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Simon Gray

"I don't believe you."

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a character in “Dreams & Games”, as played by Spectrum


Full Name::
Simon Gray
"As bland as a family name can get."
Theme Song::
"Don't ask me again, please."
Male Three
"Is this even a logical question?"
"...I feel old and it sucks."
"Wh-who cares?!"

Simon is pretty average when it comes to looks. He's not the type of person anyone would look twice at. He's pretty good at blending it with a crowd and becoming invisible to those around him. There's nothing loud or outstanding about his appearance or the way he presents himself. He's just...average. Most people might consider him pretty good-looking. He has a good, clear complexion and unfortunately soft skin; "unfortunate" because most people in his family consider the whole milky pale, silky soft skin thing to be a bit feminine, which is plenty enough to get made fun of. But he likes to take care of himself, so he usually ignores the mockery in favor of having good hygiene and a pleasant appearance, however bland it might be. Aside from that, however, his light green hair is well kept up with, never growing too long or too shaggy, although he's been known to have some serious bedhead hair. If he had to pick, Simon would say that he believes his eyes are the most attractive part of his appearance, even though those hazel orbs are almost always hidden behind his much-needed glasses. He can't see without them.

When it comes to clothes, Simon wears what might be considered a mix between geeky or hipster. He's not huge on fashion, but as it was previously mentioned, he likes to keep his appearance in check and would prefer not to look like a complete mess, thank you. So in other words, he might usually favor collared shirts or sweater vests with slacks, but he wouldn't go so far as to actually tuck them in or iron them before wearing. Since he isn't very built (in any way, shape, or form), Simon's clothes usually end up looking a little bigger on him than form-fitting--but in a good way and not so much in a wannabe-ragamuffin way. He must look presentable, but not over-do it.
"Honestly, I'd rather just stay in my pajamas all day."
Simon is a playful soul wrapped tight around the noose of a poor attempt at a serious composure. He's not a very good people person, but that isn't because he necessarily dislikes people. It's just because he really has no idea how to react around people. He's completely awkward and even a little jumpy. When in public, he prefers sticking by himself, but then he starts to wonder if doing nothing in the middle of the day by himself looks weird, so he'll take out his phone or a book to look like he's busying himself when really he's too distracted by the worry of someone watching and judging him to even concentrate on what's in front of him. He's not completely self-conscious, but he does worry over what other people might be thinking about him and therefore tries to draw as little attention to himself as possible. In turn, this usually ends up bad for him. Since he'll be so concentrated on trying to play the invisible card or trying to avoid someone, he might end up crashing into something or someone and making a mess. His clumsiness knows no bounds. Following this would be every other night for the next hundred years or so spent wide awake thinking obsessively about it until he falls into a fitful sleep at around five in the morning.

He tries to play the serious guy card just to get people to put their trust in him as a professional person. Don't get me wrong--Simon is a very trustworthy guy and if he says he's going to do something, he'll get it done. He's a huge fan of slacking off, but would never admit that out loud. In fact, there's a bunch of things about himself that he wouldn't exactly enjoy admitting to other people. The biggest thing being his huge fanboyish nature. He's a total otaku. The walls to his room are covered in movie posters and shelves decorated with little anime figurines. His walk-in closet is separated by two sides--one side being his average, every-day clothes and the other side being complete sets of cosplays. Unfortunately, he's never been allowed to use them at any conventions since his father would never allow it. This whole anime obsession has been deemed a waste of time by his father, so Simon avoids mentioning it around him; although if anyone ever brought any of his loves up, he'd totally go from an awkward, quiet nerdy kid to a loud, hyperventilating, fanboying mess of "feels." He gets way too excited. It's the best way to get him to brighten up.

