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Astrid Kur : Chronicler
"History doesn't happen until someone records it. That is what I am for."


Name: Astrid Kur

Nickname: Smiley is what Kihlani and Co. used to call her.

Title: Chronicler

Race: Homosapien, Pure Breed

Visual Age: early twenties

Factual Age: 25

Gender: Hermaphrodite

Sexual Orientation: ...always been confused by what the answer to this question should be. I mean, Smiley can't really be gay or straight. Smiley sometimes forgets that others have genders though, so, pansexual maybe? Oh what does it matter anyway, not like Smiley is particularly sexy or anything. Though a more romantic view has always been taken when Astrid looks at things. An actual crush on one particular person hasn't happened in some time. Astrid tends to fall in love with the idea of or an already existing 'couple'. Yes, Astrid is a total SHIPPER. Discretely.

Role: Chronicler, Hairdresser

Class: Engineer

Specialization: Technomancer

Theme Songs:
Even in Death-by Clark "Plazmataz" Powell, feat. belly dancing by Tavia Morra
If I die Young- The Perry
Ordinary day- Vanessa Carlton


Hair: Sandy blonde hair is cut with bangs pieced to perfectly frame Astrid's face, along with layers that give it a carefree look. It runs to the bottom of Astrid's bust and is ever so slightly wavy. The style changes depending on what Astrid so happens to be wearing.

Eyes: Silver-blue eyes have earned Astrid a few straying compliments. The Sharpness of the color and the shape of Astrid's eyes tend to make Astrid seem rather vulpine, or clever to be more clear.

Eye Brows: If it has to do with hair, it is never out of place on Astrid, eyebrows included. They are quite straight and pencil-thin, adding yet more of a feminen air to Astrid's appearance. They also add to Astrid's over-all sharp features.

Ears: Normally shaped human ears are pierced with a few rings on the top of each that are permanent, along with the right ear being pierced on the lobe, with which Astrid will sport the odd piece here and there.

Nose: Rather small and pointed is Astrid's nose, nothing impressive about it really.

Lips: While Astrid's lips are supple and pink, even baby-soft, they are forever stuck in a straight line.

Build: Neither slight nor sturdy, Astrid strikes at an in-between that can be taken as either a young lad or lass. Astrid's chest is not particularly impressive, a bit small actually, and the curves are only slight. The arms to this body are thin, and the hands small but impressively dextrous. Astrid's legs and buttox however, are entirely brag-worthy.

Skin Tone: Caucasian, slightly sun-kissed *noted that there is no sun

Height: 170 centimeters (5'7")

Weight: 54 kg (120 lbs) (As of late, Astrid has been immersed in belly dancing and not eating due to lack of money, so Astrid looks a tad famished and a bit too thin.)

Voice: Maybe Astrid could sing, but not with a voice stuck in a shy monotone.

Handed: Right

Body Markings: None

Scar Tissue: In place of any sort of tattoo that can be done to show you are a Chronicler, you are instead branded with this symbol on your dominent forearm. That symbol is on Astrid's right forearm and its width slightly wraps around the curve of her arm.

Unique Body Features: Well... Astrid is a Hermaphrodite. That is pretty unique. Also the brand as a Chronicler.


Quirks: Astrid's body tends to come off as rather rigid, with posture a little too perfect. This is dropped while dancing however, and a new solemn yet flexible person seems to take over.

Astrid will wear both men's clothes as well as women's, and is surprisingly not afraid to wear something revealing, as long as it doesn't show Astrid's 'secret'.

Astrid is rather cocky with his/her skill when it comes to the knives and scissors used while cutting hair, and will state that Astrid is the best. These tools are meticulously looked after and respected when in use. Astrid would become greatly offended if one were to suggest their use as a weapon.

Astrid is a good listener, and when a curt response is needed for advice, will give it.

Astrid has quite the sweet-tooth, but is embarrassed by this fact.

Astrid is a virgin...technically. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!?

Virtue/Creed: "To look at things from all angles is a virtue, but never assume you even know what all the angles are."

Motivation: Astrid is duty bound, a duty Astrid takes very seriously, to record history in its entire truth, not as some might like to see it. The painful brand Astrid had to endure is a mark that is sacred, and a Chronicler must be willing to sacrifice even their own happiness and safety in order to record the truth objectively. It is what Astrid was raised for, a life purpose.

Goal: To record some of history's most memorable events, and actually have it be useful someday.

