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Kavel Corferanu

Eden will fall and I will kill the emperor myself!

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a character in “Dragons”, as played by dimon lord


Name:Kavel Corferanu
Age:27 (human but looks to be around 20)
Race:Half Human, Half Dark Elf.

Written Appearance: Kavel has more round ear's then elf's but more to a point then humans. He carries a Runic blade at his hip. Kavel's hair is goes down to his hips

Height: 5'7
Hair Color: purple
Eye Color:purple
Body Type: athletic

Personality: Being a half breed ever seance Kavel was young he has been a rejected from society and thus is cold to those around him. He is normally and quiet and cold yet strangely charismatic but if someone can become his friend he becomes a nice guy who will help them no matter the cost. Do to his past when Kavel see's someone being picked on no matter who it is, he will step in and stop it. He is hard working and has a will of iron. He enjoys fighting, the way it make's his blood race, the thrill of risking his life.
Quirks: when thinking very hard about something Kavel crosses his arms and repetitively tapes his index finger on his arm.



Kavel had no talent for normal magic but showed a talent for enchanting. He has developed a system,that made his enchanting piratical in combat. With his command of the arcane he cast spells that place's temporary magic runes on a person or an object empowering the object or enhancing a trait of the person the rune is placed upon. He can place a maximum of four runes

Runic Blade: The ancient Sword in covered in runes that enhance spells that are cast though the blade.

Good Food.
Accepting people.

Those who abuse there power.

Biography: To tell the tail of Kavel's story you must go back to the story of his mother. Amaer was a Dark elf who served as a proud knight, respected by all in the small kingdom name Ovandaren. Her life was a simple one but happy. But this life of joy did not last. Eden's army's in there endless conquest attacked Ovandaren. There army's Stuck like a mighty hammer crushing city's one after another. Amaer was assigned to protect one of these small city's. When one of the Eden's forces attack the city she was assigned too a bloody battle erupted and both forces were devastated with Eden's forces emerging victories. Amaer who was baddy wounded in the battle managed to escape.

Dragging her wounded body away from the battle field she fled. She applied her magic to get her as far away as she could and to keep her body from collapsing on her. For three days and night's she ran and on the forth she collapsed. As she felt her life ebbing out of her she felt her body being lifted up by a set of firm hands. With her version failing her she could only make out the shape of a man before she blacked out.

When Amaer awoke she was laying on a bed in a log cabin with her wounds bandaged. She turned and saw a man hunching over a fire attending to a stew. When he had noticed she had awoken the man approached her and told her of how he found her in his field and of how he attended her wound's. For three weeks she stayed her as the man nursed her back to heath. The man was no more than a simple farmer but was kind to her. When she had regained her strength Amaer made her preparations to leave but she had fallen for the human who had shown her such kindness and she decided to stay with the man she loved.

Once more Amaer had found happiness but fate can be cruel as proven in this story. Three month's after her arrival at the farm an Eden patrol appeared with a warrant for Amaer's arrest. When Amaer refused to go quietly the men tried to take her by force. The farmed attacked the patrol that way trying to take away his woman killing several of the men giving time for Amaer to get to her blade to turn only to see the farmer get cut down. As his lifeless body slump to the ground, hot tears streamed from her eye's at hatred burned inside of her and with a fury like hell had not seen she slaughtered the men who had taken her love one away from her like animals. After the carnage she had reaped, she took her lovers body into there cabin and gathered what she needed from it then set it ablaze. A funeral fit for a king.

She rode off,far away from Eden to a small village were she found that she with child. There she raised the child with love and care, teaching him about magic although the boy had little talent, and about his father whom had died to bravely to save both of them. She taught him about Eden, the kingdom that ruined her life. The child was unique being both elf and human make all the other children distance themselves from him and bully him, yet no matter how bullied he was the boy would never cry instead he would just ignored the others until his mother would come to help him and he would get a large smile on his face. For year's they lived in the small village and Amaer watch with pride as her son grew into a strong, honorable man.

