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Maedwen Sylase

Don't underestimate me!

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a character in “Dragons Age: Skyrim”, as played by RPGNerdette



Don't judge a book by its cover.

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Maedwen Sylase











High Elf

Thieves Guild and Nightingales


A daggar and a bow and arrow

Penny Whistle


  • Berries
  • Animals
  • The Guild
  • Playing music
  • Daydreaming

  • Being underestimated
  • People being mean to her
  • Reading
  • Mindless Killing
  • Loneliness

  • Stealth
  • Kindness
  • Musical Talent

  • Naiveté
  • Too Trusting
  • Always prays after a kill

  • Dying
  • Never falling in love



Maedwen is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She always is willing to smile and make someone happy with her music. Due to her childhood, she is also quite naive and can be quite trusting. However, don't let that fool you. Maedwen is quick and can strike you down before you even flinch should you attempt to do her any harm. She will always pray for her kills whether they be human, animal, or any other race. It is a kindness she shows, whether it be begging her Gods to forgive the person who attacked her, or thanking the animal for its sacrifice and praying that it be guided safely to the afterlife.

She is also very good with a bow and arrow and is one of the best in the Nightingales at stealth. As a child, she had to keep quiet often, so it was a natural talent she developed. Maedwen also loves fairytales and love stories, hoping to one day have one of her very own.


Maedwen's life has not always been as good as it is now. She was born within a small elven clan that was ravaged by a group of Nords. Her mother was raped and impregnated with her while the rest of the clan was slaughtered. Lost, alone, and left to die, Maedwen's mother moved on in search of a new clan. After 8 1/2 months of searching, she began to grow ill and sat beside a shrine. A few hours later, Maedwen was born, but her mother did not survive. The cries of the newborn alerted a group of Nightingales nearby who came to her rescue, taking the baby with them when they returned to the Thieves Guild.

Growing up was not easy, especially for a half-elf. However, Maedwen grew fond of the only family she ever knew. Due to her premature birth, she was small, but that never stopped her from excelling at the tasks she was given when she became of age to officially join the Thieves Guild. In her travels, Maedwen took an interest in an elderly man who played the penny whistle. He charmed the young girl and taught her the ways of the Bard. Gifting her with his whistle, he moved on and was never seen again. Since then, Maedwen has played her whistle for anyone who will listen and always manages to bring a smile to their faces.

When she was 17, Maedwen was promoted to the rank of Nightingale within the Thieves Guild, making her the youngest member to ever be anointed. It is an honor, and she wears it as a badge of pride, but never brags. She is excellent at stealth due to her needing to hide as a child when stealing from nobles and knows her way around a bow.

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Hannah Murray

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So begins...

Maedwen Sylase's Story


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||Dialogue: #CB91D0||Half-Elf||Nightingale/Thieves Guild||Windhelm||Bard||

Maedwen stretched as she awoke from her sleep. Her cot wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but the young elf had slept on harder surfaces and this suited her just fine. She shivered slightly when she uncovered herself, as she slept in her small clothes, and quickly hopped over to the pile of clothes that sat gently folded on a chest. She slipped them over her smalls and threw a small cloak over her shoulders. Strapping her dagger to her thigh, just in case, and picked up her bag of arrows and her bow slinging them over her shoulders. The guild was kind enough to pay for her to live in the small flat while she was stationed in Windhelm, and she was content to live there, though she was a bit lonely. Maedwen fixed her hair in a small hand mirror she had stolen as a child, and when she was satisfied, she exited her flat and into the city.

She loved being in the city. It was nothing like she had grown up in and she rather enjoyed the change. She also enjoyed the people around her. Maedwen never quite felt at ease when she was alone. Having lived in the city for only a week or so, she had much to learn and many places to explore. Coming around the corner in the market area, she saw a young man talking to a guard. Putting her hood up, she stepped to the side beside a foundation pole of a nearby shop and watched. She had seen the young man around before, but hadn't gotten the chance to introduce herself. She thought he was quite attractive, for a human, and wasn't quite sure of what she would say if she ever did finally meet him. The guard was handling one of the swords, elven by the looks of it, and walked off after a few minutes of chatting. Maedwen began getting closer to the Blacksmith shop, not too close however, keeping her eyes on the black-haired Nord as well as shopping. However soon after the guard disappeared, so too did the young man. With a quiet sigh, Maedwen approached the blacksmithy to see their wares.

She began looking at different weapons, handling them with care. As she did so, an older woman approached her.
"Find anything you like?" she asked. Maedwen removed her hood as she smiled to the woman.
"Oh. Everything is so lovely." she said, touching the blade gently, "Do you make them?" The woman chuckled.
"Heavens, no. That'd be my son, Einar. He's got quite a talent, not that he'd ever use it for anything other than smithing."
"He is very talented.
" Maedwen smiled, then changed the subject, "Do you have anything smaller?"
"Like a dagger you mean?"
"A dagger would be lovely!" she brightened.
"One moment, I'll give you the Einar's latest creation" The woman stepped inside the building and came back with a beautiful elven dagger.
"He seems to be quite fond of the way the elves craft their weapons."
"It's beautiful! How much?"
"175 gold."
"I'll give you 200." Maedwen paused, "It's really lovely." She handed the woman the gold and placed the dagger in her pouch.
"Thank you very much, my dear." Maedwen nodded and turned to go, but turned back.
"Your son truly is an amazing blacksmith."
"Be sure to come by and tell him that when he returns. I'm sure he'd love to hear it, especially from a pretty girl." The woman chuckled.
"I will!" Maedwen said smiling. She then continued her exploration of the city.