Fear: That Astrid might be missing something exciting going on somewhere else, it is more of an anxiety really. When it comes to dangerous situations and things, Astrid tends to be blind to the potential of getting hurt or dying. Many a Chronicler have died simply by accident because of this trait present in most recorders. A definite real fear of Astrid's is certainly initiating conversation. Chroniclers are taught to be silent and listen, but for Astrid that has transfered to crippling any courage when it comes to interacting with others. Also drunk people scare the shit out of Astrid.

    [*]Incense is something that has always relaxed Astrid, and Astrid is well aware of how it is made too, the trouble with that is that it is very difficult to try to make in the wastelands. Astrid has sold most of the supply gifted to him/her by Kihlani, Astrid's mentor. Astrid likes to burn incense when cutting hair, it relaxes the customer.

    [*]Speaking of cutting hair, it so happens to be Astrid's 'hobby'. You know how you find something you are just darned good at? Well, Astrid has always been good at trimming locks with skillful hands. Not only is the quality good, but the way in which Astrid does it turns out as an artform that has put more than one customer to sleep in relaxation. It turns out to be rather relaxing for Astrid too, an activity that doesn't take too much effort and little brainwork. Astrid just has magical hands.

    [*]The arts are always an important part of understanding any given culture, and Astrid has a healthy appreciation for them. Although terribly shy, Astrid has been know to be capable of participating in a dance or two in actual public. But only under the strict circumstance that Astrid has already been taught to dance properly, wouldn't want to look like a fool huh? Astrid's skill with drawing is not the best, certainly not artistic or pretty, but very detailed, much like Da Vinci; all for the purpose drawing a visual for something Astrid has recorded. As for music, Astrid can boast, not that Astrid ever would, that music has always come easy.

    [*]And lastly books, Astrid is quite the bibliophile and will read whenever not busy. Astrid is familiar with a few languages here and there.

    [*]Astrid is horrifically afraid of being a bother to anyone, and will easily become embarrassed if he/she gets the notion that he/she is being one.

    [*]Astrid dislikes the general mistreatment of books, it offends greatly and is one of the few things that can get a rise out of Astrid. If only a small one coupled with a frown.

    [*]Astrid is a pacifist, and does not believe in using violence. But due to the code of a Chronicler, to never interfere, Astrid has never once been able to raise a hand to stop it from happening. A Chronicler's pacifism has long since given birth to many myths involving luck, and one of them is that it is bad luck to harm a Chronicler, and so it is a rarity that one ever runs into violent trouble.

    [*]Astrid does not like the body that makes Astrid neither man nor woman, though it is something highly subconscious. The feeling is almost one of shame, even if Astrid will freely admit that Astrid is a hermaphrodite. People usually find out when Astrid enters the men's room to pee.

Strengths: Astrid's strengths are perhaps similar to a scholar's. The brain is a key tool used by Chroniclers and Astrid is no exception. Adaption into a culture and noticing certain customs are all part of Astrid's training, and Astrid is quite excelled in such areas to do with art and language. Hand dexterity is also a strong point with Astrid. The technopathic capability within Astrid is better than average, but nothing compared to someone who spends their life honing such a skill.

Weaknesses: Social interaction is awkward for Astrid, no surprise there. And when a conflict comes up, Astrid will not fight, and does not even know how. Quite literally weakness is a weakness for Astrid, and Astrid is willing to accept the likelihood of death due to this conviction towards fallowing a code of peace. Low self-esteem also seems to mar Astrid's already low confidence levels. And because of Astrid's low confidence, Astrid can at times be used for something like a doormat.

Physical Description: If you were to call Astrid ‘pretty’, Astrid would think you were making a mockery of his/her body; but none the less, Astrid is rather pretty. Standing at a respectable height with long legs in proportion to body, in clothes Astrid appears to be a woman. This is of course also assumable because of Astrid’s breasts; however the lower half of Astrid’s body shows a twig and berries, and muffin. This fact is able to be hidden when Astrid wears an outfit with a skirt, and so for the longest of times that was all Astrid would wear. However towards adulthood Astrid explored tying down the chest and wearing men’s clothes, which Astrid found interesting, and so whenever Astrid so pleases, Astrid can appear as a he or she. Though it is notable that even under the guise of a man, Astrid carries a distinctly feminine demeanor, the dislike of excess body hair and impeccable hygene included.

