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"In the pipe five by five."

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Name || Sarah Hopewell

Age || 28

Gender || Female

Personality || Sarah is always confident in herself some even say over confident or cocky. She will never leave her crew behind even it it means going through hell to get them.

Appearance || Standing at roughly 5 foot 8 with an athletic build. Pale skin with jet black hair and eyes of blue.

Skills and Talents || Can fly and repair most types of aircraft. She also has training with pistols knifes and hand to hand combat

History || Sarah was born into a family of fliers. Some of her family had even severed during the crisis years before flying survivors to safety. But that was the past...

Today Sarah's family runs a small cargo line and it was here that Sarah got her start. It was clear from a young age that she had natural talent for flying. And a nack for getting the job done no matter what. It was this that got the fledgling human forces to notice her.
Sarah was recruited and trained to fly dropships for missions. Like in her cargo work she showed herself to be one of the best. Always bringing her crew home no matter what.

Other || Her Callsign is Angel

So begins...

Sarah Hopewell's Story


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A small dropship flew over the town heading towards Arcadia Square. On board was a human sqaud and two pilots.
" LZ in sight" said the female pilot
"Roger that Angel you are clear to land"

The dropship flew over the crowd and landed in the square. The human troops and the female pilot departed the ship heading towards the elder bot.
The pilot removed her helmet and introduced herself "I am Captain Sarah Hopewell of the human wardens we are here to help."


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"Welcome to Prometheus Mark. There is an odd radioactive decay phenomenon occurring near the vicinity of Styx. Our client is interested in whatever is causing it and has agreed to to triple your standard fee.

The area has been recently closed off by advanced Warden machines, making entry rather difficult. However, there is an exploration team headed over there which we could use to get you in. You will be signed up as a researcher under the guise of "Alfred Philips". Our contact in Prometheus will provide you with all the necessary peripherals and documents you will need to get in.

Something is fishy about this phenomena. Take care Mark. It is a pleasure to be working with you again."

Mark recounted the mission details in his mind as he sat at one of the nearby bars, watching the small crowd gather in Arcadia Square. A few of the Warden machines have already entered, along with a few "organic" members of the expedition. From his seat he watched. He had on his usual blue dress shirt, black pants and black tie combination. Hardly anything impressive. Perfect for slipping in.

A waitress approached him, asking him if he would like to refill his drink to which Mark declined. It was almost time to go after all. Picking up the necessary paperwork and files, he stood up and left, leaving the waitress a rather generous tip while he slipped in with the throng of "organics".

"I am Captain Sarah Hopewell of the human wardens we are here to help."

A woman stood before them. "Captain? I guess she's going to be our chauffeur?" Mark observed her carefully. Judging from her looks, she was probably around his age--maybe a bit older. Her face didn't seem familiar though, which is a huge relief. He wouldn't exactly want to bump into any possible, familiar faces.

"You there!" An inspection drone flew over to him; its mechanical voice rasping from its rather, low-tech voice box. "Standard procedure sir. Stand still."

"I understand." Mark did as he was told and immediately, a small, harmless beam of red light scanned his body. An identity check no doubt. Still, he trusts his handlers have surely arranged everything? Down to his registration within Prometheus.

"Confirmed. Welcome aboard, Mr. Alfred Philips." The drone acknowledges him and allows him to join the throng of people. Mark simply nodded at the machine and watched it go on its way. As he was about to join the group, he espied a young girl standing idly by the trees. From the looks of it, she didn't seem to have any luggage on her.

"Excuse me? I was wondering where I can set this down?" Mark slightly raises his suitcase to show her. "I'd ask one of the Wardens but--I'm not quite popular with "the other kind". It's a one-way relationship see?"


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"...I'm not really up for conversation."

"Excuse me? I was wondering where I can set this down?"
Nagisa snapped out of her daydreaming as she heard a voice call out to her. Looking over in the direction of the voice, she noticed a rather scruffy- and tall, she noted with a small grimace- man.
"I'd ask one of the Wardens but--I'm not quite popular with "the other kind". It's a one-way relationship see?"
She took a quick glance around the place, scanning the area if there were any places to put luggage down in. There weren't really a lot of people carrying heavy bags; and the Wardens didn't seem to be clearing away an area for luggage.

