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Yohan Miyamoto

"Evil beware, I will not allow you to terrorize innocent people!"

0 · 374 views · located in The Banished Lands

a character in “Dragon's Curse”, as played by The Great Thundorz



"I was born to fight. I will... I will do what I must! To protect everyone!"

Name: Yohan Miyamoto

Nickname: The Chosen One, To-Be Dragon Slayer, Mr. Hero (I guess?)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height & Weight: 6'0", 170 lbs

Noteworthy Details: He has a birth mark on his right palm, a mark that seems to have decided his destiny for him. To fight against the Dragon's Curse.

"Um... I - I really want to do a good job. I-Is that okay? I shouldn't be asking this? ...I'm sorry."

Status: Human (The "Chosen" One!)

Personality: Yohan was forced out of a normal life the moment he was born with the strange birth mark. He is shy and not at all confident, but he has a good heart. Though trained to hate magic users and dragons, he can't fully come to grips with such hatred in his heart.

Likes: + Reading
+ Enjoying the peace
+ Resolving things without violence
+ Light
+ Getting along with anyone
+ Being a goody-two-shoes in general

Dislikes: - Needless violence
- Evil-doers
- Darkness
- Being forced to fight
- Suffering
- Criminals in general (Yes, he's serious)

Goal: To bring about peace and end this silly notion of being the "chosen" one to slay the dragons. To allow magic users and humans to co-exist alongside one another. To end the dark times that hang over all!

History: Yohan Miyamoto was born with praise, for the mark on his hand made the people scream with joy: The Chosen One had been born! He would rise up against the terrible dragons and would slay down the worst of them! Yohan, however, has always disagreed with these silly claims, but was always forced to do as he was told. His childhood mostly consisted of studying, spending time away from home and training, lots and lots of training! Now that he has grown up, he has been sent to the worst area of them all: The Banished Lands! Not as a prisoner, but as a rising hero who will wipe out the Dragon's Curse that plagues the walls. However, does Yohan have a different intention to do there?

"I don't know what this mark means, but I will not be what the people see me as. I wish to be who I feel I truly am, I will not be held down by people's views on me! I will become a hero, but I will not kill anyone to do so!"

Special Gift: Unknown for now.
Description: A mysterious power lies sealed away within Yohan that no one knows he has yet. Will someone come along and show Yohan what he has within himself?

So begins...

Yohan Miyamoto's Story

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Life wasn't fun when you had to be told what to do, now was it? Well, at least not for a certain person who wants nothing more than to stomp everyone in the head right now for thinking this was a good place to put people in. The "Banished" Lands, huh? Certainly felt like they had put people they didn't want to see roaming around in the public eye in this dump of place, despite it's large size. If you entered this place, you would normally never find those with the Dragon's Curse here. They were all put on the lowest level of this place, and only those with special permission or one of the two keys could enter in to check up on them.

The lowest floor was probably the worst to be cast into, it was nothing short of a giant prison made to contain the worst in humanity's eyes. Kaminari was one such person, and he was considered the most troublesome of the lot. He had one thing most of them didn't: The will to break free. His "room" as they called it, he knew that it was really just a cell, had been modified about six different times in order to reinforce it's defenses all because of him. He really felt like he deserved more attention, but he would get that soon enough anyway. Sure, he had a bed, he had plenty of space to not feel uncomfortable in, but the room was still made of hard stone and looked very primitive in design.

Kaminari sat on his bed as he usually did when contemplating his next move. His whole life he had been forced to live here among the idiots who refused to admit they were the superior people. Everyone else got visitors, but him? Not a single person, family or otherwise. He knew what it was all about, they were too proud to ever admit he was a part of the family. He might as well be disowned at this point, no one cared about him outside these walls. He knew it all too well in his heart that nothing was going to change, and that's why he was here. To make things fun and exciting for once in these miserable people's lives.

"Rooms are unlocked!" A voice called out throughout the entire floor. "Everyone is allowed to move about and carry out daily activities!" Kaminari got up to his feet, hearing his cue to leave. Walking over to his door, he grabbed hold of it and swung it open, licking his lips as he could feel the tension already building up in his shoulders. He was ready to start a fight today, and that meant nothing good for anyone. Looking around the floor, Kaminari could see everyone else getting out and begin to spread out to who knows where. He didn't really care, but he should as heck knew the guards would when they were about to see him beat the snot out of someone!

