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Dreamers of Northmere

Dreamers of Northmere


In a medieval city where the residents are divided by class, upbringing and even species, an assortment of wildly different characters are united by a terrifying dream they share. A dream of a red sky and the destruction of thier world.

974 readers have visited Dreamers of Northmere since VitaminHeart created it.


"For months now I've been having these dreams. Dreams that frighten me...I was standing on the roof of the royal palace...and red clouds were rolling in from the mountains. There were roaring, screeching sounds..getting progressively louder and this scared me more than anything I have ever known. Some nights I feel like there are others standing beside me. I cant see them, can turn to look, but somehow I know that I'm not alone. I feel like the dreams are important...but I don't know what they mean."

The city of Northmere had stood for centuries atop a cold, windswept hill. It was, at a glance, a most beautiful city, with intricately carved stone buildings and wide squares. Many of the buildings were beyond ancient, originally risen by magical means at the bidding of Northmere's founder, a most powerful wizard.

The current ruler, Lord Ashald,maintained to the other nobles with a certain degree of self-satisfaction, that there were no criminals in Northmere. The library and archives were left open and unguarded, stalls could be left with their goods on at night, and proplr rarely had to fear evil persons stalking the streets.

That was due to Northmere's 'other face'.

You see anyone found guilty of a crime in Northmere was thrown into The Catacombs. Underneath the city ran a vast network of catacombs that were built by the ancient citizens to house the dead.

People were thrown down to whatever fate awaited them, under the instructions that upon leaving the catacombs they could be killed on sight.

So, time continued to pass in Northmere. The rich were very rich, enjoying the beauty of the city and the many attractions organized by Lord Ashald, the poor were frightened and obedient, trying to scrape a living in the harsh climate and keep to the laws in fear of the city guard, and the Catacomb-dwellers, the 'Belowers' were never heard from.

Then, certain people in this strange, rigidly ordered society began experiencing dreams..frightening dreams. These carried on for some months....before being accompanied by the strange feeling of being followed. There was great significance to them...though none of the dreamers knew it.

It is a chill winter evening in one of the more impressive districts of Northmere, and the dramers are about to meet for the first time..and their distant destinies are about to collide.

Those Who Dream

(These are not premade charactetrs as such, but rather frameworks in order to create a bit of diversity. I've fund without this you can end up with some rather similar characters, and it works better with a wide mix.)

The Royal/Noble:(OPEN) Of high birth, or related to Lord Ashald, they've grown up in a life of privilege.

The Knight/Captain of the Guard:(OPEN) Trained from a young age, they aspire to protect the city and the nobility, even with thier own life.

The Servant:(OPEN) Growing up among the trappings of wealth, but never being able to enjoy them..has it made them grateful..or bitter?

The Mysterious Traveller:(TAKEN) A new arrival to the city. Running to Northmere...or from something else?

The Strange Creature:(Reserved for Vio-lance) There are not many non-humans this far north, but this one has somehow found its way to the city.

The Fugitive:(OPEN) Guilty of a terrible crime, they're running from those who would catch them and condemn them to the catacombs...though there's no telling what lengths they'd go to for freedom.

The Catacomb-Dweller: (Taken by myself.) Born in the sunless wolrd of the catacombs, they ended up climbing to the suface to escape death. Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Character Skeleton

Role: (From list above.)
(Image goes here if you wish to have one.)

Appearance: (General things plus defining features, scars, oddities and the like.




Brief History: (You don't need to reveal every little detail, but a bit of background is nice.)

Philosophy: (A short sentence or phrase that outlines the person's outlook on life, for example: "Money is the most important thing for me. Whoever said it can't buy happiness is an idiot.".)

Toggle Rules

1) No godmoding/powerplaying.
2) Be polite and respectful in OOC as far as is reasonable.
3) Make sure your posts are intelligable. I make some horrendous typos myself, but there's a limit.
4) Make sure your character fits into the setting and plot.
5) Please don't ignore those directly interacting with your character.In the same vein, don't complain you're bored if your character never interacts.

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There was a rather sharp and unpleasant THUNK as the back of hern head collided with a jagged knuckle of rock, and impact that sent gold stars sparking through her vision for several moment, and when it cleared she was curled up on the dusty floor, clasping her aching skull and watching blearily as the large piece of rock was pushed into place by two hulking silhouettes of men. They laughed in a malicious fashion, a few words audible, things like 'trapped' and 'dead' and 'teach her a lesson' though that was allrather fading into unimprtance as the heavy rock slotted into place and the last small slot of light was put out. All Spider could hear was her panicked heartbeat as thr gravity of the situation sunk in. She was trapped in a tiny rock cavern, with neither food nor water.

