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Taissa Gillian

Ready. Aim. FIRE!

0 · 386 views · located in Fantasy Earth

a character in “Dream Scar”, as played by That One Guy


Taissa Gillian, Gunner
"You know where shooting stars come from? They're because I was firing bullets at the sky!"


Name: Taissa Gillian


Title: Gunner

Species: Some low class Majnun got in there somewhere, along with Feline and Raccoon Ravein, mostly Raccoon it is believed. So a mutt-mammalian

Race: Ravein...mostly

Visual Age: early twenties

Factual Age: 46

Gender: Female, very female

Sexual Orientation: Depends on if she's drunk or not, but straight most of the time.

Role: Gunner

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Marksman

Theme Song:
You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
A Diva is a female version of a Hus~tler- Beyonce


Hair: Jet black and straight, cut short to graze the bottom of her neck.

Facial Hair: Raccoon patterned facial hair. Well, body hair really.

Eyes: A greenish-blue color, obnoxiously bright and wide.

Eye Brows: lost in her facial hair, but if you look close enough you'll notice some black outline on her brow-bone.

Ears: Big and furry, they sit on the top of her head, pointed at the tips but more round in the body. She can turn them 90 degrees in either direction.

Nose: Small and black, at the tip of her snout.

Lips: The upper lip is a raccoon split lip, bottom is slightly large, giving her a pout.

Build: Very curvacious and well toned in muscle, The body fat she does have is concentrated on her chest, the rest of her is muscles, her outline would appear hourglass shaped if it weren't for her tail. Taissa also has a little 'junk in the trunk', but you could bounce a coin off that thing.

Skin Tone: Pink underneath the fur.

Height: Taissa stands at 175 centimeters (5' 9")

Weight: 81 kg (180 lbs), and she fully blames her boobs and tail for this ridiculous number.

Voice: Taissa sounds like a brat, but a lovable one.

Handed: Taught ambidextrous, slightly better with her left hand.

Body Markings: Three golden rings pierced on her left ear.

Scar Tissue: one on her right knee, a few on her back, and a few on her arms. They are all small though, and barely noticed by few. Fur covers most of them.

Unique Body Features: You'll be hard pressed to find a woman with bigger tatas than Taissa.


Taissa is very attracted to shiny things and can easily be distracted by them. Her common sense will go out the window to aquire said shiney object.

Taissa tends to 'spin yarns' quite often, and will avidly defend them, even though she knows quite well that they are nothing but myth.

Taissa is quite childish for someone in their forties.

One would think Taissa would be promiscuous, but really she is very picky on who she sleeps with, but not on who she will flirt with.

"If you are good at something, never do it for free."

"Paws off my platypus!"

Motivation: Taissa loves money, simple as that. She is a coin pincher in more than one sense of the word, and lives by the code of ‘tit for tat’. At the end of it all, Taissa won’t be happy unless she has taken every opportunity to get as much money as she can, or at least on the surface that is all there is to it. People believe you better if you give them a logical reason like money. But as much as she snubs a silly notion like pride, she does actually have it. Her marksmanship is something of an obsessive habit she hones, and anyone even thinking that they are better is an affront to the very air she breathes. She wants to be the best, case closed, But if you ask her she’ll deny such a thing.

Goal: To never be dirt poor again, and to die a very wealthy girl, with the title of the best marksman in any corner of the world. And to have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

Fear: Losing an eye frightens her, it is the reason for her favorite pass time of wearing an eye patch and trying to shoot properly, she also messes with her vision by aiming from peripheral vision and using a mirror. Someone surpassing her ability and being unable to catch up, thus making her useless according to her own flawed logic, makes her frightened. Live mounts make her scowl, she's afraid of riding anything with a brain of its own.

    Showing off
    Telling tall tales
    Hearty Songs
    Shiney things
    Cute things like Chorrask
    A million other things, seriously, the list is endless

There are few things that Taissa seriously dislikes, and for every one of those things there is a very good explaination.
    Alchohol- Not that Taissa doesn't like it, I mean what kind of pirate doesn't like alchohol? The beef she has with the stuff is simply that it does strange things to her. She thinks she can fly, she kisses on any girl near her, her clothes go missing, she starts writing a letter to her ex boyfriend etc. So she tries to stay away from such things, as entertaining as it is for everyone else.

    Her Boobs- THEY GET IN HER DAMN WAY, she can't tell you how infuriating it is to find clothes that fit properly and to be taken seriously when the situation calls for it and and and...they just get in the way.

    Tight spaces- Her tail is also a huge problem, tight spaces have just never been easy for her.

