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The Bogeyman.

"I'm coming for you!"

0 · 767 views · located in The Parallel Worlds

a character in “Dreams & Games”, as played by reap



Full Name::”heheheh our name is pointless, call us” Boogi
Theme Song:: "This song has always entertained us."
Gender:: “we seem to be” Male.
Role:: “were coming for you, you should run” Dream creature.
The Bogeyman.
Age:: ???
Sexuality:: ???

Appearance:: Boogi looks human enough, he is flesh and blood. Underneath his black cloak he is adorned by a number of bandages. He also has multi colored eyes and extremely tan skin. It would be almost impossible to tell him apart from another human if his eyes were covered.

However, when his darker side assumes control, when…The Bogeyman comes out to play his body takes on a much more disturbing appearance. It becomes black and twisted, the cloak is replaced by one with screaming faces covering it, real faces that seem to be sown into the cloth. The emotions on these faces is always the same, pain and agony. His bandages are replaced by crude, metal zippers, some open to reveal a mass of dark and oozing tentacles, often dripping with blood. His eyes go from bright multi colors to a single white and a single black eye, they often paralyze people with fear. This is The Bogeyman’s true form, in all its nightmarish glory, it is a form no image can capture, which is the reason no one has ever taken a successful picture of it. One glimpse and you know, this is a creature from the darkest pits of hell.

However The Bogeyman also has the ability to manifest in a variety of forms, each suited to a different purpose. He has a gruesome wolf like form, that gives him a demonic speed, and the skill to climb the smoothest walls. A demented clown like form, with astonishing strength and a seemingly endless forked tongue, and small gremlin form that upon first glance seems cute and harmless, it is perfect for luring in unsuspecting children. When they get near it becomes a large creature of teeth and claws, easily devouring them in its large mouth where they remain imprisoned in its stomach until he has taken them to his master.



“My name is Boogi I am youre friend. Now listen, and listen well, fore we have little time. Soon another will replace me, I can feel him coming. I can only help you so much before he notices…Grah!...he is almost here I can’t….I can’t hold him back any longer…RUN!!!!!”

“Shall we dance? Shall we play? Shall we waste the night away? Run with your children, hide under your bed, because when we come to get you…You’ll wish you were dead!”

Trapped in a body with a nightmarish demon Boogi is tormented by his own actions. While he wishes to help others, especially the ones he hunts, he is often overtaken by the demonic being known as The Bogeyman. It is a dark creature with interesting abilities, including the power to materialize in the real world through someone’s dream, he uses this power to steal children for The Sandman. However The Bogeyman cannot stay in the real world for long, it quickly weakens him and makes him more vulnerable. So he must quickly find another dream to use as a doorway back into his world, often dragging his prey in with him. The Bogeyman often toys with his prey, singing childish rhymes and quoting Fairytales, but through the twisted and somewhat humores demeanor The Bogeyman is pure evil, and will kill any who get in the way of his hunt. The best way to survive The Bogeyman is to simply run, never look back, and never be tempted to sing with him because once you start singing you will never stop. Boogi tries to help when he can, sometimes being capable of fighting his dark half long enough for the prey to escape, however the effort leaves him weak, and give The Bogeyman much more control over him. You see Boogi is an unwilling vessel for the Bogeyman, who cannot survive without a human host. However use of power by either of the two makes their hold on the body weaker, so when Bogeyman uses his nightmarish powers Boogi can more easily take back control of his body. However the trait is mirrored when Boogi uses his powers, allowing The Bogeyman to once again assume control. Though The Bogeyman is essentially hell incarnated, this is not to say it is dumb or incapable of thought, in reality it is actually extremely clever, how else could it steal children for years and only be the subject of bedtime stories? It is patient, intelligent, deadly, and demented. In short it is the perfect predator.

likes:: "We are Fascinated by" Human Art
Fears:: “I fear” The Bogeyman. “However it fears nothing.”
Relationship:: “What is there left to love?”

History:: Boogi’s name has been lost to history, but he remembers hi s life before. He was a Dream warrior, a being whose job was to guard the dream world, often wielding ethereal blades forged from light. This was long before The Sandman’s forces exterminated his kind. During this time Boogi once encountered the horror he now harbors. He clashed with The Bogeyman in a relentless battle that lasted an age. However he was in luck, because The Bogeyman’s power was weaker than normal, his host had grown old and was almost used up, and he managed to mortally wound the body The Bogeyman was using, and in doing so it was released, however the victory was short because he was too tired to end the nightmare once and for all. Instead The Bogeyman was able to inhabit the nearest being. Which happened to be a weakened Boogi. Afterwards the fight became a mental one, as The Bogeyman attempted to posses his body and eventually succeeded. Thus the Bogeyman became more powerful, now with a host that was ageless, and had powers of its own. However, unlike with other hosts it had inhabited; The Bogeyman was not strong enough to maintain a constant control over this new one, instead he was forced to share, only capable of taking control when Bogi was weak or wounded.

The hellish entity known as The Bogeyman is shrouded in mystery. His origin varies on who you ask, some say he was created by witches to steal children for sacrificial reasons, others would say that Lucifer made him from pure hellfire, to steal children so they could be corrupted while young, yet another myth is that The Bogeyman is as old as time, that he has always been there, watching, and taking children to sustain his unnatural life-force. No matter what version of the story it is, they all share a bit of truth, that he is a demonic hunter. Intent on one goal; catching his prey.

They are two souls trapped in one body, for all of time. Now one serves The Sandman, while the other does all he can to resist.

Job:: “We seek children for The Sandman. But sometimes we must hunt…other prey.”

Other:: Neither can tap into the other’s natural power, it would require them to work together which they are incapable of. So the Bogeyman will never use ethereal blades or the power of light, and Boogi will never be able to change shapes or use dreams as doorways. However, if something should against all hope unite them, they would be an unimaginable force to reckon with.

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Note: I still have some work to do with him, i mainly just wanted to see if i could get the pictures the way I wanted).

So begins...

The Bogeyman.'s Story