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Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning


Since the end of the War of the Lance, there has been peace on Krynn, but new generations will always bring new troubles. And with them, new heroes to save the day.

2,051 readers have visited Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning since Everscale created it.

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The Bigger Picture

Years have passed since the legendary War of the Lance saw its end. Generations of humankind have seen peace in the lands of Krynn. The dragons have retreated to their lairs to wait in peace for the next move of the Gods – none have been seen in Ansalon for nearly two centuries. The Knights of Solamnia have settled their disputes and regained their honor in the eyes of men, the elves have opened their borders once again (within reason, of course), and the magi of the Conclave have withdrawn from the affairs of the world. Commerce and the exchange of culture thrives under the watchful eyes of the descendants of the Companions who left the Inn of the Last Home on their grand adventure so many decades before, but these good things can not last forever.

A dark power is stirring, just beyond the edges of Ansalon’s awareness. Everyone feels it, whether they realize it or not – a tingle at the back of the neck that warns them not to stay out alone at night, a fear at the back of their mind that they can not quite control. The feeling of eyes watching them from all directions. Always watching, but never quite appearing. A whisper from the gods. A warp in the magic. A growing, pulsating threat. Some feel it more deeply than others.

They are the chosen of the Gods.

Heroes of the Shadow, the prophecies call them. A band of mis-matched heroes from every corner of Ansalon, thrown together by the twisting and turning of fate to rise up against the dark forces which threaten the ever-delicate peace brought by the Companions who preceded them. Bonds of brotherhood shall form between the Heroes of the Shadow, and no matter what trials they face, it will be those bonds that see them through alive.

Or dead. So long as they complete their tasks, to the prophecies, it does not matter.

Through One Boy’s Eyes

(Note: This is my character’s history, and you do not have to read it if you do not wish to. It is meant as an example.)

Since he was barely four years old, Valence Arroway has known that there was something different about him. It was not until he was eight years old, and he burnt his own house to the ground by mistake, that he realized that difference was magic. He could make the impossible happen, purely by willing it. He could not control it, and could never tell exactly what would happen when he used it, but he had the power. He had to learn to use it.

At first, his parents did their best to suppress it. They could not shake the memory of the accident that destroyed their livelihoods, and could not help but blame their child for it. Their attempts to place guilt in his heart did not escape Valence, even if they were subtle and unintentional. Rather than sharing the blame they aimed at him, Valence took it as a signal that his family did not love him.

He felt little to no pain when his power – suppressed for too long – exploded and killed both his parents.

Suddenly an orphan, rather than finding himself in danger of starving to death, he found himself free. Free to be himself, to study magic and find out more about this innate talent of his. Desperate to learn as much as he possibly could, Valence journeyed alone to the nearest school of magic – a full ten miles away from the town where he had grown up – and sat down on their doorstep. He waited there for two days, refusing to leave, or even to eat the food they gave to him. He only wanted to study with them. If he could not do that, he would simply die.

Needless to say, the school had no choice but to take him on. They could not have his death on their record.

Valence was a hungry learner, and he did little in his years at the school of magic but study magic. The other students knew his name and his face, but nothing else about him. He had no need of friends – magic was his dearest companion. By the time he graduated from the school of magic, and was accepted by Lunitari, he already knew a great deal more than even the school’s most devoted students. Had he decided to, he could easily have overcome his own teacher.

His learning might have stopped there, with no master available to him, but Valence was not about to let his growth stop. He began to travel, fighting for money, lending his magic out where it would earn him gold. Hunting for new and powerful magics to add to his book of spells. Searching for ways to become more powerful. He was seventeen when he struck out on his own.

Now, soon to turn twenty-one, Valence’s awareness of the world has grown strong enough that he can feel the enemy stirring. Darkness is growing – around him and inside him – and Valence knows that his peaceful travels will soon come to an end.

Life on Krynn


There are four playable races from the Dragonlance books in this game.