"Well-- technically, anywhere." Came her awkward reply. "Doesn't seem like the Wardens are doing a luggage check, since they have those drones around for scanning anyway." The captain of the human wardens had arrived while in the short span of time Nagisa's eyes had been away from the elder machine.

Speaking of which, the machine seemed to scan its sensors over the crowd before emitting a low humming sound. The blue Warden straightened up and raised a hand to silence their audience.

"Good morning to you all," The elder machine spoke slowly. "I am SKM-45; but back in my day, my fellows called me...well, they called me Hyena."

"As you all know, I have gathered you today to seek your help with a recent, troublesome matter. Surely you've heard of the incident at Styx that damaged several of our Wardens and some of our human compatriots," Hyena continued, looking round the crowd. Nagisa grimaced at the thought; she couldn't exactly remember whether she had the attack before the radiation outbreak or it was during the outbreak. Then again- she didn't remember a lot anyway.

"According to what we've observed, it was a radiation outbreak from an unknown source. Styx has been barren for a long while, so we are all in the dark as to what could have caused it. This is where we need your help- we need more people to travel there to help us investigate. Search for whatever you can; we will provide you with specialized equipment so that you will not be affected by the radiation. I will entrust you to the Wardens and Captain Hopewell. I wish you the best of luck, all those who volunteered."

The blue Warden turned and addressed the crowd.
"To those that are willing to participate in this investigation, we will give you exactly an hour to prepare; then we shall meet at the Ein Hangar. We hope that you will give your full cooperation."
With that the machine turned heel again and seemed to speak to the other Wardens. Nagisa stretched a bit from where she stood.

She had to prepare soon, it seemed...


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Radiation outbreak, at Styx? This seemed particularly threatening… to the civilians of Prometheus. On the Aegis’ heads-up display, a font began to blink in the middle of his vision. A-01, A-01, A-01. The code-number for the directive all Aegis units were programmed with.

Fiver knew he had to lend assistance. He could not allow himself not to. The Aegis carefully let the children down to the ground. “I will help them in any way I can,” the Aegis told the children, “Stay with your parents, and keep safe.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Robot!” The youngest kid chimed. If Fiver could smile, he would have. The Aegis unit had more than several hours before his next shift at the nightclub. This Styx business shouldn’t take too long at all.

Fiver began to approach the stage, but he then realised that he was meant to rendezvous at the Ein Hangar. The parents and their kids had gone, and most others were milling away. The only people who didn’t seem to be busy milling about on their daily business were a man and a girl by a cluster of trees. The Aegis decided to ask for directions from them. “Good morning,” The Aegis greeted in a boisterous, yet not impolite synthetic drawl, “Do either of you know where the Ein Hangar is?”


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The distorted guitars and erratic drumming of an old garage band were what Vivi, the homeless Atalanta VI, woke up to that morning. The music blasted through the speakers in her helmet the moment the clock struck six-thirty and there was a quiet whirring to be heard as she stirred, the blue circles on her back brightening with non-biological life. Though there wasn't any reason or urge to, she yawned loudly and stretched her arms up, letting out sighs much in the way a human would. She circled her arms around to loosen them and somewhere along the way, her stretching turned into a little dance. As she bobbed around she sung along, frightening away the birds. She danced her way to the edge of the building and wiped away the white splatter on her visor that was ruining the view.

"Aw, not again! C'mon, dudes, I ain't some statue! You don't shit on someone while they're sleeping," she complained loudly to the few remaining birds who shared the roof with her, "It's just common courtesy. How'd you like it if I oiled all over yer nest, huh?" Her voice, currently the enthusiastic drawl of an American teen from one of the southern states, wasn't entirely natural. There was a metallic ring and something else synthetic about it, like she was talking through a radio.

"Other than that, it's a beautiful day." She looked down at the city of Prometheus fondly as it was being touched by the first faint rays of light, then rolled her neck and switched the track playing to something with a heavy bass line, turning the volume up to full. She didn't have to worry about eardrums to burst. "Alright then," she said and tapped one high heel on the ground before lowering herself into a crouch, "Let's hop right to it."

