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Jacqueline “Jack” Dezantro : The Gunner
”Action without thought is like shooting without aim"


Name: Jacqueline Dezantro

Nickname: Jack

Title: The Gunner

Species: Ravein

Race: Mammal (Panther)

Visual Age: Early Twenties

Factual Age: 23

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Role: Gunner

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Marksman

Theme Song: Heart - The Pretty Reckless

Never wanted to feel
Never wanted you to steal my heart
Never wanted you to know
Never wanted to show I'm weak

I'm falling all over myself
Trying to be someone else
I wish you would dare to walk me home
So I wouldn't have to feel alone

Always wanted to be
Always wanted you to see my heart
Always wanted your love
Always wanted but never was

I"m falling all over myself
Trying to be someone else
I wish you would dare to walk me home
So I wouldn't have to feel alone
I'm falling all over myself
Dying to be someone else
I wish you would dare to walk me home
I don't wanna fight the world alone

Never told you before
Never loved you more

I'm falling all over myself
Trying to be someone else
I wish you would dare to walk me home
So I wouldn't have to feel alone

I'm falling all over myself
Dying to be someone else
I wish you were dead and walk me home
I don't wanna fight the world alone
I don't wanna fight the world alone
I don't wanna fight the world alone

All alone


Hair: Jacqueline's hair is darker than the night sky, spilling over her shoulders and down her back in thick and shiny ink black strands. Her hair is cut so that a straight blunt fringe lays flat against her forehead while the rest hits her lower back at one single length, devoid of any layers. She rarely fusses with it and generally lets it do whatever it likes.

Facial Hair: None.

Eyes: Her eyes are a shocking vibrant gold that sparkles and blends into a black outer ring. Her eyes are large and almond shaped, though not alarmingly so, and are framed by thick curled lashes that fan out dramatically on the top and continue for a little bit on the bottom before shrinking down to a more normal size.

Eye Brows: Black, thin, and highly arched (though they are covered by her bangs).

Ears: She has the ears of a panther perched at the top of her head where they poke out from under her hair. They are the same pitch black color as her hair and have shiny healthy looking fur on them.

Nose: Small and turned up slightly, her nose is delicate and feminine.

Lips: Jack's lips are full and pouty with a mischievous quirk at the corners, giving the impression that she is both a step ahead of you and laughing at you at the same time. They have a natural dark red tinge and part to show straight white teeth, the canines visibly sharper than a human's would be.

Build: Jacqueline has a very lean and toned body though still has the curves of a woman. Her shoulders are strong and rounded, the muscles blending into her toned arms. Her waist is trim and firm with muscle, curving out smoothly to allow for her womanly hips and perky bottom. Her legs look startlingly long and shapely, thighs moving inwards to her strong calves. Her chest is neither voluptuous or small, rather it fits her frame well and certainly allows for curves.

Skin Tone: Naturally fair skinned, Jack's pale skin stands in stark contrast to her dark hair and red lips. Despite spending endless hours in the sun, she does not tan or even freckle.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140 pounds.

Voice: Her voice is raspy and on the deeper side for a woman. Some would call it a "bedroom voice", because she sounds as though she is trying to seduce you. In all reality, she probably couldn't care any less about you.

Handed: Ambidextrous

Body Markings: Jack has one tattoo on her left shoulder blade: A half moon with stars.

Scar Tissue: Her body is dusted in small silver scars from various fights, but none are terribly noticeable except for one. On her lower left hip, just above the waist of her pants, there is a scar the size of a silver dollar that looks like a jagged and violent star. It was the only time she was shot and it was during her first year on the ship when she was too reckless and did not think before acting. The scar serves as a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings and always think before you act.

Unique Body Features: Her panther ears, long tail, pointed canines, and unique golden eyes.


Quirks: Jacqueline will actually purr, lowly in her throat, when she is deeply content with something (which is extremely rare); She will growl, a sound that is deep and threatening; Sleeps curled up in a ball; Likes her meat very rare and detests fruit and vegetables; Her favorite smell burning wood/bonfires.

Virtue/Creed: "Live every moment as though it is your last."




