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Kye "Najib" Dukes

"Some people plan as they go along, some people plan ahead. . . I don't plan, I act. . ."

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a character in “Dreams & Games”, as played by Green~Apple


Full Name:: "Greetings. . ." Kye "Najib" Dukes
Theme Song:: "I enjoy the lyrics. . ." Our Last Night - Age of Ignorance
Gender:: "That's right, I'm. . ." Male
Role:: "Me, I'm just like the rest of you. . ." Male One
Age:: "I'm still in my youth. . ." Twenty-two
Sexuality:: "I don't want to break hearts but I'm only attracted by the opposite sex. . ." Heterosexual

Appearance:: "Details, what could I possibly say. . .?" Kye is a pretty tall guy with a nice body because he spends a lot of time working out in the morning. He's also a very clean guy, he's the guy with the nice smell and the fancy clothing, the combed hair and flawless skin. He's the rich guy.

His eyes are red, before he hated his eyes and hid them behind sunglasses but then he realized the meaning of his eyes being red and he decided to never take the sunglasses off unless absolutely necessary. His hair is blond that tends to turn more toward the yellow color. There aren't any other very big exceptional factors about Kye except maybe the way he dresses. . . He likes to wear suits with a top hat or carrying a cane on his forearm like in the old days. But occasionally, when he's at home, you will find him wearing a simple pair of jeans or jogging pants, with a tee-shirt or no shirt.
Personality:: "I'm not hiding anything. . ." Kye is a mysterious man that brings people to be suspicious about him very quickly but he does it on purpose. He seems to enjoy seeing people struggle to find out what he's hiding so he pretends to be a bad liar and bad actor. His mind and spirit is like steel, there is no way to break into it to figure out his deep dark secrets and he won't ever succumb to bargains or pleading.

The first impression you have about Kye is that of a welcoming and kind man. There's no doubt that he is but then you start to see who he is inside. A sarcastic, cold and satyric person who almost seems to have no heart. He takes life like a joke and sometimes says things laughing even though it's freaky. He twists situations into things that just aren't right, he laughs when it's sad and he jokes in moments of near death. Some people like to call him a mad clown, but Kye is everything except mad.

Kye is extremely smart and predicative so that he can get what he wants. People think he's stupid because of his way to take in different situations but everything he does has a meaning and gets him a step closer to what he wants. . .
Likes:: "It's always nice to know. . ."
✔ Origami
✔ Cooking
✔ Working out
✔ Wine
✔ Reading
✔ Myths and Legends
Dislikes:: "Even better to know. . ."
✘ Silence
✘ Impolite people
✘ People who piss him off
✘ Not getting what he wants
✘ Losing
Fears:: "I guess it's only normal. . ."
-- Heights
-- Death by falling
-- Being alone and abandoned
-- Sharks
-- His worst nightmare he ever had was being on the edge of a ledge with no way to turn back and as he fell forever he could hear the voices of everyone he knew telling him that he was leaving
Relationship:: "If only they lasted. . ." Kye's longest relationship with a girl was three months.


History:: "Once upon a time. . ." Kye lived in a wealthy family which would explain the large amount of money he has now and also the reason to which he went to three different colleges. He went to one college for studies of natural science and chemistry, to another for the studies of phenomenon and then to another for studies of legends and myths. After finishing his studies and getting all of the degrees he purchased his house that on the outside looked simple but inside was as big as a mansion and he started working on a project. Entering the Dream World willingly but without falling asleep. He ended up creating the chair room and being able to go to the Dream World, but he also learned many things about the Dream World and decided to find more people. But he has his own reasons. . .

Into the more person life, Kye left his family and never saw them again, he has no contact with them what-so-ever and he never talks about them. He doesn't talk to his two little sisters, or his mom and certainly not his dad. His reasons are a secret just as is his purpose on playing the Games in the Dream World. . . What does Kye truly want? You'll have to figure that out as you go. . .
Job:: "I'm a billionaire, isn't that a job. . .?" Kye used to be a simple scientist then he recieved a large amount of money from his dad and he earned money from his job so he stopped but never brought out to the public his Dream Chair creation.
Other:: "One little thing I'd like to add. . ." Because of his fortune he has maid, butlers and gardeners, but no cooks because he likes doing it himself. Also, he loves having guests and he let's them feel like their at home, he accepts pets, loud music and his guests bringing their boyfriends or girlfriends. He's a very kind host.

So begins...

Kye "Najib" Dukes's Story

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Kye Dukes

He had woken up early and prepared a lovely breakfast after taking a short warm shower and dressing into his best black suit with black, thin vertical, white striped hat. Classical music played all around his mansion-like home and he hummed to it. The reason for his enthusiasm was because this was the first day he would receive his guests. Their rooms were ready, the Dream Room was more that prepared and Kye was dying to have a bit of company in this much too large and desolate house.
A few pictures of the house:
Doorway Living Room Kitchen Upper Level

Kye called to one of his butlers to place himself at the door and wait for it to ring. He was so excited to see these people again and hopefully they all decided to join him. While he waited he decided to sit on a sofa and read a book of myths. He could re-read all of the books in his possession hundreds of times but there was one novel that would always end up in his hands, 'Dreams and Nightmares'.
"I wonder if my guests will have the same taste in legends as myself," Kye smirked to himself.