She jumped off the building, five stories above her target, the ground. Well, that's what anyone watching would have assumed the target was. Her target was in fact the hooked street lamp that she took hold of, swung around then vaulted off as her heels retracted and the brake on her wheels where released. She hit the ground and zipped through the streets like a speed skater, avoiding anything in her way with ease.

She soon came to pass a small building almost hidden between its large neighbors came to a skidding halt in front of it, one hand almost on the ground to slow herself. A bag was tossed her way almost immediately.

"Thought you were supposed to be fast."

"The time is 6:45. I'm on time." Vivi's reply came in a matter-of-fact manner. "Don't worry, dude. These will be in everyone's hands by eight, as always!" She took off.

While she worked on delivering the mail in the most showy way possible (taking the more dangerous routes and doing tricks like rolling down railings for no reason other than 'it was there'), she decided to tune into the radio. Couple ads, a thief who was caught, something about a new policy coming in about traffic rules that may have concerned her, a dozen more ads and a notice about the radiation at Styx. She had just been about to switch back to her music when the news caught her ear. The topic of Styx had been on everyone's lips lately and she knew everything there was currently to know about it.

"The recruitment for the investigation team will be occurring at Arcadia Square today, 8:00 AM. It is advised that all volunteers..."

"8:00 AM. Got it." It must have been early to dissuade the less passionate. Vivi looked at what she was currently putting in someone's mailbox, a flier warning civilians to stay away from Styx, then stuffed it in and kept running. "I'll get there on time, otherwise I can't call myself an Atalanta VI!"

Long story short: she got there on time. Everyone else just got there a bit earlier. She muted her music as she skated up to the back of the crowd. Her heels extended until they clacked on the ground while she walked up in long, feminine to take her place next to a large, bulky robot with three children perched up on his shoulders. From there she listened with a hand on her hip, documenting all important information.

"Ein Hanger, one hour, full cooperation." She listed when Hyena's speech finished and the crowd began to scatter, the robot beside her and the children with their mother going their separate ways. She linked her fingers together and stretched her arms up, then pressed a button on her helmet to un-mute her headphones. "If I go now, I'll be waaay too early. Waiting is boring." She tapped her heel on the ground. "Suppose I can walk, like the peasants do." She laughed at her own little joke, which is to say the laugh track from a bad sitcom was projected from her. An idea sprung to mind and she perked up, "Maybe bro wants to come?"

Her heels retracted and the brakes released and she skated around the people out of the square, knowing full well that her 'brother' would not be thrilled at the idea of an expedition or cooperation, but wanting to try her luck convincing him anyway.


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Sarah had heard reports of Styx but she didn't realize it was this bad. The old machine had seemed to put her in charge for the moment so she stepped forward and spoke.
"I can ferry any human volunteers or human sized mechanicals to Ein Hanger. We leave in 45 minutes. If you wish a ride you have till then to gather your gear and report to the dropship any not here by the deadline will be on their own."
With that Sarah turned and headed to her ship


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Sophie listened with mild interest. It looked like there was a radiation outbreak going on in Styx. While the idea of being surrounded by other people disinterested her, the possibility that she could die definitely interested her. The girl in charge said that she would ferry all human volunteers. Sophie said nothing but boarded onto the Ein Hanger. She had no real stuff to bring along with her. She could wear the clothes on her back, get water from any place that has it and she didn't need to eat too much due to dealing with starvation a lot. She just sat there in the hanger and stared out a window, waiting for it to leave.


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"Hey, bro?" Vivi called out as she knocked with a hard fist, then shoved her face into the camera embedded into the door. She leaned over and gave the camera a little salute with two fingers then moonwalked backwards to wait with her arms crossed and legs apart. "Yo, It's Vivi! C'mon, open up! It's important!" No sign of activity. She walked back up to the door and was about to beg when it clicked and slid open. Vivi fist pumped as she glided through the door and into Nao's apartment, dumping the bag on the kitchen counter and proceeding to whip out the bread and butter. The sound of unclad feet on tile barely cut through her music as Nao staggered through the doorway, his violet eyes glued to the hidden object in his palm.

