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Aegis-Class Protector-15555

0 · 874 views · located in Prometheus

a character in “Dream of Prometheus”, as played by HolyJunkie



Name || “AEGIS” Nicknamed “Fiver” by his fellow Aegis. It should be known that everyone calls him Aegis, since he's the only one currently deployed at Prometheus.

Model Number || A-15555

Personality and Behaviour || Even among Aegis units, the one nicknamed “Fiver” has a heart of gold when it comes to human interaction. It holds a high opinion on organic life, and zealously wishes to protect all that he was sworn (programmed) to protect. He is an open and gentle soul, and an emotional pillar whenever none exist.

Given that almost his entire production line has been wiped out, he finds it difficult to end lives now, no matter the reason. This doesn't stop him from utilizing his more destructive skills to destroy inanimate objects, however. When life is involved, he is more prone to manufacture non-lethal charges like flashbangs or rubber grenades.

In speech, he is boastful and boisterous; he has a voice as large as his exoskeleton. He holds great pride in his durability and strength.

Overall Appearance || A whopping seven-foot-six makes this heavily armoured machine quite the monster. His armour has a metallic green and blue finish that reveals the pattern of multiple different slabs of metal. Every plate had been replaced with a new piece at some point in time, and as such holds different patterns. On an incredibly close inspection, the juxtaposing patterns in the plating give off an almost cubist painting feel. His heavy armour makes him look almost as wide as he is tall. The Hard Light projector is mounted on his right arm.

Features (weapons included) ||

C-21 CHASSIS AND ARMOUR PLATING: As an Aegis, A-15555 boasts an incredibly durable chassis and armour. His inner workings consist of multiple failsafes, redundant reinforcements, and a nano-bot self-repair system that activates whenever interior damage occurs. Essentially, the Aegis is an unyielding shield. However, carrying such heavy armour renders him very slow compared to other combat personnel. Given that his plating has seen replacement, some pieces of his armour are ultimately stronger than others.

HL-05k COMPACT HARD LIGHT PROJECTOR: Prior to the Compact variant, the HL-05 was mounted on the backs of Aegis units, with tubes feeding into the projectors mounted on the preferred wrist of each Aegis. The new variant does away with the heavy gear and is simply an addition to the gauntlet. The Hard Light Projector can materialize many shapes, and even be set to project holographic replications of an Aegis’ memories. In terms of combat, most Aegis units tend to use a large, ten-foot rectangular barrier that can protect itself and allies. The Hard Light projector can also emit any simple blade-like appendage for offensive combat. However, the projector cannot handle both configurations at once. The one nicknamed “Fiver” is particularly fond of a ten-foot Zweihander configuration. Since it is hard light, it is incredibly… not heavy. That's a good thing. Otherwise he'd be even slower.

C-21s RAPID BOOSTER SYSTEM: Nicknamed “The Stamina Bar” by the more nerdy Aegis units. Despite the lack of speed, all Aegis units carry a non-burning booster system that can grant them at-most ten minutes of medium-slow flight for rapid redeployment in the field. When inactive and not full, the booster system is constantly recharging by collecting compatible gases from the air. In a normal outdoor area anywhere on Earth, It takes approximately five minutes to recharge a fully depleted booster. The recharge rate is diminished depending on the content in the air.

M2 TASER: A simple pistol-shaped launcher that fires two pins that latch onto targets before applying an incapacitating current. Effective against unprotected machinery and flesh alike. Mostly used for law enforcement and self-defence. Has a maximum range of ten metres. Also contains a defibrillator function, in the event such a tool is needed. The battery is charged by the Aegis' own core when it's holstered.

Skills and Specializations ||

Unyielding Defence: A protector first and foremost. Anyone who wishes to harm another- especially human- would find themselves needing to try to go through the Aegis first. Fiver will take blows no matter the risk to his life.

Heavy lifting: In order to carry such heavy armour, all Aegis units have reinforced hydraulics, synthetic muscle systems, and safety redundancies up the whazoo. The average Aegis unit has enough strength to carry a full inventory, as well as two other Aegis units with similarly full inventory.