Taissa is much older than she looks, and no matter how silly she is or how much she dallies, you simply can not deny that she is good at what she does. Dealing with people, combat, and sailing are what she was born for, and the strict crew she grew up on made sure of that. Just because she was captain's daughter didn't mean she was off the hook, oh no, it meant she had big shoes to fill.

Taissa is a rather silly woman, and as such she can be fooled with easily enough if you know how. For one, Shiney objects are incredibly distracting for her, things like jewelry or a mirror can keep her entertained for hours. Her over-all focus is not that great, neither is her patience. She likes moving at a quick pace, and so needs to be kept busy all the time, if you let her on her own she'll become bored, and if she's bored, disastrous things happen. Things likes magic are areas where she is quite helpless, also her fighting capabilities rely on offensive tactics, her defense is rather low, unless she dodges she takes the hit.

Physical Description: Taissa is a fit looking Ravein, her outer appearance is mammalian, raccoon, with brown and black rings on her tail. She appears very fit, with limbs in the shape of a human’s, and a tight flat torso. She’s rather curvaceous and can’t help but to walk with a swagger in her step because of her hips. Her legs are killer, literally, don’t let her kick you, you’ll go flying. But at the same time you might not want to let her sick her claws into you either, they may look long normally, but she can extend them to be quite a bit longer, about an inch more or so. Her feet are more feet than paws, furry mind you, but shaped more like a woman’s, so she can wear shoes if she wants, but mostly doesn’t like to, since she has well calloused pads underneath anyway.

Taissa’s face is rather cute, heart shaped with sharp teeth a wide smile and big eyes. Her hair is another thing not really Ravein, she actually has hair that she gets to style and everything, and she does so in a way that keeps it out of her eyes but still looks cute, short and straight. Hair does tend to fly in her face in the wind though.

Personality Description: Most people assume Taissa is in her early twenties, mostly due to her lack of an attention span and over-all childish personality. Unless told otherwise, she is one of them hooligans. Unfortunately for the haters, Taissa is just Taissa, and she will not be changing no matter how old she gets. And she is in her forties by the way so get off her damn lawn kids. All her age means is that she is old enough to perhaps have a bit of wisdom on her shoulders, and while she does, most tend to ignore the silly broad and not pay her advice any mind. Taissa gave up with trying to be serious a long time ago, so instead she treats it all like a fun game. She usually gives advice in the form of a tall tale she made up on the spot, boy does she have a lot of those, or by playing a joke on you. She’s pretty darned good with leading people to their own realizations, to the point that she rarely ever says anything bluntly anymore, or elaborates.

And you know what; people tend to like her that way. She’s bubbly, affectionate and happy, and that smile of hers is contagious. Her charismatic ways earn her easy friends and skill with dealing in tough situations. But as happy as she is, she can also be quite mean, even darkly sadistic. Taissa will use her charisma to her advantage, and will actually take joy in any lie she tells, especially if it is to mess with someone. For instance someone she’s about to kill. Taissa can be just as passive aggressive as she can be aggressive, just all part of the game. Oh, and another thing, there are no rules she won’t break to win this little ‘game of life’ she has going on. In fact fallowing a ‘code of honor’ and getting stumped by your pride are things she looks down upon. Those things just hold you back, and give others the advantage. Not that Taissa is scum or anything, in fact she’s rather loyal and benign, but if you aren’t on her side then you’re in for the rough treatment. Her bubbly smile can get rather cold when you’re looking at it through her gun. She has no trouble killing, and does so quickly and ruthlessly. Unless you are an adorable platypus, then she abducts you.

Taissa’s desires are rather childish, she likes to eat, sleep, and be entertained. She can handle responsibility, but on the other hand she doesn’t want to. She easily falls ‘in love’ and falls out of it. She’s full of quick witted tricks and playful winks, but horribly distracted. Taissa can also be immature and responsible at the same time.Taissa is Taissa, and don’t you forget it.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
Excellent Hand-to-Hand Combat: Who says long range fighters are weak in close combat? Psh, go ahead, come close darling, Taissa will be happy to show you what her claws are for, but your chances from a distance are even slimmer.

Average Melee Combat: Picking up something and smashing someone in the face with it? Sounds simple enough, does she have any formal training? No. When push comes to shove, Taissa just uses her claws rather than picking up a chair.

Perfect Armed Combat: When it comes to guns, Taissa won't allow herself to miss her target. She has no idea what to do with a bow and arrow however.

Very Poor Magic Combat: That mumbo jumbo is better left to Chorrask, wait he does bending right? Oh whatever, it isn't her cup of tea basically.

Poor Live Mounted Combat: What did we say about things that are alive between her legs? Heck no, she can't ride a Raptor or anything else without someone else on the damn animal with her, preferrably with her hanging on tightly to them.

