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Don't cry. It won't hurt for much longer.

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a character in “Dragons of Eden”, as played by nibblesnbits


Name: Kissanda
Age: 19
Race: Human/Elf


Height: 6’
Weight: 113
Hair Color: White Blonde
Eye Color: light green with brown spots
Body Type: thin and light


Kissandra is shy yet emotionally strong. Though she prefers to stay hidden out of sight, Kissandra plays a major part with all her friends, preferring to lead and help her friends and travellers though quiet ways. She puts her friends and their needs before her own and is willing to fight for anything she believes in. In her free time, which is very often, Kissandra spends her time on adventures and spending time with her wolf, Werfen.

What most people don’t know is that her strong side is just as extreme as her gentle side. When riled up she becomes focused, harsh, driven to an extreme and undeterred from her quest unless it endangers her companions’ lives. Only then will she pause to consider the situation for longer and take a glance at every angle. Her anger remains focused and her eyes forward, her chin up high. She is prideful of herself and her abilities to a point where she knows her limits though she is unlikely to brag about such feats. Why draw attention when you can do more from the shadows?

Quirks: She’s learned the different barks, yips and howls of Werfen through time and can speak to him in a sense.

Likes: Animals, the trees, the woods, dancing and singing, making others feel better.

Dislikes: Loud rude people who think they are better, uncontrolled anger, runaways and people who discriminate against other races


Main: Ranger Recurve bow with tipped arrows

Secondary: One and a half hand Sabre

Other: White Dress, Black robes, horn dagger, rope, basket, a light cover


Kissandra is born of mixed blood. Her mother was a human, worked in an inn and was expected to run it one day. That was until her father came along. He was Elf kind, high born and stayed at the inn during his travels. The two fell in love and both being young for their kind’s standards, they decided to create a child. The next morning her father left, promising to come back once he could. He never did. Kissandra’s mother was run out as soon as her pregnancy was discovered. In the woods she found an old women and the two grew close. It was near a grove of trees that she collapsed suddenly and gave birth to Kisandra. There her mother died in child birth and Kissandra was found by the woman a while later.

Kissandra was then taken into town by the old women and sold off into a Brothel. She was raised by the Mother until she was 15 and then used. She appeared elf; long fingers, lean body and high cheekbones, however, she had human ears, human eyes and the softer quality of human skin. She was much desired and lived a hard life until the day she turned 16. It was then that she met her lover, Lichen. At age 20 he wasn’t bad looking nor was he rough with her. They fell in love and after a while, he convinced Kissandra into escaping the Brothel. She did so only to find that Lichen was a thief and had been tried and found guilty of several crimes for which he was hanged. She had no choice but to flee into the woods.
Kissandra struggled there too, at first having to hide from those that hunted her until she discarded her dress and they found it torn and bloody. Kissandra was left for dead. She stole her clothes from a nearby town and even was gutsy enough to take food as well. Lichen had been able to tell her several things about his life as a traveller and also how to survive. She was able to create a decent bow and hunted for herself. She became a phantom in the woods, a tale of a girl who would leap from trees, take what she needed from travellers and then vanish for long periods of time.

When she was seventeen she was tracing a heard of deer when she came across a small wolf cub trapped in a snare set by hunters. The little cub was frightened and his fur was matted and bloodied. His pack was nowhere to be found. Kissandra took in the little pup and began to raise him as her own. She was able to heal his paw so that no damage remained, however she was forced to venture for help, knowing nothing about healing. Kissandra found work and board at a small farm on the outskirts of a town. With the Farmer’s wife’s help she was able to keep the wolf pup alive and herself. Being an ex fighter the Farmer taught her how to wield a blade and how to create a better bow, though he eventually gave her his own.

Kissandra thought she had found a home until one day when she was 18, “soldiers” came to the farm and tortured and murdered what she considered her family. They found her last, sleeping in the hay in the barn. Her dress was shredded from her body and before the men could rape her, Werfren leapt from the loft and slaughtered them all. Kissandra, frightened and alone ran to the house and grabbed her “mother’s” remaining dress, a white silk dress before bolting into the woods. Werfren followed and the two have remained a team, hunting and surviving ever sense. Kissandra still hunts those that sent the men and has become a protector for those that travel the woods.
A new tale has spread. It is said that a beautiful girl guards those that travel, her and her black wolf. Those that try to do harm are likewise harmed in turn. Kissandra is still hunted occasionally, and even more rarely found. But those that find her die with an arrow by the jaws of a very large black wolf.



So begins...

Kissandra's Story


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Silence. Emptiness. The forest lies still. The wind has ceased and the smell rose from the damp mossy trail that was woven through the trees. The pines quivered from hidden life, the dripping of water trickling down into a small stream, the water disturbed as a black paw was pushed into the creek before being withdrawn. The small grey rocks that marked the path every so often were stuck together with little blue flowers and the sweet scent of grass. The trees of the forest hung low, blocking most of the light. What little remained lay scattered across the ground in small patches, flashing in and out with the rising and setting of the yellow sun. On a normal day the woods would be running with the chirping of the birds and chitterling of squirrels, but the forest held its breath as the wolf walked through. His silver eyes pierced through the darkness as he placed one black foot in the other. His head was lowered, the black tips of his ears quivering as his nosed worked the air. There was something majestic in his long gait, something powerful and deadly all at the same time. His lip curled as his head rose above his shoulder, the mournful howl rising up into the air, reaching a crescendo before dying sharply. The forest quivered as the note spoke to it, calling it. Then, there was another short call.


