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Lena E. Haloway

"Judge less - or at least later."

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a character in “Dreams & Games”, originally authored by TaniaSoulEater, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name:: Lena Elle Haloway
"Yeah, like that book character, huh? Well, actually it's Helena, but I find it a little too high-and-mighty. So just call me Lena."
Theme Song:: Give Your Heart A Break - Demi Lovato
"Call me a typical teenager who listens to sappy love songs, but I find it very meaningful and beautiful. Besides, it's rather an accurate portrayal of my love life, I think."
Gender:: Female
"Wait, it's not obvious?"
Role:: Female Three
"I suppose, if you have to give me a label..."
Age:: 18
"Yep, teenager alert!"
Sexuality:: Heterosexual
"Much as I support homosexuality, it's the opposite sex I'm attracted to. Sorry."

Appearance:: Lena is a little below average height. She is naturally slim and pretty, and usually has a bright smile on her face. She doesn't look much like those of her age with flawless porcelain skin and an hourglass shape, but doesn't draw much attention either.

Lena has large cognac brown eyes ringed with long lashes. Her hair is a deep brunette, long and slightly wavy. Since her hair is so dark, it is often mistaken as black from a distance. Her high cheekbones and sharp nose make for a nice overall presentation when she smiles.

Lena would rather be dressed comfortably than fashionably, which is why her closet is stocked full of jeans. She likes to wear simple shirts, often paired with a jacket. She looks good in casual clothing, even men's shirts sometimes. She likes sneakers, even though when put together with her full outfit, can make her look a little strange. Still, she doesn't care much about how she looks - to her, the heart is more important that what you see.
"Sometimes, what you see isn't what you get. It's not outer beauty that matters - rather, it's the inner beauty."

Personality:: The first - and most noticeable - thing about Lena is that she always greets everyone with a smile. She's full of energy and happiness, and practically radiates warmth. She can be very optimistic, turning most problems into something to express joy over. Lena is also a problem-solver - she often thinks of solutions others would not normally have thought of.

Lena is kind to most people. She isn't quick to judge, instead reserving her views about others for later, when they've interacted a little more. She believes in giving others a second chance, and is forever forgiving people for their mistakes. To her, as long as you realise you did wrong and are able to change, there's no harm done. Having lots of confidence in herself, she set high goals and works hard to achieve them. She has simple tastes, and never bothers much about her looks. As a result, she doesn't use much makeup. Lena loves her friends very much, and would do anything for them at a moments' notice.

However, Lena's kindness often betrays her. She has given her heart away once too many times, only to have it come crashing back down to reality. Her idea of love isn't like others' - she's a hopeless romantic, and has never find a successful relationship as of yet.
"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

~Hanging around with her friends
~Writing short stories

*Crowded places
*Creepy crawlies
*Being bored
*Wasted effort and time
*Judgemental people
*Discrimination in any form

-Letting the people she loves down
-The worst nightmare she'd ever had was being forced to kill every person she ever cared for. Being forced to look into their faces with their expressions of torture, hearing their cries of pain for mercy, that nearly killed her. Even though it was a dream, she woke up crying.

Relationship:: Lena just broke up with her boyfriend of two months, which left her feeling lost, betrayed. Needless to say, she isn't really ready for another relationship just yet.

History:: Lena was an only child, born to a single mother, Nicole Haloway. She never knew her father because he walked out on Nicole and Lena when Nicole was pregnant. Nicole did her best to provide Lena with everything she ever wanted, and home-schooled her. Though Lena didn't receive the best education, she received better - she learned how to love and care for others. Since Lena was taught during the day, Nicole worked as a bartender at night, which didn't earn her much, but enough to keep her and Lena going. Lena was very grateful to her mother for that.

Once Lena was old enough for high school, Nicole used her savings to send her to one. As Nicole wasn't very educated herself, she knew she couldn't teach Lena enough, so she had to do it. At school, Lena was constantly teased for not knowing as much as her classmates did. However, she refused to back down, staying her usual happy and carefree self.

Lena was eager to help Nicole out, so Nicole begged the boss of the bar she worked at to allow Lena to work there too. The boss agreed, and Lena took up a job as a bartender, like her mother.

Recently, Lena broke up with her boyfriend of two months. She was shattered by the fact that he didn't really love her, he simply did it on a dare. After the breakup, she went for a walk at the park near her home, when a man offered her the chance to change her life...
"It's the best job I could ever ask for, I have friends and family there."

Job:: Lena is a bartender at the Admiral Nelson bar.
Other:: Galapagos


So begins...

Lena E. Haloway's Story

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Beep! Beep! Lena reached a hand out and turned off the alarm clock. Rolling over, she tried to go back to sleep again, but found that she couldn't. "Oh, what the hell, let's get there early today," she told herself.

Sitting up, she stretched for a minute before rushing to get dressed and downstairs to have breakfast. While eating breakfast, she had another look at the card that the man had given her yesterday. Memorising the address, she got up and went outside to where her car was waiting. Taking a deep breath, she drove off.

Today is the first day of your new life...