Personality Description: Upon meeting Astrid, you might find yourself thinking that Astrid is rather cold and curt, although polite and mindful of etiquette. Astrid appears to be ‘too cool for you’ with an aloof face and monotonous tone, and to top it all off the iciest pair of eyes you ever did see. Astrid will not engage another individual unless there is important reason to do so, and when engaged Astrid tends to answer with very short sentences, and at times not even complete ones. But really that rigid demeanor is only the fallback response to an otherwise internally awkward individual. Astrid frets endlessly on how to properly deal with people, not wanting to be made a fool of yet at the same time not wanting to make the fool out of anyone else. Though often times the latter seems to happen due to Astrid appearing as the one with the upper hand, which is comical since the reality of the situation is- Astrid is freaking out on the inside. This gives way to much internal dialogue, and often what Astrid wishes to say is well thought out and beautifully crafted, but then cowardice kicks in and Astrid answers with a simple yes or no. That is how Astrid generally acts with people that Astrid has never met before, of course that tends to be just about everyone due to the endlessly traveling lifestyle of Astrid’s duty in life. Those who know Astrid well however, tend to be able to get a considerably larger amount of interaction, especially in a conversation. Once Astrid can trust someone enough to be comfortable, Astrid tends to be able to talk quite a bit more. And at that point it is when one can realize just how awkward this penguin person is. All that internal monologue becomes spoken for and Astrid’s warmly considerate nature is realized, if also giggled at. Astrid could probably worry enough for ten people, and still have a little left over. Unfortunately the number of people Astrid has become this close to can be counted on one hand. None of whom Astrid has been in contact with for a number of years, a Chronicler’s life can be a bit lonesome.

One important thing Astrid is trying to do however is to regain some sort of dignity when it comes to Astrid’s body. When in men’s clothes Astrid will not tie down the chest, and whomever notices, well whatever. Astrid is steadfast in the fact that Astrid should not be ashamed of the way Astrid’s body is. That is much easier said than done, but at least the first step in creating dignity in your own body is to freely admit how it is built, and not to try to hide it as though it were shameful. Astrid forces such behavior, and remains firm in the practice, even if Astrid still doesn’t feels hurt when someone looks at him/her strangely. Another thing Astrid is not shy about is music, and though Astrid will not perform in front of other people unless it is insisted upon, Astrid does so with pride.

The duty of a Chronicler is something Astrid takes very seriously, and one might think to ask how in the world one can be shy if the point is to immerse yourself into history and culture and then record it? That is because that is not the point, in fact many Chroniclers do away with speaking altogether, because the duty a Chronicler has is to only watch, not participate. Watch and listen to all around you, never interfere, it is a sacred vow they take and hold onto. Even if someone you love so happens to be a warrior, and they die right in front of you, you are not permitted to do anything to interfere. Chroniclers are like people stuck in a third person point of view, and so being shy is of no harm to a Chronicler’s work. That doesn’t mean that Chroniclers are not allowed any fun, and in fact it is encouraged within the society of recorders to become interested in culture and people, simply it must be done without making a mark on anything important. If you are traveling with a nomadic tribe and that tribe is taken over, a Chronicler must still continue with recording this event and accepting the new group of people in power. It is perhaps a cold code, but one that has ensured both the survival of the society of Chroniclers, and the surety of truth in their documents. Don’t get me wrong, Chronicler’s are not emotionless bastards, sadness comes with the passing of good things, simply the brand burned into their skin is their duty, and they will see it through until they die. Right now Astrid’s job is to find a ‘niche’ to settle into and record, the time it takes for such a thing to come forth can take a while, but Astrid faithfully trudges on to find the perfect spot to begin work.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
[Very Poor] Hand-to-Hand Combat: Astrid can't even throw a decent punch, not that Astrid would ever try in the first place.

[Very Poor] Melee Combat: Nonexistant skill with Astrid.

[Very Poor] Armed Combat: Astrid's hands are rather dextrous, but that doesn't mean they are to be used for combat.

[Very Poor] Magic Combat: NOPE.

[Excellent] Mounted Combat: Actually mounts are something Chronicler's must be good with, to travel with ease of course. Astrid excells in this area, especially with mounts technological, as Astrid's technomancer capability comes into play.

Racial Abilities
[Good] Technopathy: Astrid is only rated good at this ability because of a natural talent with this particular birthright. Astrid can speak with and control objects of technological origin, and both aquire information from them (in the case of databases), as well as force them to move in the case of a mech. When recording down transmissions for a record, Astrid does not need to type, simply tell the machine to do that for him/her. Astrid is limited to only being able to do this if touching the machine or is very close.

[Excellent] Adapting: Astrid catches on even quicker than most humans, as is necessary to live in different living environments and cultures. The only thing holding Astrid back is Astrid.

[Very Poor] Breeding: Astrid is not capable of bearing or siring children, the upside of that is that Astrid doesn't have a menstral cycle that makes Astrid's ovaries explode. The downside is that Astrid can not have children.