On Kavel's eighteenth birthday Amaer gave her blade over to Kavel who had managed to earn the respect of his fellow villagers over time but the flames of war haunted Amaer's bloodline and once more Eden's Army's invaded there lives. A small yet elite force raided the village burring everything it. Amaer and Kavel were the only defense the small village had and together they fought back to back but not even the two mighty warriors could fight off such a force. Amaer was no longer in her prime, her movements slow and her strikes week. Amaer made a mistake and lost her footing taking a spear though her chest and fell to the ground as the rest of the forces retreated knowing that they had done there job of destroying the village. Kavel ran to her and held her dying body in his arm's. Too week to even speak she simply mouthed the words "I .....Love........You........" and Kavel roared out in pain and the only one who truly excepted him died in his arms. Thus ended the life of Amaer Corferanu.

Kavel having his mother torn away from him Kavel set his eye's on revenge. For the next seven years Kavel fought Eden wherever he could. He started up a rebel war band that preformed hit a run's on small encampments but there attacks were like mere bug bites to them and Kavel knew that he need more power if he was to become a real threat to the mighty Eden. For next two year's Kavel has searched for the dragons believing that there strength will be able to turn the tides of war. Now he believes he may know the location of a dragon and is on his way to hopefully find himself a new ally.
(occ:I know its a long background and tell me if there is anything wrong with it)

So begins...

Kavel Corferanu's Story


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Kavel sighed as he got off his horse. It was night and had been riding for the past week trying to get to the small town of Endealor and he was sore because of it. For the past two year Kavel had put aside his quest of vengeance of trying to destroy Eden knowing that he did not have enough power to see his dream though and began his search for a new ally, one that would bring power to his cause. A dragon. After chasing down false leads one after another, each proving to be no more than rumors for the past two years this newest lead gave Kavel hope. There had been rumors about a powerful monster living in a cave near the village. Anyone who went in search of the monster had never returned and no one had seen the beast. Kavel who previously had been following less likely leads assumed that the monster would either be a dragon, and his quest would come to an end, or some random beast which he would proceed to slay. Kavel looked around the town as saw that it was dirt poor. Those who were still up and about were filthy, wearing rags and seemed to be depressed. The town was probably heavily taxed for the war effort.

Kavel quickly located the bar and headed in. Bars were a great source of information as well as a good way to resupply and relax after a long journey. Kavel paused for a moment as he was hit by the musky smell of the bar and the many voices that flooded the room. Kavel walked to the bartender who looked to be a kind old man and ordered a platter of hot food and a drink. After being served his food he sat down in a empty corner and began to enjoy his meal. The bar grew louder as the night grew deeper and more was drinks were passed around. After Kavel had finished his meal he got himself a room for the night it will be good to sleep in a bed once more he thought as he started walking up the steps, but turned around when he heard a girl scream and some dishes shatter.

What Kavel saw was of little surprise. One of the men who had been drinking more heavily than his friends was holding onto one of the serving girl's wrist "haaayyoupprittylady*hick*givemeakisshehehe" the man said slurring his works so badly it was hard for Kavel to understand what the man had said. The man was large, around six and a half feet and very muscular. The girl was obviously too scared to speak up was young and was rather scrawny and did not have the strength to resist the man's advances . Kavel noticed the older bartender going for a club he had leaning on the wall. Kavel tapped his knuckle on the wall next to the bartenders head making the man look up to him where their eyes met. Kavel waved his hand back and forth indicating that he would handle the problem. The old man grunted moved back to his former stance, but was ready to pounce if something went wrong.

Kavel walked over to the man who was trying to get a kiss of the girl. Kavel wrapped his left hand around the big mans wrist "I suggest that you let the lady go sir" Kavel said in a calm voice and tightened his grip.

"" the big man paused and he tried to come up with an insult. Kavel felt he would become drunk himself for the man's breath reeked of alcohol.