EOD: An expert in explosives. As per Aegis specifications, all Aegis units were to understand bombs like the back of their projectors. IEDs, Standard issue, whatever they are, an Aegis can disarm one, tank one if necessary, or even create one if such a dangerous device is needed.

General Support: Fiver is capable of storing many supplies within the storage lockers located under the plating. This means food, medical supplies, spare parts, extra weaponry, ingredients for explosives, energy cells, or even a small child. All Aegis units, while not suited for surgery due to their immense size, are capable of rudimentary first-aid or repairs.

History || As his name implies, A-15555 (nicknamed “Fiver” for being one of two with the most fives in their model number) is one of twenty thousand units first developed as a form of riot control system. They were the robot equivalent of human SWAT members carrying tough plexiglass shields in order to keep chaos contained. All of the Aegis units were repurposed and subsequently decimated. They sacrificed themselves shielding humans from the raining destruction.

When the dust finally settled, only a few hundred Aegis units remained. Their sacrifice was immortalized in a statue along the shore of the Hudson’s Bay, a stone likeness of a particularly legendary Aegis unit. (A-00224, who had sacrificed herself using her boosters to fly up and deflect a meteor shard that would have destroyed a city of a million people.) The statue points defiantly up into the sky, in the middle of what history remembered as The Canadian Shield.

Many of the surviving Aegis serve enforcement as “The Tough Guy”. That meant SWAT, Police, and Firefighters. (Mere fire cannot drop an Aegis) Others went into entertainment as robot wrestlers. Others still got modifications to accommodate loader functions in warehouses or factories. All of them hold to their more altruistic, protective programming, despite different functions.

Outside of the original Aegis service, A-15555 most recently moved to Prometheus in order to take a job as a bouncer. The club was about to receive human patrons, and the presence of an Aegis would prevent any unforeseen incidents. The Night Club in particular employs a colourful cast of characters, as follows:
-BART-80d (everyone calls him Bart), The robot that mans the central bar, or rather, he is the central bar. Every counter and shelf is part of him. He is big into entertainment, and holds the keys to every television. He's a stern boss, but he cares deeply for his employees. I mean, why else get an Aegis- a rare thing- as a bouncer?
-Willow De Mayo, a twenty-something human girl with curves fitting for the job, although she adheres to a strict professional code, and prefers to serve drinks like a true-blooded bartender, without flair. She dislikes violence and wrestling, which Bart puts on constantly. She is a new arrival, along with Jolder.
-Jolder, a cybernetic-enhanced (re: replacement right arm and right leg below the knee) woman in her early thirties whose first name is unknown. She is the polar opposite of Willow, willing to tease, flirt, and even give a show to patrons whenever Bart isn't looking. Unlike Willow, Jolder's body shape is not exactly "top-tier" as far as bartenders go. Her body is still perfectly "appealing" to patrons and customers, but she's no Willow. She's a very talented flair mixer.
-Frost, Not actually an employee, just the biggest regular. Frost is an android with a synthetic face and no actual eyes. Frost uses sensors in order to "see" around him, and hides the unnerving look with a large pair of pilot shades. Despite the name, Frost is a bit of a goofball, and enjoys the ancient table games that are practiced at the night club. Sometimes does Bart and the girls a favour by cleaning the restrooms, and as such gets free drinks. Frost does not actually have his own home, which makes one wonder where he goes when he leaves the bar.
(these are minor characters, not ones who would warrant a character sheet)

Deep down, Fiver misses the rest of his unit every day. Every year, on the anniversary of the cataclysm, Fiver takes some time to visit the memorial on the shore of the Hudson’s Bay.

Fiver is currently the only Aegis deployed at Prometheus.

Other ||
Face Claim: Mech drawing by a deviantart user named genocidalpenguin
Colours - Speaking: #416c27 || Thoughts: #005fb7

So begins...

Fiver's Story


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“Morning, Bart.”

“Good morning, Frost, what can I do for you today?”

“I couldn’t help but notice a giant hulk of metal standing by the door over there. New decor? Because it looks like modern art.”

“That’s our new employee. He’s an Aegis.”

