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Neyshak: The Lost One

"Whass you mean iz too hot?" -Neyshak questioning a remark made by Aellai Neha.

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a character in “Dream Scar”, as played by Ezarael


Neyshak: The Lost One



Name: Neyshak

Nickname: Fin

Title: The Lost One

Species: Ravein

Race: Reptilian

Visual Age: 40 years

Factual Age: 25 years

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Role: Cook/Other

Class: Marksman

Specialization: Blowgun

Theme Song:Falling Away From Me” Korn


Hair: None

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Yellow

Eye Brows: None

Ears: No external ears and short cochlea, but electrical tuning makes up for this shortcoming.

Nose: Long protruding face with nasal passages on the front

Lips: No lips

Build: Lean

Skin Tone: Viridian

Height: 5’4

Weight: 130 lbs.

Voice: Rasping/Hissing

Handed: Ambidextrous

Body Markings: Intricate, blue tribal style tattoos covering the entire body. (Insider Info for those wondering how he manages to have tattoo, yet scars are eventually lost due to molting. Neyshak's tribe practises a very ancient form of tattooing that uses certain alchemical substances and dyes which are later imprinted deeply into underlying muscle. While the ink would eventually disperse in mammalian muscles it seems to hold permanently in reptilians. This is a very painful, time-consuming, and expensive process that usually reflects one's position in society depending upon the extent, style, and color used. Of course Neyshak has no memory of the markings origins and is seemingly unconcerned as such.)

Scar Tissue: Because of the molting process associated with his scales scars are eventually "shed" with the skin itself.

Unique Body Features: Long orange fin protruding from the head, yellow eyes, beak-like mouth, long detachable tail, three-clawed feet, four-clawed hands, and scaled skin.


Quirks: When cooking Neyshak often hisses and clicks his tongue unconsciously, and much the same when he is deep in thought, however deep that could be anyway. When angered the thin lids used to blink occasionally will begin fluttering rapidly to indicate his roused state, and sometimes his scales will turn a darker shade of green. In times of hunting or testing food his tongue will flick out to test the air or the item, maybe even a person, in particular to “check” it. It is also noteworthy to mention the fin located on the top of his head, and how it will retract when embarrassed or saddened and stand erect when excited, nervous, or attentive, however when angered it will bristle and shake rapidly.

Virtue/Creed: Live no matter the cost.

Motivation: Survival.

Goal: Figure out the past before his accident.

Fear: Dying without knowing who is or from whence he came.

-Story telling (Another person telling that is)

-Due to his lack of intelligence Neyshak is untrusting of anyone who uses “flowery” or “flamboyant” speech.
-He despises those who waste food, or cannot cook to save their lives.
-Distrustful of fire.
-Large portions of the human race.

Strengths: Neyshak is lightning fast in terms of running, but not so fast as some of mammalian Ravein. Due to certain reptilian genetic traits his eyesight and smell are stronger senses that humans and most other Ravein, and special organs that allow him to see body-heat to some extent.

Weaknesses: His hearing is less developed than the other species and races, as in most cases reptiles are, and brute strength is also not a strength. While he is very limber and nimble, able to scramble around in trees and rock formations like he was born to it, he is not able to accomplish much more than carrying around +25 lbs. of his body weight when traveling for extended periods, and when climbing in precarious situations this is not even possible.

Physical Description: Most often Neyshak is seen shambling around in a crouched over manner with his fin extended or retracted dependent upon his varying moods. More often than not he avoids eye contact with individuals, usually addressing someone’s feet instead of their eyes, and tries to keep physical contact to a minimum. Other times he can be observed as hanging upside down by, or utilizing as a stool, his tail.

Personality Description: Neyshak is a very introverted creature who prefers to mind his own business and cook or perform whatever task is required, and as such he can be both evasive and brutally honest in his conversations with others. Solidarity can describe him very nearly accurately, but there are just sometimes when he wants to associate with others and becomes uncharacteristically vocal or cling. All in all this seems to confuse most of the more impatient crew members and strangers he encounters, but the few that do know just a small portion of his background are understanding of his solidarity and need to feel secure. He is, however, very passionate in concerns to children, and whenever the ship lands in harbour he is known to play with the local children (Not like that you pervert!). Despite his naivety and low intelligence he does have a desire to learn whatever titbits of information he can, especially in concerns to stories or tales told by other crew members of wandering narrators.