The black wolf turned, his tail wagging slowly as his human came running up the hill behind him, her tracks deep into the mud as the sunlight caught whips of her white hair. Her pale flesh beat with life and her green eyes pierced his.

“Come back you bad wolf!”
Fen dropped onto his forelegs, his butt sticking straight up as he watched her come closer.

“Werfen…” she warned, her voice lowering into that dark timbre that he had come to oh so love. But still, he also loved tag. With slow deliberate steps she made her way up the hill, crouching lower as his body quivered in anticipation

Closer…closer. Now!
He lurched away, running further up along the trail as she groaned.

“You are a very bad wolf Werfen! I’m not going to chase after you anymore!!”

Kissandra watched as the wolf vanished around another bend, slowly adjusting the quiver on her back. With a small shrug she took a sip of her water. Fen would be back once he realized that the game was over. The forest was just too calm today, like something was going to happen. Closing the cork in her water bag she slung it back over her shoulder, her hand reaching to her hip to lightly rest against the dagger blade attached to her thigh. Again she heard Fen’s howl and with a smile she began to jog back down the slope, heading in the opposite direction that the black wolf had. Trees whipped past her face and bushes clawed at her hair as she made her way down the trail, slipping and sliding on the wet earth. She cleared the stream that a moment before a deer had drunk from, her boots slipping as she cleared rocks. Her laugh rose in her throat when she had reached the bottom, her chest rising and falling as her heart pounded though her ears. She threw back her head, a sound rising in her throat when something hit her from behind. Her body hit the earth as claws dug into her back, her face mashed into the green grass as she placed her hands alongside her body. She quickly rolled, and a few seconds later, Werfen was pinned under her. His silver eyes bored into her green ones as he sneezed. He didn’t like it when she ran from him, hated it to his core. His eyes narrowed with hers before she kissed his muzzle, letting him spin up and away as she rocked back on her heels. Today was such a good one.

Smiling she turned her attention back toward the wolf who was now skulking near the trees, his back towards her.

“No thanks to you Mr. Fuzzy Pants,” she growled, watching as the wolf flicked an ear back to catch her voice, “We don’t have any breakfast.”

Her complaint was answered by a sneeze before Werfen stood and carefully padded back towards her. His massive head reached her hip and she gently ran her fingers over his muzzle, between his eyes and back behind his ears, giving him a good long scratch. He leaned against her whining slightly as his eyes closed delicately. Who could be mad after that? With a small smile Kissandra took another sip of her water before walking down along their path toward their camp. Werfen bounded ahead of her, but never strayed too far from her sight. Her voice sang quietly to herself, occasionally catching glimpses of the capitol through the trees. Her lip curled and her voice grew strangled as she contemplated killing the king. Instinctively her hand reached for her dagger by instead found the furry nose of Werfen. He whined, his big silver eyes searching her face as she blinked a couple times.

“I’m okay boy. It’s okay.”

The wolf nodded once, his silky black fur whispering across her fingers as he now kept to her side. There wasn’t a night that went by where she didn’t think about it, or at least dream of it. That man had ruined her life and had kept her an outsider in the forest for much of her life. Still, she had done what she could, saving people and animals alike from the jaws of death and now she was seen as some sort of hero. Kissandra didn’t like to dwell on the thought, she hated the publicity, mostly because it had turned her into a hunted person…Fen froze. His ears picked up as he began to growl, his lip curling to revel a flash of white canines. Shaking her head she quietly drew her bow, notching an arrow to the string as she ran her fingers across the black feathers that were her signature. Her pants stretched slightly as she got to one knee, her green eyes piercing the trees around her.

“What do you see?”

His nose worked the air, his hair standing on end, hackles raised as his eyes turned toward the sky. The roar that cut the air knocked her back a couple steps, she’d know that sound anywhere.

“Run!” she cried, standing and running away from the capitol as all hell seemed to break loose. The sky was torn open and the weather began to shift from rain, to sleet, to snow and then back again. The water pelted her face, causing her skin to sting as if the water were burying into her skin. Fen was running beside her, whimpering as his teeth snatched at invisible foes. The wind dragged them back, pulling at her hair and clothing, the string of her bow humming as the wing tugged on that. Fen’s ears were tucked tight against his skull, his tail tight between his legs as they continued to make a run for it. Then, as abruptly as it began, everything stopped. Werfen was trembling against her, or maybe she was trembling against the wolf. She didn’t know. All she knew was that a Dragon had made a rare appearance above the capitol, and even more stunning was the fact that it had chosen such a dangerous place to make that appearance. Her green eyes met silver and stared.