“An Aegis?” Frost emitted a low whistle, “I thought they were extinct. The usual, by the way.”

“You kidding?” Bart’s human-like avatar, which appeared as a hard light hologram of a human man confined within the circular counter space. The hard light projection held solidity, which was utilized to grab a bottle and a glass. “Roaring Thunder’s gonna take on Canadian Shield for the title, and they’re both Aegis.” Bart’s hologram pointed out one of the many televisions, where all of them were set to the pre-show to a wrestling match.

There was no sound playing, and the closed captioning was currently set to active. The wrestling pundits spoke silently, but their words reached the audience that happened to be in the night club. They happened to be discussing who was more likely to win… or maybe they were talking about who was a better gardener. There was talk about pushing daisies.

“Any chance there’s another sport on the air?” Willow asked as she left the women’s restroom, having finished last-minute prep before work.

“I checked,” Bart’s avatar gave a sly smirk as his avatar began pouring a drink for Frost.

“I’m sure,” Willow rolled her eyes. “One of these days you should get a karaoke bar.”

“It was either that, or proper security given our budget,” Bart replied, “I care about my employees.”

“Aww, I’m touched!” Jolder’s deeper, more sultry voice emitted from the door.

“Ah good, the gang’s all here,” Frost grinned as as he picked up his glass. He then took a sip. “Your technique’s gettin’ better, Bart.”

“That’s good, I only have a couple more hours before the first human customers start coming in.”

“What about Willow and Jolder? They ain’t new blood- pardon the expression.”

“You of all people should know I’m not offended about not being a meatbag,” Bart laughed, “Pardon the expression, girls.”

“You of all people should know we’re not offended by that, either,” Jolder joked as she pat her cybernetic arm with her real one. Come to think of it, her cybernetic arm had been raised since before she walked into the bar. “Willow, do you have any scissors?” Jolder asked.

“I have clippers, why-“ As Willow approached, she noticed that Jolder’s hair had grown long enough for some strands to get caught between the mechanisms on her shoulder. “Oh!”

“It’s about time for a haircut,” Jolder huffed as Willow produced the clippers.

“In the bathroom, please,” Bart spoke flatly.

“Yeah, yeah.” The two ladies headed for the bathroom.

“An Aegis, though,” Frost repeated, “You scared of humans?”

“I’m afraid of humans as much as I am afraid of my kind.” The hologram flickered as he produced a bottle with a clear liquid, as well as some glasses. “What I am afraid of is both sides drunk, and what that could bring.”

“Hmm…” Frost hummed thoughtfully as Bart’s hologram carefully poured the liquid into glasses. On Frost’s inspection, the liquid turned out to be simple water. Bart was practicing with this new hologram function.

“… And I care about the safety of the people in my club.”

“You must like those two girls.”

“They’re good workers.”

Speak of the devil, Jolder and Willow returned, and Jolder was stretching her shoulder to grind away the hair strands that had been caught in her joint. Soon enough, she had smooth movement once more.

“Best you get ready, Jolder,” Bart smirked as he continued to practice, “First wave’s in a couple hours.”

“Sure thing, boss.”

“Aegis, how’s things outside?”

“Calm,” Fiver replied, “The district is not exactly a violent one.”

“Always calm before the storm, man.”

“I will keep you safe,” Fiver spoke as if it were a practiced vow.

“A’ight, but no need for that White Knight stuff. Let your hair down.”

“I don’t have hair, but the expression is not lost. I’ll keep it in mind.”

Fiver’s head slowly turned from right to left, and back to right. His visual sensors picked up on every detail he could see from outside the door to the night club. Above him, a sign depicted a holographic projection of computer-like shapes made entirely with right angles. The shapes were semi-transparent, and revealed a more traditionally made sign, crafted entirely out of some kind of wood, stained a reddish brown. The wood grain could be easily seen underneath the holographic light, and would appear purple overall. Between the hologram and the red wood was the word “TACHYON” in big bold white letters, made a brighter purple by the surrounding colour. It was quite a beautiful sign.

The Aegis stood firm, as all Aegis did best.

