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Dreamers And A Teller



Image❝The Teller has had his eyes on
you for a long time, dreamer. It's
about time you start your


Have you ever dozed off? Fallen asleep, simply by accident? Maybe it wasn't your fault. Maybe you didn't want to go to sleep. Perhaps you weren't even tired. It's not unheard of. In fact, it's a common occurrence. But at times, it really isn't your fault. You never wanted to slumber. You were wide awake and just had three cups of caffeinated coffee. But the idea of sleep just sounded so compelling, you just couldn't help yourself. And so, you slept.

Little did you know, this sudden onslaught of exhaustion was not caused by your body, and it was nothing you could help. In fact, it was the Teller's Will that put you to sleep; that brought you here. Brought you where, you ask? To the Realm of Deep Sleeping! Though, it's better known as the ❝Teller's Domain❞. The Teller's Domain is not a real place. It is a place you visit when you're dreaming; it's an imaginary world derived from the thoughts of a young coma patient whose name remains unknown. This young boy created the Teller's Domain out of kindness and oddly enough, revenge. The boy was bullied most of his life and often found himself alone and rejected. Many traumatic things happened to him throughout his life, often caused by other human beings. The boy came to dislike and even hate those who oppressed others, and his greatest wish was to bring them down.

While the boy, nowadays referred to as the Teller, had a horrible life, he did have a loving and caring family. But the Teller's life couldn't seem to get worse. At the age of fourteen, the Teller's family died in a car crash. Almost everyone in the car died that day...

Almost everyone. The Teller was still alive, only barely. He had been knocked into a coma. But this coma was unlike others; it allowed him the possibility to get... leverage. For some strange and unknown reason, the boy had gained the power to control his and other's dreams. Realizing this, he formed an idea.


And this brings us to the creation of the Teller's Domain. The Teller felt the need to punish those who had done misdeeds. Those who had sinned and oppressed others, and this dream control power was how he was going to do it. He would use his will (hence the Teller's Will) to draw those who had done misdeeds into a deep sleep, a coma, and force them to face their worst nightmares. Each nightmare was worst than the last. The Teller made sure they suffered.

Though, the Teller could only take ten people per year (referred to as dreamers) on the day that the car crashed. Each person in the Teller's Domain suffers for eternity... or until the plug is pulled. At least, that's what everyone inside the Teller's Domain thought. Until a small number of five victims discovered a way to get out without having the plug pulled. But could they manage such a feat?



This dreamscaping power the Teller held... It could be taken by another person. The power was derived from an orb. Whoever held the orb had control of everyone and everything's dreams, and that meant that had control of the Teller's Domain as well. Of course, the Teller held this orb. But if one of the dreamers were to take hold of the orb... Then surely he or she would be able to get him or herself out. In fact, they could get everyone out, and leave the Teller there to suffer! There were so many options, and all of them were tied to that orb. If the five of them could team up to snatch it...



This is where our story begins. The five of them have just come to find out about the orb. The Teller is stirred into a panic, as he finds that his advantage has been discovered, and has stopped projecting nightmares for the time being to figure out a plan. This gives the five time to work out some kind of tactic. (Also: The five already knew each other before they were sucked into the Teller's Domain. Whether they were friends or not, that's up to us roleplayers. And don't let me forget to mention this; not everyone has done something horrible on purpose. Yes, everyone's done something to oppress, or hurt another person, but not everyone's done something on purpose. It could've been an accident. It's the roleplayer's choice. Anyway, because the five know each other, they have a mental link that makes it so they can always see, hear, and touch each other while they're in the Teller's Domain.)

Also, each person in the Teller's Domain has some kind of power. Though their power can easily be countered by something conjured up by the Teller's dreamscaping power, the other four's powers will help to balance things out. [This is so the five won't be easily overpowered by the Teller. Though, keep in mind they're not that advanced when it comes to using these powers. They can become more advanced as they progress throughout the roleplay. But the Teller is extremely advanced.]


I don't do this first come, first serve. People are welcome to compete for roles. If you don't like how I do things, then so be it. I do things this way because I feel it brings out the best in character sheets and it allows those who didn't spot the roleplay as fast as others a chance to participate. Tell me in the OOC if you're going to try out for a spot, and I'll be happy to mark you down as one of the contenders. If you don't say anything in the OCC, even if your character is the best of the best, I will not accept it.

