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Kaitlyn Heart - Valeria Hunter

Technician of household Hunter

0 · 211 views · located in Robertsford

a character in “Dragonfly: The Hunters”, as played by blackwolt




Full Name:
Kaitlyn Heart

Valeria Hunter




Face Claim:
Original Works


Negative Traits:Image
The most occurring negative trait Kaitlyn has is her laziness. She is a complete sloth, which is easy to be seen wherever she goes. It is easy to see that she’s been in a room because she leaves everything in a mess. Her room, in particular, is full of an extreme variety of hardware. If you can see the floor at some point, something is wrong… Very wrong.

If anyone in the household is missing something, it is probably in Kaitlyn’s room somewhere. Whenever she sees something new and interesting, she has to have it, take it apart and see how it was made. Sometimes she might end up modding the thing she found, for better or worse; but that is only the most interesting things she find. Mostly she just takes it apart without reassembling it again.

If she can, she will skip school and sleep until afternoon and just play with her cat and electronics while listening to loud music until the middle of the night.

Positive Traits:
Kaitlyn is mostly a cheerful person that can make most personalities happy around her. She is always ready to give a hand with whatever a person is in need of, even though she might end up making things a lot worse than what they started to be like. She is very skilled in understanding, creating and repairing different electronics. Cleaning, doing the laundry and making food on the other hand…

She is able to keep her cat alive; which is a big thing considered her incredible laziness. It might be by the help of the other people in the household, that it even stands a chance with her as its guardian though. Did I mention that she named him Felinegore? (It’s a very sweet cat)

Sexual Preference:

Loud music and playing with electronics is what Kaitlyn uses most of her time on. Whenever she isn’t doing that she is probably lying on the couch with her cat. Of course, we should not forget her questionable relationship to knives. She never uses the knives she buys/collects. She just has them around in her room; making the room even more deadly to walk into. You never know what’s underneath that thin circuit board on the floor.

Kaitlyn doesn’t like it when people tell her to do any of the housekeeping stuff. When people are being mean to little Felinegore. When people tell her to turn down the music. All-in-all people telling her what to do. She hates the smell of coffee and cigarettes. She dislikes teachers and other people that think they are smarter or more intelligent than she is, even if they are.

Kaitlyn fears a sudden collapse of electronics. That little Felinegore disappears or dies. She is afraid of being locked into a room all by herself. She is afraid of nature and most green things out there.

Personality Description:
Kaitlyn is mostly known as a nice girl, often seen with a cheerful or even playful smile. She never seem to want to harm others beyond a friendly notch, at least not in general. Most people call her weird because of her lazy way of living; on the other hand, she thinks that most other people’s way of life is weird. To her, life is an opportunity to do what you want so why waste energy on the things that you don’t want to? If you don’t feel like doing something, then don’t. She seems to be good at studying but only the subjects she has an interest in, everything else she wouldn’t even try to understand unless her life was at stake.

Kaitlyn is down-to-business and straightforward. She'll tell you what she thinks of you without batting her eyelashes. This has created some rather complicated scenarios, but Kaitlyn has a way of getting out of trouble or make others take the fall instead of her. Seriousness is not a thing Kaitlyn is known for however. She loves to play around with people she get along with, she loves pushing others buttons and see their reaction. Be it through provocation or seduction, but if people start getting hurt she stops.

There have been questionable times where she seems like a very different person though. Only few people in the household have seen this, but mostly kept it to themselves. When everything comes to an end, everyone has their flaws.

Powers and Abilities

Power Description:Image
Kaitlyn is able to emit and control electricity. There is a three feet range limit to this power, however she has been able to extend this limit if she emits her full potential in one single blow. This results in the effect of a small electromagnetic pulse with a radius of around one hundred feet. One thing to note however is that the further away she is from the electricity, she tries to manipulate, be it her own or not, the less effective is her power.

Notable Skills/Abilities:
She is a very skillful in the field of electronic engineering, to the extent that people call her a genius. It has also been noted that she has been extraordinary successful in torturing.

Power Weakness:
At first when she starts using her power, she will get exhausted the more she uses it. If she exceeds the exhaustion face parts of her body can start spasm, because of cramps, and she might start bleeding from nose, ears, mouth or even eyes. If she exceeds even further she will end up collapsing and sleep for up to a week.