The Aegis walked down some streets, now free from his shift.

Several hours earlier, closing time had arrived. The new bouncer had a good time relocating the inebriated to their respective taxis. Almost all of them were compliant; not many people could stand toe to toe with an Aegis without getting bowled over. Though there was one rather distraught human who seemed angrily afraid of the beast-like robot that was trying to help. It was all sorted out well enough. The Aegis barely tapped on the man’s noggin, and the drunk was out like a light. The man’s ID was used to determine where the man lived, and a police unit came by and brought the unconscious man home.

However, now was the time for the Aegis to start getting to know the city. Fiver walked slowly, his footsteps landed with solid thunks, like marble slabs. He noticed that the streets seemed to be typically empty in the mornings. This didn’t bother the sleepless machine. Fewer people meant fewer people who might accidentally run into the seven-foot-six machine. If anyone didn’t know any better, it looked like an undersized kaiju prowling down the streets of Prometheus.

This Aegis was not randomly striding, however. He had heard of some event that would be happening soon, an event that took place in an area called Arcadia Square. It may be interesting enough, and it would grant the Aegis an opportunity to learn more about the city. The Aegis had no idea what it was about, however.

Fiver arrived on the scene, opting to stand at the back of the crowd so as to avoid blocking the view of others. However, at his height, the Aegis had no issue watching the proceedings.

“Whoa! He looks like a pro wrestler!” A child’s voice.

“Do you know Roaring Thunder?!” A second child’s voice.

“Hey mister!” A third child’s voice reached Fiver’s audio sensors. The Aegis turned not suddenly towards the source of the voice. Three human children looked up at the huge machine from so far below. Their parents seemed to be approaching in a semi-panic. “Can we watch?” he asked before his mother and father could approach.

“That’s rude!” the mother said, “You shouldn’t be asking that thing!”

“It’s alright,” Fiver’s kind, yet boisterous voice emitted, not unlike a superhero from the sixties, “The crowd is indeed quite tall. I would be happy to assist.”

“Are you sure?” The mother asked, more to her husband than the robot. The husband was staring at Fiver’s leg.

“I can’t see why not,” The husband replied as he pointed at the leg he had been staring at, “See the markings on the leg there? That’s an Aegis, they’re built to protect us from harm.”

“Oh!” The mother gasped as she too noticed the markings on Fiver’s leg. Though the damascus-esque pattern blurred it somewhat, the text “AEGIS-15555” was still quite visible. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know the Aegis were still around.”

“There are only a few hundred of us around the world,” Fiver replied as he offered a hand for the children to grab onto, “I am the only one currently stationed here in Prometheus.” With a single smooth movement, Fiver lifted all three kids onto his sturdy shoulders. The children laughed as their feet left the ground.

The parents stood next to the Aegis, as they were tall enough to watch what was going to happen in Arcadia Square.


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Radiation outbreak, at Styx? This seemed particularly threatening… to the civilians of Prometheus. On the Aegis’ heads-up display, a font began to blink in the middle of his vision. A-01, A-01, A-01. The code-number for the directive all Aegis units were programmed with.

Fiver knew he had to lend assistance. He could not allow himself not to. The Aegis carefully let the children down to the ground. “I will help them in any way I can,” the Aegis told the children, “Stay with your parents, and keep safe.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Robot!” The youngest kid chimed. If Fiver could smile, he would have. The Aegis unit had more than several hours before his next shift at the nightclub. This Styx business shouldn’t take too long at all.

Fiver began to approach the stage, but he then realised that he was meant to rendezvous at the Ein Hangar. The parents and their kids had gone, and most others were milling away. The only people who didn’t seem to be busy milling about on their daily business were a man and a girl by a cluster of trees. The Aegis decided to ask for directions from them. “Good morning,” The Aegis greeted in a boisterous, yet not impolite synthetic drawl, “Do either of you know where the Ein Hangar is?”