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A lone figure walked up a forest path. The traveler was slight and wore a hooded cloak. He was Quinn Mardek, Merfolk, traveler, and ex-scout. Quinn may have been quiet on the outside, but inside he was fuming at himself. I can't control what I see! If I see something that looks dangerous I'm going to freak out! Isn't that normal? The group of scouts Quinn had been traveling with had been fairly patient, yes. He apparently went too far when he claimed that he saw a strange dark wraith lurking in the shadows, following their group. He had seen it. When he told the scouts about it they got freaked out. That was understandable. What Quinn didn't like was that when they found out he was hallucinating again they said that they were tired of him crying wolf. They didn't seem to understand that he actually saw these things and heard them too. They cast him out of their group, saying that their leader had some literacy and he could write things down. So here he was, wandering in search of society. He needed to restock on supplies and wanted to know the news of the area. He was in Eden, after all. He hadn't been there before.

So far he wasn't too impressed with Eden. He had heard that the country had once been the center of trade and was rich and prosperous. Either he was listening to untruthful people or things had changed. Eden hardly seemed to match the granduer of his native country, Auxeris. The people were shabbier, the towns seemed smaller, and there were less libraries. Maybe that was because Quinn hadn't passed through larger towns and seen the better things Eden had to offer. Maybe he was just patriotic. Whatever the case was, traveling in a foreign country was an adventure, even if it wasn't so special.

"Mind if I join you?"

Quinn looked up, startled at the sudden sound. His eyes landed upon a tall, salt an pepper haired man looking expectantly at him. "No, as long as you're friendly and not a hallucination."

The man chuckled. "I'm not going to harm you. And what for the Gods' sake makes you thing I'm a hallucination?"

"I see things that other people can't. People don't like when they think I'm talking to air," Quinn said, wondering if the man was going to leave because of his announcement.

"We all have our quirks. I'm Jelt, by the way. What's your name?" the man said.

"My name is Quinn. It is nice to meet you." Quinn started to follow the path more, wondering if this particular forest had any smell to it. There were other things he wondered, too. One of them was if leaves on trees seemed to blend together for other people, too. When he was still a child he had thought that there were no leaves on trees until they fell. This was simply because that the leaves just looked like one big green blur. One of the things he hoped to find in Eden were glasses. He had heard that they helped one see better.

The wind picked up, causing the trees to shake and the leaves to rustle. Rain pattered down, gradually coming quicker and quicker. Quinn looked up and saw an enormous storm off in the distance. Lighting flashed and thunder rumbled. Roiling clouds pelted the ground and unsuspecting travelers with their thick rain drops.

"This sure is some monster of a storm," Jelt said.

"I agree. I think we should take shelter," Quinn said, shouting to be heard over the storm.

The pair ran through the woods, searching for a place to hide from the rain. Quinn was completely surprised when the rain stopped abruptly as if it had never started. The bad thing was that he was no longer on the path and didn't know how to get back to it. "Jelt, do you know which way the path is?" he asked.

The man was gone. Either they had been seperated in the mad dash for shelter or Quinn had been hallucinating him all along. It was likely the latter that was true. Quinn gritted his teeth in frustration. Now he was lost. He had heard a wolf earlier and he was pretty sure he was hearing something real that time, so understandably he was scared.

Quinn started to blindly walk through the forest, hoping to find the path again. Although he didn't find the path he did find a person and their animal. It looked canine like, so it was probably a dog... but it could have been a wolf. He couldn't tell with his blurry vision. He hoped this person was safe.

"H-Hello, can you please show me where the path is? I would appreciate it greatly. If you know, at least. And you are really there, right?" Dang, he hated not being able to see clearly. He had only a very basic idea of what this person looked like. Would they respond? He desperately hoped he wasn't hallucinating again.


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The connection broke by the voice of a boy. Werfen’s eyes silver sparking, turned onto the intruder. His lip curled and slowly Kissandra stood. She turned, her eyes blinking as Werfen turned to move in front of her protectively.
“Easy boy. He’s okay. He won’t hurt us.”
She was a bit taken aback by how old the boy, or rather man was in front of her. His eyes were a rich blue, his hair yellow and silvery, shorter than she was and his body was thin, handsome enough. Though he was wet and cold; his eyes squinted and narrowed as if something was wrong with his vision. He didn’t really look like a traveler, his clothes were much too nice but odd, but rather like a city boy, one who was lost. He looked angry at himself, she could read it in the tight knit way his muscles contracted as he spoke and she easily brushed her way past Werfen. The wolf tensed but didn’t move from his place, his black nose working the scent of the boy.
“I’m real, so is Werfen, my wolf. My name is Kissandra.”
She made her way forward, stepping close enough until she could almost touch him. She smiled softly, her eyes softening as she motioned Werfen forward. The wolf padded his way forward only to touch his nose against the boy’s hand. It was better this way, Kissandra thought, at least then he could see for himself that they were real. Why he asked that was unknown, but Kissandra and found herself wondering if the world around her was real too after that Dragon. Perhaps this stranger could help her out too.
“Who are you? What are you?”