Perfect Mounted Combat: Her job is usally to fight with a ship's cannons or from some moving contraption, and it does not effect her aim in the least.

Racial Abilities
Excellent Predatory Senses: Ravein tend to have a certain advantage over humans in the physical catagory, especially when it comes to their senses. The tapetum lucidum behind Taissa's retina give her the ability to see quite well in twilight. Taissa's sense of smell is acute, and her hearing can catch noises up to 50–85 kilohertz, she can hear the earthworms wiggling beneath the boards if she points her ears downward. Her ears are cupped, and therefore best retain noise from the direction they are pointed in.

Good Cats Have Nine Lives?: Taissa has some low class majnun blood in her, which gives her a longer life, how much longer she is not sure, but so far she looks to be pretty young for her age.

Bloodline Traits
Excellent Adrenaline Rush: Adrenaline rushes through your veins during an exciting fight or while hunting for a target, for Taissa's levels of the body chemical, it can also seem to slow things down for her. The rush is awesome, but the after affects are like the downslope for a druggy.

Good Claws: Taissa's claws are pretty darned tough, and quite sharp, she can retract them at her own will. But put them against metal and she might get hurt, they work best against skin.

Excellent Stealth: Raccoon and feline Ravein are widely stereotyped for being good theives, and they are born with the stealth to pull it off. Specifically the stealth cpability comes from the soft pads on their feet, and the natural inclination to trace their steps one right in front of the other. Protractable claws on feet and hands take away the click when they walk. And let us not forget the agility these fiends are graced with. Scaling walls is no problem for someone of Taissa's birth.

Class Skills
Perfect Aim: With both eyes Taissa always hits her mark, she's working on the other possibilities too, like using a mirror, eyepatch, all that fun stuff.

Excellent Reflexes: Your aim ain't no good unless you're a quick draw!

Good Upper body strength: To load cannonballs and take the backlash of certain guns, you've got to have a steady arm, so Taissa's arms have become quite strong. Nothing compared to her legs though.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Excellent Sailing: Born and raised on a Pirate ship, you better hup-to it and get your shit together! You listen to the captain and make sure the ship is running in tip top condition. Taissa has worked as powder monkey, then cabin girl, and on up to various more important jobs. She can rigg sails and steer a ship, tie knots and help do repairs.

Perfect Gunnery: Well DUH, Taissa is best, or at least so she braggs, but all that bragging is at least backed up with obsessive practice and quick precision. Taissa really is a top class gunner.

Average Leadership: Leading would take concentration and focus, two things Taissa seriously lacks. She likes to move fast, and that can make her slip up on decisions sometimes. But she is rather Charismatic and can get people to cooperate with one another well.

Perfect Fighting: Taissa is detrimental in a fighting situation, and can hold her own weight, as well as someone else's.

Excellent Tact: If it weren't for the fact that Taissa is considered silly, she would be a two-faced liar pants on fire for hire. She can work the emotions of others to fit the needs of a group or situation though, and she reads people much better than she can read a book.

Excellent Charisma: Taissa is attractive and likeable, a good combination. She deals with social situations much like a scholar would with hieroglyphics. She's a good friend and can figure people out pretty spot on, she can even have a cocktail personality if the situation warrants it. The only danger with that is her lack of patience, but her love for any 'game' is what makes her a good player. She's genuinely a chipper person.

Poor Honor: PFT, honor is for weiners. Taissa fights dirty, and 'prides' herself on that. With a smile <3 If you are her enemy, consider yourself a dead man walking, if you aren't then you needn't worry about her dirty tactics then, cause she won't use them on you.

Excellent Courage: Taissa is no fool, if the situation is entirely dire, she'd think twice about sticking her paw in fire. But when it comes to something like doing the right thing for a person who is genuinely good, she'll stick her kneck out pretty far. If you're some dumb thug pirate though, eh, best not waist her energy on you.

Excellent Bloodthirst: Taissa is a pirate, just a bubbly one. In a civilian environment, Taissa would become quite bored and depressed. But as a pirate she can satiate her slightly sadistic tendancies. She enjoys 'hunting prey' and getting her target.

Good Intelligence: Taissa is not educated, and has no patience for sitting down and learning how to read. But her kind are known for mischeif, and she lives up to that. Her quick thoughts make for a clever girl and puzzle solver. She can figure something out on her just fine, and can make for quite the conversationist.

Good Wealth: Piracy tends to leave you with some cash<3 to spend on things~


Taissa tends to wear nonconstricting clothes like this, but with proper shorts and underwear!. These clothes tend to be provacative too but isn't on purpose yes it totally is. And the boots are optional, most likely not worn on a normal day.

