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a character in “Drakospeda”, as played by BlueWind_22



"Why be 2nd best when you can be The Best?"

Species: Dragon
Alignment: Dragons
Age: 20
Gender Identity: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: There is no other word to describe Akhira as anything but an Alpha but as she has raised on nothing but hatred for the humans, she has not really worked on her natural skills at being a leader. She is competitive, harsh and aggressive, yet maybe not so if she learned to enjoy Life once in awhile. Despite being so young, Akhira has already acquired a Jaded view of the world. She expects to be betrayed and hurt by everyone, even her own kind. Yet she rarely loses her temper and is not used to being treated with kindness, or heart felt gratitude. She doesn't know there is world besides the pain-filled and hate based world she lives, should she choose to leave the Hate behind. Akhira can be a very domineering person, yet should she desire to be, she can be quite a charismatic and playful person. She can actually be a bit fun to be around. It might also be important to add that she thinks dragons are superior to humans and does act this way sometimes.

As Akhira hatched, she had hatched at the exact same time as another hatchling, someone she grew up with, someone who slowly grew to be someone so dear to her. Back then, she hadn't been so full of hate, she had, in fact quite enjoyed Life. She wasn't bitter, full of pain or even as cold as she is now... Yet, something happened, Humans happened. Her beloved died, and she now bears the scars of having been the survivor of that day, something she has to live with everyday of her Life. After that day, she began to hate the Humans with a hate so fierce, she chose her solitary way of life.

+ Astonishing fighting ability in both forms.
+ Camouflaging ability in her dragon form.
+ Fire, Ice and Mist breathing ability.
- Competitive/Desire to be the Best: Despite this being the reason she is such a great fighter, it can be a hindrance if she were to fight as part of a group as it can keep her from noticing her allies' when they are in need of help, or when she herself needs help.
- The hunger of a growing Dragon: she is already quite large and is still growing and so... she does find it troublesome finding enough food to eat as most days it feels like she could eat a horse... she has already found that only 3 meals a day like a human is not enough as she suffered from hunger pains and short bouts of dizziness.
- Weak immune system: Akhira does suffer from the occasional illness which totally frustrates her as when she does get sick, she can't really control her shifting and powers... i.e. it's a pain when she cough small fireballs.

Other Remarks: Akhira is a very powerful fighter in Dragon form, and has beat several older, more supposedly, experienced Dragons. She also has an advantage in this form as she can manage to change color. Well, not so much, but she can darken or lighten the color of her scales/feathers. As she cannot entirely change into a different color, say green, her ability to camouflage is limited to a color scale only including the colors blue-ish black, blue and white. <- Just using that picture as reference to the color, a color she can be. As this is an ability in her dragon form, it has surprisingly marked in her human form as well. Is the reason her hair is black and white and the other reason she has two blue dragons scales sticking out of her head instead of ears. Despite these being an obvious sign of her bloodlines, she doesn't hide them from the Humans, but tells them they're two scales she took from a dead dragon she aided in killing, and that she just happened to fashion them into hair ornaments. She can also breathe blue fire, Ice and a light mist... This ability is entirely powerful as only Dragonkind or herself can put out her fires, melt her ice, and even withstand her Mist that can confuse and even cause those humans that breathe it in to hallucinate or even forget certain events.

So begins...

Akhira's Story

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I just remembered why I hate shopping, Akhira glared silently at nothing in particular as she waited to cross the street, Especially grocery shopping. While Akhira's hunger often led her to eating large quantities of food in a single day, she rarely, if ever, made food for herself. Meaning, she had never gone grocery shopping or even touched a stove in her entire life.

Who needs a stove when you can just burn it yourself, or better yet, eat it raw. Before she stop her hungry stomach from affecting how she thought, her mind conjured up an image of a dead bear. In response to the image, her stomach growled out, causing several people nearby to look in astonishment at her.

She glared daggers at them. They quickly went on their way, wisely choosing to flee from her presence.

Despite not being a fan of cooking food like a human, she had made it an objective to locate a local food source when she first arrived in the City and it was when she was nearly there that she saw him.

A young human, so young as to remind her of a nestling. He was obviously lost. Weak human, was what her senses told her, A weak nestling meant to be protected, to stay in the nest. She growled softly in irritation at the instincts of the primitive beast that still lurked inside her. Of course her kind were sentient, and intelligent beings now but they had been beasts of war first, and no matter how far they go in evolution, the instinct of a wild beast would always remain with them.