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Easy boy. He’s okay. He won’t hurt us.” The person said to their animal. The voice of the person identified them as a female. “I’m real, so is Werfen, my wolf. My name is Kissandra.” The woman moved closer to Quinn and she came into focus. She was taller than he was, but most people were. She was more muscular, too, but that was another thing that most people were. Sometimes it was annoying how delicately built he was. Everyone expected a man to be tall and strong but here he was, short and slim as a boy.

The wolf padded closer to Quinn, too, touching his wet black nose to his hand. This confirmed that this person and the wolf were real. His hallucinations never touched him. Quinn patted the wolf on the head, more to convince himself that the wolf wasn't going to hurt him than anything else. He shivered. His cloak had warded off most of the rain but some of it had still seeped into his clothing, stealing the heat away from his body.

Who are you? What are you?” the woman asked.

"My name is Quinn Mardek. As for what I am there is a couple different things. I am of the Merfolk race, I am a scribe, and I am lost. I'm other things, too, but I doubt you want the whole list," Quinn said, smiling a little. He felt more at ease now that he had verified this person was real, but the wolf still unnerved him. He had hallucinated being stalked by wolves before, which was an unpleasant experience. He had read stories of wolves being tamed before, so he guessed that he didn't have much of a reason to be scared. Mentally shrugging his fear off he said, "That was sure one heck of a storm, wasn't it? Are storms like this normal in Eden? It passed by so quick, too."


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Kissandra smiled back, her eyes sparkling with compassion.
“We have some time to get to the main path again Quinn; I’d love to hear what travels you’ve been on. As for that storm, that was a Dragon. They’re exceedingly rare and this one was somewhat of a fool. No Dragon would dare approach the castle, yet this one did, and somehow it survived long enough to fly away. Here, we’ll talk while we walk. Fen, scout.”

The wolf nodded and loped off, leaving her and Quinn alone as she turned and began walking away, leading him in the direction that the wolf had taken off. She bent down to grab her bow, the poor thing resting in a patch of wet grass. She shook the water off the wood, her fingers gently stroking over the soft wood, frowning slightly. It wasn’t ruined; it would just slip out of her fingers if she ever needed to use it. With a small reassuring smile she walked beside Quinn, pointing him in the basic direction.
“Are you new to Eden? A traveler from a completely different world? Where have you been? What have you seen? I’ve been all over-” her voice was drowned out as there was a sudden roar, loud and thunderous as she glanced over at Quinn.

“I hope you can run,” she said softly before running forward. In an instant Fen stood beside Quinn, hackles raised as he nudged the boy forward, his silver eyes locked onto the sky. Circling nearby they could make out the forms of several different dragons. Kissandra pushed through the trees and stumbled out onto the path. There in front of her she watched as the mass of Dragons left, two in the water, and two smaller forms standing by them. She notched an arrow and drew back, taking aim at the two closest dragons.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Werfen sniffed the air, his lip curing as he paced beside He-Who-Was –To-Be-Guarded. The body didn’t smell afraid/frightened, well, not of what had just happened, but rather afraid of he/Werfen. He snorted, and gently nosed the boy in the direction where Kissandra/Heart had gone. He whined muscles straining/fighting to go after her/Heart but rules were rules. Heart would be back/return. His large body twisted back to boy/man, running his head under his hand/paw. He smelled of salt/sea/ocean and confusion. Barking, Werfen loped forward before bouncing back, repeating the action.

Come on!!


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Green eyes flashed, her eyes narrowing as she carefully looked for a break in the scales of the green dragon. She took a steadying breath; her fingers gently stroked the black feathers her eyes looking down the sharp point of her arrow thirsting for blood. She let it fly, listening as it cracked against the tree where the dragon had been near. The back tip shuddered and quivered, pieces of bark breaking away in splinters and spinning out of control. The Dragon was now standing protectively in front of the people she was trying to protect. She jumped away from where she had originally been standing, anyone could trace where the arrow had come from and she didn’t want to take that chance. It was best though, for a moment later, the place where she had been standing was shocked by the challenging roar of the green dragon. She quickly drew another arrow, drawing back and taking aim when the human stepped around the Dragon, raising its hands as if to protect it. Kissandra paused, she had heard of Dragons protecting people, but had never seen such a reaction as this. First the brush of a mind against her shields, alien and cold it had caused her skin to crawl. Still, it hadn’t done any harm, nor had it tried to talk to her. Her lip curled in a savage growl, watching curiously as a girl walked around the green dragon.

No harm? Were they telling the truth? Or perhaps they were under the Dragons spell. She knew of their power. Personally. It was better not to take any chances. She lowered her bow, keeping the arrow knocked as she made her way through the trees. She would approach them from a different angle. Using a touch of magic she made her voice come from the area where she had been standing when the first shot was fired.
“No harm? Do you lie in Dragon tongue?”

A moment later her voice appeared behind them.

“And what happens if I show my face?”

Again she played her voice like the whisper of the wind.

“How do I know I can trust you Dragonkin?”