Still that was, she supposed, what you got for taking things from the most powerful men in the catacombs and not giving him what he wanted in return. It was most likely only becuase the Rat King had a certain liking to Spider that they hadn't broken her legs as well as entomb her alive.

She reached around blindly in the darkness, and each way her scarred hands would soon touch rock...every way but one. Upon sweeping an arm upwards she could feel only the stale, duty air of the chamber. Well, the climb was better than just waiting and submitting to becoming parts of the catacombs' extensive collection of she leapt upwards and grasped hold of the rough, jagged wall, beginning to climb upwards.

Now, Spider, as she was known by her peers, had lived in the catacombs all her life. She'd lived her entire existance ignorant of the sky or the sun, the glow of torches or the small filtering of pale grey light through the locked grates to the city drainage system were all she knew of light...aside from the stories relayed by those born Above of course. A wretched existance, one might think, but it had afforded her some skills.

She was an excellent climber, as at-ease off the ground as a monkey and almost as agile. Sadly the grace rarely extended to terra firma with her.

After what seemed like hours of inching her way up the narrow fissure in the rock, Spider was gradually losing hope. The rough, sharp surfaces had scraped her hands, feet, knees and elbows raw, and it was gatrting narrower still, beginning to press in on her ribs.

It was then that her battered hands were brought to and abrupt stop as they pressed agaisnt a flat, solid surface. The tunnel just..stopped. It wasn't even a trail-off but just a flat wall of stone blocking the path.

The young woman's heart sunk. She really was trapped. After all that this was what had been waiting?! What a cruel joke!

Infrustration, Spider struck at the stone...and to her surprise, it jolted.

Setting her hands back upon it and presisng her feet agaisnt the opposite wall to keep herself steady, she was able to push it. The piece of stone was hitched up with a grind of protest, and light came flooding in.

To a casual observer in the Great Library that evening, has they been standign around the history section, they might have seen one of the flagstones that made up the floor suddenly lifted upwards and be dragged over to one side. Then they may have seen, maybe to their suprise, a strange figure pulling itself out of the gap left in the flags.

It was probably human, female, of a small, scrawny build, with long, disproportionate legs and arms that gave it a clumsy look.

More noticable was that it was wholly filthy, with pallid skin smeared with dust and dirt. The clothes were an offputting set of rags that looked to her been made from grain sacks, with old stripes of cloth wrapped around the shins and forearms in a rather feeble attempt at additional cover.

Her hair was black...though whether it had been that cover or was just filthy it was unclear, and here eyes mismatched. One a pale green colour, another a dark, almost indigo blue.

Blood dripped freely from her hands and feet, also from the sticky cut along the back for her head.

The creature gazed round in surprise, mouth hanging slightly open and arms limp at her sides as she took in the features of the enromous room around her.

She was definitely not in the catacombs anymore.


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"If you cannot learn from the past, then you lose what you might have gained from the future!"

Ikue signed softly as he talked to a teen-aged boy, each of them walking down the halls of the Grand Library, the short, stout feline prattling away at the boy, whom was only slightly taller than him. They walked slowly, sauntering almost as they proceeded through the magnificant hallways. Ikue's long eye danced around the scenery, his narrow cat's eye taking in the bright white, almost regal stones, as their feet plocked against the flagstone floors. The cat's footsteps were notably lighter. Of course, his ears perked as the boy retaliated to one of his statements. The giant feline nodded, but reached over to pat his shoulder. The boy was obviously a squire, or at least semi-noble; his soft cottons and silks indicated as much.

"Ah, but my young friend, you see: History may be one long book, but there is so much unheard in your life. If you look even as much as a glimpse into another man's life, you gain his wisdom - his experience, to some extent. Perhaps he had answers to the question you've asked you all your life?" Ikue said with a sage-like nod. He exchanged a few more words with the boy, causually speaking with him, before the boy had to excuse himself. With a goodbye, and a bow, Ikue would dismiss the boy, grinning softly across his feline face. He would turn around, and continue to walk towards the History section of the Library. His bare paws plodded light on the cold flagstone, neatly cobbling together to give the library truly a feel of regality... that Ikue deeply respected.

Finally, the cat would stop in front of a hall of bookcases, lined with red and brown covered books, the occasional purple jumping out at him. His one eye would glance along the halls of books. The walls made of paper and wood, would come to a bell in he building, a entire room. It had a few tables, but was mostly open, the walls covered with books. Ikue smiled brightly and began to search the shelves, scouring the books of which he needed. He was particularly looking for the land's history - the history of rule, the history of it's people.... and it's origin. But the wall covered in bookshelves was more than intimidating. Finally, he pocked a corner marked with a rather minute carved sign. The word "History" streched across it... which caused Ikue himself to allow a smile spread across his face. Softly he would stroll to the bookshelves, and begin to search for titles of his interest. The lone eye ran up and down, side to side, glancing over names and titles....