"Don't think too hard now, we don't want you to hurt yourself" Kavel said in a smug tone. Kavel hated people like this. Those types who do whatever they please just because they are strong. The big man did not take well to the insult as his face went red with anger. He pulled his fist back and swung with all of his strength aiming at Kavel's head. A normal man would have probably tried to block but Kavel was an experienced veteran so he simply sidestepped the clumsy blow. Kavel's right hand formed a fist then without hesitation Kavel brought the strength of his battle hardened muscles to bear and hit the man in the gut sending him flying into the table he was sitting at knocking the man out cold as well as breaking the table.

The bar went silent as Kavel walked over to the girl who had been knocked down during the brawl and offered her a hand up which she took. After Kavel helped the girl up he then walked over to the bartender and pulled out two gold coins. "What is this for?" the man said surprised by the large about of money.

"First is for the room, the food and the damages and the second is for the girl" replied Kavel as he turned around and left before anyone had the chance to speak. He proceeded to get his horse and headed into the woods. After flashing the gold it was no longer safe to stay in town as many who were desperatet for money would attack him so it was off to go camping once more.


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Kavel Awoke at dawn to the sound of footsteps approaching. Pretending to still be asleep Kavel grasped the hilt of his sword ready to fight off whoever was approaching him. A hand was pressed upon his shoulder and that was when Kavel made his move. He grabbed the hand and pulled with down hard throwing the person down to the ground. Without giving his opponent a chance to regain herself Kavel drew his blade and put it down on her neck. For the first time Kavel got a good look at the girls face and saw that it was the serving girl from the night before. Her hair was messed up and her eyes were filled with fear, locked onto the blade at her throat. Kavel removed the blade and returned it to its sheath. "What are you doing her girl" he said in a cold tone not bothering to help her up.

"I-I came to thank to for l-last night" she stuttered out as she picked herself up. "W-Would you tell me your name a-and why you came to such a small s-such as ours?

Kavel brushed off his clothing removing the dirt that had stuck to him during the night "I will not tell you my name" he paused knowing that he was a wanted man "but I will tell you my business. I came here to investigate rumors of a beast living in a cave around here although I don't have a clue to about were i can find it, care to help out?" he said his voice clear and smooth.

The girls eye widened and she brought her arm to her chest as though to defend herself from a blow. "Don't go" she said, her voice filled with fear "If you do.... you will die, many others have tried but none have returned."

Kavel just looked her in the eye "I can not die" he announced and the girl got a puzzled look on his face "I can not die because I have something I must do before I can have the luxury of dieing and I will find this cave one way or another so all I ask of you is to point to way." The girl's shoulders dropped in defeat, she could not deny a man with such a strong conviction and pointed west.

Kavel mounted his horse are headed west like the girl told him. An hour passed as he rode until he reached the cave. Kavel felt a chill go down his spine. There was an air around this cave, one that did not set well in Kavel's stomach, it felt as thought the cave had a will of its own and that it was telling them to go back. A gust of wind blew from the cave making Kavels horse rise onto it's two back hooves throwing Kavel. As he fell off the horse he landing on his back. Kavel picked himself up as the horse ran off leaving him alone Too late to back off now he thought as he took his first steps into the cave.

As Kavel proceeded deeper into the cave he began to smell a foul stench which keep getting stronger the farther he went. Soon Kavel discovered the source of the foul odder, a corps of an adventurer that looked as though it was sliced in two. Not the most promising site He thought as he passed it by. Soon Kavel found more corpses getting older the father he went in. There were human body's, elven body's, cows, sheep and more. Kavel had never seen such a mass of bones and corpses. The human like body's looked as though they where decomposing naturally were as the animals looked as though they had been eaten for there were more bones broken and seemed to have bite marks in them.

Kavel took a step foreword and stepped on a bone braking it making a loud snapping noise ring though the cave. Kavel paused as silence envelped the cave. Kavel relaxed as it seemed as though nothing would happen but then he head something cutting though the air. Kavel leaned back just in time as a large bladed tail whipped by slicing open his chest. Kavel jumped back and looked at the cut, thankfully it was just a flesh wound. Another attack came at him but this time he was ready. "Speed" Kavel yelled as a glowing rune was placed on his back making him fast enough to doge the second blow with some ease. Several more attacks came but with his enhanced speed Kavel dogged them all.

