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Evan Wolf

"My bite is worse than my bark. You better hope I keep barking."

0 · 124 views · located in Yattacon

a character in “Dramacon: No Conventional Romance”, as played by Everscale


Name: Evan Wolf
Role: Him
Age: 21
Occupation: Helping his sister sell cosplays.

Appearance: Image
Having lost his left eye when he was young, Evan always wears a pair of shades, even indoors. Which can make walking around and not colliding with people difficult. He rarely bares any skin except his face and his fingers, wearing long sleeves and jackets and long pants and boots and even fingerless gloves. He generally keeps his hair tied up, so it stays out of the way. He almost never laughs or smiles at anything – the cold front is a shield, and he prefers hiding behind it. It makes him feel less vulnerable. He wears earrings in both ears – he has several piercings in each, though he does not always use them all.

Personality: Evan is probably best described as a secret. He is calm and cool, and because he is so remarkably handsome he can get off with being a total bastard to everyone he meets. Hurt by the words of children when he was only a child, broken by the way people treat him because of his eye, he wants nothing to do with the rest of the world. He is cold and hard, never smiles, never laughs. He hates being touched by anyone but his sister, avoids conversation with anyone but her. He snaps and he growls and he glares, he is sarcastic and rude, completely lacks tact, and believes that he does not need the world.
But underneath it all, he is still the Evan from before the accident. He has rolled himself into a hard little shell to protect his heart, convinced himself that it does not hurt to push people away, but it does. It hurts a lot. Sometimes it makes him want to cry, though he would never dream of doing so. He is sweet and gentle and very wise, capable of giving wonderful advice. When he laughs, it is beautiful, and if someone can get him to smile instead of smirking, that smile is always true. He is, however, easily offended and wary of peoples’ reactions when they discover his eye. He prefers to hide and avoid getting hurt at all, avoid taking the risk. He does not believe that there is a person in the world, other than his sister, who would truly care for him. Who could see past his eye, to the young man underneath just waiting to burst out and love.

Likes: Leather, shades, trench-coats, gloves, fingerless gloves, cosplay, his sister, pocky (SHHH! It’s a secret!), anime, manga, Japanese music, Korean music, Asian languages (he speaks fluent Japanese), Asian cultures and history, being alone, conventions, crowds (he’d never admit it), sarcasm, witty t-shirts, staying safe
Dislikes: Pity, frilly outfits, people seeing his eye, people reacting to his eye, complaining, being hurt, pushing people away, popcorn, pointless gore, horror films (they scare the crap out of him), being alone, his eye, when his sister gets into her “moods”, food that is too sweet, spicy food, spiders, blood (it makes him faint)
Fears: Rejection, being alone forever, death, losing his sister, horror films (specifically the Grudge)
Dreams: To be loved for who he really is.

History: Once, Evan was a relatively normal child. Two eyes, cheerful, loved to play, loved his family, loved his friends… HAD friends… but all of that changed when Evan fell down a flight of stairs. Normally that might land him with a few bruises, a broken arm… but a broken bottle at the bottom of those stairs took his eye. He was lucky to survive – any deeper and it might have struck his brain – but he lost that eye forever. They had to sew his eyelid shut.
Since that day, Evan has thought himself a freak. And worse, so have many others. The loss of his left eye threw off his coordination for a while. He was clumsy, he would miss when trying to put things away, he couldn’t catch balls or run very well. People began to avoid him, called him disabled, a stranger. A freak. He was shunned, and even though over time he became fare more coordinated and graceful than most people with two eyes, he was never accepted again. By then, he did not want to be. He had grown defensive – his eye was a weakness, and he had to compensate for it. He could not let people in close enough to take advantage of his blind spot, physically or figuratively. He became a loner, withdrew into himself. He started to fail his classes….
That was when his sister started taking him with her to anime conventions. She did not think it would really do much good, but she had to try, and in the end it worked. He fell in love with the culture, with the scene. He loved to cosplay, he loved to work with his sister, he loved the crowds and the noise and the fandom, though he would never, ever admit it. To this day, conventions are his one comfort, his single solace. He remains cold, hard, barbed, but at least, sometimes, he is happy.

So begins...

Evan Wolf's Story