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Jack Sharpsword Bennett

"I do what I do out of necessity and habit. Don't like it? Take it up with my father - if you can find him..."

0 · 243 views · located in Krynn

a character in “Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning”, as played by FalloutRomanae


Jack Triplever
Age: 18 (human equiv. 16)
Race: Half-kender, half-human
Class: Rogue-thief
God: Branchala
Alignment: Chaotic good
Level: 0


Appearance: Jack is a lanky, tall boy with brown eyes and short brown hair. His skin is an olive color, with freckles here and there. He has laugh lines around his eyes, but he also has his share of worry lines in his forhead and around his mouth. His body is very disproportionate and strange-looking on account of his heritage. His small, gingerly hands hang on large wristbones. On one of his fingers, his left index finger to be precise, there are many scars. He has extremely long legs and a very short torso. His head also seems to be too big, and on that odd looking head are a pair of slightly slanted ears. When not in armor, he wears a brown, coarse tunic with brown pants, and on his head rests a comical looking brown, beaten up hat with a brown feather in it. Two large beltpouches hang on his leather belt.


Personality: Jack is a cheerful but reserved kid. He is a little sarcastic, and has an intolerance and a mean-streak towards kender. He is very direct when he talks to you, so you can't tell his heritage by his speech. He wants everyone to be happy, and has a bit of a guilt-complex when it comes to his mother or his adventuring companions. He hates parchment and will not touch it. He therefore writes in the dirt often and is very embarrassed that paper scares him. He refuses to say why it does. He lives by the saying, "You are remembered for the rules you break, not the ones you follow." He doesn't accept that he just can't do something and is very stubborn when it comes to accomplishing a task. He hates failing. He is very kind and compassionate to anyone except kender. He hates the kender part of himself, and lies whenever asked for his race. He claims to be human and staunchly insists that he has and wants nothing to do with kender. He is not a leader, and would rather follow and obey than make his own rules and force his way through life. He enjoys talking and sneaking rather than combat. He loves being a footpad because he feels like nothing can see him, but he hates it too because it reminds him of his father, whom he is very bitter towards. He has sworn to find Sharpsword and this oath borders on obsession.

Likes: the color green, laughing, singing, the flute, success, dogs
Dislikes: failure, his kender half being acknowledged, being underestimated
Fears: Being too much like a kender, parchment
Dreams: Primarily, he wants to find his father. He wants to be famous for something heroic and good. He wants everyone to think that he is a human.


Weapons: his father's old short sword, his thieves guild dagger
Armor: leather, small wooden shield
Miscellaneous Items: 50' rope, 3 iron spikes, mallet, torch, small wooden figurine of a kender adventurer (to both remind and warn himself of his heritage), set of thieves pick and tools, a crude wooden flute, a bedroll, 10' of twine, 2 weeks of iron rations
Magical Items: (Do I get one?)


Jack's mother is a human and Jack's father is a kender. I know. Weird, isn't it? But that's the way it is. The story that Jack's mother told him goes that his father, Sharpsword Triplever, came into town one day during his adventures. He grew a sort of childish fancy for Jack's mother, Bella Bennett. He was a "wandering paladin," and apparently would constantly claim that he would "save maidens and slay dragons." Bella discovered that she found him to be "incredibly cute," as she put it. The childish bravado that he displayed endeared him to Bella. Bella was not a very smart woman when she was young, and immediately accepted when Sharpsword proposed to her. Soon Jack was born, but Sharpsword left on wanderlust when Jack was only two years old. Bella thought that surely he would be back soon, but Sharpsword was never seen again.

Jack grew up caring for his mother and hating his father and all kender. He was continually disturbed by his kender-like qualities and worked on stifling them from an early age. He cut off his topknot and dress in muted tones, only carrying only two pouches. Every time he found that he had accidentally stolen something, he cut his own index finger on his left hand.

After a while, though, he temporarily succumbed and joined the local thieves guild. He went on maybe six missions before he left. While there, he met an elven mage/thief called Bracque. The man became his friend and mentor, and put adventurey ideas in the boy’s head. Maybe a year later, when he was sixteen, he felt the call of wanderlust. He hated it, and as he left his small hometown of Solace he swore to himself and his mother that he was only leaving to find his wayward father and drag him back by his pointy ears. He joined an adventuring group in the next big city he ran into. Unfortunately, the only thing he was really good at was thieving. He became the group’s burglar. He didn’t like it, but it paid. One time, though, he accidentally stole one of the resident mage’s magic items. He discovered this while he was on watch one night. He woke the mage up and tried to tell him, but the mage awoke to the sight of the kid holding his possession. He didn’t even give Jack time to apologize and give it back. He just sounded the alarm that Jack was a traitor. Jack was chased out of the camp by the angry adventurers and returned sadly to Solace, seeking Bracque’s help. He told Bracque of a strange itch he had in the back of his mind. Not like wanderlust, but more like a bad feeling. Like foreboding. Bracque put more ideas in Jack’s head – idea’s like ‘maybe you were chosen for something,’ and ‘you should follow wherever this takes you.’ Jack obeyed, and began gearing up for another adventure.

Caramon Majere
"Naw! Sturm Brightblade says it's a place where thieves and cutthroats hang out. That's why I was there. I wanted to see a cutthroat."

So begins...

Jack Sharpsword Bennett's Story