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Dragons Amongst Us


In the land of Dragons, and a time of war, four kingdoms fight for the right to rule.

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Alduin floats above the Northern Mountains, it's whereabouts hard to come by as it moves on its own accord, profiting the elves that dwell there. The climate is always breezy spring weather, allowing mostly dense shrubbery to grow along the buildings. Indoor gardens sit in the middle of the kingdom; the trees and plants that grow within there make up almost all of the air the elves breathe in the high elevation. Elf lungs are designed more closely to a bird's than a humans, needing less air.

Elves stand around 5'2 to 5'7, their builds usually lithe. They specialize in the old ways with herbal medicines and weaponry ranging from bow and arrow to long, thin swords. They are the Dragon riders of this story. They chose one Dragon (or, the Dragon chooses them) in a ceremony befitting a marriage.

In the war the Elves have stayed impassive and unaligned, though the Humans are heatedly against them.

Dragons found within Alduin:

Mist Dragon: "A Mist Dragon is a dragon which can take a gaseous form at will and appear as mist, and can breathe out a cloud of misty vapors which blinds and drowns creatures and enemies. The Mist Dragons use Telepathy for communication."




MidGard is found in the East, a winter climate within the hillside. Humans have claimed these lands, and mourn the fact that no Dragons have been found wandering these parts. Lack of Dragons have not stunted the Humans power, for they make up for it in modern machinery they have had their allies, the Dwarves, forge for them. They find enemies within the Elves, as they are envious of their relationship with the Dragons.

There are no Dragons native to MidGard

Valsung is found in the southern mountains. The climate is always hot and humid, whether it be because of location or because of the hearths always burning within the mountains is unknown. Dwarves have occupied these mountains longer than humans have been around. The benefits they get from Human alliance is unknown. Weaponry for the Dwarves are heavy swords and axes. They use Dragons as war pets, often chaining them to the earth with heavy metal collars.

Dwarves range from 4'1 to 4'11, are very stocky and strong people. They specialize in the best weaponry and armor known to all. The things Dwarves can withstand and survive surprises many, even themselves.

Dragons found within Valsung:
Ambush Drake: "Ambush Drakes are more wolf-like than Dragon-like, and are concerned mostly with hunting and killing. They hunt in coordinated packs, closing prey into a corner and then attacking with their breath weapons. They can also use their teeth and claws, and are found to be poisonous. They will typically ignore fleeing prey, instead focusing on one they have in front of them. Ambush Drakes can speak common tongue and Draconic, but rarely do so."


Fangorn has no kingdom, but is alive with Imps, Ents and faeries. Both are humanoid, but unique in their looks, from one to another. The forests are found in the West, the climate tropical. One thing that sets these forests apart from all others are the trees - stark white bark and scarlet leaves. The inhabitants here view all Dragons as deities, leaving them as wild as they come, and they warship the skies they fly in.

Dragons found within Fangorn
Faerie Dragons: "Although small and cute, Faerie Dragons can be powerful if allowed to use their abilities, which include the power to induce confusion and euphoria in foes. Faerie Dragons have a pure heart but are playful and unlikely to respect authority." (Can be found as pets)

Dragons found within this world (If you want to be them/use them, look them up! There are Many!)

Metallic Dragons (Usually Good)
-Brass (Example)
-Bronze (Example One, Example Two)
-Copper (Example One, Example Two)
-Gold (Example)
-Silver (Example)

Chromatic Dragons (Usually Bad)
-Black (Example One, Example Two)
-Blue (Example)
-Green (Example)
-Red (Example)
-White (Example)

Shadow Dragons (Always Evil)
(Example one, Example Two)

Character sheet must include a brief history/background (really my only requirement)

You CAN Roleplay as a Dragon! Dragon characters are encouraged!

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Re: Dragons Amongst Us

Umm... good day my name is harute1440 and I was wondering if this role play was still open.... I am willing to take any role if needed but if there is no need for any character I would like to make a female elf of maybe human??? But playing as a dragon also sounds fun...... reply if anyone is in need of a dragon or has any preference to what character I should make... thanks! !! Lol

Re: Dragons Amongst Us

It's kinda worth mentioning that we didn't exactly have a diverse cast last time so most of the particulars outside of elves never came up.

So perhaps now would be a good time to do so?

After all, to clarify you state humans have modern technology made by the dwarves. By modern are we talking crossbow, musket, or full on modern technology that we have.

Then comes the question of the dwarves having the same tech or are humans melting down lower tech dwarf stuff for the superior metal. Or is it a matter of dwarves making a bunch of parts which the humans assemble.

Re: Dragons Amongst Us

The rp is a medieval era rp, or at least the original one was, so it was mostly what you would see in medieval era fantasy books, plus magic.

Re: Dragons Amongst Us

Looks interesting, just a couple questions; What's the plot? I'm wondering how so many disparate characters might meet up, if at all. Also on the level of technology that the humans have access to, what are we talking, are they a little more steampunky? Black powder weapons? or clockworky stuff?

Re: Dragons Amongst Us

le gasp! IT'S BACK!!!!! HAPPY DANCE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Dragons Amongst Us

OH MY GOSH YES!!!! I really wanted a remake of this. Can I resubmit my characters?

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