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The distorted guitars and erratic drumming of an old garage band were what Vivi, the homeless Atalanta VI, woke up to that morning. The music blasted through the speakers in her helmet the moment the clock struck six-thirty and there was a quiet whirring to be heard as she stirred, the blue circles on her back brightening with non-biological life. Though there wasn't any reason or urge to, she yawned loudly and stretched her arms up, letting out sighs much in the way a human would. She circled her arms around to loosen them and somewhere along the way, her stretching turned into a little dance. As she bobbed around she sung along, frightening away the birds. She danced her way to the edge of the building and wiped away the white splatter on her visor that was ruining the view.

"Aw, not again! C'mon, dudes, I ain't some statue! You don't shit on someone while they're sleeping," she complained loudly to the few remaining birds who shared the roof with her, "It's just common courtesy. How'd you like it if I oiled all over yer nest, huh?" Her voice, currently the enthusiastic drawl of an American teen from one of the southern states, wasn't entirely natural. There was a metallic ring and something else synthetic about it, like she was talking through a radio.

"Other than that, it's a beautiful day." She looked down at the city of Prometheus fondly as it was being touched by the first faint rays of light, then rolled her neck and switched the track playing to something with a heavy bass line, turning the volume up to full. She didn't have to worry about eardrums to burst. "Alright then," she said and tapped one high heel on the ground before lowering herself into a crouch, "Let's hop right to it."

She jumped off the building, five stories above her target, the ground. Well, that's what anyone watching would have assumed the target was. Her target was in fact the hooked street lamp that she took hold of, swung around then vaulted off as her heels retracted and the brake on her wheels where released. She hit the ground and zipped through the streets like a speed skater, avoiding anything in her way with ease.

She soon came to pass a small building almost hidden between its large neighbors came to a skidding halt in front of it, one hand almost on the ground to slow herself. A bag was tossed her way almost immediately.

"Thought you were supposed to be fast."

"The time is 6:45. I'm on time." Vivi's reply came in a matter-of-fact manner. "Don't worry, dude. These will be in everyone's hands by eight, as always!" She took off.

While she worked on delivering the mail in the most showy way possible (taking the more dangerous routes and doing tricks like rolling down railings for no reason other than 'it was there'), she decided to tune into the radio. Couple ads, a thief who was caught, something about a new policy coming in about traffic rules that may have concerned her, a dozen more ads and a notice about the radiation at Styx. She had just been about to switch back to her music when the news caught her ear. The topic of Styx had been on everyone's lips lately and she knew everything there was currently to know about it.

"The recruitment for the investigation team will be occurring at Arcadia Square today, 8:00 AM. It is advised that all volunteers..."

"8:00 AM. Got it." It must have been early to dissuade the less passionate. Vivi looked at what she was currently putting in someone's mailbox, a flier warning civilians to stay away from Styx, then stuffed it in and kept running. "I'll get there on time, otherwise I can't call myself an Atalanta VI!"

Long story short: she got there on time. Everyone else just got there a bit earlier. She muted her music as she skated up to the back of the crowd. Her heels extended until they clacked on the ground while she walked up in long, feminine to take her place next to a large, bulky robot with three children perched up on his shoulders. From there she listened with a hand on her hip, documenting all important information.

"Ein Hanger, one hour, full cooperation." She listed when Hyena's speech finished and the crowd began to scatter, the robot beside her and the children with their mother going their separate ways. She linked her fingers together and stretched her arms up, then pressed a button on her helmet to un-mute her headphones. "If I go now, I'll be waaay too early. Waiting is boring." She tapped her heel on the ground. "Suppose I can walk, like the peasants do." She laughed at her own little joke, which is to say the laugh track from a bad sitcom was projected from her. An idea sprung to mind and she perked up, "Maybe bro wants to come?"

Her heels retracted and the brakes released and she skated around the people out of the square, knowing full well that her 'brother' would not be thrilled at the idea of an expedition or cooperation, but wanting to try her luck convincing him anyway.


