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Finch Cell

"Is your life that hard? It's a wonder you haven't killed yourself, and a shame too."

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a character in “Dreams & Games”, as played by Monochrome


Full Name:: "Just call me Finch, kay?"
Finch Lexande Cell
Theme Song:: "Well, I guess this fits me . . . ?
Trade Mistakes
Gender:: "Is it not obvious? Eh? It isn't?"
Role:: "Do roles matter in reality?"
Male Two
Age:: "I could be fifteen or I could be fifty."
Sexuality:: "I don't really like humans anyway. . ."

Appearance:: "I look like- Wait, there's a picture! See, right there!"
Finch's build is that of a boy who hasn't grown much since the age of sixteen, despite how much food he has on a daily basis. Between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, he has grown less than three centimetres, even though he tries hard by eating the green monstrosities we call vegetables. So yes, he's (slightly under) average height. He got there before his growing rate slowed down by more than 99%. His skin is fair, a pale colour, and even if he has a blushing face, it only tints pink slightly.

Hair as red as a robin's chest, Finch has always wondered why he had red hair. He's had it since birth too, so his mother said it must have had something to do with the pigmentation. Which was weird, in it's own way. It got him both friends and bullies, allies and fiends. So he's not too sure what to think about it. The thing that shows the most on his face is fear. Fear is one of the only things that breaks through his mask of happiness and anger. It's rare, really rare for anyone to see fear in his face, but his already pale face can go a stark white and lose practically all temperature, as well as a scared or frightened glint in his eyes. No matter how much he tries to hide his fear, it shows almost instantly through his facial features, and even if he tries to smile, it comes out shaky and weary.

As for his taste in clothing, well. . . . it's interesting, to put it simply. Despite being eighteen, he wears bright hoodies over cute shirts and shorts, only switching to jeans in winter. His hoodies are often crazy and have a doodle-effect on them. His clothes always seem to be too big and he often wears colourful Converse, though he wears sandals when summer comes around.
Personality:: "That's for me to know, and you to find out day by day, hour by hour, minute by torturous minute."
A storm in a teacup. That is easily the best way to describe Finch. He's small, sure, but the amount of trouble he can make if left alone is almost unimaginable. He'll do anything to break the peace and disturb the silence. Shout, laugh, joke around. Overall, he's a very fun person. He's curious as a child, and innocent as one too. Anything even slightly adult said to him and it will pass over his head like a cloud of nothingness as he tries to work out what it means. It's like he missed out on becoming immature before becoming mature. He actually just skipped both of them out. But mysterious he is, and mysterious he stays.

When you enter his apartment, there are art supplies everywhere. Pencils are strewn over the floor, so you'd think he's really untidy. But it's when you enter a room that you realised he's one of the tidiest people you'll ever meet. His rebellious attitude can kick in when he has a point he wants to prove. He'll get a glint in his eyes before arguing to his heart's content. Even though he acts as if the word 'odd' was invented for him, his fun side sometimes can sometimes disappear in the blink of an eye and he'll become the world's angriest person. The way his emotions jump after his fuse goes about is insane. Within a matter of minutes, he can go from being nice and talkative to having to retreat into a corner out of depression. But his personality is generally jokey and unreadable most of the time. He's quite patient and it takes a while to get under his mask of happiness, when in truth, all his anger is building up silently.

Those who know Finch will almost always call him rebellious. He wants to know everything, at every time, and why, and how and– you get it, right? He's just like a curious cat, except in terms of grace he's more of a bird. If he’s crossing the road and there’s a dog or a bird he's never seen before, he’ll chase it to the ends of the world, jumping every car and building in the way. He also calculates things really, really quickly, decimals and all. If looks could kill, or do anything at all, Finch would freeze people's hearts over with his icy glare, but the ice melts in a while, once he calms down and the usual warmth returns to his eyes.

His whole personality reminds others of fire. Fire is absolutely lovely and beautiful, dancing in the fireplace. It's always alive, bright and beckoning. And then you try to touch it; get near to it. That's when the initial shock hit you of how bloody hot it is when it singes your skin, and you realise you should have expected it. It's common sense. Judging by his fiery appearance, you should have realised he would be hot as the flames himself. If you ever, ever try to get close or buddy up to him, he will burn you to ashes so fast you won't even know what happened and will find yourself questioning what just went down.
Likes:: "Why? Are you buying me a birthday gift?"
+ Tea
+ Dogs
+ Drawing
+ Video Games
+ Cold but sunny days.
+ Gacha Machines
+ Snow
Dislikes:: "Give me one of these and I will rip your neck off with a spoon."
- Anything bitter
- Snotty people
- Polka Dots (they just annoy him).
- Cats
- Growing up
Fears:: "I eat fear for breakfast."
- Dying.
- Losing a friend or his sisters.
- He did have a dream that his older sister tried to kill his younger sister once.
Relationship:: "Hah!"
Single. Again, he doesn't really like people much.
History:: "Oh, here comes the fun part."
Curiosity killed the bird. He grew up in a normal family. By normal, I mean he had three older sisters and one younger. Two of older ones used to bully him for his hair and bright eyes as so on, since they all had green eyes and brown hair, but his other sisters loved him to bits, as he did her. The youngest calls him a fairy most of the time, being seven now, and his older sisters all moved out before he ended secondary school.

Which was absolutely fine by him. But he moved to the city a few years ago with his older and little sister, pursuing no dream whatsoever other than to get away from his now-gambling parents. It was around that age where all the people around him were deciding what they wanted to do, the thing they'd dreamt of for the last ten years. He didn't wanted to have a dream when he was younger because despite being at a young age, he still knew that dreams of being an astronaut or a famous football player had a success rate of under 1%. Knowing that, he never grew up with a dream; he just hoped that he would work it all out when he was older. Obviously, Finch didn't think it out that much.

So now, he works at an art gallery while attending an art university, though he and his sister are struggling to pay for it.
Job:: "Well, I guess I do have a job, but do you need to know?"
He works as an assistant at an art gallery and has a good relationship with his boss.
Other:: "Galapagos?"
He singes everything he cooks. His favourite foods are noodles and cakes, though no strawberries. Finch also seems to consider himself a bird and not a human so as to distance himself from the human race.

So begins...

Finch Cell's Story

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Kye Dukes

He had woken up early and prepared a lovely breakfast after taking a short warm shower and dressing into his best black suit with black, thin vertical, white striped hat. Classical music played all around his mansion-like home and he hummed to it. The reason for his enthusiasm was because this was the first day he would receive his guests. Their rooms were ready, the Dream Room was more that prepared and Kye was dying to have a bit of company in this much too large and desolate house.
A few pictures of the house:
Doorway Living Room Kitchen Upper Level

Kye called to one of his butlers to place himself at the door and wait for it to ring. He was so excited to see these people again and hopefully they all decided to join him. While he waited he decided to sit on a sofa and read a book of myths. He could re-read all of the books in his possession hundreds of times but there was one novel that would always end up in his hands, 'Dreams and Nightmares'.
"I wonder if my guests will have the same taste in legends as myself," Kye smirked to himself.