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Mikhael Dunborough NOT FINISHED YET

"Hold on, the light is not quite right."

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a character in “Dreamer's Gate”, as played by raspberryberet



Role: Normal Dreamer

Mickey, Em, Director

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay



Blond, shaggy hair frames a long face and a pointed chin. Hazel eyes usually hold large bags, lidded in an expression of disinterest. Baggy clothes worn for warmth and comfort as opposed to fashion, and usually in worn and washed out colors. Youth still hides the more chiseled cheek bones and jawline he will one day have; such features remain hidden in his young face.

Usually appearing as the young man he is, he occasionally switches to the young boy he was. This shift happens suddenly and seemingly randomly. In his child-like state, he always looks around himself as if he's missing something. Bruises and scrapes appear on his body, tokens of the various trouble he's gotten himself and others into.


Mikhael usually watches what happens around him with disinterest. He does participate, but only as a bored bystander. He rarely acts as a protagonist, even in his own story. He says little, preferring to let others do the talking. Occasionally he will guess what another person is about to say, and if he turns out to be correct, will spontaneously leave. Often during this time, he will find something unbelievably dangerous to do instead.

Occasionally, he will see something that sparks his interest for reasons unfathomable to others. On those occasions, he springs to life and activity, becoming vivacious, lively, and garrulous. This sudden shift in his mood, very often out of the blue, takes others by surprise, and commonly is annoying to them, like a buzzing fly that will not leave them alone.


Soul Sphere:

Mikhael has the ability to stop time, freeze objects in place. Objects frozen in such a way stay frozen as long as Mikhael is concentrating on it. They can be moved freely, and if sentient, are able to communicate in their usual manner. Mikhael is currently limited to the objects he can see, and can only freeze one object at a time. This may change if he were to practice, or his need were great.

This ability stems from Mikhael's desire to manipulate his surroundings, and move them into a position better suiting his whim. He has used this ability with considerable success during his visits to the Dreamscape, but had never retained his powers nor practiced to any great extent. This Soul Tree is not uncommon amongst Dreamers, but mastery is rare and dangerous, having the ability to be misused easily.

At the end of this Soul Tree is the ability to rewind time itself. No more than 15 seconds, or else the life of the caster is endangered. This emanates in a sphere around the caster, up to 3 feet in diameter. All sentient creatures in the sphere are aware of the time lapse, unless they were unconscious or dead when it first happened.

Cut: Currently, Mikhael can stop objects up to 2 tons. He could stop more heavy objects, but he believes he needs to work harder to do that, and strains himself enough to lose control of objects heavier than that. He has to be able to see the object, and maintain eye contact. When Mikhael breaks his hold on whatever he is stopping, it continues to move as if the stop had never happened.

(As Mikhael develops more abilities, they will be added here.)


Mikhael is unaware that he is dreaming. This is both a boon and a pitfall, he is not easily phased, and takes everything that happens around him in stride. However he also loses interest quickly, and will forget details and others' existence easily.

He is not a physically strong person in the Natural World, and does not see himself as strong. This is reflected in his perception of himself in the Dream Realm. His adult self and his child self are both physically weak.

Mikhael can see beauty in the most mundane objects, and will often spend hours attempting to place it in just the correct place to truly portray that beauty to others. His fastidiousness in this is obnoxious to others, especially considering how quickly Mikhael usually loses interest in what they deem important.

When Mikhael does lose interest in what his companions deem important, he wanders off, and quickly finds himself something of peculiarity, usually something dangerous, poisonous, murderous, diseased, or otherwise problematic.


Mikhael attends a University for film, photography, and cinematography in the School of Fine Arts. His dream is to be an independent film maker. He yearns to create a film that is truly unique, something the world has never seen before.

When Mikhael dreams, as a normal dreamer, he has little rhyme or reason to his dreams. A random collection of faces and places he's seen or wanted to see. In these dreams, he was able, as the dreamer, to manipulate what he sees, to view a scene from a better position, a more artful position. Snippets of these dreams filtered into his waking memory, haunting him. He believed he could find something there that would show him the way to fame. After all, it's not unusual for artists to find inspiration in dreams.

Mikhael was sleeping one night, as was normal. He was watching some scene of trial and tribulation, as was normal. Suddenly, the world around him warped and twisted, as if the air was pressurized; everything felt tight and compressed. Then, the world around Mikhael shuddered, then popped. The earth around him started falling, faster and faster as the scene he was watching dissolved into dust. He didn't know it, but some sinister presence had disturbed his Dream Sphere, dislodging it and subsequently destroying it. He would not wake up this night.

So begins...

Mikhael Dunborough NOT FINISHED YET's Story