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Jack Boulster

Angel of the Fires

0 · 94 views · located in Fantasy Earth

a character in “Dream Scar”, as played by Whiskey Go Dark


Jack Boulster: Angel of the Fires
Ignore the cape, please. He doesn't wear one.
"You know that saying about playing with fire?
Well, now the fire is playing with you..."


Name: Jack Boulster

Nickname: Bullseye

Title: Angel of the Fires
(The title was bestowed upon him by those who witnessed him saving more than a dozen children from a burning building without protective gear. Such a long time has passed, and the man he once was is long gone, but the title followed him)

Species: Majnun

Race: Middle Class

Visual Age: 20

Factual Age: 87

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Role: Gunner / Blacksmith

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Marksman

Theme Song: Winter Winds - Mumford and Sons (to be honest, I don't understand the point of theme songs in RPs, but whatever ^^)


Hair: Black hair that covers his ears. It seems untamed, but it is not matted in any way - more that it seems very slightly spiked.

Facial Hair: Very fine, dark stubble

Eyes: Deep red eyes

Eye Brows: Black, thin eyebrows

Ears: Very slightly pointed, but average sized.

Nose: Of average length and width. Nothing notable.

Lips: His lips are thin and rather pale

Build: Well build, as expected for someone who does a lot of lifting, and uses a lot of heavy tools.

Skin Tone: Very pale skin. Some say his skin glows red in the night. (assuming that full body features of elements come with mastery, it's fair to say that Jack hasn't earned his stripes yet.

Height: 6 feet and 3 inches, legs making up most of the height.

Weight: About 180lbs

Voice: His voice is perky for his age, unlike some of the ruffians you'd find in the crew. Accent is similar to that of a Londoner

Handed: Left-handed, though he can use his right hand for certain things. He prefers to shoot two handed weapons in a right handed style to increase his accuracy.

Body Markings: There are a lot of strange markings on his back and arms, though they are in a language of the Shroud, and were marked on him by Majnun scholars - no-one on the Decadence would be able to read them, unless intimately familiar with the cryptography.

Scar Tissue: None. His wounds always seem to heal cleanly where others would be scarred - not something to complain about in his position.

Unique Body Features: None really, beyond occasional glowing at night, seeming to appear as if his very veins were filled with lava.


- Has a habit of letting his thoughts become vocalised, even if inappropriate.
- No-one knows where he sleeps - he seems to just turn up when needed or summoned.
- Can sing rather well, and tends to do so, whilst 'smithing, or even when on the guns.

Virtue/Creed: "Faith is for those who have hopes. Fortune is for those who have dreams."

Motivation: His family. They were stolen from him by those who think they have the right to take what they want. Now this is his chance to repay the favour.

Goal: To pay back his blood debt in his family's name, with a thousand heads for every one who died.

Fear: Flying mounted on an animal's back. He'd much rather put his faith in technology or magic, than an unpredictable beast.

  1. Warmth
  2. Music
  3. Those who ask for help when they need it, and give it when they aren't asked.

  1. Very cold places
  2. Silence
  3. Those who are to stuck up to help with tasks at hand, or expect to be helped with everything that is well within their ability to do alone.


- Does not act based on honour/pride.
- Does not act based on greed - has no interest in money, or material possessions
- Finds it easy to make friends.


- Fear of riding flying creatures.
- Not skilled with melee weapons. He has strength, but not the training to wield them well.
- Poor memory at times.

Physical Description:

Stands at 6'3", weighing 180lbs, with messy, black hair and red eyes. His ears are somewhat pointed, and on his back and arms, there are red markings in Majnun language. He wears a white shirt, over which he wears an assortment of steel scale and plate armour, topped with a grey waistcoat, heavy-duty black trousers and a long black jacket, worn for nearly 20 years, yet still in good condition, adorned with strips of silver and silver buttons. He also wears black steel-toe boots, and a black aged cap, which has a fitted scope which can be lowered over the right eye.

Personality Description: Very level-headed most of the time, but secretive about his past. The present is where he wants to live, only looking to the future where possible. When it comes to having a friendly conversation, he is (normally - subject to change after a few drinks) polite, and extra-nice to female company. His faults lie in his memory, which isn't the best. He may forget things from time to time, which, depending on the situation, could be disastrous.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
[Average] Hand-to-Hand Combat: bare hands

[Below Average] Melee Combat: swords and staffs

[Excellent] Armed Combat: ranged weapons

[Good] Magic Combat: using magic or alchemy

[Excellent*] Mounted Combat: only excellent when operating guns or ship defences. When mounted on an animal's back, he is below average, due to unsteadiness and hesitation.

Racial Abilities
(Not overly sure what I've missed here... or what I can put that is relevant to what info is given about Majnun)

Bloodline Traits
[Good] Magic: Jack's original choice of element for mastery was fire - due to the nature of his exile, he never had the time to master it, but it makes for much cleaner smithing, especially when you can focus all the heat on the area that needs it. He can still do a lot with it though, as well with most other elements.

Class Skills
Good Wisp: Jack can access his wisp form, but he can't hold it indefinitely, and he tries not to use it when he can help it.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Average] Sailing: Has a decent knowledge of the workings of the ship, at least enough to fix anything that is glaringly obviously wrong.