To Kavels surprise there was a pause in the attacks and he heard a voice ring though his head. Leave now fool before I slay you like the others who have came to hunt me down

"I shale not leave for i have come here in search of something "Kavel proclaimed

what could one such as yourself be in search for here, whelp responded the voice

"I came here in search of a dragon" he said

A large shinning metallic head of a bladed dragon emerged from the shadows Then you have found what you seek


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Kavel was taken back at what was standing before him. After years of searching he had finally found what he had been searching for but what was next to come was the hard part. The dragon was bigger then he had imagined being eight feet at the shoulder and forty feet long and still did not seem like it was as big as it was going to be. Why is it that you are in search of the dragons, whelp? Are the like the others who came here to hunt me down, are you here to become one of the corpses that lay at your feet?

"I came in search of an ally that could make me see my drams though. I need your power, I need your help." Kavel said making sure not to sound like he was desperate.

Then you have wasted your time for I can not leave this place, for if I do I will be hunted down by the army's of Girotos and slain, leave now and stop wasting my time the voice ring in his head once more as the dragon started to turn it's back on Kavel.

"No I will not leave!" Kavel yelled "I can not leave, I need your power if I am to crush Girotos!"

The dragons head turned around and put it's face right in front of Kavel's ...........Who, no what are you whelp? I have not seen one of your kind before, you are not man nor elf yet I seance both in you?

"I am the half elf Kavel, I fight Girotos who has ordered your kind to be hunted down, I am a man who has came to you for help and who wishes to make it so you no longer need to hide like rats" he said with pride and hope his voice.

The dragon pulled his head back. Hiding like rats....... the voice echoed in Kavel's head sounding angry. Rats you say? My proud, powerful race l now must go into hiding because of of your emperor, we must hide like rats to survive and its your fault! The dragon leaped at Kavel swinging at him with his might claws. Kavel jumped off the the side as the claw hit a boulder shattering it.

"How is it my fault that you must hide, if you are as powerful as you say why don't you do something about it." Kavel dodged a few more attacks "You hide in you cave, living you life day by day hopping that you are not found, is that truly living? Are you going to take it? are you just going to lay back and except it?" Kavel asked

Kavel jumped out of the way just in time to avoid getting hit with by the razor sharp tale but stumbled and lost his footing. [b]What do you know whelp? you don't know what it is like to be hunted, knowing that if you are found you die, you don't know what it is like to lose all that you had to those once considered friends. How can a single dragon stand to the uncountable numbers of Girotos's army's? [/b] the thoughts flooded Kavel's mind as the dragon tried to bring its claw down on Kavel who rolled out of the way. This just made the dragon try once more and once more Kavel rolled out of the way but this time he rolled farther away and managed to get to his feet.

"You are wrong, I do know the feeling of being hunted, I know the fear but what is important is to face the fear! What is important is to not lose faith. I have also lost people dear to me but that just makes me even more determined to see my war out to it's bitter end." Kavel placed another rune of speed and one of strength preparing himself to make a counter attack.

The dragon paused for a moment before he spoke once more I see you are more determined then I thought but no matter how strong you will is if you are week of body and do not have the strength to back it up. If you can prove your strength to me I will consider your offer but if you fail consider your life forfeit, do you agree?

Kavel drew he sword and said "I accept your terms." The dragons immediately trusted with his claw must faster than before. Kavel, unable to doge, blocked with his sword sending him flying back landing on the hard ground leaving several bruises. The dragon charged once more but this time Kavel was ready. He got to his feet and ducked under the dragon until he was below its stomach . Kavel hacked several times at the dragons underbelly with his sword but his attack was stopped dead by scales harder than steel not even leaving a scratch. Kavel ran out from underneath the dragon and got to its rear. The dragon responded by swiping his tail nearly taking off Kavel's head. Not good.. Kavel thought to himself as he backed off from the dragon giving him space He's too strong for me to win like this! Kavel mind raced as it tried to come up with a way to win and finally came up with an idea. It is impossible for me to win normally but if this works I have a chance if not I'm dead anyways.