Arm/Shoulder She goes out of her way to keep things off of her shoulders, she wants movement of her arms to be as easy as possible.

Right Hand leather fingerless glove

Left Hand leather fingerless glove

Chest A strap that olds ammo

Waist Holster belt

Legs Various garter belt straps to carry ammo or guns.

Feet Maybe boots, maybe not.

Tail She gets beads or rings stronged to her tail from time to time.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: Twin Jackals

Weapon Type: Guns

Material: Lightweight carbon based metal

Ammo: 11 mm rounds, 18 bullet magazines

Length: 27 cm (11 iches)

Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lbs)

Weapon Description/Info:Two twin pistols that pack quite a forceful punch. They cost quite a pretty penny to purchase, and Taissa had to go through some shifty blackmarket to get them. Her mother helped pay for them. They are kept in mint conditioned.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: Claws

Weapon Type: physical Ravein attribute

Material: Keratin

Ammo: none

Length: 63.5 cm (up to 2.5 inches)

Weight: of marginal weight

Weapon Description/Info: These claws are protractable and used in close quarters combat or for climbing. They are very sharp.


Hygentic necessities
brush for tail, and seperate one for hair
Jewelry box
all in a trunk

none at present, besides her weaponry of course

Two Jackal Pistols.


Marital Status
Single~ recently though

Father- Who died before she was born apparently. He is where Taissa gets her mutt status from.
Mother- Captain of the ship she grew up on, this woman was a Raccoon Ravein.
Big Brother- her half brother, but they were close.

Middle of the Brazilian Ocean, aboard the Defiant.

Pirate, Gunner position
Part time gambler

Recruitment not yet recruited

Taissa was born aboard the Air-Pirate ship, Defiant, second child to its Captain Zeva Gillian. And as soon as Taissa was old enough, she was put to work. Growing up on a pirate ship had its hard moments, particularly when working as someone with a low position, but Taissa did so with a chipper attitude. People wondered if Taissa really was her mother’s daughter, because the She-Captain was a saucy woman! Taissa’s older brother, Liam, he was just like mother, but instead of looking down on Taissa for her attitude towards things, he found it charming. Liam was primarily the one responsible for Taissa’s interest in guns, and encouraged her marksman ‘career’, figuring she better take an interest in something to set her skill-set apart from the rest of the crew. The Defiant sailed in the air and raided for a good long time, gaining reputation as one of the top ships. The Defiant’s Captain figured the best way of gaining a reputation was to hold onto your crew, the good ones at least, and train the living hell out of them. Their ship had something that others did not, Pride. But believe me, pride didn’t stop them from being ruthless. Those were some good times, but Taissa could not ignore that while she stayed youthful, her family was getting old.

She stayed aboard until she turned thirty-six, and still looked like a blooming young woman. Her brother was married, had a kid and was Captain now, after mother passed in battle (She wouldn’t have gone any other way, and boy was the battle for Captaincy of the ship glorious! Those loyal to Liam were kept on board; those who rebelled were thrown off, dead or alive. The veterans sided with Liam for the most part). Taissa figured it was high time for her to go out and spread her wings. Saying goodbye was more than parting from a family of a crew as it turns out, it was saying goodbye to the ship. The Defiant lived up to her name, and while pirate life was difficult, and filled with battle, Taissa figures that at least, at the very damn least, she was living a fully free life. And that was enough for her to wear a smile wherever she would go.

Never to do anything half-way, Taissa made her journey across the North Atlantic states, crossing the mountain range to make it all the way to the African Ocean, where she took up Piracy once more, this time with a ship called The Green Sally, whose Gunnery was getting slightly old to handle the cannons. At one point, the ship destroyed another pirate ship to raid its contents, and during the raid Taissa came across a fiery (literally) little man Ravein. HE. WAS. SO. CUTE. And that was the start of a beautiful little slavery friendship between Taissa and Gillian, a nifty navigator. The ship’s own navigator sucked anyway, so Taissa considers she did them a favor. And she didn’t like him sooooo... Unfortunately Chorrask’s temper got the better of him while Taissa was off…doing something like screwing the Captain, and he killed the Helmsman. Taissa did some damage control, called up certain points in time that she had saved the Captain, and got into an argument that ended with the Captain saying that either Chorrask left the boat, or he’d dump Taissa and kill Chorrask. Taissa agreed that Chorrask should leave, and she went right along with him. Making sure that the Captain of The Green Sally knew that it was she who was leaving him. And They’ve been in Cassim ever since.

So begins...

Taissa Gillian's Story