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Virginia Shepard

Architect stuck in limbo

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a character in “Dream Extraction”, as played by penelope lemon



Virginia Shepard

She absolutely hates going by her full name, she thinks it makes her sound like an old lady. Most people just refer to her as Ginny.

Twenty two



ImageGinny is not conventionally good looking but she's not ugly either. She has a very square jaw and full lips with a slightly dimpled chin. Her nose is long and fairly pronounced from her face. Her eyes are wide set and doe eyed, framed by thick lashes and dark eyebrows. She makes her prominent features work for her though, rather than against her. Her hair is easily her best feature; it's thick, long and curly. The dirty blonde mane often goes undone because she's never really had the patience to deal with it. Not that she minds, she much prefers her natural hair over anything else.

She's of medium height and weight, with longer legs and a shorter torso. Her hands are callused and rough from years of sketching layouts and drawing blueprints for dreams, her fingers most likely stained with ink.


Realistic, serious, unsympathetic, intelligent, obsessive, vain
Before she was admitted into the psychiatric hospital, Ginny was more or less like any other girl her age; she was extremely clever, stubborn, a bit vain, though her in mind she had every reason to be, proud, always curious. She was well aware of her gift for creating elaborate dreams and had a bit of an ego because of it. She was one of the best in the business, part of a highly sought after extraction team.

Ginny was very independent, even from a young age. Driven and resourceful, it wasn't hard to see why she breezed through high school and the extractors program to go on to work alongside some of the brightest architects around. She's a determined worker, and when she has an idea in her head or her mind set on something specific, there is no deterring her until she reaches her final goal. Because of this she tends to be very serious.

After an accident on her last extraction mission, Ginny dropped off into some form of limbo and the girl that she is now is just a shadow of the person she was before. She's highly anxious and paranoid, quiet and meek; very unlike her former self. She often becomes obsessive with the most mundane things and has lost her passion for dream extraction.

Ginny's history is a mess of her own memories and other peoples dreams. As a professional dream extractor, she should be able to know the difference between real life and dreams, but since the accident, it's getting harder and harder to tell what is real and what is not.

After high school Ginny went on to college to study architectural design when she was approached by the extractors division. She underwent intense training to learn the realms of a dream world and how to build a dreamscape. She then shadowed a master architect until she could go off on independent jobs. At first she was hesitant about dream extraction, but there was nothing quite like it and she couldn't help but be drawn to it. She also had a real knack for dream architecture and she could no longer ignore her passion. After the accident she more or less disappeared from the dream world, unable to create anything anymore. She was admitted into the psychiatric hospital and all but forgotten. She wants to get back into the field though, whatever it takes...

Face Claim Imogen Poots
Color #dbccff
Writer penelope lemon

So begins...

Virginia Shepard's Story


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It had taken Benjamin exactly thirty seconds to regret answering his phone. The blocked number had been suspicious, but as soon as he had heard Wilkins voice on the other end of the line, he knew he had made a mistake. He thought Hofn had been far enough away that no one from the extractors program would be able to pinpoint his location; after all most people couldn't pronounce the name, let alone find it on a map. It wasn't exactly remote, per se, but it was small and the main fishing port had such a constant stream of foreigners coming in from the mainlands that Ben melted right into the sea of strange faces. He had been there about four months, just starting to acclimate to the constant cold, when he got the call.

Wilkins spent the first few minutes of the conversation berating him for being such a difficult man to get a hold of. After that it was many questions in regards to where he had been the last few years and how he managed to remain almost undetectable, all of which Ben avoided answering. Then came the reason for the call; Wilkins had another assignment for him.

"No," was Ben's quick and firm reply when Wilkins offered him the mission.


"I said no," he repeated, "I've told you before, I am—"

"Yes, yes, retired. We all know," Wilkins had said, his voice laced with irritation. "And you know better than anyone that there's no such thing. You have a responsibility here, Ben, you can't say no to the agency. You can either come back willingly, or we'll send someone to retrieve you."

Ben had considered taking Wilkins up on his threat, but he had already created enough trouble for himself with the agency. He didn't want to give them another reason to be on their radar. He eventually agreed on one condition; Wilkins needed to get a chemist Ben had worked with before, back when he was still extracting. Do that, and he would consider coming back for one more extraction.