Kavel took a stance and readied his blade "Whats wrong dragon I heard that you guys were strong? I guess that those teeth are just for show." The dragon fell for the taunt and let out a roar and charged opening it's mouth as thought it was trying to eat Kavel who was hopping for this. As the dragon stretched it neck and tried to get his mouth around Kavel to rip him to pieces, Kavel threw himself into the mouth surprising the dragon not giving him time to pull back. Kavel wedged his sword into the dragons mouth making sure to have the tip of the blade poking the roof of the mouth drawing a bit of blood. Both Kavel and the dragon froze in place nether daring to make a move. "You may be tough as hell on the outside, but how about in the inside?"

The dragons eye's narrowed at looked hard at Kavel. If he bit down he would kill Kavel but he would also die Whelp ...... you are a fool, throwing yourself into such danger for such a small chance off victory.....

Kavel forced a grin "In a fight even if its a small chance of victory one must be willing risk themselves no matter the danger."

The dragon closed his eye's and seemed to relax. It's your victory whelp. Kavel paused for a moment then withdrew his sword as the dragon backed off. You are a fool but a brave fool. You show something I have not seen in a human in a long time. I will go with you but do not be mistaken I have not yet decided whether or not you are worthy to be my partner.

"I'm fine with that. I don't expect things to go smoothly, in fact I think things are going to just get harder from here on out but i look foreword to facing the challenges with you." Kavel said and sheathed his sword.

Then let us be off Whelp, I have become tired of this cave and wish to stretch my wings. Kavel and the dragon proceeded to the entrance of the cave. Whelp i do believe i have yet to tell you my name, Vaywuld. In your tongue it translates into cutting whirlwind

"It is an honer Vaywuld" Kavel said as he looked around. Kavel's horse had ran off taking most of his supply's with it. "Now how am I supposed to get back to camp?" He asked himself.

Get on my back whelp it will be much faster to get were we are going if we travel by sky. Vaywuld hunched down making it so that Kavel could get on. After studying Vaywuld for a few seconds Kavel found the only acceptable place to mount was were Vaywuld's neck attached to his torso. Kavel carefully climbed into place making sure not to cut himself on the razor sharp bone that covered The dragons body. Prepare yourself whelp for you are going too see what it is like to fly!Oh and try not to fall off. And with that Vaywuld launched himself into the sky.


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Amazing was the first thing that came to Kavel's mind as he flew though the sky on Vaywuld's back. Kavel felt so free in the sky, felling that the world was at his back though making sure to watch the ever sharp bones. They had been flying for half a day and yet they had already covered a weeks worth of travel on horseback. At this rate they would be able to reach his army base in three days. "flying is amazing" he yelled to Vaywuld.

You need not yell Whelp for I hear your thought's said Vaywuld as he shifted his body to keep the wind on there back's. You will learn that there is no feeling better then flying....... well maybe fighting. At that Kavel could not help a chuckle for he knew what the dragon ment. After a few more hours of flying they made camp for the night. Kavel preformed some basic first aid on the cut on his chest which luckily had done no major damage. For the rest of the night Kavel and Vaywuld slept in shift's knowing it would be bad if someone were to come across them when they were asleep. Both a dragon and a rebel leader would be worth a lot of gold to Eden.

For the next two days Kavel flew on Vaywuld wishing to get back to his men as soon as he could. It had been three months seance he had last cheeked in with them and had a bad feeling in his gut. On the forth day they encountered a strong headwind that slowed them down enough so it took another day to get the camp then planed. Vaywuld landed three miles out of the camp and let Kavel get off knowing that if they flew strait into camp it would cause a panic. It took Kavel twenty minutes to reach the base of the camp. When the solders saw that Kavel had finally returned after his long absence many of there faces lighted up and grin's appeared on there faces were some of the newer recruit's stared at the man wonder who he was.