Kaitlyn’s power is indeed able to take life if she is in touch with her opponent. When that is said she is a weak person and is easily defeated in melee combat.


Hair Color:Image
Truly blond but she colors it white with blue tint.

Eye Color:
Brown with a reddish tint. Giving some very warm eyes.

She has the tattoo like the rest of her family does. In addition to this she has the same number of piercings in her right ear as there is numbers in the octadecimal system; eight. In her left ear she has the same number of piercings as there is numbers in the binary system; two.

125 lbs


Brief Appearance Description:
Kaitlyn is one of those girls that easily can get a man’s attention. Her curves are just right, which have made many girls jealous of her; and why wouldn’t they be? She is a lazy-ass that doesn’t do anything to achieve a nice body. The only thing she thinks about is her hair. She has natural light blond hair but bleach it every so often. To be sure not to damage her hair she uses all kinds of natural oil and special shampoo; which also gives the effect of lively silky hair.

In Kaitlyn’s dresser, you would be able to find a variety of clothes. All from the tomboyish style to elegant dresses. There is many reasons for this, but there are two more common than other. First the fact that she needs clothes to work in, both when send to the field but also when doing things like solder. Second is the fact that she often is being used as the face of household Hunter, despite not having any control what so ever over the house. But like in any other field her laziness decides what to wear; at least when she isn’t being commanded.

Biographic History

While Kaitlyn was in the stomach of her mother, odd things were occurring from time to time around them. It was small things like the television suddenly turning on or something like static noise in the radio, nothing major that seemed like something unnatural. Weird things did happen however, and especially whenever they were at the hospital.

Kaitlyn was born in Sweden by Scandinavian parents. Her mother died of a heart attack while delivering her to the world. The death came very sudden and the doctors wasn’t able to rescue her. This was just one more of these special events happening around the proud family. Her mother was a healthy woman who kept a very strict and healthy lifestyle, no cigarettes, no drinking and a lot of exercise. Her father, a famous businessman, was of course devastated for a long time after the death of her mother.

Back in her home, Kaitlyn shared a good relationship with the staff in the estate. However, because her father was overly obsessed with his business and money, he had neglected his daughter. Because of her families wealth Kaitlyn was taught manners and etiquette. She would be the face of the family someday and she would take over as the CEO of Heart Corporation. Of course, this required a lot of her and she did not have a lot of free time because of all the things she needed to learn.

Despite being neglect by her father and seen more as a tool rather than a living being the only thing that Kaitlyn wanted was to be together with him. This often ended in him shouting at her because she got in his way. Of course Kaitlyn kept on trying to get her father’s attention and every time she learned something new she wanted to tell her father in order to make him proud and praise her. Her father got more and more frustrated because she kept on craving for attention. At the age of six her father was at his limits and hit her for disobeying. This result in an emotional outbreak just as the hand hit her chin. Kaitlyn’s father fell lifeless onto the floor. The Dragonfly organization heard of the events and soon after the last member of the Heart family vanished from the surface.

Kaitlyn found herself in a small room at a facility of the Dragonfly organization. Every day doctors or psychologists came to visit her in her little lonesome room and talk to her. Kaitlyn was of course scared and cried a lot, but soon after her world would change once again. One day a woman came into the room, different from the others this woman sat beside her pat her on the head and even hugged her. No one of the other people who visit her had gotten into physical contact with her. The woman explained to her that her father was gone but if she behaved like a good girl, she would get a new family. Of course when being locked up in a room, any child will do whatever they are told and so did Kaitlyn.

Let us just jump a little ahead in the story. Kaitlyn achieved a new family and with it a new name; Valeria. She learned about her power and started training. Years passed, she got friends and was taught different aspects of electro engineering. At the age of twelve, the organization started to teach her psychology in order for her to seduce other people. At the age of fifteen she was send to her new family and given the name Hunter. And so was the woman named Valeria Hunter born.

Kaitlyn have now lived in the household for four years. She is currently on her last year of high school as a part of a special talent class.


So begins...

Kaitlyn Heart - Valeria Hunter's Story