1. Humans
2. Elves
3. Dwarves
4. Kender

Mixed-race characters are rare, and only two will be permitted in the party, until further notice.


There are five core classes in Dragonlance. Within each of those classes, there are various sub-categories which may be chosen by the player.

1. Barbarian
a. Barbarians are not strictly a class, but a certain sect of the human people. Thus, those who play barbarians must also choose a second class – barbarian cleric, barbarian mage, barbarian fighter.
2. Cleric
a. Cleric of Paladine – the God of Goodness and Justice.
b. Cleric of Mishakal – the Goddess of Healing.
c. Cleric of Takhisis – the Goddess of Darkness and Chaos.
3. Mage
a. Mage of Solinari – White-robed magi. (Good.)
b. Mage of Lunitari – Red-robed magi. (Neutral.)
c. Mage of Nuitari – Black-robed magic. (Evil.)
4. Rogue
a. Bards – musically-inclined and highly talented, they use bardic magics of enchantment to turn their songs into deadly weapons.
b. Acrobats – flexible and agile, their speed is their greatest asset in battle. It doesn’t hurt to be able to scale a wall in seconds, either.
c. Thieves – quick of finger and soft of foot, these trap-breaking, pocket-picking rogues are gone long before you realize what they have taken.
5. Fighter
a. Knights – men of Solamnia are taught honor and respect and courage in battle. Some would say that they are too arrogant for their own good, and that their culture has been corrupted, but most are still powerful and trustworthy warriors.
b. Rangers – wily warriors of nature, they are more at home among the trees than among other people. They know how to use the terrain to their advantage, and some may be capable of a little druidic magic on the side. They are more commonly archers than swordsmen.
c. Mercenaries – a class which can only barely be defined, these warriors fight with anything, and for any reason. They are warriors for hire, and may have any number of backgrounds.


Here is a link to a list of spells for mages.

Here is one for clerics.

Here is one for bards.

Here is one for rangers.

Please let me know if these links to do not work.


taken ~ Valence Arroway ~ taken

taken ~ Navia Solholme ~ taken

open ~ Fighter 1 ~ open

open ~ Fighter 2 ~ open

open ~ Cleric ~ open

taken ~ Jack Sharpsword Bennet ~ taken

open ~ Barbarian ~ open

open ~ Mage ~ open

Character Skeleton

In the description section

Alignment: (Lawful, neutral, chaotic? Good, neutral, evil?)
Level: (begin at level 0, level-ups will be announced by the GM)

Appearance: (Include an image and a description at least 100 words long.)

In the personality section

Personality: (Must be at least 200 words long.)

In the equipment section



Miscellaneous Items:

Magical Items:

Spells: (Choose 5 level 0 spells to start with, if you are a mage. Bards and rangers will not receive spells until level 2.)

In the history section

History: (Must be at least 400 words long. Include family, childhood, adventures, etc.)

Toggle Rules

1. There will be no reservation of characters. If I like your character they will be accepted, end of story.
2. Keep to the restrictions on classes. If a position has already been filled, then it is no longer open. If your character really impresses me I may create a new position for them.
3. No god-modding or power-play.
4. Keep to one character per person, until otherwise stated.
5. You must obey the laws of the world.
6. If you have read this far you will know to write your favorite Dragonlance character – of the original companions – at the bottom of your profile.
7. Start with only basic skills – any other abilities will be awarded to you with time.
8. Romance is encouraged, as is enmity, but keep it PG-17.
9. All posts must be at least 300 words long, and well-written.
10. Write in third-person – do not address your character as “I” unless in dialogue. You must also write in the past-tense.
11. Keep swearing to a minimum, and use swears which would be used on Krynn.
12. Canon characters will be played only by the GM, if at all.
13. I reserve the right to refuse any aspect of your profile.
14. You must use the provided character skeleton and fill it out completely, to all requirements.
15. If you have read this far you know to disregard the former requirement and put, instead, your favorite quote by your favorite character, along with that character’s name.
16. The GM’s word is law.
17. If you write the name of your favorite Dragonlance god at the bottom of your profile, your character will be given a magic item by the DM.
18. Have fun! ^.^

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Game Master Controls

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Arcs are bundles of posts from any location, allowing you to easily capture sub-plots which might be spread out across multiple locations.