"Hay guy's Kavel is back!" One of the men yelled as some of the men gathered round. Kavel walked on patting men on the back as he walked along but saw that many were wounded and that there were less of them them then he had remembered. As Kavel walked deeper into the camp he heard more shout's of joy at his return but also saw the sines that something major had gone down recently.

"Where's Davel?" Kavel asked one of the men who had been following him.

"He is in your tent sir with the rest of your guard and the counsel sir." He replied.

Kavel quickly headed to his tent that was in the middle in the camp on top of a hill. There were two guard's standing outside of the tent who were standing rather lax when they saw Kavel approaching. The two snapped into position at made a clumsy salute at he walked by. Kavel threw open the tent's door to reveal Davel as well as the counsel and Kavel's personal guard. At first some of there faces lit up with a smile and yet some of the others glared at him. Most of Kavel's guard bent down on one knee to him. Kavel personally disliked it when people bowed before him but he knew that he had to keep his appearance up. "It is good to see you all once more and I know you must have a lot of questions for me but I also have some questions myself, but I have some important matter's that I must speak to Davel in private about. I Will speak to you all before the day is out." Most of the rebels left without questions but he heard grunt's of displeasure and disapproval coming from a few of them as they walked out. Kavel turned to face Davel his second in command, Kavel still remembered the day three years ago when he had found him trying to take on a full caravan of slavers on his own. Out of all the men under his command he trusted him the most. Kavel looked Davel in his eyes and said "What the hell did you do with my army?"


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Davel woke with a start. "What day is it?" Davel asked to no one in particular .

"Almost three months sense our beloved leader left us" Joesph said.

"Butter of God! Joesph I told you not to do that!" Davel said jumping up in the fact that Joesph had been watching him sleep again.

"To bad I will keep doing as long as you keep making those funny faces when you wake up." Joesph said as he walked out of Davels tent. Joesph was the third in command and was a good man. He would often lighten the mood with his cheerful attitude and head been a big help when trying to control the rebels.

Well I better get started on my rounds Davel thought as he got out of bed and put on his armor. As Davel walked out of his tent he noticed that the rest of the rebels where being lazy wandering around the camp with only pants on and other violations that he wasn't supposed to deal with. Manny of them had become bored for it had been month's seance they had been in a fight. Davel made it too the sparing grounds for the daily announcement's to the officers of The Scarlet Shield. Davel had personally came up with the name for the rebels. "Everyone be prepared " Davel announced "we are expecting a small force of Eden to be arriving here in three days. We are currently making fortification to our lines but there may still be small raiding party's around so keep your guard up.

A scout suddenly ran past all of the other men desperately trying to get to Davel. The scout paused and in hailed several deep breaths. The man had been obviously been running with all his strength. "Eden" the man spout out completely winded "There here!"

"Sound the alarm, men to arms, we must get our defenses up!" Davel shouted not really understanding what was happening not being the most concomitant commander. After a few seconds latter as the men were scrambling to get to there gear and find there squads when Eden Solders charged out from the surrounding woods. Many of the rebels died before they could even get tot there gear.

"Men repell the enemy!" Davel shouted as he thought I am a fighter not a leader of men why isn't Kavel hear to take charge of the situation some of the men who had gotten there weapons gathered around Davel who began to repel the enemy giving more time for the rebels to get to there weapon's. Davel who was leading the charged quickly dispatched any of the foot solders he came across.

"Is there anyone hear that will prove a challenge or are the rebels that I have herd so much about nothing but weaklings" A elf in Eden officer robes yelled as loud as he could.

"I accept your challenge Elf " Davel answered in a Growl.

"Lets see if your more of a challenge then this one was. " The elf said holding the corpse of Joesph. The corpse was covered in blood, his broken sword still clutched in his lifeless hand. Davel's eye's turned sharp and glared at the elf as though trying to cut him in half with this eyes. Davel charged the elf and swung his sword in a deadly ark that would sever the elf's head. The elf responded with a quick parry and a equity quick riposte. The battle followed the same flow for a while with attack, parry, riposte, counter-parry and then counter-riposte and then it started all over again. The two were evenly matched.