Then her voice rang from all around.

“Perhaps Gritos has changed his mind; do you now fight against what I fight for?”


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Delzah listened to the voices come from all around and smiled, somewhat impishly, as he stared straight ahead into the trees. He was not at all fooled by the magic or impressed by its use. He had seen this trick before, and it had in fact been used by a friend of his when he was little to scare him during the night.

He appreciated what Larien and Volos were trying to do, but he had a much more effective method for dealing with these situations.

"These questions and accusations are completely unnecessary. If you were truly unsure as to whether or not you could trust me, I would already have an arrow in my chest, wouldn't I?" He announced loudly.

"Face it! You're more interested than afraid, as well as more mystified than intimidated by the young Dragon which stands behind me." He said loudly.

His impish smile faded and a frown appeared on his face as he glared ahead, his eyes widening and the red flex in his eyes beginning to glow a bright and deep blood red coloration easily visible at a distance even during the daylight.

"But be warned. If you do not extend to me this mild level of trust I am asking of, I will retract what little trust of you I have... Aura!" He called.

With that, the water behind him in the lake exploded once again, sending a blast of mist skyward as Aura's huge frame landed beside Delzah. Her tail whipped around and took the tops off of several trees and her wings shot air forward towards where the arrow had come from, as well as a good fifty feet to either side which was sure to at least force whoever was there before to find cover from the wind.

Delzah took a few steps forward from his position, telling Volos mentally to keep Larien with him behind Aura for protection before speaking to whomever was there.

"This Dragon has activated the Dragon's Heart Pact with me, and her name is Aura. Her name will be the last you ever hear if you decide that you wish to do any of us harm. Aura's breath can easily incinerate you and the forest you now hide in, so make your choice now. Show yourself peacefully, and Aura will stand down and we can talk about this like civilized beings. If you fire even a single arrow at any of us, you will burn before the arrow ever hits its target."

Aura's mouth opened and began to glow an ominous white and light blue hue as energy began to gather in force within her body. The winds began to circle around her as her energy rose and the power within her mouth began to grow.


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#, as written by Wild1
"No," he said eventually, "this is…unprecedented."

That said, the old man knelt down and eased the traveling pack out from the boy's loose-fingered grip. He hefted it onto his own shoulders before turning back to the Maeve and continuing gravely, "However, I do not believe it was the dragons, either."

"If you ask, me, I'd say it was karma. Turnips, you see. Them and Rill never got along very well."

Maeve blinked and her face clearly showed her rather confusion. Did the old man just say that the boy was sick because he didn’t like turnips?

She’d always suspected that vegetables were secretly plotting the downfall of those who ate them.

But in all seriousness, the old man was batshit crazy.

"Well, we'll be continuing along our way, miss. If you follow this path in the opposite direction, it'll take you to the Capitol. 'Twas very nice meeting you, yes indeed." He smiled at her, revealing crooked teeth, and added, "I do hope you like tea."

The old man tossed a little package of teabags to Maeve and she smiled. He was definitely crazy, but he’d given her directions to the capitol and she got free tea, so he was okay by her.

She had just pocketed the teabags and was preparing to move off when a dragon’s roar echoed out from the forest nearby. Great, another one.

"I suppose it's picnic day for dragons and nobody told us, eh?"

She smiled tensely, “I don’t think that one liked the turnips.”

Suddenly, without due warning, a giant tail lashed out knocking down the tops of trees and several branches fell to the floor below.

“By the great tree!” Maeve jumped back. She always started reverting to nymph phrases when she got freaked out.

Choruses of ows echoed out from the forest and one particularly large branch landed less than a foot from where the old man was standing.

"What do you suppose it going on?" the old man said mildly.


Maeve snarled at the retreating form of the dragons tail, “ I do not know.”

She turned to the old man, “You okay?”

Without wait for a response she drew her knife and charged into the forest after the retreating form of the tail.

She called out behind her, “I’m gonna go try and knock some sense into the owner of that tail.” It was, after all, about time she had a talk with the dragons around here. They were starting to get pretty freaking obnoxious.

Maeve charged through the trees, earning herself some brand new battle scrapes. When she emerged into the clearing, where the winds were blowing with incredible force, her eyes skimmed over its occupants briefly before coming to a rest on the dragon whose scale color matched that of the tail, which had just nearly killed the old man.

A normal, sensible person would have stopped and taken a moment to reflect on the situation. The dragon wasn’t alone, it had conjured winds, and white light was shining from its mouth. On top of that it was a dragon This was not a fight Maeve would win.

Of course, Maeve wasn’t a normal sensible person.

So Maeve stomped angrily through the winds, towards the dragon, with her knife drawn. As the multitude of scrapes she’d earned leaked blood onto her arms and legs she shouted “OY! What do you think you’re doing!”


