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Isabella Brington

I'm not finished dont accept my character

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a character in “Dreaming Wildfire.”, as played by youloveme?


'I'm fine just a bit of a mess"

Name: Isabella Marie Brington
Nickname: Isa (Pronounced eeeesA)
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female





History: On a cool early March day and young girl was brought into the world named Isabella. She was born is a wealthy family, they believed in class and elegance. Her family was the social lite of Beverly Hills. Both her parents where successful lawyers who both came from old money. So at a young age Isa was pressured to perfection. She wore designer clothes that revealed nothing and where very classy. She was forced to take etiquette classes so when her parents so called friends came over Isa would would be perfect. The weight of all that weighed heavy in her though. She just could not seem to be perfect enough to live up to her families expectations. That's when the anorexia started. At first she would just skip a meal or two a day. Then it go to the point where she would eat only 200 to 300 calories per day. Which as most of you know, that is not enough to survive off of to be healthy. The sighs where there though and went her dad asked about it Isa broke down crying and told him. Her dad really did nothing about it. He just watched her better as she ate. Then after the meal Isa would just throw it up. The reason her father did nothing about it though was because he did not want his family to look bad. He was too obsessed with the family's reputation to care about his actual family.
As Isa was falling apart so was her mother. Her mother, Claire, had depression. Since a very young age. But she refused help, she refused to admit she had a problem. She would just push away anyone that tried to help her. When she was younger and her mom tried to help her, Claire left the house. Her and her mother never talked again. The Claire met a guy, Isa's dad. He could tell she had a problem but he ignored it and they got married and had Isa. Claire would have moments where she would just scream and cuss at everyone. And then the next moment she would sit and be quiet. It was contest mood swings. One time Claire had gotten home from a long day at work and was just sitting in a chair in the dining room picking at her nails till they bled, when Isa walked in. Isa was only 5 at the time. She asked her mother what was wrong, in her tiny childish voice. That was when her mother whipped around and smacked the little girl telling her to leave her alone. Isa ran out of the room crying to her father. Her father blamed Isa telling her that she should have known to leave her mother alone when she was in such a bad mood. For the rest of the night her mother, Claire, sat in the rocking chair, back and forth back and forth refusing to talk or look at anyone in the house.
As time went time things got worse for Claire, Isa's mother. Her mother would have bigger outbreaks. There would be times where she would not speak to her family for a month. There where time where she would sleep in her car or out on the lawn even in winter weather, because she would refuse to speak to the family. She also moved out of her husbands bedroom into another room which was all white, the walls, sheets, everything. She claimed that the white helped her relax. The house keeping would often times find blood spots throughout the room. Those where from Claire's self harming problem. She would cut herself everywhere except her wrist. No one knew why. But when guests came over and she went out in public she was completely normal. She would have manners and where pearls and classy dresses. It was like nothing was wrong. Well until they close the doors to the house and they are all alone. Then the screaming and crying of Claire would echo throughout the house.
All of this hurt Isa deeply watching her mother crumble like this. Honestly though Isa was crumbling too. She would cry at night and things would seem dark in her mind. Though she always shrugged it off claiming it was just her feeling sorry for her mother. But as this all when on Isa was still anorexic and bulimic, it was now to the point where she would only eat carrots and drink water all day then throw up what little she did eat. She would work out all the time running over 10 miles at day on the family's treadmill. She felt like she had to become more perfect so that her family would be more perfect. She felt like if she was better it would make up for her mothers problems. Maybe even hide her mother's problems. But she was wrong.
When Isa was 14 her mother finally reached her breaking point. She was mad at Isa for some stupid thing that to a normal parent would not matter that much. A normal parent would have also handled it better too. But Isa's mom was not normal, not mortal at all. So she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and held it to Isa's throat. Isa was crying saying she was sorry for what she did, begging her mom for forgiveness. Her mom told her that she could not forgive, forgiveness is not real. That's when her dad stormed in, her mom took one look at her dad and then she dropped the knife. It clattered in the ground and Isa ran to the other side of the room. Isa screamed at her dad, "Do something about that freak!" But her dad just stood there staring straight ahead. So Isa just packed up some clothes and left within 15 of what happened.
Where she went? She went to her boyfriends house. He was rich like her with the perfect family. She felt happy there. It was a place that felt like the home in movies where everything is perfect and everyone is loving.
Weeks later Isa returned.

Why your here:

"She was insane I also tell myself that, it was not her fault she would have loves me if she wasn't insane."



So begins...

Isabella Brington's Story