Bloodline Traits
Good Bloodline Itself: Due to the fact that Astrid belongs to the Chronicler society, it does not matter socially where Astrid comes from. But it is because of the Kur family that Astrid is a capable Technopath, they are were known as very important inventors, but have since been either eliminated or have mixed into other families. 'Kur' would only be known in records, not by word of mouth anymore.

Class Skills
[Perfect] Recording Info: Each Chronicler carries with them a small pad that they can 'type' with and then 'send' via transmission. Only final drafts of an entry are put onto the pad, with the rough drafts and editing done on paper with ink. This is to ensure that even if a Chronicler is killed or their paperwork is burned or destroyed, the entry will always be on file at Society Base. Astrid need only hold the pad to work it and send out the transmission of data.

[Excellent] Lockpick: Mechanical locks are pretty useless around a technopath like Astrid. If particularly difficult, it is only a matter of time, not question of ability.

[Perfect] Running Diagnostics:] Astrid can tell you what is wrong with just about any contraption, but only has basic knowledge of how to fix it.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Above Average] Sailing: Astrid could fill in for someone, or perhaps help. She would also know what you were talking about when you used 'sailor slang', thanks to the many books and the expirience Astrid has with it. But Astrid would not be able to properly fix something or make expert decisions.

[Poor] Gunnery: Astrid has read about it, but can not touch such things, nor would Astrid want to.

[Fucking Very Poor] Leadership: Didn't you read all about a Chronicler's duty? Not only that, but Astrid so happens to be way too shy and awkward for such a thing. Astrid must remain in third person, that means NO LEADING.

[Very Poor] Fighting: Pacifist...funny how the word pacifist has 'fist' as the end though, not that it in any way means Astrid even knows how to make a proper fist.

[Below Average] Tact: All the best intentions and no skill...

[Good] Charisma: People are drawn to Astrid for some strange reason, perhaps it is the allure of good looks coupled with seemable aloofness? As much as Astrid can not engage people, they do tend to want to engage Astrid.

[Perfect...for now] Honor: The Honor in association to the Chroniclers is holy to Astrid, there is no other purpose greater for Astrid. Chroniclers have endured imprisonment, torture and even death to fallow the truth of history, and they will never stop.

[Poor] Courage: Astrid does not fear normal things such as pain or death. Instead Astrid's fears border on the irrational, and avoids them instead of facing them.

[Very Poor] Bloodthirst: What bloodlust?

[Excellent] Intelligence: From a very young age a Chronicler's mind is honed and chiseled into something engaging and intuitive. Astrid is better than some scholars even, and is capable of quick calculation and information intake. Near photographic memory and highly focused detail observation are second hand to Astrid. Not only must information be recorded objectively in documents, but the expert opinion of said Chronicler is also recorded in seperate journals, and turned in every year or so. These opinions must be intelligently formed of course, otherwise they would not be worth the trouble. The bottom line is, Chroniclers are a brainy bunch.

[Below Average] Wealth: No Chronicler has ever been rich, it isn't allowed. Too much of a dent in the economy is looked down upon. Most of Astrid's supplies were provided by Astrid's mentor, including clothing. Astrid gets by on the haircut or odd job here and there, and of course the homage of kindered souls. It is yet another mythical rumor for it to be extremely good luck to have a Chronicler as your guest, or to invite them over for a hot meal. Although rarely do you see a fat Chronicler too...


Head Hairpins, and a light blue umbrella.

Neck Trading trinkets and jewelry is also considered good luck when dealing with a Chronicler, and from time to time Astrid is offered a trade that Astrid takes. Astrid also has one green scarf that belonged to Astrid's Menotor.

Chest Button up shirts are most commonly worn by Astrid.

Right Hand Astrid traded in gloves recently, so nothing.

Left Hand Astrid traded in gloves recently, so nothing.

Waist A belt at times.

Legs Pants, modest shorts or skirt.

Feet Boots, non-heeled prefferably.


Hairdresser Kit- It includes various scissors and knives along with a sharpener, the kit bag is made of silk. The kit is the thing of highest value Astrid owns.
Umbrella- To block out the sun of course.
Brush for hair and teeth
Incense- Astrid has ten sticks
Canteen x2- water
Blanket x2- They are thin
Money pouch
A few simple pipes
Stored in suitcase (that also has wheels and a handle to drag it with)

Stored in this satchel is...
Recorder pad
A few books
loose paper
loose drawings

Weapons None.