Overall, Simon is a good guy. He'll go out of his way to help someone with their homework or get their study schedule on the right track. He knows how to organize himself, even though he usually favors finishing homework and reading just one more chapter of the latest manga over sleep. He's pretty patient and passive when he needs to be. He is very serious about his grades and his school work and will stress out about them constantly, even going so far as to make himself sick with worry over them. All he wants is his father's approval, but that seems like an impossible job. Towards other people, he might come off as a little cold or even a little rude since he tends to say the first thing that comes to mind and he's not exactly afraid to tell someone what he thinks about them, but he by no means wants to hurt anyone's feelings.
*Internally screaming*
+Peace and quiet
-Being pressured
-Physical activities
=Bugs. Creepy crawly little prats freak the heck out of him.
=Failure. This ranges from a simple school assignment to anything else in general, unless it's simple video games. Then it's just moderately annoying and not scary at all.
=Disappointing others. He doesn't want others to think he's useless.
=One of the worst nightmares he'd ever had was him standing in an auditorium full of everyone he knew, including his brothers and parents, and writing down every failure he'd ever had on a chalkboard for them to see. He can't remember the details, like what he wrote down specifically (for all he knows, they could of just been made-up failures of a dream), but he knows they were laughing at him the entire time and that was the worst part.
"This doesn't seem necessary to discuss."
None at the moment
"Ha! That's a joke, right?"

Simon's known pressure ever since he was born. He has two older siblings, his sister Veronica Gray and his brother Davide Gray. Their family is known for their business in the area and for the kids with the talent. They have money and moderate fame and popularity, lots of people love the Gray family name and practically idolize the siblings. Yeah, that's great and long as you're not Simon Gray, the youngest of the family and the one kid that nobody really knows anything about. He prefers to keep his family name to himself and, if anyone asks, he'll deny any relation to them. It's not that he's never liked his family, it's just that he doesn't need to be compared to his siblings any more than he already is. Davide is this fantastic sports king with a cool personality that everyone loves. Not to mention, he's engaged to this pretty, popular girl who goes to all his games and pretty much loves him unconditionally. He practically has his own life. Then there's Veronica, this gorgeous girl who could get any guy she wanted with just a flutter of her eyes. She's as sweet as can be. Oh, right. And she's a music major. A musical genius. She's well on her way to being a music instructor. They both have their father's approval.

And then there's Simon. Just Simon. He's always lived in the shadows of his siblings ever since he was little. His father's already seen what Veronica and Davide can do. He wants something different. Simon learned at an early age that he basically had no artistic talents and absolutely no interest in sports, so all he really had going for him was his intelligence, which isn't so much as astounding as it is just a little above average. It's always been a lot of pressure trying to gain his father's approval. Since Davide and Veronica both have their own lives to tend to, Mr. Gray originally planned on having Simon take over the family business. Nowadays, however, there's been a few rumors going around that Simon isn't worthy of it anymore and that his father is considering someone outside the family to take over the business. Simon pretends not to hear these things, but they bother him immensely. He just wants to have a chance.
"I really have nothing going for me.."
Simon doesn't have a job, but he goes to college. The rest of his free time is mostly spent doing school work or staying up at night to watch new episodes of his favorite shows.
"A job sounds entirely undesirable. No thanks."

So begins...

Simon Gray's Story

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Kye Dukes

He had woken up early and prepared a lovely breakfast after taking a short warm shower and dressing into his best black suit with black, thin vertical, white striped hat. Classical music played all around his mansion-like home and he hummed to it. The reason for his enthusiasm was because this was the first day he would receive his guests. Their rooms were ready, the Dream Room was more that prepared and Kye was dying to have a bit of company in this much too large and desolate house.
A few pictures of the house:
Doorway Living Room Kitchen Upper Level

Kye called to one of his butlers to place himself at the door and wait for it to ring. He was so excited to see these people again and hopefully they all decided to join him. While he waited he decided to sit on a sofa and read a book of myths. He could re-read all of the books in his possession hundreds of times but there was one novel that would always end up in his hands, 'Dreams and Nightmares'.
"I wonder if my guests will have the same taste in legends as myself," Kye smirked to himself.