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Energy, masses of it growing and contorting and twisting. It made the hair on her scalp tingle and her skin to shiver. If they wanted to play this way, she could try. But her small magic tricks were nothing compared to that of a dragon. Her lips curled into a snarl. Drawign a deep breath she drew back her bow and carefully took aim. Kissandra watched with eyes narrowed as she once again made her position known through another arrow which landed at the boy’s feet. There was no use hiding. The crazy Dragon was about to destroy everything that Kissandra had sworn to keep protected. Pulling her hood up over her face she sprinted out, bow drawn back as she aimed into the Dragons mouth.

“I suggest you tell it to stop unless you really want it to have a serious tooth ache,” she paused, the words coming out of her mouth sounding just as ridiculous as she thought they would be, but hey, everything sounded cooler in your own head. “Or,” she said, now speaking to the Dragon, “You could stop before this arrow punctures his heart.”

She slowly swiveled her aim until it was at him, making her arms quiver in a look like effort.

“I would hurry and make your decision Dragon; I don’t think I can hold on much longer.”

She was using a touch of magic again, her voice deep and gravelly with each word, each menacing word. They stood in a stare down, Dragon and Kissandra when something drew her attention from them all. It was a Nymph, blade in hand, her voice ringing across the clearing. Kissandra let the arrow fly, it singing as it slammed into a tree again.

Damn it!! That was the third arrow she’d wasted today, she snarled and quickly drew another, turning her attention back to the matter at hand.

"I want your word that no harm shall come to me or my forest. Not from the likes of it," she nodded her head toward the dragon, "Only then will I back down."


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Delzah stared at this new arrival without emotion or fear present in his being. Her arrows meant nothing. Even if Aura hadn't been there to protect him, his own magic would stop her arrows cold before they ever reached him. Being half High Elf, Delzah's magic was stronger than that of the girl who stood before him.

He could sense she was part Elf, but otherwise her own magic was still nothing compared to his because whatever else was present in her blood held no common ground with her Elven ancestry to successfully transfer the full potency of the Elven magic through her bloodline. As it stood, her magic was good for little more than throwing her voice around and using cheap theatrics. With Delzah being High Elf and Elf, two very closely related bloodlines, the magic was only slightly diluted from his High Elf ancestry, but was none the less very powerful. If he had wanted to, he could have incinerated a good section of the forest before him with little more than a simple incantation.

Meanwhile, Delzah had heard the voice of someone new approaching, but he paid her absolutely no attention. His mind was focused on one thing right now, and whoever it was who had been speaking off to the side would have to wait.

He took a step forward towards the girl with a bow and waved his hand back to Aura, who promptly began to reabsorb the energy she had gathered from her surroundings as the white light in her mouth faded and her mouth closed. She stood there, silent, and glaring at the new arrival. Ready at a moment's notice to kill her if she made one wrong move. Delzah, however, returned his own emotionless glare to the girl before them.

"Aura is not an it, she's a she. Learn some respect, little half Elf." He said as he continued walking forward until he was standing right in front of her.

He slapped her bow and arrow out of his face, and continued speaking.

"And if you're going to threaten a Dragon, I suggest that next time you do so without a simple piece of wood. Those arrows mean nothing to Aura's flesh. Even in areas as soft as her mouth, her skin is still too strong to be pierced by such trivial weapons. Those might work on common forest animals and human flesh, but never have they ever worked against a Dragon."

He turned around and walked over to pick up the arrow she had fired at his feet earlier. As he picked it up he snapped it in half three times over and tossed it to the side, flicking his finger and lighting the remains on fire.

"And if you're going to threaten a High Elf hybrid, I suggest you do so with a more... potent weapon than that bow of yours. Even if Aura had not protected me, I could easily destroy your arrows and that bow before the arrow ever reached me."

He turned his back to her completely, speaking over his shoulder as he walked back towards Aura.

"You are obviously not very intelligent if you thought you could stand against two Dragons with nothing but that bow of yours. No arrow, no matter how well forged, could pierce the hide of a Dragon. You'd best learn when you're hopelessly outmatched, because next time you find yourself in that scenario, it will likely be against people who are your enemies and who will not hesitate to kill you. Today, Aura and Volos both spared your life only because Larien and myself made them. I would show a little more gratitude if I were you."

He stopped walking when he reached Aura's left front leg and turned back around to face the girl. He put one hand on Aura's leg just above her wrist and looked at Aura out of the corner of his eye before looking back to the girl before him.

"I will give you one more chance to drop your hostilities and stop acting like a fool. If there are any logical or critical thinking skills in that brain of yours, then I'd suggest using them now. If we were your enemies, your forest would already have burned to the ground and you'd have been dead long ago."

He took his hand off Aura's ankle and walked forward two steps, his tone icy and cold.

"Make your choice now, because I've made mine. If you point one more arrow at me, you're dead where you stand. If you put the bow and arrow away, then I will stop treating you like a hostile presence and we can move on. After what we just saw happen with Ehdenvaal, I have no desire to remain here in Eden any longer. Girotos will be heading this way before long, searching for any straggling Dragons he can find and I will not allow Aura to be here when he arrives."


