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"I'm not antisocial, I just don't like people."

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a character in “Dragonfly: The Hunters”, originally authored by Lyysa, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Vincent Charles Quinn

Alias: Vincent Hunter

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Role: Gunman/Distraction

Face Claim: Haine Rammsteiner - Dogs Bullets and Carnage

Negative Traits:Image
He really doesn’t like humans; he won't talk and sometimes he can't even stand to be in the same room as them. He doesn't trust them either, it's really hard to gain his trust - yeah such a team player! No not really. He's a loner, a big one. That’s why people think he's strange and antisocial.

Positive Traits:
There is none, no of course there is, they are just so hard to find. But he's no coward, he doesn't fear death or almost anything. Even if he somehow is scared he won't show it because of his big ego. He will always obey orders even if the thing they are asking for is a death sentence, because he is "loyal" to those he knows he can't oppose.

Sexual Preference:

He hates everything. No not really he loves his guns and the smell of gunpowder, other than that he doesn't like very much. But evenings are kind of nice and who doesn’t like to be alone? The colors black and red, candy, exercise, newspapers - especially when they write about disasters. It's really hard to describe what he likes because it's so much more that he hates.

Everything. Almost... Humans, talking, outdoors/indoors, books, technology, sunny weather, himself and sometimes even animals if he's in that kind of mood. Yeah the list goes on and on.

So what is this confident guy afraid of? The only times he has been afraid is when assignments has gone wrong and the people never returns from them. The thing he fears when that happens are the new people that are going to join the team, because you never know what kind of people are going to show up. Some people have even tried to talk with him, yuk how can they! No but he doesn't like changes and that's why he's always nervous when he finally starts to bond with the people on the team, because you never know if there is a tomorrow.

Personality Description:
This is a silent guy, he doesn't talk much or hang around people. There are only some special people he allows to socialize with him because he thinks highly of them. Maybe they don't behave like humans? Joking, if you have earned his trust he will let you in a bit in his life, you are never going to be best buddies but yeah some kind of friends maybe if he likes you. He can look a bit depressed, or sound like it, but no he's fine. Actually he's a very happy person when he feels comfortable. He has a big ego, sometimes he even think he's invincible so his arrogance have caused the organization some big problems in the past.

Biographic History:
Vincent was rather old when he joined the organization, actually he was seven years old. How you ask? Because his powers didn't show, it's not like they cut in the newly born baby and saw how it disappeared. Because sometimes the virus the organization plant in males doesn't work - they haven't figured out why yet. So when they watched Vincent they just thought he was one of them who didn't get any powers.

Because of his appearance he wasn’t that popular with the kids. He was bullied, the kids thought he was scary with his white hair and red eyes. They called him monster and he grew up thinking he was one. He didn't have any friends, he was weak and a big crybaby. He was just so different and no one could understand his feelings. The parents knew about his powers but they choose to ignore it, it was scary and how was they supposed to act? It was their child, but he didn't look like them and he was strange. Vincent always knew they also thought of him as a monster deep down.

When he was five he got proof of that, he got a little brother. And the parents loved him, Vincent? They forgot about him and he hated that little ugly thing. He was completely alone, that’s when his hate for humans started. Because he wasn’t human, the kids had always told him that and his family looked at him with the same gaze as the kids. And if he was a monster, why would he like humans that despised him? No he hated them, and that hate just grew and grew until he couldn't think of anything else.

But how did the organization find him? When he was seven, he was still bullied by the kids his age. Actually he didn't exist in his class, his classmates treated him like air. But one day some boys from his class just couldn't stand him anymore - or why they did it he doesn’t know. But like all the breaks Vincent was by his own, just kicking his football at the wall when those boys came up to him and started shouting. They called him things and just kept yelling, when he didn't respond one of them took the football and threw it out from the schoolyard. Vincent who had bought it on his own panicked and ran after to catch it. Guess what? Yeah the school had a big street beside it and just when Vincent had caught the ball in the middle of it a car came around the corner and it hit him really bad. Everyone thought he was going to die, an ambulance was there just a moment later but something was strange. He didn't look that bad like the crying person on the phone has described him. And when he arrived at the hospital he had only bruises. What’s going on?

That’s when the organization came to rescue, they told the hospital lies, they told so many lies. Actually, Vincent never saw his parents and little brother again. He never had a chance to say goodbye or even give them one last hug. The organization told the parents that Vincent had died in the accident, of course they cried but deep down it was a relief. Finally the family big secret was gone, they could live like normal people do again. And Vincent? Ha was raised within the organization and the fact that he woke up in a new strange world didn't make him like humans more. No he knew he still didn’t have a place where he belonged, this was not a family, and this was just strange. Even more strange than him. And he didn't like it.

Powers and Abilities Image
Power Description:
Vincent has a simple ability, yeah it really is (and somehow he thinks he's greater than others because of it), but to tell you the truth the only thing that makes him a part of this team is the fact that he heals a lot faster than normal humans. If he cuts himself it heals right after he got the wound - it only takes seconds, but the greater the wound is the more time it takes to disappear.

Notable Skills/Abilities:
He is fast and nimble mostly because of his role in the team, how else would he survive while trying to help others leave and enter the building unnoticed by distracting the security. He needs to run, a lot. But that doesn't really matter when he actually likes to run and exercise. (Want to know a secret? He's not that good at aiming actually, he just shoots like a maniac and hope it hits something).

Power Weakness:
Just because his wounds heal themself doesn't mean he can't die, if you just spray him with a whole load of bullets he will die eventually. One shot to the head isn’t enough he only loses consciousness while the body fix itself. You need to destroy the head and the chest completely, yeah it will not look pretty after.

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red

The only tattoo he has is the mandatory dragonfly tattoo and he doesn't have any scars because of his ability.

Weight: 70 kg

Height: 177 cm

Brief Appearance Description:
To be honest, Vincent is a albino, like most of you maybe guessed. He has white hair, pale skin and red eyes. Kind of tall and the body is somehow muscular but not so much that he brags about it. He doesn't have that arm strength that would fit the rest of the body (but that doesn't mean he's weak) and that's why he always wears long sleeved shirts. He loves jackets, and the big favorite is coats. All his clothes are black but somewhere in between all the black you can find some red and white shirts or other details. Most of the time he carries his two guns with him the first is a white Mauser C96 pistol connected to his belt by a long chain attached to the base of the grip. He often uses the chain for close range combat, choking or restraining opponents with it. And the other one is a black Luger P08 pistol, without a chain.

So begins...

Vincent's Story