She watched the human nestling silently, and from afar heard him speak to himself. "Ok, so I think it's east of here. Or maybe west? Or was it north? It can't be south, I came from that way." Even though she was in human form, and a bit of a way from the boy, she heard his words clearly as if he were only about five feet away from her, an advantage of being a human with a dragon's sense of hearing.

Akhira saw in his hands a piece of paper, and from what she heard, and saw, she deduced that he was going grocery shopping as well. Without knowing why, or even realizing what she was doing, Akhira walked up beside him, "From the paper in your hand, I'm assuming your looking for the grocery store and I thought should let you know, your going the wrong way."

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Elet hummed to himself. Pie was so tasty! He had like little bits of pie before but they were never this good. Fresh, warm, and gooey pie was now his favorite food in the world. He closed his eyes for just a moment and then... it was gone. His deliciousness was gone! He looked up a bit startled when he found his plate had been snatched out of his very hands. A young girl was running down the alley way with it and his eyes narrowed. That was his pie! He had gone and got it! The nice lady gave it to him and no one else! He was even going to work for that slice of amazingness.

"H-hey! That's mine!" he called after her and started running. He was not going to give it up without a fight. The girl tripped then and his eyes remained glued on the soaring plate of pie until it landed. He gave a sigh of relief, but really, even if the pie itself fell on the floor he would have devoured it. He ate out of a garbage can for crying out loud. A little bit of dirt wasn't going to deter him from his prize. He rushed forward but immediately cut himself off when he saw someone else in the alley. Elet pressed up against the side of the building and looked at the boy that leaned down to help the pie thief up. Oh no! She had a partner! He couldn't stand up to two people.

Elet nibbled on his lip and glanced between the two of them and the fallen pie. He started to slowly inch around his corner and tried to stay out of sight as he moved towards his pie. He snatched it up from the ground and quite literally shoved the rest of it in his mouth. There. Now the two thieves couldn't get it. He looked like quite a spectacle with his cheeks extended like a chipmunk as he tried to chew. He looked over at the girl and the other boy then and soon, guilt filled his stomach along with the remainder of his pie. They were probably hungry to.

Elet pulled at his sleeves and looked down at his shoes. "I... I am sorry. I should have shared it with you." He moved a little closer and looked at the girl trying to see if she was hurt. He really should have checked to make sure he was okay before he jumped his pie. "Umm... Are.. Are you okay?" he asked then and glanced at the boy. He hoped the older boy didn't try and beat him up for letting his friend get hurt.

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Lilith was still sitting stunned on the ground when a familiar face appeared. It was Liam. The two could be considered friends, seeing each other here and there and occasionally working together to steal food. However, Liam had a whole little gang that he took care of. Lilith had only herself to worry about.

Liam asked if she was ok and offered her a hand. Not wanting to get blood on his hand, Lilith accept his help but only let her fingers come into contact with him. Once she was standing, she looked up at him. She looked up to almost everyone since she was only 4' 10". She nodded, letting him know that she was ok and as a substitute to saying 'thank you.' Lilith knew that Liam would know what she meant by the simple movement of her head.

Remembering the pie she had stolen, and which had caused her to trip, she looked to where it had fallen. However, the boy she had stolen the pie from was shoving the rest in his mouth. She gawked at him. First of all, she was surprised he had dared to come near her and Liam since the two were older. Lilith didn't look Liam's age, but in fact she was. Second, she was surprised that the younger boy could fit the rest of the slice in his mouth. His cheeks puffed up, filled with the deliciousness that was the slice of pie. Of course, Lilith never got to taste it so she could only assume that it was delicious.

The boy managed to swallow the pie and looked at them, the emotion on his face shifting from happiness to concern. He apologized about not sharing the pie, though Lilith knew that she should really be the one apologizing for trying to steal it. However, she could not convey this to the boy orally. He asked if she was ok, to which she nodded. A few scrapes on her hands, but after she washed them off they would be fine.

The purple haired girl pulled a small paper tablet out of her pocket, followed by a small pencil. I'm sorry for taking your pie, she wrote on it, showing it to Elet. She considered telling him that she hadn't eaten today, but it didn't seem like she should. Either it would sound like an excuse or the poor boy would feel guiltier than he already appeared to feel. Instead, she added, My name is Lilith. Liam could introduce himself.


Jason was about to step off of the sidewalk when he heard a young woman's voice beside him. He physically jumped a bit, not expecting someone to talk to him. He hadn't heard her approaching. The boy turned to look at her, taking in her unique appearance. Though he had seen some strange hairstyles before, he had never seen someone who seemed to have perfectly split black and white hair. It was as if she was born with it. He figured she must have gone to a very expensive salon to have it dyed so neatly.

