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Valence Arroway

"Magic is my brother, my sister, my mother, my father, and my lover. What else do I need?"

0 · 154 views · located in Krynn

a character in “Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning”, as played by Everscale


Name: Valence Arroway
Age: 20
Race: Human
Class: Mage
God: Lunitari and Paladine
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Level: 0

Appearance: Image

Of an average height, slender and quite lean, he does not immediately appear a mage. Or he would not, if he did not so proudly wear his red robes. His hair - so dark it is nearly black and smooth as a raven's feather - falls straight to his shoulders, unless he ties it up, as he tends to do when he is working with spell components. He does not want it blown off if he does something wrong, after all. His eyes are a shocking, icy blue, like the scales of a blue dragon – or at least, that’s what his mother told him. He has never seen a blue dragon himself. He is remarkably pale, as comes from wearing a hood all the time, but there is also a certain ware to his skin that comes with travel. All in all, he does not look the most trustworthy of men. His lips seem tilted in a perpetual smirk, and his eyes are forever glittering. He is visibly intelligent, and when he looks at someone, he seems to be calculating just how many ways in which they could be used.


Personality: On the surface, Valence seems to be a very likeable person. Adept in conversation, intelligent, and polite, he is forever reaching out a hand to “make friends” or “help someone out” – but only those who spend no more than time with him than a single conversation really believe that to be true. The truth behind that cordial mask can be difficult to reach, as Valence does not tend to stick around for very long, but anyone who lingers long enough that they come to call him a friends is likely to realize just how little Valence can be trusted.
It is not that Valence is truly malevolent – he is much more likely, in fact, to fight for the good of mankind than for his own good. He is simply sadistic. He fights for the greater good, and does not always care so much about “collateral damage”. He is always willing to strike down a few citizens, in trade for the death of his enemy. Some would call him coldhearted – he just sees it as practical. This quality could someday make him a rather dangerous companion – there is no guarantee that he would not blast his friends to pieces, if they got in his way. Luckily, none of them have been dumb enough to try it.
Perhaps his most concerning quality is Valence’s fascination with things that are dark and painful. It is no secret that he thirst for knowledge above all things, and some of the knowledge he seeks is not entirely pleasant. He likes to conduct experiments, toy with things. Some would say he enjoys torturing his enemies, though he does not do it simply to watch them scream. He does it to learn to predict the reactions of his enemies under certain conditions. There are those who believe he would turn that entertainment on his companions, if given the chance, but there is little proof to that effect. He has never yet hurt a friend, and he makes a lot of friends. He is, overall, friendly, social, and even kind. He simply has a dark streak.

Likes: Magic, power, knowledge, experimentation, playing, intelligent conversation, other magi, clerics, rogues, sweet things, cakes, ale, kender, social oddities (half-breeds, etc.), adventure, travel, exploring, magical artifacts, studying, books, libraries, watching the moons at night, the undead (they fascinate him endlessly.)

Dislikes: Fighters, weakness, stupidity, being drunk, dwarves, sour or bitter foods, sitting still without a good book for any length of time, puzzles that he can not solve, being followed, being laughed at, people trying to make him feel guilty, really noisy places, heights, thunderstorms.

Fears: Falling from great heights - thus, he does not like flying. Thunderstorms - he gets very jumpy. Death.

Dreams: To know all. Or, on a less grand scale, to be the most powerful mage alive.


1. A plain staff of oak.

2. A very expensive, high-quality silver dagger.

1. His red robes.

Miscellaneous Items:
1. Spellbook.
2. Various pouches full of spell components.
3. A book of blank paper.
4. A map of Ansalon.
5. A guide to medicinal and magical herbs.
6. A polished, blue-gray stone on which he can cast Light.
7. A heavier cloak for cold days, to go over his robes.

Magical Items:
1. Ring of Force Shield - deflects minor blows and lessens damage of major blows.


Acid Splash -

Effect: One missile of acid

You fire a small orb of acid at the target.

Message -

Targets: One creature/level

Whispered conversation at distance.

You can whisper messages and receive whispered replies with little chance of being overheard. You point your finger at each creature you want to receive the message. When you whisper, the whispered message is audible to all targeted creatures within range. Magical silence, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal (or a thin sheet of lead), or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks the spell. The message does not have to travel in a straight line. It can circumvent a barrier if there is an open path between you and the subject, and the path’s entire length lies within the spell’s range. The creatures that receive the message can whisper a reply that you hear. The spell transmits sound, not meaning. It doesn’t transcend language barriers.

Note: To speak a message, you must mouth the words and whisper, possibly allowing observers the opportunity to read your lips.

Focus: A short piece of copper wire.

Light -

Target: Object touched

Object shines like a torch.

This spell causes an object to glow like a torch, shedding bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light for an additional 20 feet) from the point you touch. The effect is immobile, but it can be cast on a movable object. Light taken into an area of magical darkness does not function.

A light spell (one with the light descriptor) counters and dispels a darkness spell (one with the darkness descriptor) of an equal or lower level.

Arcane Material Component: A firefly or a piece of phosphorescent moss.

Mage Hand -

Target: One nonmagical, unattended object weighing up to 5 lb.

5-pound telekinesis

You point your finger at an object and can lift it and move it at will from a distance. As a move action, you can propel the object as far as 15 feet in any direction, though the spell ends if the distance between you and the object ever exceeds the spell’s range.

Ray of Frost -

Effect: Ray

A ray of freezing air and ice projects from your pointing finger.


History: Since he was barely four years old, Valence Arroway has known that there was something different about him. It was not until he was eight years old, and he burnt his own house to the ground by mistake, that he realized that difference was magic. He could make the impossible happen, purely by willing it. He could not control it, and could never tell exactly what would happen when he used it, but he had the power. He had to learn to use it.

At first, his parents did their best to suppress it. They could not shake the memory of the accident that destroyed their livelihoods, and could not help but blame their child for it. Their attempts to place guilt in his heart did not escape Valence, even if they were subtle and unintentional. Rather than sharing the blame they aimed at him, Valence took it as a signal that his family did not love him.

He felt little to no pain when his power – suppressed for too long – exploded and killed both his parents.

Suddenly an orphan, rather than finding himself in danger of starving to death, he found himself free. Free to be himself, to study magic and find out more about this innate talent of his. Desperate to learn as much as he possibly could, Valence journeyed alone to the nearest school of magic – a full ten miles away from the town where he had grown up – and sat down on their doorstep. He waited there for two days, refusing to leave, or even to eat the food they gave to him. He only wanted to study with them. If he could not do that, he would simply die.

Needless to say, the school had no choice but to take him on. They could not have his death on their record.

Valence was a hungry learner, and he did little in his years at the school of magic but study magic. The other students knew his name and his face, but nothing else about him. He had no need of friends – magic was his dearest companion. By the time he graduated from the school of magic, and was accepted by Lunitari, he already knew a great deal more than even the school’s most devoted students. Had he decided to, he could easily have overcome his own teacher.

His learning might have stopped there, with no master available to him, but Valence was not about to let his growth stop. He began to travel, fighting for money, lending his magic out where it would earn him gold. Hunting for new and powerful magics to add to his book of spells. Searching for ways to become more powerful. He was seventeen when he struck out on his own.

Now, soon to turn twenty-one, Valence’s awareness of the world has grown strong enough that he can feel the enemy stirring. Darkness is growing – around him and inside him – and Valence knows that his peaceful travels will soon come to an end.

So begins...

Valence Arroway's Story