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Jack Drákōn

"My parents tell me that I'm the descendant of dragons. I don't believe them, though, because I'm too small to be a dragon."

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a character in “Dream High”, as played by Aixulram


Jack Brianne Drákōn

Tsubasa High School Girl 1
Jack is a very spaced out and relaxed girl. She doesn't fall for the usual tricks, but she will fall for many tricks if it's something new to her. She can be shy, but most of the time she will talk with you if you start the conversation. The only time she won't talk to you at all is if she's scared or creeped out by you. She is very kind, but she will be snappy when angry, stressed, or annoyed.
Jack has often been called names because of her small size, she is often shy when around new people. She is many times easily intimidated or scared, so people have to be very sensitive around her. She is only truly comfortable around her friends, which she has yet to make any.

Jack has yellow-blond hair and hazel eyes. She wears comfortable and casual clothes, though she always makes sure that they match. She is very petite and small. She is only 4'9" and about 95 lbs, making her the runt of the school and her family.
~Pokemon Card Collecting
~Making Videos/Games/Music for Extra Money
~Hacking Games

~Get an enjoyable job.
~Listening to music
~Watching old movies

~Prissy kids
~Bitter or spicy foods

~Losing friends

Jack grew up in an average household. She was treated like a princess without the riches being that her family was middle-class. She doesn't remember anything before she was four, but she doesn't mind it. When she was ten, her parents told her that she was adopted. She didn't take it too harshly, but she can't wait to be a legal adult so she can track down her parents. She was still treated like a princess, but her parents fell into some trouble with their jobs when she was 14. She was then transfered to Tsubasa High School and has worked harder than ever to get a good grades and money for her parents.
The Guitar
Do you Like the Oz Singers:
"Not really. They all seem a bit bratty and use their power too much."
Singer? Who is your voice supplier:

So begins...

Jack Drákōn's Story


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Character Portrait: Jack Drákōn
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Jack yawned as she slipped out of bed. She went through her morning routine quickly, considering it consisted of putting on her school clothes, brushing her hair, then going out the door of her house. She walked down the street and then took the subway close to her home, one of the good things being that it took her only a block from the school. She stepped into the school yard and yawned again, sipping at a Monster.

Jack walked lazily down the halls, her eyes straying from one person to another. She had only seen a bit of the concert, but because it was the end of the concert she had seen she knew that the Oz stars were moving to the school. She scratched her head. "I hate having new people..." She then stepped into her class, Musical Instrument Class, and noticed that the stars were there. Her face became flushed from knowing that she was among stars. She quickly walked to her seat and groaned, leaning her head back and talking to herself.

"Why do I have to work with these stupid Oz people?"

Jack then pulled her Nintendo DS Lite from her bag and began playing a Pokemon game, fully entranced in it within a few seconds.


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Character Portrait: Jack Drákōn
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Jack was highly annoyed by the whole class. They were all squealing or whispering about the new class members. She put her head in her hands, getting a head ache. Then that one kid finally spoke.

"Shut up! They're nothing special! They're just singers! God!"

Jack quickly looked up and saw a boy with blue-purplish hair. She smiled, giving a nod that she knew he wouldn't see. She then cringed as the teacher came in and told all of Ozes(her new word for them) to introduce themselves. She sighed, laying her head on her desk and mumbling. "All this high pitch singing is hurting my ears." She was referring to the person that was singing, a girl, and Jack was getting very annoyed.

Right after the girl finished singing, Jack raised her hand. "Teacher, may I leave to the lavatory?" The teacher nodded, saying that she would miss the other introductions, though. Jack sighed and left, pulling her flute out of her bag and taking it with her. She stepped out of the class and leaned against the sill of the window across the hall. She looked over the yard, then put her flute to her lips. She then began playing the Zelda theme melody softly so that she could calm herself and relax.

She didn't care about the Oz singers simply because they used their power over girls and boys to get money.


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Character Portrait: Jack Drákōn
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Jack had been able to sneak back into class without being noticed, something she was good at with her small height of 4'9". She was the smallest in the school as far as she knew, plus she figured it would stay that way. She climbed back into her seat and put her flute into it's case, lying her head on the desk and listening to the teacher. She yawned as the class was dismissed and stood, grabbing her single rucksack and the flute case. She slid easily through the crowd of students leaving the room, looking down at her case for a second as she left through the door. That was a bad idea.

Jack bumped into someone, causing her to fall and barely manage to save her flute. She gathered the papers that had fallen out of her bag and stood, looking up to see who she had bumped into. She regretted it when she saw one of the Ozes. He had longish brown hair, and he was very much taller than her, probably over five feet, and not to mention she suddenly felt very short. She spoke quickly in a quiet voice. "Sorry. I didn't see where I was going. So very sorry."

Jack then rushed around him and towards the Chorus class, the one she hated the most. She couldn't sing, and on top of that she was now nervous about being around the guy she had bumped into. She was embarrassed, one of her few weaknesses. She rushed into the class and took her usual seat, the one in the far right corner.