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Sarah had heard reports of Styx but she didn't realize it was this bad. The old machine had seemed to put her in charge for the moment so she stepped forward and spoke.
"I can ferry any human volunteers or human sized mechanicals to Ein Hanger. We leave in 45 minutes. If you wish a ride you have till then to gather your gear and report to the dropship any not here by the deadline will be on their own."
With that Sarah turned and headed to her ship


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Sophie listened with mild interest. It looked like there was a radiation outbreak going on in Styx. While the idea of being surrounded by other people disinterested her, the possibility that she could die definitely interested her. The girl in charge said that she would ferry all human volunteers. Sophie said nothing but boarded onto the Ein Hanger. She had no real stuff to bring along with her. She could wear the clothes on her back, get water from any place that has it and she didn't need to eat too much due to dealing with starvation a lot. She just sat there in the hanger and stared out a window, waiting for it to leave.


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"I didn't think I'd see wrongdoers on this side of the town..."

Quite a crowd had gathered after Hyena's announcement. In the far back, Vanadis saw a peculiar figure- zooming in with his optical sensors, he noticed an Aegis unit; an odd sight to see in Prometheus. He supposed it was due to the high-risk alert of this mission, and turned his optics away almost immediately as they had settled on it.

Just beside it was a smaller, pink machine...but with the amount of machines in the area, Vanadis didn't bother finding its unit code. Shaking his head as Hyena finished, he started to turn away. An hour of preparation, when he had already come prepared. This was...proving to already going to be a long, unproductive and boring wait.

Seemingly sensing the machine's dismay, Hyena turned to him and clasped a metallic hand on his shoulder, pointing to the group that had formed a little near the back.
"Perhaps you could help them."

Why Hyena wanted him to help out a bunch of humans an ancient unit, he didn't know. But as he took a few steps towards them- weaving through the crowd as well as he could and ignoring the gawking sights of young humans at the booster and blades on his sides and back- he heard a question already being asked.

“Do either of you know where the Ein Hangar is?”

"Ein Hangar is just a little ways off from the Crank Drawbridge; turn left near the bridge and you should be able to see it in no time," He spoke before either of the humans could. He assumed these two were volunteers as well; the rather bothered-looking dark-brown haired girl and the odd black-haired man.

There was something off about this man. Vanadis could have sworn he saw someone like him...though that could be any shaggy looking businessman with a suitcase out there. He shrugged it off.

Probably just a hunch, right?


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The Aegis noted that it was not quite up to snuff in terms of fitting inside that human pilot’s machine. Few military aircraft were capable of carrying a fully loaded Aegis without throwing the balance off, let alone an entire squad. Since the loss of the majority of Aegis units, there were only two such transports making rounds between every base throughout the entire world. There was a third one, but it was privately owned by the professional wrestling organization.

He instead relied on the Warden’s guidance. “A little ways off from the Crank Drawbridge; turn left near the bridge and you should see it in no time.” The Aegis confirmed this information; he was particularly familiar with the landmark mentioned. He had crossed it on a whim while marching down a scenic path on the way to work many hours ago.

“I shall see you all there,” The Aegis boomed (unintentionally). He then about-faced, and began his march- which was about as quick as his enormous chassis could manage, but it would be awfully slow in the perspective of the cute Atlanta unit.

Soon enough, however, he had arrived at the drawbridge with fifteen minutes to spare. There was not nearly as much public around, so the Aegis opted to use his boosters in order to speed himself along. He found the hangar after another two minutes.

The Aegis looked forward to doing his part to protect Prometheus- though it wasn’t like he could help that. He felt an odd excitement as he entered through the sliding blast doors that signified one of the entrances to the large Ein Hangar.


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"Hey, bro?" Vivi called out as she knocked with a hard fist, then shoved her face into the camera embedded into the door. She leaned over and gave the camera a little salute with two fingers then moonwalked backwards to wait with her arms crossed and legs apart. "Yo, It's Vivi! C'mon, open up! It's important!" No sign of activity. She walked back up to the door and was about to beg when it clicked and slid open. Vivi fist pumped as she glided through the door and into Nao's apartment, dumping the bag on the kitchen counter and proceeding to whip out the bread and butter. The sound of unclad feet on tile barely cut through her music as Nao staggered through the doorway, his violet eyes glued to the hidden object in his palm.