When you tell me about said try out, I expect you to inform me of the role you wish to take, a face claim (if you have one in mind. Anime only, please.), the gender of your character, and the power. The power has to be approved by me before you can use it. I wish you good luck, my fellow roleplayer.

| Name | Role | Gender | Face Claim | Power | Status |

| Lakota Simmons | The Teller | Male | Saika Totsuka | Dreamscaping | Taken by Ruth Soul <3 |

| Lunar Ellrein | Dreamer 1 | Female | Ayano Tateyama | Power | Taken by Ruth Soul <3 |

| Name | Dreamer 2 | Female | Face Claim | Power | Open |
Contender #1: moahi

| Name | Dreamer 3 | Male | Face Claim | Power | Open |
Contender #1: Bliss

| Edward Gormly | Dreamer 4 | Male | Face Claim | Regeneration | Taken by Zalgo |

| Name | Dreamer 5 | Gender | Face Claim | Power | Open |
Contender #1: slimmyjimjim


Alright, this is me, being lazy. I am too pooped to make it look all glamorous for you, so I am leaving you, my fellow role-player, in charge of making this character skeleton look beautiful! :D


You must include your character's...

  • Name
  • Role
  • Age
  • How long has your character been in the Teller's Domain?
  • What did your character do? Why did the Teller pick your character of all people to punish? (If you're the Teller... ignore this requirement.)
  • Sexuality
  • Power (Be detailed, please. Talk about it and mention things like how tiring the power is, their limits, counters, etc.)
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Relationships with the other characters
  • Personality (Please try to be descriptive. 2 paragraphs at the very least.)
  • Biography (Once again, please be descriptive and creative. Have at least 2 paragraphs!)
  • Fears (Please make lots, from little to big. Fears are big in this roleplay. Also, be descriptive... Tell what the fear is, why they're afraid of it, things like that.)
  • Weaknesses
  • Strengths
---More requirements may appear as they pop into my mind, keep an eye on this list---

*Side note* Absolutely anything can be added to your character skeleton, these are just REQUIRED parts. In fact, your character has a higher chance of being accepted if you add more things. This is just the bare minimum.

Toggle Rules


  • Don't bail.
    Okay, no one likes it when someone randomly disappears and ruins the whole roleplay. Please, don't bail on us. If you're going to join this roleplay, make sure you are committed. I understand that some things come up--- so if you can't be on for a while, as long as you tell me, it's fine. Just don't abandon it. I can't stress this enough.
  • No one is perfect.
    No character is perfect. Everyone has quirks and flaws, even we do. I will not tolerate characters that have no flaws. If your character doesn't have any weaknesses, then don't even expect to get the role you desire. Also, answer the following question in the OCC. Do you know the Muffin Man? If you answer this question I will know you have read the rules and your character sheet will have a higher chance of being accepted. Not to mention I will favor you over everyone else, because you are awesome and read rules.
  • Be nice to your fellow roleplayers.
    We're all friends here, guys. I will not allow fights in my roleplays. Of course, IC fights are a different story, but OCC quarrels are UNACCEPTABLE. If you insist on fighting, do it in a PM or something. I don't want to read your caps lock rage.
  • Have fun!
    This is probably the most important rule on here. My roleplays are not without fun. I will make you have fun, on my life, fun will be yours! Okay, maybe not on my life, but... You get the point, right? Also, second password, last password. What is your biggest bet peeve? Mine is when people confuse 'you're' and 'your'. Not to mention, 'there', 'their' and 'they're'.
  • Be literate.
    There is nothing else to say here, but I'll elaborate nonetheless. First of all, have decent grammar. Second of all, don't misspell something every five sentences. I understand one typo every now and then, but an abundance is unacceptable. Also, I expect 300 words per post at the minimum. I understand that sometimes there's nothing to talk about, so it's alright if it drops to 200 (AT THE VERY, VERY LEAST) every now and then, but don't make that your average.
  • Cussing.
    Cussing is allowed, but only IC. Also, third password. I know I said the second one was the last one, but that was a trick! Bwahaha. Anyway, to the third password. Type the chorus to your favorite song. Don't say the title, just the chorus.

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Character Portrait: Edgar Gormly
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Character Portrait: Edgar Gormly
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