Yumeka 'Candy' Aizawa

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[The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself.]

Name: Yumeka 'Candy' Aizawa.

Age: 17

Appearance: -

Personality: Yumeka isn't friendly, but she's kind, quick to offer help although praises and compliments as well as gratitude makes her uncomfortable, Although she doesn't usually associate with people, she's easily approachable and is very easy to get along with if she happens to like the person in question. She's usually naive and childish, but its more of an act to cheer others up. Even though she lives in her own world most of the time, she is wise enough to be rational when the situation demands it.

●Changes her personality according to the people around her.
●Shy with most people but opens up to those she considers friends.

●Quiet places

●Loud noises
●Being ordered around


What Are You: President of the Paranormal Research Club.

Your Class: 11-C

Why Did You Join The Club? She founded it.

Do You Have Any Powers? :
●Can 'feel' the atmosphere or ambience of a place and influence it to a very small degree.

Theme Song: TBA

Where You Stay: Image

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Yumeka 'Candy' Aizawa