  1. Weapons. She truly appreciates the craftsmanship of weapons and how each and every one is completely different and responds differently to any person who picks it up. They have their own personality and need to be mastered. While she enjoys testing out new weapons, and is generally able to use them expertly very quickly, she has a few favorites and tends to stick to them. They have never let her down.

  2. Music and Dancing. Jacqueline has always loved music of any kind, finding that it speaks to her soul more than words ever could. She has never had the gift to create music (but, if made to, could sing and carry a tune in an average alto voice), but has found that her body responds to music in an almost magical way. She will dance to any music, loosing herself in the rising and falling of the lines, finding a type of enjoyment that she can not describe.

  3. Star Gazing. She has always enjoyed watching the night sky, finding comfort in the familiar constellations no matter where she is.

  1. Being wet. She despises getting caught in the rain and will look and act absolutely miserable and irritated if it does happen. Swimming isn't something that she enjoys, at all, despite how much others enjoy it. Bathing is something she will do, because it is necessary, but she does it as quickly as possible and quickly dries off afterward.

  2. Drinking/Doing any form of drugs. Jack always likes to be alert, so consuming any substance that makes her less aware of her surroundings isn't something she would consider doing. Besides, she doesn't need it to relax and she certainly doesn't need it to help her say what's on her mind; she'll do that anyways. This isn't to say that Jack is a complete stiff, that's certainly not the case. She wouldn't stop anyone else from drinking, but will just refuse a drink if offered.

  3. Traitors. Jack, despite her sarcastic attitude and sometimes abrasive personality, is incredibly loyal. She would do anything for those that she believes in and finds that the people she despises most in the world are cowardly traitors that have no care for anyone but themselves.

Strengths: Excellent marksman, very quick/agile, fast reflexes, loyal, brave, intelligent, and determined.

Weaknesses: No magic abilities, stubborn, holds a serious grudge, does not trust easily, not very strong,

Physical Description: Jacqueline is both alluring and intimidating with her toned body, curves, confident stance, and liquid gold eyes. Though she stands at only 5'7", she holds herself in a way that makes her appear much taller. Don't let her silky black hair and cherry red lips fool you, she isn't some pretty doll that's been sent to amuse you... she's a lot more dangerous than she appears.

Personality Description:
Jacqueline is everything a proper woman shouldn’t be: bold, stubborn, sarcastic, blunt, fiercely independent, outspoken, and (most importantly) a pirate. She is quick to act on her feet and able to give directions as well as take them (granted they are from the Captain and not someone else who thinks they can order her around). Not one for being pushed around, Jacqueline moves with a confidence that cannot be taught. Once her mind is focused on something, she will not give up until it is achieved. Jack is not forgiving; if you have done something to hurt or wrong someone she cares about she will hunt you down and make you pay for it. She is brave and fearless in battle and lives for her life on the ship. Her loyalty cannot be bought and you will pay for it if you think you can sway her opinion with money or trinkets. Jack is also intelligent and observant, always watching everything that is going on around her in case someone important happens. She is usually fairly cool headed, her brash behavior having gotten her into a lot of trouble during her teen years, but once you aggravate her enough you better run for the hills... her anger is not something to be tested. Though she hates to admit it, she has a bit of a soft heart and can be compassionate but tries her best to hide it because she doesn't want to show any weakness. She comes off as a little distant, though can be playful and friendly with those she is fond of. Deep down inside, past the snide remarks and cold gaze is a young woman who has been deeply hurt. Afraid and lonely, Jack does all she can to bottle it away so that she won't appear weak.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
Above Average Hand-to-Hand Combat: Jack's skill in hand to hand combat has nothing to do with strength, because she really isn't that strong. Where she is skilled is in her lightning fast reflexes and amazing agility. She can dash between fists, planting sharp blows with precision. She is strong in hand to hand combat if she can gain the upper hand quickly and take the person down. If the fight goes on longer than anticipated she will weaken and likely lose.

Below Average Melee Combat: Meele combat is something that Jack has never been particularly good at. She can handle a sword well enough to get by, but it certainly wouldn't be one of her first choices of weapons. She finds swords to be clumsy in her hands and dislikes them. Daggers, on the other hand, she does well with.

Perfect Armed Combat: Jacqueline is nearly unmatched in her skills with armed combat. Any ranged weapon that is placed in her hands can be, and will be used, with absolute precision. She prides herself on her skills and feels uneasy when she does not have one of her guns with her. Her amazing eyesight and cat like reflexes help to make her a deadly match in armed combat.