Of couorse, his sensitive ears would detect something. The soft...soft grinding of stone being moved against stone. It was an odd sound inside of a library. Of course, he dismissed it at first... Untill it grew louder. The cat would turn his hooded head, his ears moving about to try and detect the direction of that oh so fickle sounding grind... Which wasn't hard. Being short, Ikue's eyes easily scanned more ground than that of a fully grown man... and perhaps, fifteen foot from him, deeper into the history section of the library, the floor shifted, flagstone flooring moving on it's own. At this point, Ikue would look around... and see if he was the only one around... granted his vision was a little obscured from his right side. He hoped he wasn't going mad. But finally, the stone elevated and would shift from the way. Little, ghostly pale hands would grip the edges of the floor, and softly pull a figure out from beneath.... the floor....? Ikue, in all his life, hadn't seen an odditiy like this... Much less in the human lands!

Finally, the figure fully surfaced... and it looked fully human! Granted, it was ghostly white...and looked more like a creature from a tomb....And the figure was a sight indeed. It was very small, even perhaps smaller than little Ikue himself. The deep, filthy clump of hair on it's head was ragged, and dark, hiding most of it's face. The creature was very dirty, to say the least. It's long limbs gave it sort of a...streched out look. Not freakishly so...but definitely a defining feature. Perhaps it was a wight!? didn't bleed.... Wait, bleed?! Ikue found himself more worried about the thing was hurt, rather than if it was harmful or not. The wounded thing wore nothing but rags, and what wasn't covered in rags was covered in light, bright crimson fluid..that dripped to the ground. Ikue flat out dropped the book he was looking at and stood up rapidly, his eye locked onto the creature, a frown of concern plastered across his face. His tail shifted uncomfortably as he rather rapidly moved towards the creature.

As he stopped, maybe a few feet from the person, Ikue looked down (something he rarely did, other than with very young children!) midly, disconcerning weither or not the creature had seen him coming or not. "Excuse me...!" He said rather urgently. "Y-you seem to be injured, quite extensively if I might say so..." he started, his sleeve covered hand pointed down to the ground that had a few droplets of blood on the stark flagstone floors. "You're...bleeding a lot." He said, trying to to seem freakishly concerned, even though he was worried about the figure, a curse of his good heart. "Pl-please, if anything you should see someone that could treat you.... Or...treat yourself... Or...please... I would just feel much better if you got some treatment....your limbs seem to be the worst afflicted." He said, gingerly plucking at one of the limbs, to lift it and observe the scratches and scrapes. Ikue was more than a little confused about who this person....thing... was, or where it had come from... underneath the library? But he was more concerned with it's well being. The poor thing looked like it hadn't seen a good meal in ages... nor had it ever seen the relaxing waters of a bath. He was not forgetting his purpose for being here...but he couldn't very well ignore some bleeding husk of a person.


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For several minutes the catacomber stood dumbfounded, gazing up at the great vaulted ceiling in mute surprise...before at some point abruptly realizing she was being addressed. As her mismatched eyes set upon the strange creature that was speaking to her she emitted a couple of load and rather colourful curse words and sprung backwards in surprise, landing in a crouched position on one of the reading desks.

She always felt a little more comfortable at a height...not that the three feet of so the desk added would help much in a crisis, but having got there her brain seemed to actually get round to processing what the feline creature had said to her.

"I-injured?" she asked, tilting her head in a slightly animalistic fashion before looking down at her bloodied hands and elbows.
"...s'not as bad as it looks." she replied after viewing it appraisingly for a few moments, reluctant to take her eyes off the creature as she wondered about her situation. Was she above ground now? Did all Abovers look like that? If so...that was not a development she'd been expecting.
"...just scraped a lot of skin off...nothin deep." she added. Her tone showed a distinct lack of education its its tone and pronunciation, making it quite clear that the owner had never seen any schooling.

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The Great Library

The Great Library by RolePlayGateway

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Character Portrait: Iriediana von Heist
Iriediana von Heist

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Character Portrait: Iriediana von Heist
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Character Portrait: Spider the Catacomber
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Character Portrait: Iriediana von Heist
Iriediana von Heist

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Ikue the Odd

"My difference is not only of appearance, but of ideals and values. But, dispite this, I am not above you at all."

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The Great Library

The Great Library by RolePlayGateway

One of Northmere's often underappreciated attractions.

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