Add Quest » Quests

You can create Quests with various rewards, encouraging your players to engage with specific plot lines.

Add Setting » 1 Settings for your players to play in

Settings are the backdrop for the characters in your universe, giving meaning and context to their existence. By creating a number of well-written locations, you can organize your universe into areas and regions.


While not required, locations can be organized onto a map. More information soon!


Krynn by Everscale


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By creating Collectibles, you can reward your players with unique items that accentuate their character sheets.

Once an Item has been created, it can be spawned in the IC using /spawn Item Name (case-sensitive, as usual) — this can be followed with /take Item Name to retrieve the item into the current character's inventory.


Give your Universe life by adding a Mob, which are auto-replenishing NPCs your players can interact with. Useful for some quick hack-and-slash fun!

Mobs can be automated spawns, like rats and bats, or full-on NPCs complete with conversation menus. Use them to enhance your player experience!

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Character Portrait: Valence Arroway
Character Portrait: Navia Selholme
Character Portrait: Jack Sharpsword Bennett


Character Portrait: Jack Sharpsword Bennett
Jack Sharpsword Bennett

"I do what I do out of necessity and habit. Don't like it? Take it up with my father - if you can find him..."

Character Portrait: Navia Selholme
Navia Selholme

"Look all you want, but do not touch."

Character Portrait: Valence Arroway
Valence Arroway

"Magic is my brother, my sister, my mother, my father, and my lover. What else do I need?"


Character Portrait: Navia Selholme
Navia Selholme

"Look all you want, but do not touch."

Character Portrait: Jack Sharpsword Bennett
Jack Sharpsword Bennett

"I do what I do out of necessity and habit. Don't like it? Take it up with my father - if you can find him..."

Character Portrait: Valence Arroway
Valence Arroway

"Magic is my brother, my sister, my mother, my father, and my lover. What else do I need?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Valence Arroway
Valence Arroway

"Magic is my brother, my sister, my mother, my father, and my lover. What else do I need?"

Character Portrait: Jack Sharpsword Bennett
Jack Sharpsword Bennett

"I do what I do out of necessity and habit. Don't like it? Take it up with my father - if you can find him..."

Character Portrait: Navia Selholme
Navia Selholme

"Look all you want, but do not touch."

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Re: Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

Is this still a living roleplay? I would very much like to join if it is

Re: [OOC] Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

Cool, thanks!

(Oh, sorry. I wasn't sure what "profile" meant. I'll put it on my sheet and take it off the post. :P)

Re: [OOC] Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

O.o that's an odd racial pairing, but... sure... I guess?

And a kender thief is just fine. It's one of the classes that was listed out there.

(And the quote is supposed to be on the character profile~)

Re: [OOC] Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

Hey there! A few things:

First of all, I read the dragonlance series a year ago and loved it. :D

Second of all, I would very much like to play a half-kender, half-human. May I do that?

And third of all, I play D&D, but I play first edition, so I don't know all the new, weird classes and attributes. Is it okay if I just make a half-kender, 1st edition D&D thief/rogue character?

Re: [OOC] Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

That depends upon the dual class. Also, if you're going to do this RP without a knowledge of Dragonlance, I would advise you go read about the world, the gods, etc.

Re: [OOC] Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

Well I am interested though never played,heard, or seen dragonlance before, So ill go with a dungeons & dragons type of char. Oh and by the way would you accept a dual class?

Re: [OOC] Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

Please let me know if you are interested in this RP.

[OOC] Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning

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