Very Poor Magic Combat: Jack is not able to use magic.

Above Average Mounted Combat: While Jack prefers holding weapons in her own hands, she is able to work mounted weapons quite well. Her enhanced eyesight is a great asset when it comes to this, combined with her great balance and reflexes.

Racial Abilities
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Bloodline Traits
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Class Skills
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Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Average Sailing: Having been on the ship for a number of years now, Jack has an average knowledge of the workings of the ship and can be useful outside of her post as gunner if needed. She is certainly not the first to be called on to offer help, but she'll get the job done if needed.

Perfect Gunnery: Jacqueline is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to gunnery. She leaps at the opportunity to test out new weapons and never misses a shot. Her confidence in her skill isn't a lie... she really is excellent.

Above Average Leadership: While Jacqueline isn't the most loveable person on the ship, far from it in fact, she does have pretty good leadership qualities. Brave and determined Jack can demand attention and give orders that others will follow in an instant. While rousing speeches aren't her thing she is well spoken enough to get her point across and make an impact.

Excellent Fighting: Jack is a great fighter. Her quick reflexes and agility help her move out of danger and into a spot to attack whether it be with weapons or her fists. She is not strong without weapons, but is intelligent and knows pressure points and weak spots on people to take them down quickly when necessary. She will not back down and is determined to die fighting.

Good Tact: She is extremely analytical and observant, always watching everyone and everything to make sure all is alright. She learned the hard way from her past experience so she is trying to make up for it now. While her actions are tactful, her comments generally not. Jack has a problem with speaking her mind, often causing tense situations.

Average Charisma: Jacqueline is charming to certain individuals who can see beneath the surface, while others avoid her altogether.

Good Honor: Honor is something that Jack holds dear to her heart. She would never betray her friends and thinks very lowly on those that would.

Excellent Courage: Jack is very courageous. She will leap into battle without a second thought, throwing herself into the fight with determination.

Above Average Bloodthirst: Killing people is something that Jack takes very seriously. She will only kill someone when she believes they deserve it (they have killed/threatened someone) or when she is attacked. For a number of years she acted as a sort of vigilante, exacting justice on the scum bags of the planet.

Good Intelligence: Jacqueline was lucky to grow up in a home where she was educated. She is bright, but certainly not a genius. Where her true brilliance lies is with street smarts, having spent the last number of her years on the streets alone. She is quick to pick up ideas and has a very good memory for names and faces.

Below Average Wealth: Jack doesn't care for money. The only thing that she has that is worth anything at all are her guns, her ring, and her necklace. Otherwise she takes what little money she needs for food and gives the rest away (if there is anything left).


Head On occasion she will wear a black bandana on her head, with holes for her ears, that ties at the back. It is quite long, so the two strands at the back fall to blend in with her hair.

Neck She wears a heavy gold choker around her neck, which clasps in the front, that has been passed down in her family for generations.

Chest Jacqueline wears a rather brief top that bares her entire stomach, only covering her breasts. It is made with leather and metal, molded perfectly to her body.

Back Bare.

Arm/Shoulder Leather encircles both her biceps, but her shoulders remain bare.

Right Hand A leather sleeve start just before her elbow and continues before stopping at her wrist.

Left Hand A leather sleeve start just before her elbow and continues before stopping at her wrist.

Right Accessory None.

Left Accessory She wears a stunning gold ring, with the letter J (ignore the P in the picture) drawn in the center in a looping script way, on her ring finger.

Waist Hung around her waist you will find a thick black belt with twin gun holsters on each hip. Jack also owns a leather satchel, which she can throw over her shoulder, that can be filled with additional ammunition. Her belt also has spots for ammunition and throwing daggers. She can attach a sword to the belt, but is not very good with one so she rarely carries it around.

Legs Her pants hug her legs like a second skin and are made of leather as well, though still allow her skin to breath so that she does not get too warm.

Feet Jacqueline prefers to be barefooted, though most often wears her boots. They reach her knees and are made from a flexible leather, bending and moving with her, with no heel.


Primary Weapon
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Secondary Weapon
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Occupation Gunner




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