"So...you wanted to make a sandwich," he croaked, fiddling with the unknown contraption with a thin silver instrument. His lanky figure leaned over the small glass dining table as his gaze darted to the back of her bobbing head, "Don't see what's so important. You don't eat." Another sandwich without crusts plopped onto Vivi's leaning tower and Nao observed her behavior warily, before shrugging it off and continuing what he was doing. "Are you trying to set a record? Should I be filming?"

"You can if you want to," Vivi chirped and twirled the knife around in her hand in a blur, "This is the day we save Prometheus."


"Sorry, what?"

"Ha, I told you it was important! The Wardens are recruiting a team to go explore Styx and find the source of the radiation," the Atalanta Vi explained as she spread peanut butter with the flair of a master chef, "I thought we could do it together. Haven't you been checking yer voicemail? Anyways, we have an hour to suit up before we have to be at the Ein Hangar, so I'm making as many sandwiches as possible in the next ... seven minutes because I calculate that it should take 28 minutes to reach the Ein Hangar with the extra mass - being you - on my back." She stabbed the butter knife through the sandwich pile and turned to him eagerly. Nao was still looking into his hand.

"Short notice," he grunted. He was still in his ratty old black dressing gown.

"Couldn't be helped. The call for recruits was a week ago - and you cancelled game night. I think you only let me inside because you saw that I had a bag. So are you coming or what, bro?"

Pause. "Think I'm going to have to go with 'or what' on this one, Vi."

"AW, C'MOOOON!" Vivi's knees collapsed and she grabbed the table in a begging manner. When she received no response she straightened and turned to the counter, continuing her task. "Then you can bet yer ass I'm gonna be making sandwiches 'til I go, cos there isn't anyone else who'll do this for you." As bitter and cutting as it sounded, she only said the truth. It wasn't like Nao was going to go out of his way to prepare food that couldn't be easily stuffed in the microwave. "I just thought we could do something fun, y'know? I'm bored of doing this shit myself. Even speed run isn't as fun as it used to be. You've got to update the tracks already."

A soft, metallic bark came from behind her and she glanced over her shoulder to see something small and silver running in circles on Nao's palms. She slowly set down her knife and walked over. Nao looked up with a sly smile, "Hold out your hand." Vivi did without question and the robot dog leaped from Nao's hands to hers. She stared.

"Why do I want to put this in my mouth?"

"One, don't." Nao advised, "Two, because it's cute. That's what I was going for." He sounded almost proud.

"A device that makes machines hunger," Vivi wondered as she peered at the puppy, "... Sweet!" She looked over to Nao who had slumped into a chair and was rubbing his eyes, then her mood dropped again. "You really not coming?" He shook his head. "But the sandwiches!" She drew attention to the collapsing pile with a grand gesture and Nao just shrugged.

"Share them with the others at the field trip. You really should make new friends."

"I didn't need friends when I had you." Had. Out of every long and awkward pause that had ever been, Vivi had taken the cake with this short sentence. Programmed to be honest at all times, Vivi's words were always true - whether factually, or whether she meant them. At last Nao sighed and stood, moving to the doorway.

"Clean up when you're done," he said, "And good luck with... does Dad know you're going?" He left before Vivi could answer, leaving her alone with a failed sandwich ladder and a robot dog in danger of being bitten in half.


The Ein Hangar, right on time, as always.

Vivi switched off her music and looked around at who was already there and eventually arriving - some glum looking schoolgirl, another young woman with somewhat cold eyes, that badass human Warden and the impressive looking Vanadas, a - hey, is that seriously an Aegis? Does this mean she gets to make a wish? - and last but not... or actually, yeah, last and least, a rather bland looking man. All in all... a pretty dull turn out. She just waved or made a finger gun at anyone who looked her way and tried not to feel uncomfortable about the bag of sandwiches slung over her shoulder. It was only full of half the sandwiches she actually made, because taking all of them felt silly even for her and she made them to begin with. She let out a quiet whistle and turned the volume on low as she lazily skated in circles far from the others, doing little jumps and twirls, getting slightly more extravagant as she grew more excited. She was going to have her own adventure... perhaps she could finally forget the Okuma family with it.