The organization found him, as he laid in one of the hospital they had their hands on. Ilua was a rare case, because he was with that act rescued, rescued from his parents who only saw him as a profit bringer.

Or is it?

Afterwards, the organization took him in, cared for him removed his wounds and finally started to train him. That's why the Camp was everything he knew. Everything, he can remember even until now. His first years on earth are already forgotten, whether is it because of the shock or purposely done by the organization, no one really knows the details. Fact is, that he didn't really knew home except that what's in the camp.
From the very start, people didn't really accepted it. A rare case was it, that a black skinned human is found to be special, found, to have the power, the ability of the 'chosen'. Was it a disgrace to have him in their circles? Perhaps. Even though Ilua didn't do anything wrong. He onl lived. And that's it. He knew though, how it is to have friends. In the other hand, he also knew how it hurts to be betrayed by someone he trusts. Nonetheless, he stayed to be his straight forward and stubborn self, still feeling empathy, still having the urge to be accepted. It's probably weird to see someone who is being treated like a despicable living thing to be still that 'honest'. Well, that can be reasoned by another part of his surroundings. People, who gave him their trust. Although they died early, very early, in a mission out of Ilua's hands. He felt strenghtless having to hear the announcement of his only friends to be gone. Gone, without him helping their survival. Without him moving an inch. There was a specific period where hs stopped coming to the medical class, only because he wanted to be in the front, protecting them in the back. And not some medic whose duty is only to heal those, who already have fallen -- or are injured. Short: He wanted to fight with them in the front line and letting everyone not to be injured from the start. That was his resolve -- however, he could not go through with it. He was punished -- mentally and physically. Forced to use his powers -- and suffered great injuries. Those were the longest days he'd ever experienced up until now. In the end, he gave in. But not thouroughly accepted his fate. From that day on, he carried a training plan harder as from those who owned the ability to fight head on. Stubbornly not accepting his role was only to heal, he trained his body, more and more, so that he finally reached the body shape of one could ever dream of in his age. Even though he is not experienced in combat, even though he didn't own any ability to cover his aggressive fighting style -- he still stood in front, everytime a fight was necessary. Why did the organization let him? Well, it was not fully useless and reckless, what he did. Plus, he had quick access to those, who were injured. So why not letting him do his craps? Not like there isn't any substitute for that idiot. And with that, he continued on his resolve. Even until he was finally given to a proper team, with a proper mission. Well, because he is not really able to explain himself, no one really understood his behaviours and attitude. Albeit he isn't really popular within the group. Though... he is surprisingly desired in the highschool he is in. Whether it's something positive or negative... only time might tell.

So begins...

Ilua's Story