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Aragon Ramair

"Dancing heals the soul"

0 · 147 views · located in Earth 2249 A.D.

a character in “Dream or Reality?”, as played by Enkisama


Nickname: Arrow
Age: 23
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 156 lbs.
Eyes: Amber eyes, both in the real world and in the dream world
Hair: Jet black waves that fall to his shoulder. Very silky and clean
Description: Seems taller than he is because he holds himself up high with confidence, and is very energetic. He loves music and video games with a passion, if he is listening to anything he is often found moving and dancing to the music. But his style makes him seem very mysterious because he wears mostly black on top of his Native American tan skin. The only color he wears under his black is a light creamy yellow color undershirt. His dress shirt’s sleeves are always rolled up past his elbows. His pants somewhat baggy, but not so that it hangs around his knees.
City and State: Lexington, Kentucky
Car: 2117 RX-8 Mazda
Car Description: Very sharp two door car, not like previous models that have the suicide door for the backseat. The lights are sharp, make it look almost pray-mantis like. A deep grey shine to the car’s paint, bright LED lights with an under light of red. Great looking car, in which he loves to race on the tracks.
House: A small one bedroom apartment in the city of Lexington, which has grown much in the past couple of decades. The population now exceeds New York City, and has a very busy reputation now. He lives on the sixth floor of a 100 floors, does not want to be at the top just in case the new flying cars crash into the higher floors.
Pets: Does not believe in having animals in a city and small apartment


Personality: Likes to keep to himself and keeps himself busy with his work, but loves music with such a passion that it is him. He never goes through life without some music on him, most people see him with earphones in his ears.
Schooling: Northwestern High School, did not go to college.
Job: Creates virtual game systems from his studio in his apartment. Even though he does not have a degree, he has become one of the most well-known game designers across the America’s even Japan look up to him when trying to create new games for the virtual systems.
Music: Anything!
Animal: Tayra
Movie: Lord of the Rings series
Color: Orange
Food: Pizza
Interests: Computers, games, solitude, movies, music
Hobbies: computer systems, video game making, other techy things.


Basically a sword much like a light saber, though would rather use a type of bow with light arrows with different magical abilities, like fire, water, ice… stuff like that.


Grew out in the country near Northwestern district in Ohio, and never got along with his trailor-trash family. Once he was 18 he moved down to Kentucky and began buy systems to help him with the new virtual reality systems. By the age of 21 he had created two of the best video games in virtual game history, making him millions of dollars by the time he was 23. Now he continues to make video games. He does not talk to his parents, only his little sister until she came down with Dreamstosis a year ago. Now he continues to try to help her with what money he can to come up with a cure before she dies. He was unsuccessful, but that does not stop him from trying. Now she is part of his virtual world, and is in his home thorough a hologram program he had put into his apartment, so she is always there to talk to.

So begins...

Aragon Ramair's Story