Rating System

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess

Above Average Hand-to-Hand Combat: Despite his lack of physical strength Neyshak’s natural instincts, claws, and quick reflexes give him decent skills when fighting hand to hand. His claws make for a particularly nasty advantage in some cases.

Below Average Melee Combat: Because of his physical weakness striking weapons tend to come off as a weak point for the reptilian, and indeed the strain will often tire out his arms after just a short period of time. If it were not for his quick reflexes he would nearly be an impossibly poor fighter.

Excellent Armed Combat: This is a strong point for the Ravein because of his acute eyesight, and especially when it comes to using some form of blowgun. Despite the difference in aiming technique the little adjustments can be made quite easily from some instinctive mechanism.

Very Poor Magic Combat: Neyshak has no magical abilities whatsoever, and even if he did they would prove more detrimental if they required some incantation to be said.

Perfect Mounted Combat: This is his strongest attribute. His nimble body allow for easy manoeuvring while fighting or traversing airships and any kind of automated vehicle that jars and sways with its movements. His light weight also allows him to mount riding raptors fairly easily and somehow despite his amnesia the intricacies of their mastery seem to come naturally to the reptilian.

Racial Abilities

Perfect Racial Ability: Detachable Tail: This is accomplished in times of duress when he is trying to escape or merely bamboozle an opponent, but since it takes a long time for the appendage to regenerate it is only used in the most dire of circumstances.

Above Average Racial Ability: Infrared Vision: Due to special organs located behind the eyes Neyshak is capable of a limited range of visualizing body heat when he closes the thin membranes underneath his eyelids.

Excellent Racial Ability: “Tasting”: This refers to his capability of “tasting” the air when flickering his tongue out. While this is not necessary for his sense of smell it comes in handy when trying to avoid the more obvious odours.

Bloodline Traits

Bloodline Trait: Scales, and unfortunately the shedding that comes with such a trait.

Bloodline Trait: Claws, very useful in deterring aggressors in circumstances when neither have weapons.

Bloodline Trait: Fin, merely decorative but sometimes indicative of his attentiveness.

Class Skills

Excellent Class Skill: Running shot: Neyshak is very capable of making accurate shots while running.

Perfect Class Skill: Jumping shot: Just as he is capable of running shots a leaping shot is just as accurate.

Excellent Class Skill: Upside down shot: Even though this may not seem like much the ability of accurately making a shot while upside down is not as simple as it seems.


Rating System

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Good Sailing: Air voyage comes almost naturally to the reptilian, and albeit he is not the most intelligent of individuals the rudimentary tasks of daily ship life are not difficult for him to grasp.

ExcellentGunnery: Albeit bows may require more physical strength than he is capable of producing for extended periods of time his keen eyes allow for accurate sighting with any ranged weapon. Unfortunately many do not trust him with guns or cannons.

Poor Leadership: Ever since he washed up on the shores of the South Atlantic Kingdom Neyshak has had to takes orders for him to survive, and these concepts have entrenched themselves in his mind to where he does not even know where to begin with trying to act as a leader.

Above Average Fighting: Even though his prowess with melee weapons pales in comparison with others of the crew his natural defences and capabilities as a marksman make him able to hold his own in a fight.

Very Poor Tact: Being very simple-minded and unable to grasp some deeper concepts detract from the reptilian’s abilities to sense when he may be saying or doing the wrong thing, even if he has the best intentions at heart.

Below Average Charisma: It seems to be Neyshak’s keen concern to try and keep people away from him, not attract them, and this fact coupled with his ability to easily offend someone accidentally makes for a poor magnetism. This does seem to work the opposite way on some people oddly enough.

Good Honour: Surprisingly enough the Ravein does have a strong sense of honour, and he never wants to disappoint anyone when they entrust him with any kind of task. This may seem at odds with his desire to survive no matter the cost, but to the reptilian being honourable means more than just surviving with a good reputation.

Excellent Courage: Neyshak has proven very daring in times of duress, even when his life has been threatened, thanks to his strong sense of honour, and with his desire to please those who trust him he will often set off to perform tasks many others refuse to engage themselves with. Sometimes this may be from sheer ignorance, but others it is from desire, simple and plain desire.

Perfect Bloodthirst: This is one trait that Neyshak does not lack of in completeness. Whenever someone threatens another crew member or his self, that is when he doesn’t have a choice but protecting his person, the Ravein will ceaselessly attempt to take down whatever perceived threat is in front of him. This is all the much more so for women, children, and anyone who is outnumbered.