"Well this is unexpected for a rebel to fight this long against one of the elitist of Eden's army...but this ends now!" The elf shouted as magical energy's started flowing out of him. As he prepared the spell flames started to gather in the elf's hand's.

"That's not going to happen elf" Davel shouted as he lunged at the elf with deadly accuracy hopping to slay the elf before the spell was complete.

"You think you can stop me human well prepare to burn!" The elf shouted as magical flame erupted from his hands. Davel barely had time to dodge as the flame shot forth from the elf's hand torching the very land it's self and could bot dodge the spell entirely as his left hand was burned. Then the elf lunged with his sword as it cut a deep gash in his chest and screamed out in pain. "Its over!" The elf shouted as he brought his sword down for another blow.

"Not today slave of Eden" he whispered as he rolled out of the way and the elf's blade bit deeply in to the ground. Davel thrust his blade up and felt the blade hit home in the elf's chest poking through to the other side. "Well that's that" Davel said as he pulled his sword from the elf's body.The fight was long and brutal but eventually Davel was able to finish the fight and clean it up.

The next day he went to the camp's only high elf healer and had her fix up his body. As he walked back to the camp he saw that they had suffered heavy losses. He proceeded to head to Kavel's tent which was being used as a temporary headquarters. Davel entered the tent and took his seat at the head of the table at the counsel. The rest of Kavel's guard were standing wherever they pleased.

"This is a disaster!" one of the counsel member's said. This man was Gen a human who was tall, skinny and a wight as a ghost and was obviously angry. Gen was a rich old man who had had bought his way into the counsel. "We have just lost half of our troop as well as Joesph not to mention half of the counsel!" the man made a gesture to the empty seat's. "You want to know why we have so many losses?" he asked the rest of the counsel. The other counsel member's looked to him having there full attentions "It's Kavel!" he announced to the surprise of almost everyone in the room "Kavel our high and mighty leader has spent the past two years hunting down a legend hopping it can help us and in the meantime we have had this fool in charge of us" he pointed to Davel. "He is no commander, He-" Gen was cut off as something loud hit the table.

"That is enough Gen, mind your place." The loud noise had come from Charmin Lock a big muscular man whom had slammed his fist on the table. Lock was the head of the counsel and had been traveling with Kavel longer than almost anyone else in the Crimson Shield although he had little more power then any other member of the counsel. "Kavel has never lead us astray and I doubt that he will do so now" many of the counsel nodded there head's in agreement "And was it not your duties to keep track of enemy moment's Gen?"

Gen shrunk back at this for it was true that it had been his responsibility's but then he remembered something "True but even the best of scouts can not track an army if they keep using magic to transport themselves here and there." The room went quiet as the two counsel members glared at each other.

The silence broke as the tent flap that acted as a door flew open and there was standing Kavel . Davel and the guard as well as a few counsel members whent to one knee. Davel hatted that he needed to bow to Kavel but knew that it was required of one of his standing's [b]"It is good to see you all once more and I know you must have a lot of questions for me but I also have some questions myself, but I have some important matter's that I must speak to Davel in private about. I Will speak to you all before the day is out."[b/] Kavel said with a commanding voice.

All of the councilmen(and woman) left leaving only Kavel and Davel. [b]"What the hell did you do with my army?"[b/] Kavel asked Davel.

"Nothing only make sure it survives "Davel said as though he was trying to act cool. "We had just suffered a major blow from an Eden force send to destroy us, we even lost Joesph. It's more then you have been doing these last three month's...I'm glad your back Kavel but I hope that you sure as hell found what you were looking for" Davel said .