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Kissandra stood still. Dumbstruck. He had touched her bow. He had walked right up to her and touched her bow. How dare he touch her bow. Her anger flared and something strong filled her gut and steadied her shaking body. Her fingers clenched around her bow, the wood groaning in her hand under the pressure. She was beyond angry, furious even. Her arm reached up to touch the feathers in her quiver. The tips weren’t made or stone or steal like these fools thought. Something rarer, and much prettier. Dragon scales weren’t hard to shape. With quick movements she quickly knocked another arrow. The moment she did, however, something calm and cool broke through her mind, soothing it, caressing it. She froze, eyes widening as the being carefully twisted her thoughts around, made her see from a different angle, all the while petting her emotions and soothing her temper. She blinked as it withdrew, leaving the bow at her side as she glanced toward the two dragons, the angry little Elf and the Nymph, who was furious at the opposite side. Sure, it was hell. Yes, it did seem like a fight that she would enjoy, and it was undoubtedly dangerous. Yet there was something, amusing, about all this. She giggled, pulling back her hood and bowing low.

“Forgive me Elf kin and Dragon kind. I assume you are Travelers of Eden, so you to know the risk that each day we take. If any offence was given, I apologize. Aura isn’t it?” she addressed the dragon, her head dipping again, “I hope that you can see that I would never dream of hurting your Heart. Sometimes, Sharp Claws, it is better to put up a front and be prepared than to be friendly and get killed.”


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"You okay?" the woman said, glaring after the dragon's tail in unconcealed irritation.

"Well, I am a bit hungry," Quan said honestly, "and my left eye is a bit itchy. But other than that, yes, I am fi…"

He suddenly found himself talking to empty air, and blinked in bemusement. The woman had already charged off the path and into the tangled depths of the forest. She spared a brief moment to call behind her—"I’m gonna go try and knock some sense into the owner of that tail!"—before leaping away and vanishing within the leafy foliage.

Quan chuckled. "Impatient little lass, I see. Come now, Enna. Anne."

And so the little group merrily headed on their way.

Not even five minutes later Quan realized that they had a problem. Forget turnips—in their haste to get away from the Capitol, they had forgotten to refill their water flasks. A rookie's mistake, really. Fortunately, according to Quan's map, there was supposed to be a lake around here somewhere. Quan inspected the old map, lined with wrinkles, and for a brief moment wondered if his face looked as wrinkly as the map did. Hmm. Maybe. No matter; he was probably better-looking, anyway.

Chuckling to himself, the old man continued to study the map, looking for—oh, there it was. The aforementioned lake. If this map was to be trusted, then the lake would be…

…Right back down the road where they had come from.


"Looks like we're going to be doubling back, my friends," Quan said to his companions. Or the conscious ones, anyway. "You holding up alright, Anne?"

Anne made a noise that was somewhere between a whinny and a whimper.

"Good, good! Onwards, then; let us make like a leaf and tree!"

If mules could form human expressions, both would be leveling twin deadpan stares at the old man. Quan smiled back at them and began to hum.

And so the little group merrily headed back to where they came from.

The lake was gorgeous. It extended out like a vast pool of silvery mercury, framed by dark-wooded trees with their dotted leaves and curling vines. Long shafts of grass swayed to the rhythm of the wind, and the water cast sheets of dainty ripples on its mirror-like surface. It was all so terribly picturesque. The perfect place to for a little break.

Of course, there were also two large dragons, two elves, a girl with a bow, and that other woman from before who was waving around what seemed to be a dagger, but Quan was an easygoing kind of guy and didn't let that bother him. Those dragons were probably just here for that picnic, anyway. He wondered for a moment whether or not dragons liked tea.

Unlike Quan, Enna and Anne seemed rather antsy, and were eyeing the two reptilian creatures with a mulish sort of nervousness. Quan patted them lightly on their necks.

"It's rude to stare," he said. "Come now, my friends, drink up. Leave the dragons to their fine picnic."

It took a lot more coaxing, but the two of them finally relaxed enough to approach the lake. Even so, they still seemed to be trying to simultaneously drink and watch the dragons at the same time. Cautious little creatures, these mules.

Quan proceeded to fill his water flasks, making sure to purify the liquid with a few drops of iodine. You never knew what unpleasant sort of bugs roamed the water, no matter how clean it appeared to be. With their water supplies replenished, Quan then set about unstrapping Rill from his awkward placement on Anne's back. Hopefully the boy would wake soon. Anne deserved a break, after all.

Once all that was done, Quan settled down on a nearby piece of flat rock and propped his walking stick on top of his knees. As long as Rill continued being so insistent on spending his time unconscious, Quan might as well take advantage of the downtime to give his old bones a rest. There'd be plenty of time for travel later. For now, Enna and Anne could rest, he could rest, and they all could maybe sing a ditty or two.

In the end he had to sing by himself because Enna and Anne simply refused to join in, the spoilsports. Clearing his throat, Quan began a simple tune he'd made up all by himself the other day. His voice rose in a dry warble, creaky and off-key:

"In the forest o'er here,
I happ'ly think of you, my dear;
A-flower'n with blues n' greens,
And polka-dotted lima beans.