That was two days ago. After Wilkins agreed to get Rosemary for the teams chemist, Ben had reluctantly said goodbye to Hofn, took the next flight out of Iceland and rented a car to make the drive to the main lab, per Wilkins instructions. It had been years since he had seen Rosemary, a little over three in fact. That was when Dillinger had still been alive and she was still his apprentice. The three of them had worked together on a few cases and Ben was mesmerized with the duos research ability and synergy. If Ben couldn't have Dillinger again he would have the next best thing: his student. After the accident with his last extraction though, Ben all but disappeared and lost contact with most of his teams. The last time he had talked with Rosemary was two years ago when she informed him of Dillinger's passing. He hadn't been sure if Rosemary still worked with the agency, but he honestly couldn't see her doing much else. He was pleasantly surprised when Wilkins called to confirm that Rosemary had agreed.

Wilkins would also have to find another architect, which would be no easy feat. Ginny had been his number two since he was released from the military and he pitied the person who followed in her gigantic, egotistical filled shoes.

Ben quickly banished thoughts of Ginny as he pulled up to the lab. He didn't need that distraction right now.

He took the flight of stairs up to the main floor, uneasy with how quickly he remembered the way to Dillinger's, now Rosemary's, office. Try as he might, he couldn't forget what is was like being an extractor. It was practically ingrained in him and the sense of nostalgia was overwhelming. As he approached her office door he swore that this was going to be the last time he would extract. This would be the last time he walked though the lab, the last time Wilkins convinced him to do a mission, the last time he would go inside someone else's dream. He would disappear again, this time for good. He'd try America maybe, or Finland, he had always wanted to go there.

He took a deep breath and knocked on the office door a few times before slowly opening it.


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Ben saw the flicker of pain cross Rosemary's face and was glad when the subject was changed. He watched as she pushed herself off the desk and moved towards the tank, explaining the breeding experiment she was conducting. He listened, a bit distractedly, as she talked about iridescence, her eyes brightening at the mention of her wok. He had forgotten how passionate Rosemary had been about her research, and how absorbed she became in her work, and he found it amusing. She rambled a bit, then glanced at him, and Benjamin realized the he was staring at her when he should have been observing the maggots. He hastily turned his head to look into the tank where Rosemary was pointing, ducking slightly to get a better view at their coloring.

There was something about being back in the lab that gave Ben deja vu. After all these years he thought it would be different, he thought that Rosemary would have changed and that he would be a shadow of the person he was before, but it felt nothing like he had assumed it would be. There was a small rift between the two of them, something inevitably brought on by the fact that they hadn't spoken in years, but they were still the same people. Rosemary was still the ardent scientists she was before and Ben was still the same extractor he was three years ago. For all anyone knew, Ben had been in Rosemary's lab last week chatting about the weather. Ben was torn with the feeling. On the one hand, he was grateful that everything seemed normal between them. With everything going on, Rosemary was the one thing in his life right now that was concrete and he needed that more than anything. But on the other hand it pained him to admit that for as much as he struggled to put some distance between himself and his former life, dream extraction just kept coming back, and coming back with a vengeance.

He had so many mixed emotions about this mission, he didn't even know where to begin to sort them out. He sighed to himself and realized that Rosemary had asked him a question. He looked at her, trying to give her his full attention.

"Ginny?" he asked.

Ginny. Rosemary had met the architect a few times before her accident, Ben recalled. Rosemary and her were acquaintances at best, nothing like the relationship Ben and her had, but it was nice of Rosemary to ask about her. Nice, but a familiar wave of guilt washed over Ben at the mention of Ginny and he struggled to keep it from showing on his face.

"She's still in the hospital. I haven't gone to see her yet," Ben said, "But knowing Ginny she'll greet me with a few of her favorite curse words and then be done with it. Can't say I'm looking forward to it."

He shot Rosemary a quick smirk.

"Speaking of architects," he said, "I told Wilkins he needed to find me a new one. Any idea who they're sending from the program?"

Ben turned and walked towards Rosemary's desk, glancing at the paperwork scattered over it. His eyes flickered to the computer screen briefly.

"Who's our mark anyways? Have you got a name? A file put together?"

Ben figured there was no more time to waste. The sooner they buckled down at did the extraction the sooner he could be done with the mission.