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Dreams & Games

The Parallel Worlds


a part of Dreams & Games, by Green~Apple.


Green~Apple holds sovereignty over The Parallel Worlds, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Parallel Worlds is a part of Dreams & Games.

7 Characters Here

Grace Hilado [2] Something new, something..different
Skye Jones [1] "Nothing can be worse than what I see when I close my eyes."
Simon Gray [1] "I don't believe you."
Kye "Najib" Dukes [1] "Some people plan as they go along, some people plan ahead. . . I don't plan, I act. . ."
Lena E. Haloway [1] "Judge less - or at least later."
Finch Cell [1] "Is your life that hard? It's a wonder you haven't killed yourself, and a shame too."
The Bogeyman. [0] "I'm coming for you!"

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Kye Dukes

He had woken up early and prepared a lovely breakfast after taking a short warm shower and dressing into his best black suit with black, thin vertical, white striped hat. Classical music played all around his mansion-like home and he hummed to it. The reason for his enthusiasm was because this was the first day he would receive his guests. Their rooms were ready, the Dream Room was more that prepared and Kye was dying to have a bit of company in this much too large and desolate house.
A few pictures of the house:
Doorway Living Room Kitchen Upper Level

Kye called to one of his butlers to place himself at the door and wait for it to ring. He was so excited to see these people again and hopefully they all decided to join him. While he waited he decided to sit on a sofa and read a book of myths. He could re-read all of the books in his possession hundreds of times but there was one novel that would always end up in his hands, 'Dreams and Nightmares'.
"I wonder if my guests will have the same taste in legends as myself," Kye smirked to himself.

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Character Portrait: Grace Hilado
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Grace woke up to an empty house. She stumbled yo her bathroom, showered, brushed her teeth, and got dressed. She them hauled herself downstairs. She had a mediocre breakfast of cereal and toast. The card that man gave her was just sitting on the table. He told her to change her life. She picked it up and started playing with the card inbetween her fingers.

Once she finished breakfast she grabbed her car keys amd put the adress in her gps. She changed the shift to reverse, pulled out of the car, shifted to drive, and started driving to this guys house. She had nothing to lose so why not take a chance to change.

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Character Portrait: Lena E. Haloway
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Beep! Beep! Lena reached a hand out and turned off the alarm clock. Rolling over, she tried to go back to sleep again, but found that she couldn't. "Oh, what the hell, let's get there early today," she told herself.

Sitting up, she stretched for a minute before rushing to get dressed and downstairs to have breakfast. While eating breakfast, she had another look at the card that the man had given her yesterday. Memorising the address, she got up and went outside to where her car was waiting. Taking a deep breath, she drove off.

Today is the first day of your new life...