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"Nothing only make sure it survives" Davel said as though he was trying to act cool. "We had just suffered a major blow from an Eden force send to destroy us, we even lost Joesph. It's more then you have been doing these last three month's...I'm glad your back Kavel but I hope that you sure as hell found what you were looking for"

"I have." Kavel said "But what I have" Kavel took a small paused to think of how to phrase his thought "Acquired ... is easier to show you then to describe." Kavel turned to face to door of the tent "Follow me" he ordered. The two of them made there way out of the camp back to the clearing where Kavel and Vaywuld had landed. Vaywuld was nowhere to be seen Vaywuld can you hear me? Kavel thought knowing that he would be listening for his thoughts.

What is it Whelp? the dragon asked I am in the middle of filling my belly.

I need you to come here, I want you to meet someone Kavel responded He's ..... a good guy who can be trusted, I wish for you to meet him before you show yourself to the army.

I will return in a moment I have spotted my food it shale take but a moment. As Kavel and Davel waited, Kavel told Davel about the past three mothes of how he had been searching for a new weapon to help them in there fight. After an hour had passed Vaywuld voice ringed in Kavel's head once more. I am overhead but before I land I must ask if this man is truly trustworthy?

It is ok, This fool is more than trustworthy. In half of the battles we have fought together whenever he see's a blow that looks as though it would even come close to me he would always try and be a hero and ''save'' me. I swear that he wont be happy until he dies in flashy way. He is one of my closest ally's, he is one of the few i would call friend and I do trust him with my life. Kavel said in his head. Kavel did truly trust Davel who had proven his loyalty one time after another. Davel was a man who was a one track mind who seemed to only wish to help all others except for Eden. Another trait Kavel was pleased to discoverwas that he bared no hatred for his half blood when there were even members on the counsel who hatted it, namely the worm Gen who at every turn apposed his leadership.

Vaywuld paused for a moment after hearing Kavels character reference Fine, I shale be down soon.

Kavel nodded to himself. and looked at Davel and finished the story He had been telling. Kavel walked over to the other side of the clearing "The reason I have dragged you out here is that because you are my second in command and you should be the first too see our newest ally." Kavel herd Vaywulds rapped decent on the wind. Kavel snapped his fingers as Vaywuld landed with a loud noise sending a cloud of dust flying.

After the dust cleared, Vawuld appearance had been made. The mighty dragon landed prepared to fight stood there in all of his glory. His beautiful scales shined in the light and look as though they were freshly polished shields, his muscular limbs seemed to pulse with power, the tale seemed as though it was a bladed whip that could cut though stone, his body seemed to be one magnificent weapon. This was a blade dragon in his prime, a monster that was built for battle. As the dust settled, Vaywuld brought his tale around Kavel, as though to make a wall to protect him. I am Vaywuld the mighty bladed dragon, son of Vayfus, last of the Vay clan. Who are you hatchling?


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Delzah and Aura looked at each other and Delzah shook his head with a small smile on his face as he turned towards Ohmah and started walking away.

Aura then turned and started to follow him, keeping close by and letting the others do as they wished. Originally Delzah was going to undergo this mission alone anyway. Meeting Larien was a happy coincidence and little Volos as well, but right now he didn't have time for all of this. He was on a mission to bring back the Dragons, and this was a waste of time. If these people, who all seemed to be drawn to Aura, would follow her and perhaps help him on this venture, then he would greatly appreciate it. However, if all they were going to do was stand around trying to comfort the new arrival then Delzah had more important things to attend to.

Master, are you sure you just want to leave them? Aura asked.

"Yes Aura. Most of these people were drawn here because of you. If we leave, I'm sure most will follow. Larien and Volos especially because you have basically become Volos's big sister and Larien won't separate him from you for obvious reasons. As for the others, I'm not too sure but whatever they choose to do is up to them. I, however, am done waiting for them to get acquainted with each other and I am going to Ohmah because we came here with a mission and it has been stalled long enough.

Aura simply nodded to him, inwardly hoping that he would relax his heart for those who had recently appeared. While they were somewhat strange company in Aura's opinion, they were company none the less and they all seemed to share the same desire for the Dragons to return. However, if Delzah wouldn't wait for them, neither would she.

The two of them headed off silently towards Ohmah, the small village appearing on their horizon within a matter of minutes.