Marital Status Single

The whole of the Chronicler Society are 'family' to one another. A few notable ones that Astrid is close to;
Mentor- Kihlani- Astrid's mentor, the person responsible for raising and teaching the young Chronicler. Kihlani is wise and quiet, and exudes a serene calm that many are fond of. He is also in possession of a sharp wit. He is busy mentoring another at the moment.

Sassy Gay Friends- Aradia and Krish - Aradia and Krish are a couple, with Krish being the Chonicler and Aradia working as an Engineer. The two of them are quite sassy and bratty, and walk around like Queen Bees, but they are such a hoot! Astrid met them while traveling with Kihlani, and Kihlani knew Krish already. Astrid felt very comfortable around them, because quite frankly they didn't care about Astrid's gender.

Blood Relative?- Valshe Kur - Well the two certainly look alike, but as to what sort of relatives they are is uncertain since Astrid does not know the names of any other relatives or her/his own parents. Valshe is one of the Emperor's Alchemists, an arrogant and pompous (but skilled) man of twenty nine years. He is apparently known for his sexual exploits, Astrid did not know this at the time of meeting him. Astrid does not regret the encounter however, and is even greatful for it. He was the one that suggested Astrid be proud of the body Astrid was born with, for it made Astrid no less beautiful. Valshe insists that it is not molesting if Astrid liked it, Astrid disagrees but whatever. Astrid met Valshe in Empire territory about two years ago.

Birthplace unknown
(Vienita, The Empire)

Occupation Chronicler

Recruitment TBA

Bio/History The Chronicler Society is an ancient one built on tradition, philosophy, and dedication, one that accepts people of all races and gender. Empires rise and fall, but the Society is still there, and sometimes an Empire tries to purge them for not recording propaganda, and recording the truth instead, but like cockroaches they thrive. The current Empire lets them be, so long as they are not caught publicly voicing negativity about the Empire. But even in the Empire the Society has a few under cover, recording things as they horrifically are…

Astrid Kur came to the Chronicler Society as most do, donated or found as either a child or infant. The Chronicler Society doubles as sort of an orphanage, and Astrid was donated by a blonde woman. That is all Astrid knows about the matter, and that is all Astrid need know about the matter, because once adopted by the Society, you become one with the great tree of knowledge, and they are all the family you need. Astrid was raised until the age of ten by the ‘Mothers’ of the Society, a group of men and women who stay behind to manage records, do book keeping, and look after the little ones. Kids will be kids, and Astrid was one of those reclusive kids to sat in a corner to read, and got picked on. Around the age of ten the kids are brought up for ‘adoption’, a process where an established Chronicler takes on an apprentice. Those not adopted by the age of thirteen are set to be either a ‘Mother’ or sent to make a living elsewhere if they so wish. Kihlani picked Astrid right out, the little blonde with a small face buried in a book too big for them. And that was the beginning of Astrid’s molding into a Chronicler, to be taken place somewhere in the outer skirts of the Empire.

An apprentice does much for their mentor, catering to their every whim being just one of those things. But in any case, it seemed that every little thing was to teach Astrid something, and in a number of years, Astrid found that at age fifteen Astrid was already quite capable in the ways of survival. Kihlani commented one day that Astrid was good with hair, and it was true that Kihlani’s hair had been rather well taken care of since the adoption of Astrid. Astrid did not believe him, and since Kihlani felt like it, he decided that to prove it to Astrid he would take the young Chronicler to visit a person who he called ‘the greatest critic ever to strut on this earth’. They just up and left like that. Later Astrid would find out that Kihlani’s habit of ‘just up and leaving’ was to teach Astrid to be adaptable to travel, an inevitable part of a Chronicler’s life. Astrid should have never doubted, but back to the sassy critic.

Enter Krish and her wife Aradia, a Chronicler and engineer whose opinions were the loudest in the Society. Krish and Kihlani were in cahoots, and upon arrival at her humble niche, was forced to cut Krish’s hair. The second day spent in Krish’s company forced Astrid to do something Astrid was never very good at, confront. Krish let her sharp tongue sink right into Astrid’s low self esteem, and Astrid was in tears often. But by the end of it Astrid was actually capable of feeling cocky about this little special talent Astrid had. Astrid was a badass with scissors. Kihlani and Astrid stayed with them in intervals, taking trips around the surrounding cities or areas for the next four years. Astrid finished training at age nineteen and was almost literally given ‘the boot’, but not before enduring the process of going through the branding ceremony at the place Astrid spent the first ten years of his/her life.

After being branded a Chronicler is expected to travel to places they have yet to visit, and try to find their own ‘niche’, they are not allowed to visit the places they have been until that niche has been found. Astrid is still searching.


So begins...

Astrid Kur's Story