The teenager also noticed two blue dragon scales sticking out of her hair. He was no expert in fashion, but he figured they were decorative. It made him a bit scared of her, realizing that the scales were of course from a dead dragon. Poor dragon. It had probably tried to kill her. Yet the humans were also killing the dragons.

The young woman informed him that he was going the wrong way. She also reminded him that he had been carrying the grocery list in his hands. How long had he been holding onto it? Jason couldn't remember, just as he couldn't remember where the darn grocery store was. But it seemed that this lady could help him.

"I have no idea which way to go," he admitted to her, though she already knew this. However, he was hopeful that she could help him. "Which way should I be going?"

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Akhira registered the look of shock on the Nestling`s face as if not expecting anyone to help him. A feeling that Akhira shared as she hadn't realized she said those words aloud to him until it was too late. She hadn't expected the sight of this lost human nestling to strike something inside her chest. A feeling she found unwelcome.

Surprisingly, once he saw her scales, he didn't look approvingly at them like some humans did as they often thought she was a dragon slayer. A theory she had spread by mouth herself. He instead seemed fearful and even a tiny tad disgusted by them. Perhaps, he likes... No, she could not allow herself to think that. All humans hated her kind, and to even doubt this one's perspective on it was pointless and dangerous. He was a human, humans lied, cheated, and killed their own kind, even members of their own families. They were not to be trusted.

"I have no idea which way to go," he admitted to her, though she already knew this. However, he was hopeful that she could help him. "Which way should I be going?"

What the hell am I doing? Akhira asked herself, and got no reply. She hissed softly, nearly silently at herself as she spied a group of male humans standing in the shadow of a building. They looked to be the same age as this lost one, but instead, the air they gave off was that of scavengers. Scavengers that had their sights on her lost nestling. She silently groaned at her bad decision.

"I guess fate is smiling upon you today. I'm also going grocery shopping today. Come on, I'll lead you." Akhira stepped around Jason and grabbed his arm by the sleeve of his jacket and turned him around, glaring daggers at the group of thugs as she took him away from the disastrous mistake of walking their way.

As she led him along she was careful not to allow her skin to come into contact with his. No matter how much pity and sympathy this human instilled in her, she would never allow him to touch her. Yet, another surprise for her was that despite the voice telling her that this was against her warrior's instincts, she found it easy and almost natural to be pulling Jason around. Almost...

Akhira immediately let go of his sleeve when they got to the entrance of the store. "Here you are," she didn`t smile, "I'll be on my way now." She left him to find the cure to this disease called hunger.

Several minutes later....

Why the hell is this so difficult?! Akhira was beginning to lose patience with her situation as she apologized to the manager for busting a second watermelon. How could she have even known watermelons were fragile?

After paying for both busted watermelons, she made her way to a section where all the food was in cans. She went to grab one can of chicken soup off the shelf when she saw another type of chicken soup. Both were labeled chicken soup yet, they were priced differently. Confused, she asked herself, "Which do I choose? What's the difference?" Frustrated at her inability to choose which, she groaned, just as her stomach growled. She accidentally tighted her grip on the can and... it busted. "Curses..."

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Lilith was surprised by Liam's sudden touch as he noogied her lightly. She could remember the first time he had done so, when he hadn't been as gentle. The poor girl had lost her balance and fallen over afterwards, leading to Liam's gentler treatment of her. Of course, she could probably be knocked over by Elet quite easily as well. It really didn't take that much force to push her over due to her small size.

She noticed Elet's face flush after she had extended the notepad towards him. Perhaps he couldn't read? If so, the own ways to communicate with him were through her actions or through Liam. Both could lead to misinterpretations. Her suspicion was confirmed once Elet introduced himself, apologizing that he couldn't read her note. Lilith was in no way offended, as she understood that not every human could read. She had been fortunate to live in an orphanage which gave the children education.

Elet mentioned that he had no parents, just like the purple haired girl and red haired boy. Both could understand the life he must live, scavenging for food and being chased by humans. It wasn't the best life there was, but it was the one they knew.

The younger boy asked in what manner they acquired food. Lilith was fortunate enough that she could easily get through the walls of the city due to her size. Most of her meals came from outside the city, while hunting in her dragon form. However, telling either of the boys that would likely lead to her death. So instead of admitting she ate most of her meals as the humans' enemy, she looked to Liam to explain. The two had similar lifestyles when it came to getting food-- a preference to stealing over scavenging.