"Kaminari!" A voice called out, Kaminari freezing up on the spot as his eyes glared over at one of the elders moving over towards him. There was an unspoken chain of command, or chain of respect as some down here called it, among those who were cursed. "I hope you are not planning on doing anything troubling today."

"Hey, when have I ever not proven to be trouble by this point? I'm ready for a fight at this point." Kaminari couldn't help but shrug as he let out a silent sigh. "But of course, you are going to force me to come along for these silly trials you hold every year. I might as well take the excuse and just beat the crap out of stuff today." It wasn't that Kaminari didn't do this out of the goodness in his heart, it was just that he was bored and didn't want the elders rambling on for hours again about everything they had been working for down here.

"Hmph. I can't argue with that." The elder shook his head and turned around. "You better stick close to me today. I fear some of the others may try to take shots at you, and we all know they won't be holding back if they try." The elder began to lead the way, Kaminari couldn't help but grin for a brief moment before following after him. Oh, yes, he remembered the few times people had the balls to try and kill him. He was so sad there wasn't an alpha ruling among them or something like that, he could totally be an Alpha Male at this point.

Today was a special day among the cursed. It was a time to prove oneself and be accepted as a warrior among your own kind. Male or female, young or old, this or that, it didn't matter to the cursed. All were equal among them, but only those who proved themselves in the trials held the right to be called upon as defenders or warriors. The guards would be watching today, they probably expected Kaminari to try to pull something ridiculous again this year. Kaminari forced a grin back as he thought it over. He had such a terrible idea for today, this was going to be awesome!



It had taken them a three week trip to come here from the village, but the two twin brothers finally made it to the first of many new places they would be visiting. Yohan couldn't be more excited, he had finally gotten an excuse to get away from home and was able to even travel with his brother, how lucky! He listened to the horses outside that were carrying them, he couldn't help but get a big grin as he was getting to do so much now that he couldn't before!

"We're stopping here." A voice outside called to the two brothers. Both of them exiting out as Yohan's eyes widened with surprise upon seeing The Banished Lands. It was... Well, huge! He could see the castle within it's walls rising up as if to touch the sky itself. The walls themselves were pretty huge, though he did ask himself why they needed this much space. Perhaps some people actually lived here, maybe some giant monsters had been brought here in the past, who knows! All he knew was that this was amazing for him to experience, he just couldn't contain it all!

"Yohan." Rohan's voice broke him out of his own world, turning to look over as he could see Rohan had put on a serious expression, it reminded him they weren't here to have fun.

"Oh, right. Sorry, Rohan." Yohan said nervously. Even though they had been raised differently, you would think the opposite was true for both of them. Yohan had been raised to be a warrior, despite this he felt like a child more than anything. Rohan had been raised to be normal, yet his views often made others think he was strict. Rohan couldn't help but let out a sigh and smile for a moment, putting a hand on Yohan's shoulder briefly before moving on ahead.

"Tomorrow is when we will have to take things more seriously. So get everything you can out by tonight, who knows, it may help you sleep." Rohan stated as he approached the first wall's gates. Yohan couldn't help but give a light chuckle in response, quickly rushing off after his brother to catch up. Even the gates were bigger than his own village's, Yohan felt like he had just stepped into one of those stories of old heroes.

"Welcome, Miyamoto brothers!" One of the two guards stationed spoke up, both of them giving a salute. Both the brothers bowed out of respect, which usually caught people off guard. The guards didn't really give a response, perhaps they got this more than the brothers thought. "We have been expecting you. Yohan Miyamoto is to be escorted to his chambers with some guards. Rohan Miyamoto, the lord of this castle wishes to have a chat with you before you are shown your chambers. Dinner will be soon, you will both be notified when to come."

"Thank you!" Both of the brothers called out as they gave a quick bow again before looking to see the gates opening. Yohan was still in awe, seeing all of this play out before his very eyes. He never wanted to let the whole Chosen One take over his life, but the chance to go out on adventures and see the world outside of his home was exciting to him! As they entered into the gates, Yohan could already see the pair of guards who were to escort him and he gave Rohan a brief smile. Things were about to become fun!



