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Anthony Dylans

“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

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a character in “Dreaming Wildfire.”, as played by ali_rox96


Anthony Dylans



Anthony has dark brown eyes and matching hair that is always in a permanent state of disarray. When he is in one of his rare good moods, his face is a perfect reflection of friendly and relaxed. A remnant of his naturally charismatic personality.
Anthony is of average height and has a solid build, not meaning fat, but well built to withstand a fight with broad shoulders and a large chest. This is probably a lucky trait due to his habit of always getting into fights.
Over the years Anthony has collected a large amount of tattoos that are spread across his chest and shoulders, half of which he has no recollection of even getting. His fashion sense is on a word casualp. The last he dressed even slightly formally was his mother’s funeral when he was fifteen.

Why you are here:
Anthony was raised in a wealthy family, his father was CEO of some major company and his mother had been an art curator. Him and his twin brother Matt grew up in an overly large house, that was in no way a home. It was a sterile house, their mother was obsessed with cleanliness and order. She made sure there was never anything out of place or a speck of dirt lying around, everything from the cookware to the toiletries were systematically ordered. Anthony and Matt were taught from a young age to follow the system, their toys always promptly put away in a methodical system. Their parents had also fallen out of love long ago, it had somewhat become a marriage of convenience. Their father was a workaholic, who seemed to only ever come home to sleep, and he had a constant string of affairs. Their mother would at times spend weekends away different boyfriends.They had long since stopped fighting with each other, silence taking it’s place. Anthony’s parents barely saw each other let alone him and Matt, because of this Anthony and Matt were even closer then normal twins, from a young age it was them against the world.
“I can’t remember my parents ever fighting and sometimes I wished they would. Anger was better than nothing.”
It was when Anthony was thirteen that Matt got sick, it started with a stomach ache and slowly got worse and eventually he got sick enough that he was admitted to hospital. At the beginning both their parents had gone to visit him everyday, but slowly they began to stop seeing him, their own lives getting in the way. For the next year though, Anthony went to the hospital everyday after school to visit Matt and he would stay until visiting hours were over. Over the year Matt’s health declined until he eventually passed away,
“Anthony would visit him everyday and stay as long as he could, towards the end, when Matt got really bad Anthony would just sit around watching his brother sleep.”
Anthony’s parents did grieve for their son, but life moved went on, they had busy lives to keep up. Anthony felt as though he was the only who ever really cared for Matt and without him, his home life became severely lonely. Of course he was never in sort supply of friends due to his naturally charismatic personality. Anthony’s luck fell short again though when he was sixteen and his mother died in a car accident. What really Anthony will never forget about his mother’s funeral though was the look of pure relief on his father’s face as his mum’s coffin was lowered into the ground. From then on Anthony’s large house was virtually empty, Anthony made it a point to avoid his house to avoid spending much time at his house and if possible his father started spending less time at home. Slowly but surely the cleanliness of his house faded away and his mother’s meticulous ordering systems were forgotten.
Anthony’s empty shall of a house began to affect him, he started acting out and having mood swings. He progressively got worse and began using drugs and drinking regularly, which caused him to get into more fights. When he was nineteen he got into a particularly bad fight and was diagnosed as being bipolar. He father then bought him an apartment as if bribing him to get better and stay out of trouble, which of course he didn’t. Anthony continued to fall off the rails and began having really out of control mood swings and when he sold his apartment to pay off his gambling debt his father snapped. Not wanting to deal with his out of control son, Anthony was sent to the institute.

What creates your paradise:
Anthony’s paradise is a large house with infinite rooms. He does change but the death of his mother or brother but he changes everything else. There are pictures of his family, whole, in every room, and his paradise they were a happy loving family. His parents never left for work or affair they were always there for their kids, and when Matt got sick they both to the hospital with him everyday.
In Anthony’s paradise he lives with fake memories, believing them to be real. His father lives in this house where he does family things, cooks pancakes for breakfast and lives as a family man. Anthony can interact with him and reminisce about fake his fake memories. In every room everything is systematically ordered and put away, just how his mother had left it.


So begins...

Anthony Dylans's Story