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Dragons and Spiders

Dragons and Spiders


In the Parallel Universe of Youkai, on a small island in the Middle of China, Korea, and Japan. Two gangs are on the brink of war until one party...Love's surely in the air.

1,160 readers have visited Dragons and Spiders since ゆうい created it.


The Past

In the beginning, Youkai and Humans lived together. But those times slowly came to an end. Miko (Shine Maidens) had cast a seal that sent all Youkai into a parallel world. This world exists on ours, yet we an't see them, nor can they see us. However our worlds coexist and crossing the lines between is possible. This would never happen sadly as the Miko never released the seal and to the grave, they never released the Youkai. In there own universe, Yokai had created their own prosperous world.

The seven continents still exist as usual and so do the countries, but magic and futuristic technology are dominant. Travel is much more efficient as teleportation exists and the Tubial Transport System, a network of tubes that hyper speed you anywhere you want. Underwater cities also exist, garbage disposal is done by feeding the molecular demons who eat waste and their waste is merely any specific type of molecule. Oh that means drinkable water never runs out! Except it comes out a demon's rear end. Anyways the world was called Yokaivania. A land where peace has been achieved...sort of..


Your Story

Peace is obvious throughout this world. However if we zoom in on a small island connecting the countries of Korea, Japan, and China through three huge bridges. Peaceful isn't what you can expect. This island is know as the Jewel of Asia. The reason being is the whole area is dedicated to catering to the pleasures of the world.

Sure peace and tranquility is nice. But you need the loud music, busy streets, bars, karaoke, casinos and best of all the no curfew rule. Everything is pretty much running all night long. Cept, most of the noise dies down in the residential areas because sleep is needed after.

Anyways down to business is that this little island is run by two gangs. The White Dragons and the Black Widows. The Dragons are a Korean gang, while the The Widows are Japanese. Both are competitors for the best hotels, spas, and especially night clubs on this island. Of course what's more of a twist is that The Dragons are pretty much an all men gang, while the Widows are all female. Street brawls and assassinations in the past years have gone down, but recently when the leader of the Dragon's is killed...tension builds. Each side is ready to head to an all out battle and some of the most powerful Youkai in all history are part of these gangs.

However before declarations of war are even sent out. The tension deflates at the Heir to the Dragon's birthday. A huge party is going to be held at the biggest hotel on the island and everyone is pretty much invited, including the infamous Black Widows. At the party though, the Dragon Heir runs into the Black Widow Successor.....knowingly the Black Widow successor pretends to be a normal girl who is looking for a good time and the two eventually purchase a room to do their thing. Meanwhile other romances are taking place downstairs in the ballroom. With the gang's falling deepen forbidden love, what is going to happen??


Roles: You have been invited to be~

The White Dragons:

The Heir [Reserved]: He met the Black Widow Successor and fell in love with her personality and beauty. At first he thought it was a one night stand...but now he wants to keep seeing her.

Heir's Bestfriend: Steady and Reliable as he is, this best friend has been with the Heir since they were little kids. No one knows him better than him. The night of the party he meets the Assassin and is enchanted.

The Troublemaker: Twin to the best friend. You never know when these two switch places. He is the life of the gang and enjoys causing trouble. At the big party he meets the Successor's best friend, wanting to be friends....maybe more?

The Sniper: The most normal, but the most scary. He's a killer and absolutely despises the other gang, especially the Assassin. Till tonight though, the Manager of the rival gang perked his interest. He has no idea she's a Black Widow since she lied.

The Big Boss: The oldest member and the most powerful. He's a loose canon and sleeps pretty much with anything. Until tonight, he couldn't get the Quiet One of the Black Widows to sleep with him. He's fascinated.

The Black Widows:

The Successor (Taken): Childhood friends with the Heir. She remembers his promise to marry her, but he can't remember anything about his childhood. She gave up on finding him and decided to mess around at the Heir's party, sleeping with him. She thought it was just to be comforted but now she wants to be his lover.

Successor's Sister: Despises the White Dragons for killing off her kind. She is quite the tomboy and not interested in love. The Troublemaker who she met made her laugh so she sees him as a friend, for now.

The Assassin: In her line of work, seduce and kill. She's been with the Successor since babies and only listens to the Successor and her close friends. She met the Heir's Best friend and actually had a good time. She wants to see him again.

The Manager: An exemplary liar, she manages all financial business and all the information the gang needs. She has her usual nerd look that makes her look like a guy, but when the occasion calls for it she turns into a beautiful being. At the party the Sniper made her feel special and she wants to get to know him.

The Quiet Newbie: Not really a newbie. She is one of the most powerful Youkai ever lived, but her memory was lost years ago. The Successor took her in and now she lives normally. The Big Boss annoyed her, but he knows something about her past life and she wants to know。He also has a sickness and she sees he only acts this way to find someone who will care for him.


Code: Select all
[center][size=400][font=Font here!][Color=Color Here!][u]Full Name Here[/u][/color][/font][/size]
[img]Image Here[/img] (Real-Life; Asian since we are in Asia)
[b]Basic Appearance[/b]
(Brief description)

[b]Weapon(s):[/b] (If multiple, only around two or three please!)
[b]Powers[/] (Limit is two-three, the Big Boss and Quiet Newbie may have around five-six)


[img]Image Here[/img]

[b]Hobbies:[/b] (During any free time)


[img]Image Here[/img]

[b]Relationships/Thoughts towards Other Characters:[/b]

Toggle Rules

1. reservations this time :)

2. Don't join unless you will be able to post once or twice a day!

3. Make original characters!

4. No godmoding

5. Keep the rating as PG-13 kiddos

6. If you have read the rules put Chocomint somewhere in your application!

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Re: Dragons and Spiders

Alrighty, I was stalking this a bit earlier, but wasn't sure. I definitely think I'll take a role though.

If I can, I'd like to reserve the Troublemaker.

Found a good faceclaim me thinks. No Min Woo, maybe. *Has never done Asian faceclaims ever.* Eheh, thanks c:

Ack, something came up, and I won't be able to take the role. Sorry >_<

Re: Dragons and Spiders

Okay I am game. I'll reserve the Quiet Newbie. Is there anything I should know about her that's important as far as her past goes? Also, what kind of powers do Youkai have? Also, if you have problems getting male chars, I can play one as long as it's not the Big Boss okay? Hopefully I'll find a good Face claim that's Asian.

Edit: I found a face claim. Is it okay I say it here now? I am face claiming Fukada Kyoko. She's a Japanese actress.

Re: Dragons and Spiders

Sure :). Have them up soon!

Re: Dragons and Spiders

May I reserve the white dragon Assassin please?

Re: Dragons and Spiders

Also you've got 48 hours for a reservation!

Re: Dragons and Spiders

That's pretty much the plot~ reserved

Re: Dragons and Spiders

Modern Roemo and Juliet? I'm game. I'll want the heir to the white dragons. :) he'll be up in a few days

Re: Dragons and Spiders

Or Chinese actresses or Japanese actresses etc. xD

Re: Dragons and Spiders

Just search up female Korean actresses :) Well unless you are still will to take a role that is.

Re: Dragons and Spiders

I'm not quite sure which roles are taken and which aren't but, depending on that, could I play The Manager or the Successor's Best Friend?

Never mind, sorry. >.< I realized I don't really know of any Asian people for a FC.

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