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We have some time to get to the main path again Quinn; I’d love to hear what travels you’ve been on. As for that storm, that was a Dragon. They’re exceedingly rare and this one was somewhat of a fool. No Dragon would dare approach the castle, yet this one did, and somehow it survived long enough to fly away. Here, we’ll talk while we walk. Fen, scout.” Kissandra said.

A dragon? I couldn't see it. This stinks. A dragon comes and I can't see the dang thing. Quinn maked a small, frustrated noise.

Are you new to Eden? A traveler from a completely different world? Where have you been? What have you seen? I’ve been all over-" Kissandra broke off. Quinn followed her gaze upward to a hole in the sky. Some blobby creatures were flying out of it. They had to be dragons. Dragons don't look that impressive. Then again, it's probably just my bad vision ruining the sight again.I hope you can run,” Kissandra said in a low voice. She darted off into the woods.

The wolf went beside Quinn, nudging him forward. Run? Why are we running? There better be a good reason for this. Quinn started a mad dash after Kissandra. It reminded him of fleeing from the storm, which was apparently caused by a dragon, too. What the heck is going on today? Is it dragon day or something?

Quinn did his best to keep up with the woman and her wolf but he quickly lagged behind. He was small, which didn't help with speed, and he also didn't run often. He tired quickly when running. He could walk for miles but for whatever reason he just couldn't run fast or far. Another reason why he wasn't cut out to be a hunter. Although it frustrated him he had to slow to a walk before long. The wolf, Werfen, remained beside him, both a comfort and a slight fright. The wolf seemed friendly, but you never knew with animals. Get over it. Werfen's fine.

Before he knew it Quinn found himself following the wolf. Maybe it was trust, maybe it was because he didn't have anything better to do. Anyways, the wolf was kind enough to wait for him. Some hazy figures came into sight at the edge of a lake. Something burst from the water. Quinn could hear voices but he was too far away to make out words. A bright white light shone from the lake monster's mouth, slowly gaining size. Curiousity overcame fear and Quinn walked towards it as quietly as he could.

Then he happened to trip over a root, making a loud thud as he face planted the ground. Standing up, he wrapped his dark blue cloak around himself tightly for reassurance. He could see now that an enormous dragon was in the lake and there was another one near by. Sure, they still did look like blurry blobs, but they were unmistakable. If he could just get a bit closer he could actually see the dragons well and in focus! But now he had accidentally announced himself and he could be in deep trouble.

"Hello, dragons and people alike. I mean no harm. May I come closer without being threatened?" he said. He didn't recognized any of the people, but that wasn't out of the ordinary. He couldn't make out any discerning features on any of them.


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#, as written by Runika
As Renali walked through the forest, she could hear a commotion up ahead. The closer she got to the apparent source of a dragon, the more damage she saw. At first she saw branches lying on the forest floor, then the damage become more obvious as she trekked through. Trees had been beheaded and although she simply fluttered over the mess, she did not like the sight of such damage. Even though it was difficult to see through the trees, at certain angles she was able to see a massive creature. Could it be the dragon? She felt a strange mix of fear and excitement, but she did not feel the same malicious energy she had felt from the obsidian colored dragon, which made her feel a lot more secure. Very intrigued, she picked up her flying rate.

When she finally arrived at a clear area, she was able to oversee the events occurring at the body of water. There it was; the dragon! She was staring in awe until she realized that the dragon was appearing to prepare itself for an attack. Worried about the range of the attack, Renali didn’t step into the clearing. Instead she looked around. She hadn’t noticed the other people in the area until now. Her immediate instinct to hide her identity kicked in and once again there was a white flash before her wings disappeared.

There was someone with pure white hair, who just seemed to be running at the dragon. Just what were they doing. Her attention turned to the actual people around the dragon. Were they talking to someone in the forest? She saw a young boy walk out and confront someone. The dragon was no longer preparing to attack. Did it stop the attack on its own? Or did someone tell it to stop? Did the dragon belong to someone? Could it be a dragon’s heart pact? At this point Renali was able to smile. This was definitely the most interesting day of her life. To be able to see so many dragons personally and not simply just hear about them in stories and tales, it was truly amazing.

Oh, how she wanted to greet the dragon. However, she was nervous and afraid. Would it attack her? Would it even let her go near it? Well, she had to at least try. Renali stepped out of the forest and started walking down to the lake. There was a smaller dragon there as well, how quaint. Today certainly must be a special day, to be able to see so many dragons of different sizes, types, and ages. There seemed to be something else next to the dragon, a cocoon of some sort? Strange, strange.

The faerie could hear a rather dreadful sound. It wasn’t until she realized it was a elderly human’s singing before she laughed. Although it was not a voice she could praise, it was definitely something worth applauding. She admired the human for being able to stand in such close proximity of a dragon and yet act as if nothing were wrong at all. Oh, and those lyrics; pure genius.

A loud thud was then heard. She turned to see a young male lying on the ground. Did he just fall on his face? Her answer was confirmed when she stood back up in a hurry. She couldn’t help be start to laugh at the poor boy. To experience so many emotions in one day, how strange.