Poor Intelligence: Even though most Ravein have evolved along parallel lines such as humans the genetic traits of his reptilian ancestors have kept Neyshak’s brain proportionately smaller than a human’s or mammalian Ravein’s.

Very Poor Wealth: Being just a simple-minded cook and having a lower capacity for intelligence Neyshak really doesn’t understand the concept of obtaining wealth, and in deed the only reason he has the gold trinkets decorating his body are because they are the only links to his past since being discovered washed up on the shore. More often than not the money he obtains for his services are spent for food or used on street urchins of whom he always takes pity on and can relate to in life.


Head None

Neck Merely three medallions looped around a gold chain.

Chest None

Back None

Arm/Shoulder Golden bands wrapped around his upper biceps, mid-triceps, and wrists.

Right Hand None

Left Hand None

Right Accessory None

Left Accessory None

Waist Neyshak keeps a leather belt tied around his waist that holds a knee-length loin cloth in place with tiny loops cut into the belt’s entirety. These small loops are used to store an array of darts for his blowgun on excursions from the ship.

Legs Both his legs have a golden band wrapped around the mid-thigh region with small loops holes for darts similar to his belt, but these darts are of a very special kind that he can only keep a small number of at any time.

Feet None


Primary Weapon

Weapon Name: Fukiya

Weapon Type: Blowgun

Material: Bamboo

Ammo: Fukibari

Length: 120 cm.

Weight: 600 grams

Weapon Description/Info:

Secondary Weapon

Weapon Name: Claws

Weapon Type: Melee

Material: Bone

Ammo: N/A

Length: 20 cm.

Weight: N/A

Weapon Description/Info:


-Various cooking supplies when inside of the kitchen.
-Fukibari, which are always located upon his person.



Weapons Fukiya, which is always placed inside his belt on his backside.


Marital Status Unknown

Relatives Unknown

Birthplace Unknown

Occupation Cook

Recruitment After being sold in a package deal by the band of slavers who had discovered his broken body and somewhat brought him back to health the captain of a certain ship had given him a simple choice, walk or stay. To have left the ship at that time would have been the equivalent of suicide seeing as how there was nowhere for him to live, much less work, in the city they were currently docked at, so even his rudimentary intelligence could deduce it would be in the best of his interests to stay on as a crew member. Unknowingly by agreeing to such a decision he also was acquiescing to perform in a series of tests to guage his ability as a pirate/sailor. After several weeks of undergoing harsh tests used to accurately judge where he may best sit in their heirarchy the Ravein was finally initiated within their ranks. While he was not originally acquired as a cook he took somewhat of an affinity to the task and was often found in the kitchen area preparing various foods for some reason unbeknownst to his fellow crew members, and once the captain discovered it was actually edible and even desirable to some extent he appointed Neyshak to the task. The only problem he runs into with his chores is when the ship docks for supplies, Neyshak knows how much food to cook each meal for however many people are on the ship, but because he is unable to perform the math necessary to calculate the supplies needed for longer voyages he must be accompanied by a fellow member of the crew. His poor linguistic skills also make communication rather difficult for those who are not familiar with the Ravein and sometimes they try to scam every extra pence they can by charging exuberant prices.

Bio/History Unfortunately Neyshak’s past is a complete and utter mystery to the reptilian, and indeed the farthest back he can remember is only a few months before being sold to the Captain. What he does remember is falling through the sky for what seemed like an eternity, and wondering just how he managed to end up in that predicament in the first place. Afterwards there is only emptiness for a long time broken by intermittent periods of sound and horrendous pain whilst lying in some sort of cage with other people. How he had ended up there was easy to deduce, even for a being with his limited intelligence, and the reasons were obvious. He had probably been found lying in a broken and bloody heap when a band of slave traders had stumbled upon what they considered to be a carcass, but upon an inspection of the limp body they discovered it still had some life left. Naturally this seemed like a decent business opportunity to acquire a slave for free, and even if he was on the brink of death’s door and needing some form of medical attention they could half-way nurture him back to health to make some sort of profit. Unfortunately they had a difficult time selling a broken, dim-witted slave, and eventually they became very irritated with this burden and decided to handle the problem in some other fashion. After coming upon one DeVargo Barvassi who was in sore need of ammunition they found a way to get rid of their reptilian burden. The captain is not a man in favour of slavery and had no need so such a creature, but the only way he could receive the supplies he so desperately needed was to take in the primitive creature.

So begins...

Neyshak: The Lost One's Story