[Perfect] Gunnery: A gunner without skill is unheard of. This is where he specialises.

[Average] Leadership: He isn't a leader by any means, but he will contribute what he thinks is a good idea if he's asked, and sometimes, when he isn't.

[Average] Fighting: As the Gunner, it's his job to minimise chances of close range battles. When it comes down to close range fighting though, he's pretty average.

[Good] Tact: He is not a fool, and can quite accurately judge the best course of action if it doesn't cause a conflict of interests.

[Excellent] Charisma: A real charmer when his flame is lit. No-one's sure if it's his voice, or that little sparkle in his burgandy eyes.

[Average] Honor: James is not ruled by his pride, like others are, "for those whose social standing comes before survival will live a lifetime measured in days."

[Good] Courage: Not put off by choices because of fear, but only if the options will have an impact on the ship's crew no matter what. His fear of flying on animals is conquerable, but he will hate every last minute of it (and probably knock you unconscious if you told him to smile whilst doing so).

[Below Average] Bloodthirst: Although he has set out with the goal of killing in his family's name in mind, it is not completely true. His appetite for blood is weak. He does what he must to protect his shipmates, and the ship itself, not because he enjoys killing.

Good Intelligence: Jack can assess a battle situation quite quickly, as well work out what he sees as the best approach of attack (points of vulnerability, type of weapon, etc.)

Below Average Wealth: Even for a pirate, Jack is poor. He gets paid for his work as a smithy, but that covers little. He's taken to selling off scrap metal that is useless for reforging if no use is found for it by the next shore leave.


Head - A black cap with a fitted golden scope, which has markings to calculate ranges. On shore leave, he dons a black top hat.

Neck - a silver chain, with a red pendant, shaped like a bird. It glows dimly.

Chest - A grey waistcoat, over steel plate armour, over a white undershirt. On top of this he wears a long, worn black jacket adorned with silver buttons, and metal strips on the seams - when not on guns. The clothing he wears seems to be inflammable, although he generally is very controlled.

Back - as above

Arm/Shoulder - the plate armour he wears is replaced by fine scale-mail armour, between the sleeves of the undershirt and jacket. On his right shoulder, he wears a mechanical spaulder, that extends over the upper right side of his torso, helping bear the brunt of the recoil from Forgebane/two-handed weapons.

Right Hand - a silver vambrace, designed to prevent wrist movement when his fist is clenched, operated by a spring locking mechanism triggered by tension in the steel plated backplates that run across his hand.

Left Hand - a silver vambrace, designed to prevent wrist movement when his fist is clenched, operated by a spring locking mechanism triggered by tension in the steel plated backplates that run across his hand.

Right Accessory A light fitted into his vambrace, that works underwater.

Left Accessory A cylinder fitted into the vambrace containing a compressed, flammable gas, which can be used as a propellent for his magic fire, or as a gas supply for the Firecracker underwater or areas of low oxygen.

Waist His belt is black, and has seen a number of singes. The buckle is silver, and contains a glowing red stone. No-one who asks what it is ever receives a response.

Legs Very fine steel scale-mail, padded with fine layers of fabric and rubber, designed to reduce injury from shrapnel to the legs, worn under black, heavy-duty formal trousers, that are worn by time

Feet Steel-toed black boots


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: "Forgebane"

Weapon Type: Ranged Fragmentation Rifle

Material: Carbon laced Steel, inlaid with a gold pattern on the left side. Stock made of petrified wood.

Ammo: Custom ammo, created by Jack himself, originally for use with the ship's cannons. He scaled down his idea from shell to a bullet, and had an engineer design him a delay system for his rounds. After a certain delay, the bullet will burst into scattershot (4 - 6 smaller fragments), capable of tearing up an enemy's internals on a direct hit. The weapon is bolt-action to increase the accuracy, but this significantly slows the firing speed. Magazine size of 10 shots.

Length: 3ft 9in

Weight: 6.5kg (14.3lb)

Weapon Description/Info: There are no sights on the gun, only a resting place for Jack's cap-mounted scope, which makes it nigh on impossible for someone else to use this weapon as effectively, unless they too had a similar scope. The delay on the fragmentation of the ammo is 3.0 seconds.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: "Firecracker"

Weapon Type: Revolver

Material: Steel. Ebony handle

Ammo: Incendiary rounds

Length: 14 inches

Weight: 1.4kg (48 ounces)

Weapon Description/Info:
The gun fires incendiary rounds that burn in flight, setting fire to flammable objects that it passes through. As a revolver, shots are limited, to 5 per loading, but at closer ranges, this weapon is much ore preferable to the Forgebane. With more free space than a traditional six-shooter, there was room for gas sealing of the chambers, meaning he could use it underwater


Various smithing tools which are kept in the workshop
Silver chain with pendant - seems significant to him.

Range-finder scope (attached to cap)

A Bowie knife


Marital Status
Unmarried. Single.

None living. All killed during a governmental raid of his family home, when suspected of harbouring human refugees and treating them as "equals".

The Arctic lands. Where else would someone develop an interest in fires?

Once a soldier, he was discharged for not disclosing his ethnicity as part Majnun. He then opened his own blacksmith's workshop, which he closed as soon as he heard of his family's deaths.

(I don't know yet. Help??)


So begins...

Jack Boulster's Story