Well, the trip over here was quiet, but at least he could keep an eye on Yohan. Now to suddenly split them up so Rohan could meet up with the lord of this place seemed a bit strange to him. Why had only he been called out? Surely the lord wanted to meet the both of them, right? As Rohan walked up the stone stairs, he wondered what the lord was thinking when he made this decision? Perhaps he was worrying a bit too much about it, but he couldn't fully deny that something immediately felt off to him. Whatever the reason, he would have to ask another time.

Finding the lord's room wasn't all that hard, raising his hand and knocking on the door as it didn't take long for him to hear a voice respond back. "Come in." Rohan's eyes lit up in surprise, this voice... Could it really be? It had taken him by surprise, but he had to go in anyway. Opening the door and entering into the room, he closed the door behind him and looked over to see the lord. When the lord looked up at him, he had to hide his surprise so that he wouldn't offend the lord. Though most of the lord's features were hidden, he could see the lord's face and it confirmed his suspicions. The lord was, in fact, a woman.

It didn't really bother him that a woman was the lord of this place, it would make sense why he had not been notified of this before arriving here. Seeing a scar run down the left side of his face told him that she had seen her fair share of battles, he would have to be careful not to get on her bad side. "Welcome, Rohan Miyamoto." The lord spoke up to him, Rohan giving a slight bow in response. "Come now, no need to hide it. You must be surprised to see me, no?"

"Ah, forgive me. I had not been informed, so I had just assumed. My ignorance is clear as daylight." Rohan's response got a laugh out of her, making him swallow nervously.

"Well, it was not always like this. However, to be the lord of this place, you must prove you are the strongest. I took the challenge and fought my way up to where I am now. Many have tried to best me, but I have not found any can do this. Let us hope you are not foolish enough to take the challenge yourself." Her words brought about an icy chill over Rohan, he did not even want to consider ever getting into a real fight with her.

"I will have to refuse. It is not my nature to be held down to one place." Rohan gave his honest response, seeing the lord nod her head before gesturing to the chair in front of her desk.

"Please, have a seat." Even though she was being kind at the moment, Rohan still felt some unnamed fear lingering in his heart. Regardless of this, Rohan moved himself into the seat, waiting to see what she wanted to talk to him about. "So, Mr. Miyamoto, I assume you have only heard about the rumors of this place?"

"That's right." Rohan replied. He saw the lord give a nod before she continued.

"Well, I wish to share with you some details. Your brother will be informed of this later, as I wish for him to get comfortable here first. Now, you may not know this, but this place actually contains twelve different floors."

"T-twelve you say?!" This surprised Rohan, he saw this place was huge, but he didn't think it would be this huge!

"You saw the numerous walls built around this place. They built it with the intention of making sure no one could escape through brute force. So far, this has remained true. However, that doesn't mean people haven't found ways to sneak out of here before. Which is why we purposely split off the castle between six floors. We are on the 8th Floor now, the floor your brother is on right now is the 7th floor."

"I see... Wait, you said you split the castle up?"

"Indeed I did. You see, the first six floors are where we keep the prisoners. They are each designed so that they will be forced to encounter each other at some point. It's no skin off our bones if they hurt themselves. The only reason we have guards down there is to give them a sense of dread. The guards are more than equipped and trained to deal with each floor's prisoners. Do you understand so far?"

"Yes, I do."

"Very well. The 6th and 5th Floor's are where we keep the monsters or wild beasts. The 4th and 3rd Floor's are where we keep the human prisoners. The 2nd floor is where you can find the magic prisoners. And then there is the 1st Floor, the lowest floor, where we keep the Dragons. In opposite, we have the 7th and 8th floors for people to reside in, the 9th and 10th floors are where the magical residents reside and the 11th and 12th floors are... Well, do not worry about that. No one has ever been foolish enough to reach those floors."

"Right... I get why you set up the lower floors the way you did, but why tell me any of this?"

"It is unfortunate... But there is someone among the 1st Floor who we've noticed has been... Troubling, lately. He is different from the other Dragon's. We fear he may start something, and that's where you come in. I need you to help me with something, but it will take some time still to fully execute. If it works, all resistance will be negated. If we should fail, however... It may cost us our heads."