Her light purple eyes, which most humans identified as being colored contacts or a tint of blue, came to rest back on Elet. Having time to take in his features, she noticed his bright green eyes. They were an interesting pairing to his hair. In fact, the colour of his hair was a darker shade of Lilith's own. She couldn't help but wonder if he had been born with coloured hair, or had managed to dye it like humans did sometimes. Had he been born with it, would that mean that he was like her?

The idea was as exciting as it was startling. However, she wouldn't say anything to him (or rather to Liam, since Elet was unable to read) about it. With the way humans thought, one could not just ask another if they were a dragon. If you even mentioned the word, a tone of violence and hatred would crawl into a human's voice. For this reason, she refrained from making contact with those outside of her very limited comfort zone.


The young woman grabbed Jason's arm by his jacket sleeve, leading him to the store. It was a bit odd, but he supposed she was one of those people who didn't like to touch other's skin. He could understand being weary of the germs that lived on other people, and so he thought nothing else of it.

The two made there way to the store, which Jason would not have found this quickly without Akhira's help. She released his sleeve as soon as they arrived at the entrance. Without a smile, she bid him farewell. Again, it was a bit odd but Jason had seen stranger things. After all, he lived in a world where kids as old as him or even younger would smash in a small dragon's head for fun. The though made him frown as he proceeded into the store.

Fortunately for the teen, his mother always organized her grocery list by aisle. Starting in the first aisle, he snaked his way through the store with his cart. He grabbed what he needed, knowing the brands that his mother preferred. Once Jason was physically in the store, he was able to navigate it quite well. He just had trouble getting to it.

After several minutes of collecting the items he needed, he came to the aisle where the canned foods were. Here, he found the same young woman as before. She was looking at the stacks of chicken noodle soup. Jason could tell that she was confused, just as he would be if he didn't know what he was looking for. He pushed his cart forward, ready to offer her his help. Even though he was intimidated by her, he would still assist her in any way he could.

As he walked towards her, he eyes the two blue scales in her hair. They were fascinating to him, coming from a dragon larger than he had ever and probably would ever see. He had only encountered a few small, non-sentient dragons near his home. He couldn't help but be transfixed by them, wondering how big the dragon had been before she killed it.

His thoughts of dragons were forgotten when he heard a small pop. Akhira had managed to crush the can, the broth flowing out of it and onto her hand. It dripped onto the floor. "Curses..." she mumbled.

Jason's fear of her was renewed. She was obviously much stronger than he had expected. He quickly accredited this to her presumed profession. Still, it was intimidating knowing she was stronger than the guys who liked to beat him up. She could likely strangle him right now if she chose to do so. He really hoped she didn't.

"Uh, you're probably going to have to pay for that," he told her, unaware that she knew this from recent experience. His hands went to his pockets, searching for a spare napkin or two that she could use to wipe off her hand. Lucky for her, he had one in his left pocket. Jason held it out to her. "Here, this should get some of the soup off of your hands." He offered a smile, showing that he was sincerely trying to help her out.

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(OOC: I'm in a bit of rush so I will just say that I'll probably be adding another character, a human one, as I think the dragons outnumber the humans... Not including NPC humans I mean)


Akhira hadn't noticed the human Nestling was beside her until he spoke up, "Uh, you're probably going to have to pay for that." Don't I know it. She wanted to roll her eyes, or yet, blow out smoke her from nose to signify how frustrated she felt at the moment, but she didn't. She restrained her draconic instincts and turned to look him in the eyes, trying hard not to let her stoic mask fall. Something's off about him now...

"Here, this should get some of the soup off of your hands." To her utmost surprise, the human Nestling held out a napkin to her. She couldn't help but stare at him, he's offering me a napkin? W-What? Akhira blinked slowly, finding her mask of indifference to show complete surprise. "Oh! Um, yes, thanks." She shook herself out of her amazement, taking the napkin to wipe her hands as well as any splatters that got onto her clothing.

Despite acting like a total space cadet just recently, Akhira noticed that the 'something different' about him now was that he was afraid. Hmmm. I guess I scared him... Maybe I should offer a lie about my strength, tell him I mean him no harm. Yet, she said nothing of that sort other then uttering another thanks for the napkin. No, it's probably best he be afraid of me anyways.

When she was done wiping off her hands, she finally smelt it. Food, delicious food, she sighed deeply at her foolishness, and I wasted it.

Akhira looked back up at Jason, "I'm sorry, but may I ask you what your name is?"