" wanted to make a sandwich," he croaked, fiddling with the unknown contraption with a thin silver instrument. His lanky figure leaned over the small glass dining table as his gaze darted to the back of her bobbing head, "Don't see what's so important. You don't eat." Another sandwich without crusts plopped onto Vivi's leaning tower and Nao observed her behavior warily, before shrugging it off and continuing what he was doing. "Are you trying to set a record? Should I be filming?"

"You can if you want to," Vivi chirped and twirled the knife around in her hand in a blur, "This is the day we save Prometheus."


"Sorry, what?"

"Ha, I told you it was important! The Wardens are recruiting a team to go explore Styx and find the source of the radiation," the Atalanta Vi explained as she spread peanut butter with the flair of a master chef, "I thought we could do it together. Haven't you been checking yer voicemail? Anyways, we have an hour to suit up before we have to be at the Ein Hangar, so I'm making as many sandwiches as possible in the next ... seven minutes because I calculate that it should take 28 minutes to reach the Ein Hangar with the extra mass - being you - on my back." She stabbed the butter knife through the sandwich pile and turned to him eagerly. Nao was still looking into his hand.

"Short notice," he grunted. He was still in his ratty old black dressing gown.

"Couldn't be helped. The call for recruits was a week ago - and you cancelled game night. I think you only let me inside because you saw that I had a bag. So are you coming or what, bro?"

Pause. "Think I'm going to have to go with 'or what' on this one, Vi."

"AW, C'MOOOON!" Vivi's knees collapsed and she grabbed the table in a begging manner. When she received no response she straightened and turned to the counter, continuing her task. "Then you can bet yer ass I'm gonna be making sandwiches 'til I go, cos there isn't anyone else who'll do this for you." As bitter and cutting as it sounded, she only said the truth. It wasn't like Nao was going to go out of his way to prepare food that couldn't be easily stuffed in the microwave. "I just thought we could do something fun, y'know? I'm bored of doing this shit myself. Even speed run isn't as fun as it used to be. You've got to update the tracks already."

A soft, metallic bark came from behind her and she glanced over her shoulder to see something small and silver running in circles on Nao's palms. She slowly set down her knife and walked over. Nao looked up with a sly smile, "Hold out your hand." Vivi did without question and the robot dog leaped from Nao's hands to hers. She stared.

"Why do I want to put this in my mouth?"

"One, don't." Nao advised, "Two, because it's cute. That's what I was going for." He sounded almost proud.

"A device that makes machines hunger," Vivi wondered as she peered at the puppy, "... Sweet!" She looked over to Nao who had slumped into a chair and was rubbing his eyes, then her mood dropped again. "You really not coming?" He shook his head. "But the sandwiches!" She drew attention to the collapsing pile with a grand gesture and Nao just shrugged.

"Share them with the others at the field trip. You really should make new friends."

"I didn't need friends when I had you." Had. Out of every long and awkward pause that had ever been, Vivi had taken the cake with this short sentence. Programmed to be honest at all times, Vivi's words were always true - whether factually, or whether she meant them. At last Nao sighed and stood, moving to the doorway.

"Clean up when you're done," he said, "And good luck with... does Dad know you're going?" He left before Vivi could answer, leaving her alone with a failed sandwich ladder and a robot dog in danger of being bitten in half.


The Ein Hangar, right on time, as always.

Vivi switched off her music and looked around at who was already there and eventually arriving - some glum looking schoolgirl, another young woman with somewhat cold eyes, that badass human Warden and the impressive looking Vanadas, a - hey, is that seriously an Aegis? Does this mean she gets to make a wish? - and last but not... or actually, yeah, last and least, a rather bland looking man. All in all... a pretty dull turn out. She just waved or made a finger gun at anyone who looked her way and tried not to feel uncomfortable about the bag of sandwiches slung over her shoulder. It was only full of half the sandwiches she actually made, because taking all of them felt silly even for her and she made them to begin with. She let out a quiet whistle and turned the volume on low as she lazily skated in circles far from the others, doing little jumps and twirls, getting slightly more extravagant as she grew more excited. She was going to have her own adventure... perhaps she could finally forget the Okuma family with it.